Extended CLICK5… CLICKB8: Panic, Don’t Panic!

CLICK5: Window of Time

Adventures in Remote Viewing: Lamp ‘Ere A Day and Gone Tomorrow

*Jews bury? …/lights up… Oh, Doo’s Brie… /drags… Right you are, Clicky… /expels smoke… Shambling time…*

*Aren’t we always? …/tilts head… Until Dear Reader turns up that is…*

Hello, there, Dear Reader, glad you could join us. The Okie Devil, Cade Fon Apollyon, and I have been enjoying a spot of remote viewing this week, totally enthralled by the fantastic, but all too short lived TV space/western, Firefly…


*Purdy… /drags…*

…and its swan song movie, Serenity

*/taps ash… So, ‘Pacific Union’ and ‘pacify’ have popped up in this post so far… /deep drag… entraining peace…*

peace with a knife

*Well, it is a shambles, Clicky… /wink…*

… Last night’s remote viewing on the other hand was completely different. First up, the third installment of a synchronicity series Cade and I have been following on Youtube…

*33 minutes long… /squints… Hmm…*

… Followed by an incredibly interesting documentary that had appeared in my Youtube ‘Recommended’ section earlier in the  evening. Whereas the Hindsight 20/20 video chappie complained of an abundance of information, so much so that he couldn’t possibly show it all, the documentary laid out the history and leading characters in the development of mankind’s perception of ‘Information’…

*Ooh, now that is interesting about time… /stubs butt… it’s not the doc we viewed though, Clicky. Stop messing about…*

*Yeah, you’re right. Apols, Clicky… /pats snout… Now play the fucking video…*

*Thank you… /flicks lighter… I guess… /lights up… in fiction, information can go back and forth in time, even as time is moving forward…*

*Heh. That’s Susan, knot Tiffany, Clicky… /stretches… Well, I fink this shambles is dun wiv me old China… /smokes contentedly… Best get a song to finish it off…*

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader, and enjoy the rest of your we kenned. It might turn into a long one 😉 Have a Song…

The Post I Forgot to Name

So I thought I’d re-watch last week’s episode of Doctor Who, before watching tonight’s second half…

That’s the prologue, Clicky. I don’t have time to watch the Prologue… ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ starts in a couple of hours and shambles can take ages to prepare… Oh, you’ve put in all the links…Cheers, Click!

This is a synchromystic shamble so is probably not going to make much sense to most people, but hear goes 😉

The previous season of Doctor Who was so syncy. We spent hours and hours knot-eye-sing the syncs on Merovee last year. So this new season was much anticipated. However, even I was surprised that the opening shot was of smoke…

Start coming out of the smoke

And there was a plane firing lasers

plane firing laser

A war.

People do have their heads in the clouds when it comes to the ‘denormalisation‘ of smokers, Click… the mandated hatred has WHOly religious overtones… now, can I get on, time is clicking on *titters*…

child runs away into the smoke

A child (‘Save the Boy’ theme from ‘The Zero Theorem’) runs away through the smoke, lost and is made to stop by a black angel…

Black angel stops the child

Who is promptly grabbed and pulled into a black hole…

hand hole

Hand mines

hand mines

Child trapped by hand mines

Lost, but what’s this…

out of the smoke

Ah, vaping the great alternative to smoking, Click 😉 

Voice out of the smoke

The Voice in the Smoke

The boy picks it up…

accoustic corridor

Clicky, 50 is L which is Lever and how many feet and hands in that image?

Book shop Mix Up

Not a Library then, Clicky, Lol… Highlighting a mix and a muddle (how shambolic 😉 with technology. That’s pure Hugo

open mind

*guffaw* Well done Click knot-eye-sing the 15 (IS) year program… you’re so sneaky Clicky hiding stuff like that… but no one get’s it you know..


Well D’Uh! I’ve been hanging around with you for like…ever 😉 Please Click, it’s… twenty to fucking twelve!!! OMG! I missed the show. Stop messing about now, post the images and no hiding stuff. Honestly, who in their right mind chooses a flippin’ chatty dolphin as an assistant…

The choice

survival is a choice

child fears to move

what's your name

Click, I saw what you did there *squint* Stop it!

introduce yourself

the boy who isn't going to die today

davros is his name Help me

That’s enough for now. I’ve got a date with iPlayer. Damn it, I haven’t even got to the syncs with ‘Essex’ and ‘Dude!’

Undoubtedly Clicky, now have a Song…

Who Vs WHO: Who’s Who and What’s What… What?

The new series of Doctor Who returns on 19th September and then there’s Sherlock at Christmas…. ah, I miss Moffat

Clicky! A purple spider, thank you. Purple is my PPE… I must say, Steven Moffat is entirely right when he says:

“You know in some ways, I think Mark [Gatiss] has got a point when he says that however good you imagine [the crossover], it would be almost better in your imagination than it would be if the two grand old egotists actually met,” he added.

I have a theory that people obey the WHO because they’ve grown up watching Doctor Who save humanity on a Saturday evening tea-time since it was…

… in black and white, Click. I caught the Who bug with No.3 and the spiders… you know, when he regenerated into…

jelly baby man, yes No.4, Click.

Yes, yes, Clicky, there’s probably a reason for that… makes Wales look good, I dunno. Now stop distracting me, I was talking about the WHO

It was founded practically single-handedly by a man, Clicky…


Brock Chisholm 'Doctor to the World'

‘Doctor to the World’

Perhaps he though Santa was Satan, Clicky, some people do 😉 Now let me get on…

My Y’ello friend Mhehed Zherting sent me an e-cig link this morning…

Mhehed brings Roobee ecig news

‘What’s interesting is that The Lancet revealed this “information” in an anonymous editorial rather than a proper article. Of course it’s impossible to be sure who wrote this, because it’s anonymous, but it is an editorial. That means it was probably written by the editor, and The Lancet’s editor is one Richard Horton.’

As far as Simon Chapman goes, yeah he really is a nob

Now if only Vapers could be convinced to stop acting like ex-smokers (i.e. sanctimonious twats) and realise for one minute that using Tobacco Control ‘harm reduction facts’ against smokers will not help them in the long run…

That’s right, Click, remember… Sat 19th September 2015 on BBC1 😉

Oh give it a rest, Clicky. Have a Song…

“Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”

*Clicky, are you feeling sensitive? Why don’t I just tell them to hit on your images to be transported to somewhere else?*

*Alright! Sheesh …*

This is a post about synchronicity …

… not all of synchronicity, of course, I’d be here all bloody day and night. No, this is a sync concerning this very post, which I was formulating yesterday evening, and with a comment smoking blogger Frank Davis made today, which ended up as his post’s title: “Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”.

First up, Christopher Lee died on 7th June but I only read about it yesterday:

When many film fans remember Christopher Lee, his role as evil white wizard Saruman in The Lord of the Rings will be one of the first to spring to mind. But while that performance was brilliant, the ingenious way Lee bagged it is even more awesome.

The British actor, who died aged 93 on 7 June, was such a mammoth Tolkien fan that he re-read the fantasy books every year without fail.

When he once met the author in a pub (yes, in real life, he’s the only cast member to have done so), he had a total starstruck meltdown and could barely speak, despite being a horror movie legend for the likes of Dracula already.

In a pub, eh? He mightn’t have met Tolkien in a pub these days …


*That’s right, Clicky, a smoker … ‘exiled to the outside’ …*

This post was … is about a letter hanging in my Library …


For the life of me I cannot remember what fault I found in Josh Kirby’s front cover illustration of a Harley …

… I can’t even drive a car and am certainly not mechanically minded …

*squint …*

… but I remember writing my letter as soon as I’d finished reading ‘Soul Music’ and peppering it lots of …

“Hat. Hat. Hat.” made me laugh so hard, I had to let the author know. I really wasn’t expecting to get a reply …

*Clicky, we’ve had this conversation before about life before the internet … then, books were ‘books’ not ‘boks ‘ …*

Of course, Christopher Lee voiced Death in the TV adaptation of that Discworld story.

*No Clicky, Ian Richardson voiced Death in ‘The Hogfather’ … I’m talking about ‘Soul Music’ … Oh doo keep up …*

Harley Quinn is a character from Batman, of course …

*/puts finger in ear* … STOP PRESS! Harley is OK … I repeat, another smoker is not dead yet …*

“Feeling good for the most part just sore as hell all over and tired. You gotta figure I went almost a month with no sleep and it took til my 4th day home before the pain from my sternum and ribs quelled down enuf to finally sleep. Of course I was off all that damned morphine that made me a literal madman in the hospital for 4-5 days I was swinging and hitting everyone.”

I think that calls for a Song …

*Good choice, Clicky… /taps feet … I’m so glad to hear Harls is feeling better. I should go over there and say hello. Coming?*