“Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”

*Clicky, are you feeling sensitive? Why don’t I just tell them to hit on your images to be transported to somewhere else?*

*Alright! Sheesh …*

This is a post about synchronicity …

… not all of synchronicity, of course, I’d be here all bloody day and night. No, this is a sync concerning this very post, which I was formulating yesterday evening, and with a comment smoking blogger Frank Davis made today, which ended up as his post’s title: “Will someone please tell me what happened to Harley?”.

First up, Christopher Lee died on 7th June but I only read about it yesterday:

When many film fans remember Christopher Lee, his role as evil white wizard Saruman in The Lord of the Rings will be one of the first to spring to mind. But while that performance was brilliant, the ingenious way Lee bagged it is even more awesome.

The British actor, who died aged 93 on 7 June, was such a mammoth Tolkien fan that he re-read the fantasy books every year without fail.

When he once met the author in a pub (yes, in real life, he’s the only cast member to have done so), he had a total starstruck meltdown and could barely speak, despite being a horror movie legend for the likes of Dracula already.

In a pub, eh? He mightn’t have met Tolkien in a pub these days …


*That’s right, Clicky, a smoker … ‘exiled to the outside’ …*

This post was … is about a letter hanging in my Library …


For the life of me I cannot remember what fault I found in Josh Kirby’s front cover illustration of a Harley …

… I can’t even drive a car and am certainly not mechanically minded …

*squint …*

… but I remember writing my letter as soon as I’d finished reading ‘Soul Music’ and peppering it lots of …

“Hat. Hat. Hat.” made me laugh so hard, I had to let the author know. I really wasn’t expecting to get a reply …

*Clicky, we’ve had this conversation before about life before the internet … then, books were ‘books’ not ‘boks ‘ …*

Of course, Christopher Lee voiced Death in the TV adaptation of that Discworld story.

*No Clicky, Ian Richardson voiced Death in ‘The Hogfather’ … I’m talking about ‘Soul Music’ … Oh doo keep up …*

Harley Quinn is a character from Batman, of course …

*/puts finger in ear* … STOP PRESS! Harley is OK … I repeat, another smoker is not dead yet …*

“Feeling good for the most part just sore as hell all over and tired. You gotta figure I went almost a month with no sleep and it took til my 4th day home before the pain from my sternum and ribs quelled down enuf to finally sleep. Of course I was off all that damned morphine that made me a literal madman in the hospital for 4-5 days I was swinging and hitting everyone.”

I think that calls for a Song …

*Good choice, Clicky… /taps feet … I’m so glad to hear Harls is feeling better. I should go over there and say hello. Coming?*

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