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Playing The Super Yachtery

Dear Reader, a super expensive superyacht was sunk last Sunday…

My Song, a 130-foot Baltic 130 Custom superyacht, owned by billionaire Pier Luigi Loro Piana, was in transport between the Spanish island of Mallorca and the Italian city of Genoa when a storm in the early hours of Sunday broke the yacht’s cradle on top of a cargo ship and plunged it into the sea, reported Yachting World.

*/lights upMEROVEE Frank in the Red universe put up a post about storms this week, Clicky… /drags… And it was only last Saturday… /streams smoke… That you were fucking up your piana comments in the Purple universe of MJ…*

A sinking superyacht sounds like a terrible waste, but this is the Library of Libraries, Dear Reader…

*That’s right, Clicky, saved within a library of libraries… /smokes… ‘appily wiv L Space to get out an’ about…*

Love a tome

*’cannot possibly be as large on the outside as they appear on the inside’… 😀 …*

Doctor Sonics River

…And the name of the logistics company transporting the superyacht, is Peters and May. Now, that sounds like something else that’ll be sinking irrevocably this coming Thursday…

*Well Jackboots already announced she’ll be resigning on the day after, Clicky, so she knows… /flicks ash… A Brexit Party win would be one in the eye for rabid Remaniacs… /stubs butt… I gno I’d LOL…

Dear Reader, have a Song 😉

The E-Motion Potion

*Interesting choice of Song, Clicky… /pat snout… ‘Cos of what Frank wrote me last night in the Red universe? …/rolls up…*

Merovee Selfie with Frank and MJ 1Merovee Selfie with Frank and MJ 2Merovee Selfie with Frank and MJ 3

*/puts rollie to lips… Welcome to the Jung Gal? …/flicks lighter… Don’t. You’ll make me laugh… /lights up… and that’ll make me cough… /drags… and I don’t need the wee seepage right now, thank you very much… *

*Clicky! That’s Jeremy Irons singing… /taps ash… He’s in one the the double bill of movies Cade and I watched last night… /puffs… and what this post is supposed to be about… /rolls eyes… If I ever fuckin’ get round to start writing it…*

Dear Reader, I am on holiday now for the next two weeks. Underdog Anthology VI: The Gallows Stone – is due out for Halloween and I haven’t written anything for it yet…

Roob catches Legs up her evening 1Roob catches Legs up her evening 2

… Last night, instead of writing, I accepted Cade’s invitation to watch some movies. Well, I am on holiday 😉 We each picked a film that we’d really enjoyed watching, but that the other hadn’t seen. First up was Cade’s pick of ‘Moneyball’, ostensibly about baseball…

‘In the film, Beane (Brad Pitt) and assistant GM Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), faced with the franchise’s limited budget for players, build a team of undervalued talent by taking a sophisticated sabermetric approach towards scouting and analyzing players.’

*237 eh, Clicky? …/smokes… Kinda Shining…*

… Followed by my flick pick of ‘Margin Call’…

‘The principal story takes place over a 24-hour period at a large Wall Street investment bank during the initial stages of the financial crisis of 2007–08.In focus are the actions taken by a group of employees during the subsequent financial collapse.’

Both movies were released in 2011, and both movies were about the same things: interpretation of numbers, risk management and being first with a paradigm-shifting break through…

… Or breakout…

…And the logistics required to build something up, or to tear it down…

*Sullivan… /final drag… I spent 16 years as a PA to a Construction Logistician called Sullivan… /stubs butt… He definitely had some paradigm-shifting ideas… /streams smoke…*

I can highly recommend both movies, Dear Reader, especially if you have time to view them in one sitting. Tomorrow I shall start writing a story for the UAVI, but for tonight, Cade has recommended a horror film for us to watch. To help get me in the mood, so to speak…

*No, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before either, Clicky… /pats snout… Now be a love and get something suitable to end with…*

I’ll be certain to let you know how the stories are coming along, but until then, Dear Reader… Have a Song 😀

Tales of the Logistician’s Logistician: Calendar Girl

Clicky for the joy of abseiling

Recently I joined Arse-about-Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see that a former colleague had added photos of what had been a little project I’d managed at the start of the 21st Century: The Staff Calendar. Having newly joined the company, it proved to be an excellent way to find out the full extent of the services offered to clients, and some of the faces that implemented those services, ensuring their smooth running.

It started one day as I sat behind Big Boss’s desk. He was out and about, as was his norm, so I taken the opportunity to eat my lunch in his cool, dark office. I was searching for some scrap paper to catch the salady drips that escaped my ham salad sarnie (extra onion, extra mayo) when I realised that the page I’d scavenged wasn’t scrap at all. It contained several hand-drawn, rough sketches with interesting punny titles: ‘Reservoir Bogs’; ‘Lock Stock & Two Smoking Vaccums’; ‘Not Everything in Black & White is Read’ and ‘You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Skip’.

I wiped the crumbs and sandwich filling gloop from the page as best I could, and after I’d finished eating took it back to my own desk, where I filed it in my ‘Bring Forward’ system, so that I could ask Big Boss about it the next time he ventured in.

“Oh, it’s just some ideas I’ve had for a staff calendar,” he told me a week later. “I think it would be a fun way of marketing what we do that includes the staff.”

I agreed and twenty minutes later, we’d thought up half a dozen more ideas. Big Boss’s face, which had looked tired and pinched on arrival at the office that morning, now looked light and boyish. He instructed me to find a graphic design company that could advise us on feasibility and cost, before he set out again for an afternoon with clients and potential clients in back-to-back meetings.

Coincidentally, the graphic design company I’d selected had been the recipient of high praise at a social gathering Big Boss had attended the evening before I met with him, to give him an update on my search. I hadn’t heard of synchronicity then, but he gave me the go ahead to get the calendar made.

Over the next couple of months I worked with Big Boss and the graphic design company to refine the images, buy props and hire costumes, prep staff members to be involved and then get them to the studio for photography, hold their clothing, not peek when asked, make the teas and coffees, and then select the best images for inclusion, layout of each page and quality of the paper it would be printed on. It was a meaty project and I relished getting my teeth into it.

“We should have a party to launch the calendar,” Big Boss decreed after the first nude photo shoot, obviously buoyed up with the way it was going. “Invite the staff and clients.”

“And client secretaries,” I suggested. “They’ll be the ones that receive the calendars first and dish them out.”

He liked that idea. “Tate Modern owes us a favour or two, I’ll get us room there for the evening.” Big Boss could be quite persuasive.

And so, organising the launch party, sending invites, creating a presentation and buy thoughtful gifts to say ‘thank you’ to the staff involved was added to my list of things to do. Thoughtful Man helped me select and obtain the music that would accompany the revealing of each image in an animated Powerpoint show. I’d barely used Powerpoint before, let alone animate anything with it; it was a learning curve that held me in good stead for the rest of my career thereafter.

I didn’t compĂšre the show – Big Boss did that; he’s an extremely accomplished public speaker. I ran the slide show and cued the music. The evening was a great success.

We had 13 months in our calendar; when you work in logistics you tend to plan just a little bit ahead… Clicky on each image to hear the accompanying Song 😉














Room x37 – Spotting Syncs 101: A Pointless Exercise Part 1.2

To continue from yesterday

Yay! Haven’t done much transcribing *yawn …Keeping you up, Clicky?*  ‘Pointless’ then, so images I grabbed today… 9 of them. They cover the introduction witch actually I didn’t pay any attention to whilst yabbering on…

  1. iPlayer image

1. Pointless Keys

2. Spiraling Towers

2. Pointless numbers

3. Solomon and Ruth

3. Team 1 Ruth and Solomon


Digression: Today Loopy decided to get gold armor for one of his game’s characters. One called ‘Battery’. He already had the golden gun…

Totally Gold Battery

Yep… definitely…

Smoking Gold Battery 1

… smoking 😉

Smoking Gold Battery 2

*squints* It’s his holiday away from school… let him enjoy himself, I say. Digression over.


4. The Angler and The Ace

4. Team 2 Carl and Jimmy

5. Oh Brother*shakes head*

5. Team 3 Craig and Nikki

6. Made in Chelsea

6. Team 4 Jamie and Alex


7. “My logisticians are a humorless lot 

7. Linkin Man Alexander the Great

8. Friends in the Blue Universe

8. Team 5 Alexander and Richard

9. The Ozman cometh



Up next… Famous Divas 😉 And if you need a catch up … Have an Oldie 😉



Tales of the Logistician’s Logistician: The Joy of Abseiling

At the start of the 21st century the company I work for decided to participate in a ‘Business Team Challenge’ competition being held in the Brecon Beacons. There were changes in personnel right up until the day before the team set off for Wales, due to ‘injuries’ and ‘work pressures’.  Nevertheless, the final line up contained a Big Boss, a Medium-sized Boss, a Little Boss and two lowly assistants, one of which was me. A delicate balance of bosses and staff had been achieved – three men and two women accordingly.

My job throughout was to ‘make it happen’, which in practice meant completing entry forms, booking accommodation, arrange transportation and triple-check timings, sourcing and purchase appropriate (matching) clothing, footwear, kit and equipment. And all the while, the personnel (and vital statistics) of the team kept changing.

I had to be there, of course, because I’d organised the team. But in truth, not being of an outdoorsy persuasion, I couldn’t think of a worse way to spend my weekend: it was bound to rain, I had never had to use a map and compass before and it was in Wales, for goodness sake! Wasn’t that bad enough?. I had to put my foot down somewhere along the line, and my fear of heights gave me the perfect opportunity; I said that I did not want to abseil. In turn I was promised I wouldn’t have to.

It was all going so well until the first afternoon when Medium-sized Boss twisted his ankle on a slippery slope, during a torrential downpour.

“There is no one else; you’ll have to do it”, I was told by Big Boss as he trotted on ahead, leaving me to trudge behind him to the edge of a chasm. I didn’t answer, I couldn’t; it’s difficult to speak coherently when your mouth is devoid of spit.

Three of us were to take the plunge for the honour of our company. Medium-sized Boss sat at the base of the drop, somewhere, cradling his ankle and smoking a cigarette, along with Little Boss, who had helped him hobble into position.  It was difficult to see exactly where they were positioned as my eyes had suddenly gone all blurry. Horror filled me, as the crowd of lemmings gradually thinned at the top of the drop.

Then there were three
 Big Boss disappeared over the edge
 Admin Girl followed
. The few remaining eyes on my level turned in my direction.

“I can’t do it
”I repeated like a scratched record, as I was gently coaxed and manoeuvred into position, clips clicked into place and a fat rope placed in my hands. The moment the soles of my walking boots started to shift from horizontal to vertical, I completely froze.

Except for my eyes – they raced upwards, away from certain death. Realising there was no escape, they slowly rolled back down to meet the gaze of the woman holding my rope. “You can do it”, she said gently, pushing me over the edge.

The journey down was far too short. In fact it was a complete blast!

“Can I do it again?” I squealed with delight, hopping from foot to foot, whilst Big Boss struggled to unhook me.

“No, we’ve got a hike to the next task. Well done.” And off he went.

Little and Medium-sized Boss, though, both hugged me tight and told me how brilliant I’d been to do it.  Medium-sized Boss carried on hugging and thanking me for helping him out… right up until the moment I realised we’d covered half the distance to the next stage of the competition.

He let me go and then the laughter started.  But the loudest laugh came from me.