Puff Piece

Good news was received online today, Dear Reader…

Good News Bearer: Cream puff has been born 😀

Roob: Is that a pink or blue cream puff? 😀

Good News Bearer: Pink 😀

Roob: Yay!

Frankie has a cigar.gif

*How exciting, Clicky! /claps and rubs hands together… Pink cream puff arrived today… *

*/drools… On the day of the Super Blue Blood Moon! …/wipes lips…*

*/lights up… The door is IN US …/:D…*

*Sew… /drags… Any fin ‘appening, Clicky? Any fin inner resting inner noose? …/snorts smoke…*

*Ooh, is that coming to an ‘ed? …/puffs… I know, Clicky… /taps teeth… Go get a song…*


Update: 2nd February 2018

Pink Cream Puff is Leggy’s first grandchild 😀


Moon Sentry

“Hey! Come take a look at the moon. It’s everso bright tonight.” I called out to Thoughtful Man.

I stood in the doorway, shivering in the darkness, as Poppy stalked nocturnal creatures in the long grass of the garden. The last run out of the evening – her location only given away by her ramrod tail, like an antenna… ‘Taking a dump, here’.

Soft footsteps approached from behind before warm arms casually embraced my shoulders. “Oh my god, Looby, you stink!”

“Mum. I’m one of the top three thousand COD Black Ops 3 players in the world… I sweat.”

I gently lifted his arms and twirled away from beneath them. “Yes, well you need to have a wash before you go to bed.” I marveled at his hairy lankiness and tried to remember the last time I was able to pick him up.

“What’s up?” Thoughtful Man joined us, closely followed by an equally hairy but broad shouldered Kitten who’d been loitering around the fridge. Again.

“Look. I don’t think it’s full but the moon is really bright tonight.” I pointed out to the shimmering disc floating above the rooftops over the way.

‘Ums’ and ‘ahs’ and ‘Oh yeahs’ followed before Thoughtful Man pointed out the sentry.  “Look, he’s carrying a lance or a pike.”

Moon Sentry
Clicky for a Song

“What’s the other thing, then?” I asked as Poppy decided to rejoin the crowd.

“Dunno. Some sort of giant spider…”

I grabbed the handle and pulled the backdoor close. “Cheers! Thanks for that thought.” I shivered again, this time from the sensation of three separate hands making creepy crawlie movements on my back and head. “Bastards! Don’t do that!”

Poppy gave me her ‘pick me up’ look as the three men of the house moved away, howling with laughter.