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Shambles: A Pointless Exercise?

Hugo emphasizes ‘Blackbushe’ in posting the story of the Bin Laden plane crashing into a car auction yesterday.Hugo brings news of a plane crash

Ironically, for the man seen as behind the 911 Twin Tower attack, a lot of his family seem to have been killed in plane crashes.

Osama bin Laden’s stepmother, half-sister and brother-in-law died after a private jet owned by the family exploded into a fireball after overshooting a runway while trying to land outside London.

Stepmother, half-sister, brother-in-law join his father and brother…

Bin Laden’s father Mohammed originally registered the tail number of the aircraft involved in yesterday’s crash in the 1960s.

He was flying the aircraft with the number HZ-IBN, when he died in another crash in 1967, however his family retained the registration.

The aircraft was registered to Salem Aviation – which was named after the dead terrorist’s eldest brother, who himself died in a crash in 1988 when he ploughed into powerlines in San Antonio, Texas.

On the same day, it was reported that Saudi Arabia was making an appeal to be dropped from pending and future 911 lawsuits.

Saudi Arabia insists it had nothing to do with 911

*Ground Zero was a bit of a scar, wasn’t it Clicky? And it was only yesterday that Thoughtful Man was showing me images of sCARification he’d just seen on Facebook page…*


*That’s right, Clicky! Scar is Simba’s evil uncle in ‘The Lion King‘… based on ‘Hamlet’, voiced by Jeremy Irons…*

*Of course, I spent quite a bit of time discussing the similarities between ‘Memento’ and ‘The Matrix’ with Hugo last year, Clicky…*

hand is main in french

*Main does sound like Mane, Clicky, and Leo was the main character in ‘Memento’…*

But what of ‘Blackbushe‘ I hear you ask: Hugo specifically emphasized ‘Blackbushe’ in his comment. Well, that’s where ‘Pointless’ comes into the equation and yesterday’s episode featured an obvious black bush… can you see where it is yet? 😉

Pointless Contestants

‘Pointless’ is the only TV show Thoughtful Man and I regularly watch. Obscure answers are best but a pointless one is the holy grail. Because he works on a Friday night, we watch the show in the wee small hours of Saturday morning, feasting on Maccy Ds whilst the children sleep soundly…

So before I’d read Hugo’s comment or even knew about the plane crash (Thoughtful Man told me about it when he got in, in the midst of the grease/brown paper prison-break from his bag laden arms), I watched Pointless, with a warm, oleaginous chin, and wondering about the bushy, blackness of contestant Ian’s facial hair…

Richard brings up Ian's Beard

I love the fact that ‘sidekick’ Richard Osman (a 6’7″ giant) has a laptop for a prop. He addresses the audience and particularly the fourth wall… he is the audience’s confident…

Order of beards

There was banter about the black, bushy beard… Apols, moustache…

moustache banter

I’m just going to focus on Ian in this shamble, though goodness knows the whole show is a syncfest 😉  The first round was ‘Beverages: Types of tea, coffees and herbal infusions from around the world’… this was the board, filled with my answers, shouted out between delicious beefy mouthfuls…

Ts and Cs First Board with Roobee's answers

Ian was up first…

ian gives flat white answer

Flat… White..?

Luckily he survived to Round two or this shamble would end here, but partner Louise completely fucked up her answer to ‘Name a chemical element beginning with the the letters A through to M…’

Louise fucks up with an superfluous R

Before poor Ian had a chance to answer, they were already eliminated from the show…

ian has already lost

Louise stole Ian's answer

Europium is a Pointless answer

Europium is a chemical element with symbol Eu and atomic number 63. It was discovered in 1901 and is named after the continent of Europe.

*Clicky, is it me or can you see a 911 in the year Eu was discovered?*

*Enough, Clicky. Let’s end this pointless shambles on a Song…*