30-Day Song Challenge: Preteen!

*Ballpark incident? …/lights up… I’ve literally just tweeted ‘Ballpark’ out, Clicky…*

*That’s a sync… /smokes… I knew I should have included Nineteen Eighty Four…*

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Poppy and Legs send Roob their preteen songs

Welcome to Day 12 of the LoL’s Song Challenge, Dear Reader. No doubt the original creator of this challenge put the task of naming a song from one’s preteens at day 12 of this endeavour on porpoise, being as 13 is the age one become’s a teenager…

*It’s funny ‘cos it’s true…*

^The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (Official Video)^

Therefore, below, are Cade fon Apollyon and mine’s preteen choices, songs from circa 1967 – 1980. Enjoy!


Day 12: songs from preteen years

Cade’s first song pick…

We’re on the dirty dozenth day, so I guess it’s okay for me to go ahead and spring a thought that I had about this “30 Day Music Challenge” back on Day 2.

Personality Test
Big Five Personality Traits
Psychological Profile
Personality Profile
Personality Test-Jung Typology Test™
14 Free Personality Tests You Can Take Online Today

Not suggesting that someone is reading my and Roob’s picks and shouting “AH HA!” at seeing a particular something being picked by one of us, but, they may be. You never know who is watching, nor why. Heh…heh…heh! Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, roller skating.

Um, I didn’t understand this song at all when I first heard it. I only know that it completely blew my socks off when I first heard it. How in the hell they were doing that…thing? With the voice? How are they doing that? I can do a slow and jazzy, weaving two-step to it while roller skating. Holy hell this song is the most funky song I’ve ever heard! Who in the hell is this ‘David Bowie’ person anyway?

^Fame (2016 Remaster)^

Roob’s first song pick…

Sunday mornings, when we lived high above Electric Avenue in Brixton, London, mum would let me and my sister play our records on her Hi-Fi and dance about the front room, while she made Sunday lunch. This was a fav…

^Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting (Original Music Video)^

Cade’s second song pick…

Preteens. I’d be remiss not to include something from “my other life”. I was already a dumpy, dorky, nerdy, sickly, ugly-assed and accident-prone kid. Why God WHY?!?!?? Why did I also have to be…a Christian?!?!?!? Go to church?!?!!? I’m already hated enough without all that additional trauma. Le sigh.

Worse yet…God…you gave me…a singing voice?!?!?!? A girl’s range in a boy’s body?!?!? That’s all I got as a gift upon being spun off into this world??????


What in the hell is wrong with you…God??????

^Holy, Holy, Holy^

Speaking of church and religion and oppression and similar stuff, all the cool kids liked the band Kiss. To be honest, I never really “got it” with respect to their music. ‘Detroit Rock City‘ was indeed a rockin’ tune, and ‘Beth‘ I also liked, but other than that, I hadn’t heard anything from them that I liked that much. Just didn’t do anything for me, and a lot of stuff out there that I liked a helluva lot more. I never would tell the other kids that tho. All that said, I really REALLY wanted a Kiss album for Christmas just so I could say I had one, and then I’d be a cool kid too. Welp, I got an album for Christmas that year, and Kiss was on it, but it wasn’t a Kiss album. It was a compilation album put out by the record company that had one single Kiss song on it. Merry Fucking Christmas.

^Calling Dr. Love^

Roob’s second song pick…

On Sunday afternoons, we’d listen to the radio to hear a rundown of the UK’s top 40 Chart and learn what song had reached number one, and on Thursday evening’s we’d watch it on the telly on ‘Top of the Pops’. Thinking about it now, it was kinda ritual, and David Essex’s ‘Gonna Make You A Star’ is a stand out memory of that…

^David Essex • Gonna Make You A Star • TOTP 1974^

Cade’s third song pick…

If you wanna get a psychological bead on someone’s personality, I’d imagine that the music your test subject likes is as good of a metric as any to use in order to find out what makes them tick. Lotta scars in my past. Lotta bumps, bruises, breaks, and blood. Talking about them even in the most constructive of manners can still be interpreted as something bitter or hateful. Maybe even spiteful or malicious. Opening old wounds. Beating dead horses. Living in past. Not moving on. Not growing.

I got no answers. Music was just about my only escape, and even that was heavily regulated. Pretty sure I’m not angry, just telling it like it was. What in the fuck does all that have to do with anything? I dunno. Supposedly, we’re all stronger at the broken spots. Does the fact that I made it to where I am without blowing my own brains out count for anything? Or am I just a waste of space burning valuable oxygen.

/me shrugs
^Almost Famous – Tiny Dancer^

Roob’s third song pick…

In 1977 my Grandad Packer died and so the family upsticks and moved in with my Nanny P in Rotherhithe, London . We’d gone from an area that was predominantly black to one that was very white. Mainly because Rotherhithe had already lost it’s docking industry and was still derelict from the efforts of the Luftwaffe some 35 years before. ‘Parallel Lines’ was the first album I bought for myself as a preteen, and now Sunday mornings were spent in my bedroom, listening to it over and over again whilst mum and nan made Sunday lunch…

^Blondie – Sunday Girl – HD^

The final word to Cade…

Five songs when only three are required? Excessive, I know. But I’m working here. May not appear that way, but yeah, lots of work going on here.

^Fixing A Hole (Remastered 2009)^


Tomorrow’s task is to collate selection of songs from the 70s, Dear Reader, so pretty much the same as today. If you have a favourite, let us know in comments and we’ll include it in the post.

Have a song… ❤

^Ian Dury And The Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick^



A short post, now, Dear Reader. I had to laugh earlier when Cade the Okie Devil of Text US sent me a Juicy Smellitt news story link, via Twitter DM…

Hollywood Reporter Peak Swamp Billboard

*Thank you, Clicky… /pats snout…*

‘Images of the ‘Empire’ actor have been inserted into ads for ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Green Book’ and ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ while an HBO billboard was hijacked for the second time in a month.

‘Two separate groups of conservative provocateurs took their fight against what they call the media’s “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to the streets of Los Angeles early Monday morning, posting phony entertainment ads all over the county.

‘Of the more ambitious efforts, an entire billboard advertising HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver was hijacked so that now the title is: “The Orange Man Bad Show With John Oliver.”

‘The giant billboard at the corner of La Cienega Boulevard and Pico Boulevard has an image of Oliver with a thought bubble cursing the Trump presidency and including the words “racists” and “bigots.” At the bottom of the altered ad is the phrase, “Matrix approved NPC programming.”

‘The endeavor is the second in a series for a secretive group known as The Faction, which in January took over a billboard advertising Real Time With Bill Maher, also an HBO show. Both times, The Faction used “NPC” to belittle the comedians as “non playable characters,” a video game term that has become a conservative meme for media personalities who allegedly work harder at advancing a politically correct narrative than the truth.’

… So I looked up the word ‘La Cienega…

cienega swamp

*/lights up… The road is literally named for Rancho Las Cienegas,”The Ranch Of The Swamps”, Clicky…*

… And then looked up the word ‘Pico’…

pico peak

Dear Reader, the billboard is literally on the corner of ‘Peak Swamp’…

Trump cartoon drain the swamp

*/chortles… That’s a YUGE sync, Clicky…*


*You fink all the political pandering has encouraged over-sensitivity? …/smokes… Could be, Clicky…*

Have a Song, Dear Reader… 😀


UPDATED: 21:54 (so well after ‘watershed‘ 😉 )

Dear Reader, Leggy had a question about the above post…

Leg asks a question

*I didn’t even fink to see where the other billboard was located, Clicky… /lights up… Fank fuck for Legs, eh? …/drags… Oh no offence, sweetie…*



Hollywood Reporter Peak Swamp Other Billboard

*/thinks… I dunno, Clicky… /smokes… What do you fink?*



Shh! Words To A Void

*/flicks lighter…*

*/lights up…*


*/streams smoke…*




*/taps ash…*

*/stubs butt…*


MRS REGN: FlexiT Brexit

Not sure if you’d heard, Dear Reader, but the UK government seems to have got it’s self into a bit of a pickle over Brexit

*Aye. Big beast Boris went on Monday, Clicky… /lights up… an’ that bell-end Cunt caught ‘is big job…/drags… dunno how long he’ll ‘ave that for…*

*Oh yes, this is a deep purple post, Clicky… /puffs…*

*/blows… an’ yellow…*

I have availed myself of my banked Flexi-Time and taken this afternoon off from work. I wanted to catch up on some correspondence…

*TNT is from Norn Iron, Clicky… /flicks ash… but yeah, green…*

…And shamble about yesterday evening’s viewing with Cade. We watched the movie 300

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 1Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 2Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 3Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 4

Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

Prime Monster ‘Winnie’ Winston Churchill, 20081940

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 5

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 6Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 7

‘Immortalised in Churchill’s often quoted assertion that never before “”was so much owed by so many to so few””, the top-down narrative of the Battle of Britain has been firmly established in British legend. Britain was saved from German invasion by the gallant band of Fighter Command Pilots in their Spitfires and Hurricanes, and the public owed them their freedom. Richard North’s radical re-evaluation of the Battle of Britain dismantles this mythical retelling of events. Taking a wider perspective than the much-discussed air war, North takes a fresh look at the conflict as a whole to show that the civilian experience, far from being separate and distinct, was integral to the Battle. This recovery of the people’s stolen history demonstrates that Hitler’s aim was not the military conquest of England, and that his unattained target was the hearts and minds of British people.’

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 8

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 9

*/final drag… Purple and yellow UKIP had a wolf, Clicky… /plumes smoke… Shame they dropped the smoker-friendly policy for the last election… /stubs butt…*

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 10Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 11

*/drops jaw… Wot? That Remoaner nob’s the Scottish police fed vice chair? …/whistles…* 

*Shit! Wot’s the time? …/clocks wrist… Fuck! Free Lions are already playing Crow Asia…*

Must dash, Dear Reader… Have a Song…

*…/lights up…*

*Oh fanks, Clicky… /puts fag to lips… Alex Robinson ‘as a post up abaht whyt?  …/flicks lighter… Well, the play’s the fing, innit? … /lights up… Wot Song did ‘we’ chews to tweet ‘er link aht wiv? …/drags… From the Yt Stripes’ White Blood Cells album? Clever fucka…*

snout butt

*Oi! I didn’t mean literally! …/coughs… Watch wot ya dooing wiv ya snout…*

*/flicks ash… Good movie, Clicky… /drags… ‘ope they do anovva…*

*Good idea, Clicky… /blows smoke rings…*

Sew, Dear Reader… In the Noose of the Whirled of MRS REGN, an experiment result is revealed in the…


…Leggy gets the scoop.


Cigarettes AREN'T dangerous. Repeat, CIGARETTES ARE NOT DANGEROUS...


...But their packaging art is PROHIBITED.

Moving on to the…


…The new Lashy Sophia talk syncs with MRS REGN posts.

Highlights: "The Game deals excellency" and "Evil has no colour"

Meanwhile in the…


…JP Gaultier has finger on fashion pulse.

"Go on, go on, go on, GO ON."

Amazing art wows in the…


…using cigar linchpin.


urban dictionary necking

Oh, I got name-checked in the…


…Red Frank renames Friday my day.

Roob and Frank Merovee selfie on sixes and sevens and the meaning of life

Roob selfie with Frank on Merovee

And this just in from the…


…Cade expands on MRS REGN.

Lucky me! ❤

And last, but not least, from the…


…Blue Frank foretells a coming Ceausescu moment.

Tiny Blur disgusted by Legs and Roob 1Tiny Blur disgusted by Legs and Roob 2

Roob selfie DMing with Legs

Well now, Dear Reader, I think that’s about wraps up this Sunday post…

*/stubs butt… Blimey! Furteen of ’em, Clicky, trapped in the darkness…*

Enjoy your week, Dear Reader. It’s shaping up to be a scorcher 😉 And have a Song ❤



*Oh fanks, Clicky… /puts fag to lips… And it’s when’s day today. Sync! …/flicks lighter… You know, Marshall McLuhan said advertising was the greatest art form of the 20th century? …/lights up… An’ that the medium is the message… /drags… Fucking genius!*


In the whirled of MRS REGN, Dear Reader, the S stands for Sensitivity…

… and that means all living things on this planet have the ability to detect changes in the surrounding environment and to react to it…

Cade tells Roob about his dreams

*Cade-style it is then, Clicky… /thinks… Actually, when you fink about it, an orange ‘nightmare’ has triggered the sensitivities of the free world in recent times… /smokes… Yuge!*

Q. Roob, why did you assign the colour ‘orange’ to ‘Sensitivity’?

A: *.../sniffs...*


Guess who THIS is!!! Yeah…it’s THAT guy.

I thought of something last night, but can’t recall what it is currently. We’ll just have to divert somewhere else. Howza bout something like this…

10 Odd Emotions You May Have Experienced

The reason that I wanted to go there, is because whatever it was that I thought of last night was one of those more “off the wall” types of concepts. A state of mind/being that we appear to not think about much.

Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking | List of Emotions

Nope…nothing on that list rings a bell either. What in the FUCK was it that I thought about last night while standing there taking a piss? Oh…had I not mentioned that I was taking a piss whenever I thought of whatever it was that I thought of?

Well, I was.

What’s Your State of Mind?

So yeah…what choo think? Think you can help me remember whatever it is that I forgot?

^Underworld – Scribble^

I love the color orange. But you wouldn’t know that…would you? I mean, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, and I prolly just prejuiced you by using that pic above…


I meant PREJUDICED…not prejuiced.

Anyway…yeah…orange…one of my fave colors. Green, Orange, Purple if I had to pick faves, but not with respect to cars. White or Yellow would be my first choice. Black with respect to most clothes, or plain pastels. Something really loud in blue, yellow or red in clothes is OK too.

I can't remember what I was gonna say here. 

OH! Did you know, that on Imgur where I found that image? The image was named:


I wonder what that is all about? Seems not very nice to assume someone sexual proclivities based on a gender. What goes good with orange juice?

^Mango – Friday Coffee (Paul Keeley Remix)^

I’ve heard it said by some that “orange is the new black”…but I’ve no idea what that means. So let’s think about this kid above. She’s likely seeing something in her head as to what SHOULD be transpiring, and what she needs to do in order to facilitate the successful operation of this activity, but what is actually happening is something quite different.

Must be new to her or something. 

Am I saying shit that “goes without saying” here? Of course some little kid isn’t going to be a world champion hula-hooper on what is likely her first try. So, let’s say that’s so.

Q: Are you willing to spend the time teaching her and helping her to become a world champion hula-hooper?

A: ??? 

Gonna take a lot of time, she’s eventually gonna grow up, and will likely have a bunch of creeps oogling her as she performs/demonstrates her talent. Better crush her dreams right now. Better sooner than later…eh?

So yeah, maybe orange IS the new black. I wonder what color “patience” might be? Whatever color that is, I wonder what color it is when absent? Clear? If so, and the same could be said of other colors, that sure would muddy the concept of clarity.

^Roald Velden – Time Flies By (Original Mix)^

When the sun sets, maybe it’s that orange seems to blend well with the black, and is one of the last distinguishable colors that we see. Black and orange do indeed mesh well, and maybe that’s one of the magical blendings that allows us to see the darkness in the way(s) that we do.

I’ve run long tho, and really don’t want to get to rambling about light/dark right now. Not trying to be insensitive, but I’ve got needs too. So does Roob.

^Mango – Sayonara (Original Mix)^


*Oh… /flicks ash… I believe a pack of the higher strength cigs in the aqua coloured box is winging its way to me right now… /final drag… I do hope it’s not confiscated for not displaying the mandatory medical porn, Clicky…*

Roob asks Cade for a Sensitivity song

*/stubs butt… Clicky, the Song…*

Dear Reader, should you have been “triggered” by anything in the above post, then Reproduction is up next. Come back then. Or not. It’s up to you.

Have a Song 😉


Sumfin’ Fishy: A Roob/Click Convo Fragment

*Has your boat come in, Clicky? …/rolls eyes… Funny, I can’t smell any fish… /sniffs...*

*/blank stare… Nope, you’ve lost me… /flicks lighter…*

*/lights up… Catch much fish in a dead pool, Clicky? …/deep drag…*

*Fuck! That a hell of a fish tail… /taps ash… Nekked, eh? Wouldn’t want that nosying around your wahoo… /puffs…*