Marvel Loose Sat-Ear-Day

Apparently, there was a high profile wedding going on yesterday…

*Close enough, Clicky…*

… I couldn’t face the whole… */searches for appropriate word* … utter BOLLOCKS! of it all, Dear Reader…

… In hopes to avoid it, and prompted by Thing 2, I caught up on some movies he’d seen but that I had neglected to watch. During a rambling kitchen conversation on Friday evening, whilst he toasted and I buttered bagels, Kit Kat gave me a list of three to see, starting with…

*Thaw… /lights up… Blue Frank… /drags… has an interesting post up on his ‘Ice Age Theory’ today, Clicky… /streams smoke…  Oh that’s reminds me, I got Iceland in the World Cup Sweepstake at work… /rolls eyes…*

I enjoyed watching Thor, so proceeded to watch his next suggestion, ‘Spiderman Homecoming’, and was surprised to see that Michael Keaton was in it…

*Oh! Best Batman! …/drags… After Adam West… /thinks… He plays ‘The Vulture’ in this flick Clicky, an arms dealer… /blows cloud of smoke…*

Now, you may have spotted a theme in Kit Kat’s ‘Educating Mum’ movie selection, Dear Reader…

Marvel (n.)

‘c. 1300, “miracle,” also “wonderful story or legend,” from Old French merveille “a wonder, surprise, miracle,” from Vulgar Latin *miribilia (also source of Spanish maravilla, Portuguese maravilha, Italian maraviglia), altered from Latin mirabilia “wonderful things,” from neuter plural of mirabilis“wonderful, marvelous, extraordinary; strange, singular,” from mirari “to wonder at,” from mirus“wonderful” (see smile). A neuter plural treated in Vulgar Latin as a feminine singular. Related: Marvels.’

… Sew his last recommendation turned out to be particularly ‘synchy’…

*/flicks ash… Who’d have thought that I’d finally succumb …/drags… and watch the one fucking film I’d been avoiding on Malcolm X Day, Clicky! …/snorts smoke…*

*Yikes! …/deep drag… Let’s wrap this up, Clicky…*

Anyhoo, Dear Reader, until next time… Have a Song… ❤

Chickpeas A Chance

A tweet caught my attention this morning, Dear Reader…

Ninamoose101 is feeling sad and depressed

I’m not that keen on the VEG(etari)AN movement. I don’t trust it’s zealotry and I certainly don’t trust it’s sponsors

…Butt, as I’d mentioned last weekend, The Secret Sun site has been busy cataloging the current de-luge of Vega/Vegas/Vegan media messaging…

*That’s a concise little video, Clicky… /lights up… Thanks for pulling it out… /drags… I’d only heard of Jeff Buckley for the first time in the Blue universe… *

…I was intrigued to what they were up to now, so I decided to go and have a look at the “so sad and utterly depressing” article for myself…

Metro Vegan Rubies

*/smirks… I doo like to catch a Roobee reference, Click… /snorts smoke…*

‘My current favourite dinner item is Iceland’s hash brown fries (seriously, try them), dipped in mayo (I never said I was classy).

‘Now, I’ve got two ride or die vegan mayos – Plamil’s garlic mayo, and Vegenaise (only if it’s on offer, because it’s hella expensive) but my eye wandered today when I discovered that there’s a new mayo in town.

‘And it’s made from waste water from the hummus industry.

‘Yup, Rubies in the Rubble mayo is made using aquafaba – the water drained from tins of chickpeas and other legumes. It translates from Latin as ‘bean water’.’

*Mmm… I like hummus, Clicky… /taps ash… And I like mayo… /puffs… especially with ham… /smacks lips…*

*/deep drag… Way to kill the messenger eh, Clicky? …/fiddles with lighter… *

… I confess, Dear Reader, when I read ‘chickpea’ in the article, Cicero sprang to mind…

Cicero’s cognomen, or personal surname, comes from the Latin for chickpeacicer. Plutarch explains that the name was originally given to one of Cicero’s ancestors who had a cleft in the tip of his nose resembling a chickpea. However, it is more likely that Cicero’s ancestors prospered through the cultivation and sale of chickpeas. Romans often chose down-to-earth personal surnames. The famous family names of Fabius, Lentulus, and Piso come from the Latin names of beans, lentils, and peas, respectively.’

… Roman Beans, Lentils and Peas, all vegan staples, but what is ‘aquafaba’? Back to the offending article…

”Of course, using aquafaba to make mayo isn’t new – the aforementioned vegan mayos use aquafaba from soy beans – but Rubies’ aquafaba is a byproduct of the hummus industry.

‘‘We were inspired to get back into the kitchen after we saw a vegan foodie blogger was making gorgeous looking meringue with aquafaba, saying it performed just like egg whites,’ says Rubies co-founder, Jenny Costa.’

*You just had to bring it back to physics, Clicky… /rolls eyes… *

Rubble scratch

*Yeah… /pats snout… I don’t understand it either… /final drag… Shall we wrap this one up?*

Hold Your Horses

*What?… /stubs butt…*

chickpea crisis

*Oh fuck! Well that’s even more of a reason for hummus producers to sell their been water to the vegans… Waste not, want knot…*

Apparently, we are in the midst of a great ‘Chickpea Crisis‘, Dear Reader…

Scooby snigger

*I know! Shh…*

‘The price of popular brand Me Too! has gone up by 12p for a 250g pot and 19p for a 500g pot. But the makers say the price rises have been down to the supermarkets.’

Whoa! Brand #metoo is getting kinda pricey. I think we need a Song 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 4 – Unthought Known

*Hmm… Pretty, Clicky…*

*/sucks teeth… Well it’s more colourful than the brown…*

So this week, Dear Reader, I have been revisiting John Lamb Lash’s ‘Sophia’s Correction’, having not really paid much attention to it for a while. He’s made a series of 64 in-depth videos since October of 2016 and I’ve listened to a few of those, and posted some up in comments over on MEROVEE and Blade & Chalice

The fourth part of this latest missive from The Okie Devil of Textus, a.k.a. Cade, concerns one of those videos. You’ll find a link to it below. Enjoy! ❤


It was recently recommened to me that I watch a video. Last night, I finally broke down and did so. I did not actually watch the video, and I assume that it was all talking anyway, but yeah…I laid in bed last night and listened to it in the dark.

It wasn’t very far into the video/audio, that it became clear that there were some very familiar things being talked about. Many familiar concepts, masked by foreign names, labels, titles, etc.. As I continued to listen, I was struck by the fact that the ONLY thing and things that were unfamiliar, were these names and titles. Everything else tho? Familiar…very familiar…known.

The more that was discussed, the more I felt…

“Hey, I know that. I don’t know the name, but I know that process or concept or whatever.”

I eventually started to doze a bit, and this hazy non-sleep was broken only by a sudden silence. I roused suddenly, thinking that the video was over, but then they started talking again, and I was soon dozing once again as I pondered what was being said. I could only think….

“So…is this what it is like to hear someone talk about something that you already know? Something from a new source, and they are using unfamiliar nomenclatures and making personal annotations about familiar things, and about the only thing that is interesting about what I am hearing is these new additions?”

In my case, no. I spent most of the time wondering…

“How do I know this?”

There was nothing really familiar about any of this at all, yet somehow, I know it.

 How is that possible?

Let’s take the scientific road, eh?

^Blackmill Feat. Veela – Let It Be (Full Version)^

Much of what was being said, was like drawing over the top of much of what is in my head with respect to connections to what we tend to term as ‘science’ and/or ‘scientific’. Like someone drawing over the top of something I’ve already drawn.

That said, there are MANY religious types of connections and pathways in this same thinking. As I think about it now, all I can think about really…is spirit. Not spiritual, spirit. The ability to experience and choose. Not science, and not religion, but both and neither, all dependent upon what I choose and where, and not solely based upon right or wrong. Choice based on the ability to choose. Master of The Option…if you will.

I reserve the right to choose.

If science is wrong, and religion is right – I reserve the right to choose.

If religion is wrong, and science is right – I reserve the right to choose.

Up to, and including, choosing not to choose.

You yourself are allowed and afforded the opportunity to be comfortable in your own skin, yeah?

Me too.
^Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella – Kiss The Sky^

I’ve wrestled with this concept quite a bit over the span of my lifetime.

Q: What value has originality?

A: ?

Should that answer seem self-evident? Well, how do you “study the masters” and become your own in the process? The concept of “The Ronin” is very real, therefore, it must be necessary. Afterall, all masters themselves learned from somewhere…right? That means that even a rogue must have some purpose in this “larger scheme of things” that is always bandied about.

Hell, if nothing else, it gives you elevated fucks someone to kick. Your lofty goals and ambitions ain’t worth a flying fuck without practical representations and practical demonstrations as to their relevance and necessity. That’ll have the effect of giving you a gem of gems with respect to “the big question”…

Q: Why?

A: There's your answer.

Carry on Oh Ye Elevated Ones of the Grandest and Most Highest of High on DMT.

Or whatever.

I mean…if The Master wants nor needs no master, why is it such a stretch to think that The Ronin might also need no master?

Lots to think about there.

^George Benson – Give Me The Night^


*Time to call it a night I think, Clicky… /yawns and stretches…*

I have a day off work tomorrow, Dear Reader, so please doo come back then for the next installment of Cade’s awesome missive… And have a Song 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: Sophie Sounds Like SoPi

Following on from the last post, Dear Reader, Cade has sent through a missive with diagrams – his diagrams from inside his head – and that are also equations…

kuchi ga sabishii

Since last weekend, I myself have been catching up on the talks by John Lamb Lash on the Sophianic Mysteries…






This here whatever is gonna be about me. Like…a one-man-band…cept not so much, since RooBeeDoo is also involved in this nonsense

EX: See that image above? That’s SoPi_B01. Contextually, it’s actually SoPi_D01 since it’s the 4th part of a set of equations I’ve been thinking about, but let’s not fixate on the nomenclature(s) and their ordering just yet. Yeah, an equation. That thing above is an equation. There’s numbers and operators in there, ya just gotta look.

Let’s see if I can explain my little hourglass, and how it will hopefully expand a bit on gravity and time, or at least my thoughts on these things. Just keep in mind that I am an untrained and uncertified idiot who tilts heavily towards the dumb end of the spectrum, and this might be kinda fun.

Maybe not.
^One man plays Queen Bohemian Rhapsody^


Let’s point out the obvious. Does the color/do the colors help? We’re gonna be talking about SoPi, which means we are gonna be talking about Pi, which means that we are gonna be talking rainbows and light at some point, so we’re gonna have to have and think color and colors. You can prolly make out the seven(7)’s and one(1)’s and zero(0)’s quite easily, but you’re gonna have to keep your eyes peeled for embedded shit…

nested shit…
implied shit…

interpretive shit.

Such as…









Q: Do you see the threes? The fours? The eights? The two’s?

A: No? Lemme see if I can fix that.
^Royksopp – This Space^ f2497-sopi_b03



    see the three? We are dealing with Pi, so, we’re gonna need a three(3), right?

There it is.

There’s gonna be an “E” there too. Which means that there is also an “M” in there.

Are you gonna be able to find this shit on your own? Or do I need to point out the two(2)’s in there to help us get to E=MC2?

Can you see the eight(s)? There are at least 5 right in front of you.

7 + 1 = 8.

Make that centerpiece a single one? And the threes on the right and left?

3 + 1 = 4.



Me too.

Hey…I’m making this bullshit up as I go.

^UMEK – Presence of Devious (Original Mix) [Tronic]^



There’s you an eight(8).

Ya gotta keep in mind, that anything and everything that I do is always in motion. Let’s further relate, and that’ll get us to that infinity bit.

^Mrs, Love/You know my name- Disco ruido/the beatles^



There’s a very good reason that “the sands” flow through my hourglass, and not into or of. You may be able to think of a reason or even some reasons as to why I’ve tried to stay outside of the inside. Maybe you can’t. But maybe it’s clear now that I have at least one reason to stay out of the inside. That said, if you as a mathematician or physicist or chemist or whatever, follow that flow, you’ll maybe start to see a shape/some shapes start to develop outside of our focus. Lines, rings, strings, stings, and it’s gonna get bigger and wackier from there.

Just sayin'.
^Cocteau Twins – Suckling the Mender^


Maybe that’ll help. Maybe not. We are talking primarily about time here, and that’s what I personally think primarily about…time. Time and motion are simultaneous with me. An uneventful event, is still an event. A non-event type of event is still an event. Thinking like this allows me to think about extremely long and extremely short events. It allows me to think about time backwards. It allows me to think about time, backwards and forwards, at the same time. This allows me to think about all kinds of crazy times that are both moving and not moving, and motions that are moving and not moving…

all at the same time. 

Now all we need, is time to describe these times and motions. Assuming anyone is interested. Why you are interested might be important too. Thinking like this is…erm…painful. No other way I can describe it. To relate…I’ll relate something me and Roob talked about the other day.

^Cocteau Twins-A Kissed Out Red Floatboat^

Imagine that you build a machine that levitates something.

Q: What happens, if you turn that machine off, and the object that you levitated, fails to stop levitating?

A: !!!

Yeah. We are on a planet that is spinning. That leaves us with a couple of things to ponder.

Is this object able to be accelerated?
If so, are you sure you want to do that?

What if it keeps accelerating?

Is this object able to accelerate on its own?

May want to stay the fuck away from it.

But what about the rest of the planet? If this thing starts running into shit, it’s eventually going to start tearing the hell out of anything and everything, as well as everyone. Even if it starts to come apart? So what? A grain of sand traveling @ 1,000 mph is going to be fatal, and even if and when that grain of sand comes apart, now we’ve got microscopic shit flying everywhere, on God knows how many trajectories, and all we can pray for, is that this shit somehow achieves escape velocity before it levels the entire planet.

So add this to your list of things to ponder…if this thing can accelerate, it can decelerate.

Q: What if, after you turn your machine off, and this thing continues to levitate, it immediately starts to decelerate?

A: !!!

Yeah…it may appear to the observer, that this thing is accelerating, but it actually isn’t. It’s headed towards zero-speed. A contextual zero-speed within the Earth’s/Terra’ atmosphere is going to be equally deadly.

^Baddiel & Skinner & Lightning Seeds – Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)^

Let’s take that thought 100,000 years into the future. Our levitated object has long since been smashed into microscopic particles, and this object and these particles has long since destroyed all life and virtually flattened the planet.

Q: What if visitors drop by?

A: !!!

Yeah. We just doomed the fuck out of them too.

So what am I immediately relating all this shit to?

Welp… high-energy machines.

“Microscopic Black Holes” that are being created by these machines.

Maybe it’s time to start working on a de-levitating machine?

Yeah…think about that for a second.

Should work out well, eh?

And I don’t think a machine, that from the start, is built/designed to do both levitate and de-levitate is the/a answer.



is scary as fuck.

^Homeless Mustard Sings “Creep” GREATEST Cover EVER – @OpieRadio^

Maybe thinking about some of these things, contextually, will help when thinking about Ozone and/or The Ozone Layer. Yeah, gonna have to incorporate the goings on with respect to nuclear testing, HAARP, radio, television, airplanes/aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, mining, drilling, and shit like that. I mean…how long has the power grid and power grids been active on this planet? Non-stop, 24-7, 365/366 for decades? That’s GOT to have an affect.

Effects even. 

And not just and only here on Earth/Terra. Magnetism is king with respect to gravity, and you can slice and dice all you want to try and make it not so. But the pressure and pressures of The Universe are equally relief valves and systems as they are pressure valves and systems. That makes me think of the process of Kenosis.

Build you up…tear you down.

Build you up…tear you down.

I dunno.
^The Beatles – Hey Jude^



Now that the happy stuff is out of the way-ish, let’s take a look at SoPi_A01. That’s the bullshit above. This is how we are going to use Pi and SoPi to curve space.

1 + 8 = 9.

That may not make sense now, seeing as how we have a 180° implied in a 90° radius. But you have to keep something in mind…the back of this is as important as the front.

So…90 + 90 = 180.

Front = 90°

Back = 90°

Front + Back = 180°

And yes, those lines outside are one(1)’s.

We’re going to have 88 iterations between 1° and 1° on each side to start our curve, and our curve will give us motion. Like the first tumbler, or the first “tic” in a clock.

^An..t – Orange Juice^

I’m gonna have to take this to paper to proceed. And I’ve no way of making a video, so it’s gonna have to wait.


Sorry, but I need to talk my way through this. I’m sitting here listening to music, and I’ve got a chorus of shit flying around in my head, so I’ve gotta change gears. I could use a change of beers too. Not that I don’t like Keystone…

I just don't have any.

Thanks to Roob for the song.

^The ultimate BEER SONG (99 bottles – Zane Williams)^

Prolly thinking more about thinking than anything. Teaching. Relating. Learning in any and all cases. I cannot change who I am, but I may be able to change who I’ll be. However, won’t I still be who I am? I guess we’ll see.

Or not.
^Hein Cooper – The Art of Escape^

Meh…yeah…I gotta stop here.

berdahamCade nod to inspiration


Just thinking, that any time you unwind something, there is going to HAVE to be a simultaneous process that also keeps the wound, wound. More than that, this process will facilitate the need for the process to be able to stop wherever it does.

In the case of light, and especially visible light, maybe this won’t be such a stretch when you think about lasers, and what it takes to create these things, and how these things relate to prisms and rainbows as far as the systems that let us see these things. May also explain a few other things, when you think about these things contextually.

That said, there is going to be times and instances where bonds and relationships are broken or disrupted in ways that we cannot comprehend nor understand. Perhaps even in ways that these bonds cannot be re-connected, and certainly not in the way and ways they were connected previously. So the question is, and remains…

Q: Now what?

A: /me shrugs

I just work here.

^Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Atari Baby^

We know we can get shit wrong, and can afford ourselves the time to do so.

I wonder if we afford ourselves the time to get it correct?

^Cocteau Twins Ella Megalast Burls Forever^
^You Spin Me Round – Dead Or Alive Tribute Cover – Retrosonica^




For Thou Art…

It was only on MEROVEE this morning that I learnt that the Grand National was being run today, Dear Reader…

*The Year I was born, Clicky… 50 years… /sigh… A rank outsider, who’d of thunk it?*

I had no idea of what horses were running this year so I decided to take a look

*Knot easy, Clicky! So many names… And you know how I like turning handles…*

I’d decided I’d pick three horses and a £1 each way bet would be placed on each. The first would be the rank outsider, for Foinavon…

La Vaticane

*Finished 15th, Click… Hooray for pipe…*

Smoking Pipe Data

The second horse I selected because it sounds like a blue Roobee 😉 Red Frank had recently posted ‘Blue Origin‘…

Saphir Du Rheu

*Yeah, unseated the rider Twiston-Davies… Blue Frank has a ‘twist on‘ today, Clicky… Hmm, I hope he’s right…*

My third choice for the race was immediately obvious (to me, but maybe to you, too, Dear Reader, you’ve employed your own ‘Clicky’ thus far in this post); however, there was another, specific reason for me choosing it… And that was The Okie Devil, Cade. Earlier this week I’d sent him my favourite philosopher quote…

Roobee send Cade her favourite philosophical quote

Arthur Schopenhauer The difference between talent and genius

…Sew, my third choice was obvious in a synchromystical sense…

One For Arthur

*Yes! …/punches air… I picked the winner! Shame Thoughtful Man took 12/1 at the bookies… /sigh… You know, Grandad S was called Arthur, Clicky… My name’s in there, too…*

If you’ve never heard of Arthur Schopenhauer before, Dear Reader, hear is an overview…

*/squawks with laughter… The local kids called his dog Mrs Schopenhauer…*

After the stake money was subtracted, I ended up with a small profit, which Thoughtful Man just delivered home in the form of battered sausage and chips… Yum!

battered sausage

*/rolls eyes… You’re quite the Sauce Age fiend, Clicky…*

Have a pleasant Saturday evening, Dear Reader… And have a Song 😉


Epic Rap Battles of His Story


Thoughtful Man and eye prefer Deadpool over Bobs Fett at the movies. I have no idea if The Boys prefer one character over the other, although they are big Star Wars fans. Kit Kat especially. He’s like a fucking en-cyclops-edia when it comes to Star Wars or Pokemon. Ditto Loops on Destiny ore Call of Duty or Battlefront, witch ever one he is playing at the moment

Eye need help…

Clicky LoLled when Kit Kat showed him the above…


*Yes, Clicky, eye gno ewe wear V proud of getting a special mention for your assistance in constructing the bok… ore is it B Ook?*


*Knot Sophie’s World, Clicky? … /lights up and puffs stream of smoke… *

Dearest Reader, you decide… DNA have a Song 😀