Moonday Meander…


*Clicky, what are you doing? That’s the last gif in the sequence, not first… /thinking eye tremor… You cheeky bugger! …/squint…*


*:O… Alright then clever clogs, you do it…*





*Hey, that’s cheating, I already posted that one… oh no, similar… carry on…*



*Ha! I know I posted Dick’s furious windscreen wipers… Shit, knot the same one either…*



*Yeah, alright, that’s pretty good… Damn… /thinks… Hey Clicky, look squirrel!*


“Wake up!” said voice and hand in perfect synchronicity. The former, gruffly, and the latter shakily.

“Wha…I’m not sleeping,” I stated, less than convincingly. “I’m listening with my eyes shut.”

Thoughtful Man and I were watching ‘X Men Apocalypse‘. Well, he was, I’d fallen asleep.

“You were bloody snoring.” He turned round to look at me. “You and the pup in harmony. It was more entertaining than that pile of crap.”

I shift up into a sitting position, careful not to disturb the snoozing dachshund by my side She looked so peaceful lying under the quilt, with just her head poking out, resting on my pillow. Like a human.

“No good?” I yawned.

Thoughtful Man looked at me. “You’re the one that fell asleep, you tell me,” he drawled.

I lent over and plucked a rollie from the box of home-mades on the bed. “At least you managed to stay awake,” I said lighting it.

“My eyelids did flutter for a bit,” he said turning his attention back to the tv. “But you and Poppy kept me awake. The boys are bathed and in bed, by the way.”

I kissed the top of his head, picked up my iPad and clocked the time. Still earlyish; I started idling through my emails.

“Ooh, ‘Young Ones’!” Thoughtful Man cried out and stopped clicking the remote. He faced me again, this time with screwed up his eyes, “I know this one… first season, last episode. ‘Flood’.”

Even though we’d caught the programme near the end, he still got it. And so we watched the seminal comedy of our youth, and oh how I LOLled…

*Enjoy that did you, Clicky? That Foamy, what a wheeze… do you want to carry on with what you were doing now? You’re doing a bang up job… /raises thumbs…*


*… /waits… Is that it? Anymore? …/squints… *


Many apols, Dear Reader. On behalf of Clicky and I, please accept a Song…