Time Lard of the Smoke Rings…

This shamble, Dear Reader, starts on Friday evening with the decision taken, with my good friend Cade, to remote view ‘Lord of the Rings’ together…

*Yes… /lights up… the extended versions, Clicky… /drags… two down, one to go…*

… and a separate Twitter convo – also with Cade – that was started by Legs…

Legs Cade and Roob Friday Convo 1

*/streams smoke… You couldn’t resist, could you, Clicky? …/wipes lips… You know Hugo has a preference for lollipops over jelly babies…*

… ‘Twas Cade that mentioned ‘lard’…

Legs Cade and Roob Friday Convo 1

*/puffs contentedly…*

‘In an unusual warning, doctors have reported the case of a man who injected cocaine into his urethra to heighten sexual pleasure and then, through ”extravagant complications,” suffered gangrene that led to the loss of both legs, nine fingers and his penis.

Legs Cade and Roob Friday Convo 2Legs Cade and Roob Friday Convo 4

*I know! …/plays with lighter… Hugo brought the Max Headroom Doctor Who incident to my attention ages ago…*

Legs Cade and Roob Friday Convo 3

*/flicks ash… One of Cade’s earlier blog efforts, Clicky… /drags… *

… Then on Saturday morning, Dear Reader, I read a hilarious post about a ‘slush pile’…

Cade and Roob Saturday Convo 1

*/blows smoke ring… I wonder if he read it yet? …/blows smoke ring… Weird, the meaning behind ‘slush fund’, Clicky… /blows smoke ring… It’s all very porky… /licks lips…*

… And that might of been that for rendered fat and ships syncs, you might think, Dear Reader, except for my Twitter feed this afternoon…

*And the other one, Clicky…*

*/laughs like a drain and stubs butt…*

Have a Song, Dear Reader 😉

Jamble Shamble

*Oh good choice, Clicky… /lights up… I love that Song…*

Shiny is back in his Lab, Dear Reader, with an epic new post…

Shiny posts jam in the lab.png

*I get it. And ‘maica’ would be? …/drags… Make up and makeover, Clicky? …/blows smoke ring… Interesting… /flicks ash…*

*I gno! I only mentioned Clacks to Cade a week ago… /smokes… An’ then Shiny sends ’em to me by comet…/grins…*

… And he got me thinking about Adora Belle Dearheart, the feistiest smoker on Discworld…

*/splutters… No smoking around books? …/smirks… Knot at the LoL…*


*/pats snout… Get a Song, Clicky… /stubs butt… I think I’ve found some remote viewing for Cade and I tonight…*

Apols!, Dear Reader, must dash… Have a Song…


Shh! Words To A Void

*/flicks lighter…*

*/lights up…*


*/streams smoke…*




*/taps ash…*

*/stubs butt…*


MRS REGN: FlexiT Brexit

Not sure if you’d heard, Dear Reader, but the UK government seems to have got it’s self into a bit of a pickle over Brexit

*Aye. Big beast Boris went on Monday, Clicky… /lights up… an’ that bell-end Cunt caught ‘is big job…/drags… dunno how long he’ll ‘ave that for…*

*Oh yes, this is a deep purple post, Clicky… /puffs…*

*/blows… an’ yellow…*

I have availed myself of my banked Flexi-Time and taken this afternoon off from work. I wanted to catch up on some correspondence…

*TNT is from Norn Iron, Clicky… /flicks ash… but yeah, green…*

…And shamble about yesterday evening’s viewing with Cade. We watched the movie 300

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 1Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 2Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 3Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 4

Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

Prime Monster ‘Winnie’ Winston Churchill, 20081940

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 5

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 6Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 7

‘Immortalised in Churchill’s often quoted assertion that never before “”was so much owed by so many to so few””, the top-down narrative of the Battle of Britain has been firmly established in British legend. Britain was saved from German invasion by the gallant band of Fighter Command Pilots in their Spitfires and Hurricanes, and the public owed them their freedom. Richard North’s radical re-evaluation of the Battle of Britain dismantles this mythical retelling of events. Taking a wider perspective than the much-discussed air war, North takes a fresh look at the conflict as a whole to show that the civilian experience, far from being separate and distinct, was integral to the Battle. This recovery of the people’s stolen history demonstrates that Hitler’s aim was not the military conquest of England, and that his unattained target was the hearts and minds of British people.’

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 8

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 9

*/final drag… Purple and yellow UKIP had a wolf, Clicky… /plumes smoke… Shame they dropped the smoker-friendly policy for the last election… /stubs butt…*

Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 10Cade and Roob watch 300 and shoot the shit 11

*/drops jaw… Wot? That Remoaner nob’s the Scottish police fed vice chair? …/whistles…* 

*Shit! Wot’s the time? …/clocks wrist… Fuck! Free Lions are already playing Crow Asia…*

Must dash, Dear Reader… Have a Song…

*…/lights up…*

*Oh fanks, Clicky… /puts fag to lips… Alex Robinson ‘as a post up abaht whyt?  …/flicks lighter… Well, the play’s the fing, innit? … /lights up… Wot Song did ‘we’ chews to tweet ‘er link aht wiv? …/drags… From the Yt Stripes’ White Blood Cells album? Clever fucka…*

snout butt

*Oi! I didn’t mean literally! …/coughs… Watch wot ya dooing wiv ya snout…*

*/flicks ash… Good movie, Clicky… /drags… ‘ope they do anovva…*

*Good idea, Clicky… /blows smoke rings…*

Sew, Dear Reader… In the Noose of the Whirled of MRS REGN, an experiment result is revealed in the…


…Leggy gets the scoop.


Cigarettes AREN'T dangerous. Repeat, CIGARETTES ARE NOT DANGEROUS...


...But their packaging art is PROHIBITED.

Moving on to the…


…The new Lashy Sophia talk syncs with MRS REGN posts.

Highlights: "The Game deals excellency" and "Evil has no colour"

Meanwhile in the…


…JP Gaultier has finger on fashion pulse.

"Go on, go on, go on, GO ON."

Amazing art wows in the…


…using cigar linchpin.


urban dictionary necking

Oh, I got name-checked in the…


…Red Frank renames Friday my day.

Roob and Frank Merovee selfie on sixes and sevens and the meaning of life

Roob selfie with Frank on Merovee

And this just in from the…


…Cade expands on MRS REGN.

Lucky me! ❤

And last, but not least, from the…


…Blue Frank foretells a coming Ceausescu moment.

Tiny Blur disgusted by Legs and Roob 1Tiny Blur disgusted by Legs and Roob 2

Roob selfie DMing with Legs

Well now, Dear Reader, I think that’s about wraps up this Sunday post…

*/stubs butt… Blimey! Furteen of ’em, Clicky, trapped in the darkness…*

Enjoy your week, Dear Reader. It’s shaping up to be a scorcher 😉 And have a Song ❤


*…/sharp intake of breath…*

*Oh fanks, Clicky… /puts fag to lips… Been finking about the Oeuf’s ‘green lungs’… /flicks lighter… Haha! Maebh ‘waves’… /lights up… An’ the Nelson column …/drags… Eye Captain…*


In the whirled of MRS REGN, Dear Reader, the first R stands for Respiration…

aqua to green selfie emoji

*Great find, Clicky! …/sucks in smoke… An aqua to green selfie emoji… /streams out smoke…*

Roob tells Cade of a Respiration Sync 1Roob tells Cade of a Respiration Sync 2

*/puffs… Yeah okay, Clicky, Cade style it is… /flicks ash…*

Q. Roob, why did you assign the colour ‘green’ to ‘Respiration’?

A: *.../takes breath...*



Yep…it’s me again. Too early in the morning for a new iteration of SoPi? Welp, that’s too fucking bad. Meet…SoPi-I.

Recognize that? Got the remotest of clues what that is? Let’s change the perspective a bit and see if that helps.

I can almost see the question marks over your head. What in the FUCK is he getting at? Welp, let’s continue on and see if we can see…whatever it is that we see in our sea of the seen.

I must admit that I’m not that great with MSPaint. Lemme change the vectors and attitude of my cursor a bit, draw a new shape elsewhere, and maybe that’ll help me get that oblong dot where it needs to be. We can then go back and correct if we need to.

Definitely more centered than the bottom one, but it touches. And if that was/is supposed to be a question mark, the dot has to be centered, and it cannot touch. That said, maybe it’s not a question mark, and never was. Let’s keep going and find out.

Ah HA!!! Maybe that’ll help a bit. Maybe not. Looks like a really bad diagram drawn by a first-timer using Visio. And what does a really badly constructed Visio diagram have to do with respiration? I dunno. Pull up a chair and let’s talk about it.

Almost looks like they are doing squats. Wait…did I just give SoPi-I away? Welp, seeing as how you are sitting there looking stupid, let’s put you to work.

That doesn’t look very conducive to breathing. I mean, look at how many angles the bloodstream must now accommodate in order to reach the extremities. Science tells us that the blood has to “fight gravity” in order to facilitate the blood’s navigation through the body…right? Look at what in the fuck the heart has to contend with now.

Not to mention the lungs. 

Plus all of the other factors. Layers of clothes and shoes and perhaps jewellery and make-up, the chair and desk and other oft overlooked ergonomic factors, pinching and binding of all kinds, pressure points that normally wouldn’t experience pressure in this and these ways…all kinds of shit.

^Paul McCartney demonstrates the Mellotron^

So you are likely wondering if my SoPi-I is really some fuck sitting in/on a chair. I’m sure there are other applications that you can associate with SoPi-I and it’s shape.

Missionary Position


Russian Folk Dances


Fetal Position

That’s why SoPi has iterations in the first place…to grow. Where a certain something is NOT applicable is equally important as where it is applicable. Much like Newton’s much ignored…

Newton’s Second Law Of Motion

We can pretty easily get our heads wrapped around certain things in laws one and three, but this SoPi-I is likely a good opportunity to understand how forces acting on each other are sometime proportionate/disproportionate, and who says so. Like that indention that likely circumnavigates your waist when you take your various pieces of underwear off at night. Or is that just a necessary evil of having to wear underwear.

Q: Since when is evil necessary?

A: ?¿?

/me shrugs

^Greenskeepers – Money^

Not trying to steal any of Roob’s thunder here, but she did ask me to participate, so I’m doing my best. Anyway, me and her were talking on Twitter the other day, and the subject of bloodletting came up. I proposed that there is some logic in the concept, and it got me to thinking about a few things.

Capillary Action

Surface Tension


If you have a certain virus or bacteria or cell within your body, I would imagine that there is quite a bit of spin that is required in order for certain things to “spin-up” in order to divide or do whatever it is they do. These cells or whatever are likely going to require quite a few vectors in order to get their bearings.


If the blood pressure within the body suddenly drops, it is likely to have an effect on any cells that are spinning up to divide, and a sudden change could potentially even be a precursor to mutation…couldn’t it? Not to mention that there are a lot more fluids in the body than just blood, and blood pressure is likely to have an effect on other fluids and their pressures.

^Depeche Mode – Sacred (Kernfusion)^

I got a parting query…

Q: Would a cell or some other something within the body know whether or not it should divide because of a change of pressure within the body?

A: ¿??

We got us a cell that is all spun up and ready to divide, but suddenly, there are signs of change. If this trend continues, are there certain communications pathways/modes within the body that are indicative to a cell that it’s OK to divide? OK to keep going? OK to abandon all hope and/or cease all operations?

Q: Would a cell divide if it knew that the body was dying?

A: ??¿

What about simple indicators that a body’s systems are shutting down or in a state of flux/change? Prolly not that much of a stretch if you think about it. I mean, most people say that they’d get drunk and fuck like mad if they knew the world was ending. Prolly gonna be some regret(s) there if the world doesn’t actually end, but whatever. But yeah, we’re talking about cells here…not people.

You remember the stories John use to tell us about the the three chinamen playing Fantan? This guy runs up to them and says, “Hey, the world’s coming to an end!” and the first one says, “Well, I best go to the mission and pray,” and the second one says, “Well, hell, I’m gonna go and buy me a case of Mezcal and six whores,” and the third one says “Well, I shall finish the game.” I shall finish the game, Doc.

Movie = Young Guns 2

^Elvis Presley – Green Green Grass Of Home (best video)^

So yeah…woke up this morning to a “DING!” on my phone, drug my lazy ass out of bed, noticed I had got an email from Roob, read it, sat down, set to writing. I hope that’s OK with you. If not, you’re free to go fuck yourself.

^The Green – Alive^


*Ah, I remember when The Greens used to be fringe movement, Clicky… /final drag…*

*Quite! …/stubs butt…*

As with Movement, Dear Reader, I prepped this post by asking Cade for a Song…

Doctor Who Maeve tree lights.gif

*/grins… Considering what Maebh’s tree lights turn out be, Clicky, most apt… /pats snout…*

Doo come back next time for a dose of Sensitivity, Dear Reader… And have a Song 😉