Invitation to the Theatre

“Do you want to go and see Roy’s new play?” Thoughtful Man asked earlier today whilst sat at his computer. “He’s sent me Facebook message.”

the theatre

Roy is Thoughtful Man’s oldest friend. I’ve mentioned him before.

“Oh that would be great.” We hadn’t been out together in ages…

“When’s it on? What’s it about?”

“Have a guess.” Thoughtful Man grinned his evil smile at me. “It opens next week.” He turned back to his computer and employed Clicky to give me a clue.

Thoughtful Man bobbed his head in time to the music. He swiveled back round to look at me with laughing eyes. Of course I knew that Roy’s plays predominantly feature black characters.

“No… He’s never written a musical called ‘Gaye’?!”


“No, but it is set in the 80s.” Thoughtful Man winked at me. “It’s called ‘Soul‘.”

‘You had better tell me what I just walked into’

On April Fool’s Day 1984, hours before his 45th birthday, Marvin Gaye was shot dead by his father in the shared family home they called the ‘Big House.’ What happened there – and whether it was murder or suicide – has been shrouded in mystery since.

Revealing what really happened during Marvin Gaye’s haunting final days and celebrating his extraordinary life, Soul is a searing portrait of the pitfalls of the American dream. Not just the story of Marvin Gaye, but of many a musical icon whose family life has been crushed by the effects of their stardom.

“Soul?” That synced with a conversation I had with my friend Hugo on Twitter last night…

This is insanely brilliant

*I know, Click, but that’s another story.*

“It’s at the Hackney Empire.” Thoughtful Man chewed his lip and scanned the webpage. “Parking will be a bitch. we’ll have to go by train.”

I opened a new tab on my PC to goo girl details of the play. There’s a LoL post in this, I thought to myself.

goo girl doo tell Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

CLICKY: Talk of slapping sexuality, Doctor… who?


*Ha! Not Hackney but still East London. Nice catch, Clicky!*

Thoughtful Man suddenly burst into laughter. “Have you found it yet? Someone from Doctor Who is starring in it.”

Soul play cast

CLICKY: Mother of Dr Martha Jones


I'm loving it

*Me too, Clicky. And we have a trip to the theatre to look forward to as well. I think this calls for a Song*