Missive From ‘Merica: Hitting Hun Dread (Knot Out)

#100 is attached.

We’re both 50.

Coincidence? 😉

Have fun.


That’s the email message that accompanied the missive that is set out for you below, Dear Reader. I received it yesterday evening from Cade, the Okie Devil of Text US…

RoobiCade So-So Production convo

Just to be clear, this is our 100th Missive From ‘Merica

Enjoy! ❤




Dents are present.

Dense is likely present as well.

I am here after all.

Not to mention I am dense with dents.

Happy Birthday Geo Dub.

 HBD to all other US Presidents as well.


If today is your birthday, and you aren’t a President, American or otherwise, Happy Fucking Birthday to you too!

^”To Anacreon in Heaven” A.K.A. The Drinking Song^


Ever heard of ClearType?


I mentioned this to someone last night, and it got me to thinking about eye-strain and/or difficulty reading screen fonts on a computer monitor. Me being me, I began thinking about my own settings on my own computer, remembered that this is NOT my computer, then went in to check my own settings.

ClearType, was off 😐

It’s on now tho. The screen fonts look COMPLETELY different. Instead of blocky and chunky fonts with ragged edges, my screen fonts are now soft and smooth and MUCH easier to read. Granted, this computer setting makes the color(s) of screen fronts a shade more “fuzzy” and less distinct, but it also adds an element that makes what’s on-screen, a shade easier to read. Looks much more like what you would see on a printed page instead of the pixelated sharp edges that are sometimes present on computer fonts.


While looking for 18th century folk music, I found this…

18th Century Songbook Introduction

That first bit has me brain to thinking a bit.

“If you are unfamiliar with 18th century print, you may want to educate yourself about the usage of the so-called “long s” or “medial s”, which causes a lot of people to wonder why printers in the 18th century used an “f” where they should’ve used an “s”. The simple fact is, they didn’t – that thing that looks like an “f” is, in fact, an “s”.”

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t like quoting text from other websites. I’ve no problem stealing images and music, but stealing text is where I draw the line. I figure if you want to read about it, you will. If you don’t, no problem. If I parse the fuck out of someone else’s work, and post large blocks of it here, just to make a point of my own, I’ve likely no point of my own to make, and am just chiming in my endorsement of what someone else has said.

Not knocking people that do this, because that’s how we learn. There are FUCKTONS of standards and principles to stand upon, and we need those things. But at the same time, I think not formulating our own opinions in our own times about these principles, actually has the effect of making them less principled. I’m not endorsing sin, nor disorder and chaos, nor lascivious riotous rampages. Just making an observation that when a certain something, gains a certain weight and momentum, irrespective of what it is, it’s likely going to create sinful chaotic disorder and lascivious riotous rampages.

Doesn't matter what it is.

The more dense the hammer, the more “work” gets done.

^The Chieftains – The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (Lyrics)^

Ever heard of a non-sparking hammer?

OSH Answers Fact Sheets

My dad had a coupla small brass anvils that he used for machining and molding certain metal parts. But brass is expensive as fuck, so, when I was in high school, I took a metals-shop class, and made him an aluminum ball peen hammer on the lathe in class. I fucked the handle part up, which was also aluminum, and had to cut it off real short. Aluminum is also expensive as fuck, so I couldn’t afford to buy another piece of aluminum stock to make another one.

So…pop got what was likely the shortest aluminum ball peen hammer ever, hand-made by the biggest fuckup ever who should likely never be allowed within a coupla-zip codes of tools of any kind.

Anyway, the hammer was aluminum, so it was light as FUCK. It was almost like you were not holding anything when holding that hammer. I checked several times as to whether he had ever used it, and he said he did, but I don’t think he did. To his credit, I did notice that he sometimes carried it in his tool bag.

^Roast Beef Of Old England – (Lyrics) Arr.P.M.Adamson^

Great. Now all I need, is…

Some wood,


An ignition source,

A fireplace,

A house to put it in,

A wife to put in the house,

Kids to buy shit for,

An education and/or certification(s),

A job to give me money,

A car to get to the job and store,

Insurance to pay for what is assumed to be incompetence and/or negligence on someone’s part,

Food to wolf down when I can find the time to eat when and if I can afford it,

Credit card to buy shit I can’t afford,

Bank account to hold my money long enough to transfer it to the credit card company,


So yeah. There are “principles” fucking everywhere.

Q: I wonder if “principle” is as principle(d) as it once was?

A: ?!!!?

Or has it gotten…muddy. What am I talking about?

Well...language silly.


^Tri Martolod [Alan Stivell] Chant Breton.flv^

I’ve been noticing some clever techniques utilized by rippers, in order to upload copyrighted movies/video to YouTube. It appears that some are adding shadow movies to the rips in order to better disguise the digital contents of film/video. Like, they’ll rip one movie, then remove virtually all contrast from it to where shadows are barely visible, and then, rip the other movie and layer them into a single video. They may even be layering the same video rip, but they have two video streams that are out of synch.

I dunno. I just know that it was kinda creepy watching two movies at the same time, especially when you don’t know what that second movie is.

It got me to thinking about…


subliminal messages/subliminal messaging.

I’ve thought a lot about throughput within the human body, and in and around our environment of current times. We seem to make certain distinctions that the Earth/Terra itself is old as fuck, while everything else is new and modern and advanced…civilization. If that’s true, that leads me only to time…and stepping.

But I'll get back to that later.

What really caught my attention, was foley. The BBC is famous for their…erm…”liberal use” of sound effects and music. Especially in their documentaries. The appearance of music, and the timing of the appearance, the tempo, the type, the timbre…it’s all there to provoke an emotional response. To tell you how to feel. To tell you that if you aren’t feeling something, you should be. If you are feeling something, but aren’t feeling “this way”, you should be.

Let's be fair tho. Let's flip that script.

What if, the author(s) of said documentary/documentaries are simply telling you how they felt when writing and making this flick? It is their flick afterall. Nothing is requiring you to watch it. If they have some information that you need or want, and this is the only source, and if you don’t like the packaging, welp, that’s just too fucking bad for you…eh? They did all the legwork, they paid all the bills that came due before you showed up, therefore, they are the well…right?

Would you like one scoop, or two, with your reality dose?

It’s going to be both. The tides of information are always there. Sometimes a raging torrent of crashing waves, sometimes a mill-pond with a sheen of glass. Waters are always disturbing…even when undisturbed.

^Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!^
4 glasses? 4 glasses for everyone?
What if you are 5’2″ tall and weigh 80 pounds?

What if you are 5’2″ tall and weigh 280 pounds?

What if you are 6’3″ tall and weigh 80 pounds?

What if you are 6’3″ tall and weigh 280 pounds?

What if your BMI is 8%?

What if your BMI is 80%?

What if your Carbon Footprint is 8%?

What if your Carbon Footprint is 80%?

Cloquet Fire

I just can’t buy that there is a “one-size-fits-all” morning water intake that cures all of those diseases for every person. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure that I only have 2 of the diseases listed, and both of those are supposedly hereditary…Asthma, Allergies, even tho they didn’t specifically mention allergies.

Devil’s Cigarette Lighter

Not saying that drinking water after waking isn’t a shocker on the system, because it is. If I drink water after waking from sleep, my body goes into motherfucking convulsions. But we aren’t talking about me here, we’re talking standards. We’re talking base(s) and basis. We’re talking principles.

Great Fire of London

I mean…parents…are you really that stupid? Or is it that we are electing a bunch of unsure self-debasers into positions of power so that they can self-flagellate their own personal guilt(s), shame(s) and failure(s) via shitty legislation. Who are these people who volunteer to put themselves into these positions where they can do no right…only wrong? It’s just a matter of who, and when, as to who is booing you, and who is cheering you.

Great Fire of 1910

Seems to me, that booing and/or cheering might be the problem. Or at least, “a” problem. You yell and bitch to them when they don’t show up, then you yell and bitch at them when they do show up. Where is it that we’ve all this free time to scream or cheer?

Shouldn't you be at work or doing something productive/constructive? 

Weird seeing that contruction seems to sometimes be a factor in destruction.

^Documentary: The Fire of London^

Where were you? Yeah…we know where you are now, and we know where you stand…now.

Where were you then?

Where did you stand…then?

Being there.

Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it blows.

Sometimes it rocks.

Sometimes…it is what it is.

No one can piss off self, worse than self.

Just sayin'.
^a la nanita nana.wmv^

K…so, got to watching this documentary last night, and it got me to thinking about a lot of things. Ancient maps that accurately depict Antarctica “long before it’s discovery” is one of the things I got to thinking about. But I’m gonna digress here and take another tack.

After the doc, I stumbled over to a certain somewhere, and noticed a certain someone(s) had made some comments to another certain someone’s comments. A la, me, Roob, and Clicky.


I’ve been trying to get over to Hugo’s Probe and read his latest, but I’ve not read the one before that either, so, yeah…I’m all fucked up. Let’s seek center.


Anyway, tunneling. Outside, inside and through. Barriers and shielding(s) that are as much a part of the conduit as anything else. I mean, a cable has a purpose…right? Keep shit out, keep shit in, and once our cabling we are creating does that, the cable itself becomes a whole that is wholly irrelevant, save for the “in” and “out” ends.

Now all we need to do, is plug something into something else via this conduit, and the conduit will play it’s part.

Q: How is this relevant with say…radio and broadcast television? What about…windmills?

A: ...

How could this POSSIBLY relate to mangroves and water(s) and water bears and aerobic bacteria that tunnel for their oxygen when no oxygen is present?

Welp, spin. Oh, and time(s). Three of them actually. Three times that are embedded in one. And that one time is part of the makeup of a time that is further nested in and with three other times.

So…4 times, which contains 1 time that contains 3.

HeightTime + WidthTime + DepthTime + TimeTime = Time

Each axis has two bases, moving and non-moving, and each of those correlate with the other two axes.

Juggling axes. We must be talking time and/or time and matter. Energy/energies must be in there somewhere too.

The deep end…I’ve gone off it.

^Sodom And Gomorrah (Biblical Archaeology Documentary) | Timeline^

We’ve got anger. We need somewhere to put that anger. I’m your man.

Or at least, I certainly can be.

Um…anyone have a label for that? Some kind of social defect or mental illness or personality flaw or spiritual/moral deviance or psychic disability? Maybe all of those?

If you know of any of those nasty associations that are applicable to me, please feel free to label me as such, and then let me know what those are via either direct or indirect means…whatever you think best.

I might need to seek professional help after you’ve finished with me.

^A Man’s A Man For A’ That (Opening of Scottish Parliament) – Sheena Wellington^

Did you know, that on September 10th/11th, of 2000, there was a meeting of The Royal Society to discuss the possible man-made origins of HIV/AIDS? Welp, there was. For the first time ever, an outsider was let in.

Origins of HIV and the AIDS Epidemic

Weird. That says September 11-12, but the documentary I watched last night said it was on September 10-11.


AIDS Origins

I wonder if one place is better than another for obtaining information one seeks?

Tests fail to support claims for origin of AIDS in polio vaccine

I thought that two heads were better than one?

Select Committee on Health Minutes of Evidence – Annex J – MEMORANDUM BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PUBLIC HEALTH (PH1) (contd.)

Unless you are planning on cutting one of the heads off after finding what you are looking for.

Education-line: Browse by Subject: Misconceptions

I wonder which head makes that decision?

The European Peptide Society – Newsletter Number 24, January 2001

It’s a lot to take in.

Publications Details for: CISNet: Coral Bleaching, UV Effects, and Multiple Stressors in the Florida Keys

Of course, to be fair, there’s a lot going on.

Australian Academy of Science – Annual report 2000-2001

Not only is there lot’s going on, it appears it’s going on all over the place.

National Center for Homeopathy – September 2000

Looks like it's been going on for a long time too.
^ALMERIA´S FACE Bécquer Capuletto^

Ever heard this song before?

My time, O ye Muses, was happily spent

No? You aren’t hip or hep enough to know that song? WTF?!?!? I thought you knew everything! Welp, regardless, below is a song that contains a dude playing…

A LUTE!!! 

Not only that, there’s a chick playing what appears to be a 7-string Cello!!!



Oh…Viol. Not, Viola de Gamba? Maybe it’s both. Prolly considerations to be made there with respect to contextual social situations. I mean, if you are an American, and you are in Germany, you don’t call shit shit. Contextually, it’s called…scheiße.


Same shit, different name.
^John Dowland – Away with these self loving lads (live and unedited)^

I guess I can post that video where The Royal Society met up to discuss the possibility that Polio vaccines actually caused HIV/AIDS. Irrespective, it’s creepy as fuck to think that Polio vaccine comes from minced simian kidneys. This path I find myself on seems…familiar.

^The Origin of HIV Aids – The best documentary – Channel 4^

I’m writing this whatever in OpenOffice’s Writer application. This will be my/our 100th. I still get a shade lost in this editor since I’ve only started using it. Don’t really need any of the formatting tools for these things, since it seems that the uglier the formatting that I send to Roob, the prettier she makes it.

Woman's touch I guess. 

Anyway, today in America, is a day that was originally set aside to mark President George Washington’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is also in February on the 12th, so when I was a kid, we always looked forward to February because there was all kinds of shit going on.

November and December were madness in our family because of all the holidays and birthdays jammed in there, but after January 1st? There was a long winter dry-spell of not much of anything at all until Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day meant a countdown to Valentine’s Day, but it also meant Lincoln and Washington’s birthdays, as well as a mention to the Chinese Lunar New Year.

It is the purpose of school to teach. To omit and streamline is to limit. To create limits in schools is to teach limits. To teach limits is to test limits and limitations. To test limits and limitations is to filter. To get the cream to rise, which then itself can then be separated.

Sounds like a volcano.

My country…I love it. Sometimes, I even like it. But if you personally want everyone to agree with you, what’s with all the yelling? Doesn’t sound like you are looking for anything ‘cept a fight.

Someone to beat on. 

Why on earth, would someone need another to beat on? I mean, what would you do if there were no one to beat on? Would you start beating on yourself? Or would you start beating-off?

^Fair Iris I Love and Hourly I Die John Dryden Audiobook^

I’m listening.

Pho! pox of this nonsense, I prythee give over

Just not sure what to do after hearing.

Guess I’ll keep going.

^Oberon from Peter Brook’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1970)^

Sometimes…ya just gotta get lost.

Maybe I’ll get found.

Or more loster.
Or both.
^Lolita – Sailor, Your Home Is The Sea (U.S. hit version 1960)^


^Yelawolf – American You^


We hope you’ve enjoyed this 100th Missive From ‘Merica, Dear Reader. And if you didn’t? …Have a Song 😉

Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 1 – Poetry in Motion

Dear Reader, The Okie Devil of Text Us has sent through another missive – the 85th – and at 10 pages, it is his longest yet…

… Fortunately I have time at my disposal today and tomorrow, so I shall split it…

*Ha! That’s right, Clicky… “Size of an elephant!”…*

… And the first part is reproduced for your enjoyment, below… ❤


I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Acerbic dreams of wafting arrows

Where did their arcing flights end?

Embedded in tissues, bones and their marrows

We interrupt this system for an important bulletin…

Pull the arrow out, put a bullet in

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Acerbic dreams of wafting arrows

Where did their arcing flights end?

Before they’ve even started

Their arcing points, and points of origin?

Replaced by tools that kill before the killing can begin

Just like the rest

No better, no best

Just ends, just endings

No wicked, no rest


I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

The number this is…

Is which number is this

Fret not dear Limeys…

I’m not taking the piss

A-T-5 or 8-E-5 or Ate Tea Fyve

Or whatever, or whatever, and all that jive

Still here, still alive

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

One of many, just like the others

Freshly squeezed from something brewed

Under now kicked off covers.

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

The structure has crumbled

Has fallen, and falls

Was its source from where stumbled?

Or where ham-handed footing landed?

Wounds salted and sanded

“Perhaps humbled?”…the Earth grumbled.

“Your knee hurt my face, when you landed in that place!”

…says she to me.

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Apologies and with love…


A Snappling, Crackling, Popping, Cranky, Clanky, Tumbler In The Wheel Of Time
^Groove Armada – At The River^


Doo come back later for more of Cade’s latest missive, Dear Reader and… Have a Song… 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: Write On!

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, Dear Reader. Fortunately the world didn’t end yesterday, as predicted

Thank fuck for that, ‘cos I have had a Harry story accepted for the Underdog Anthology III

… And I still haven’t mutilated a poem for the Afterword yet…

Whilst I get on with doing that, feel free to dive into the latest missive, deep and inviting, from Cade the Okie Devil, below. Enjoy! 😀


!!!Let's Doo Sum SnewZ!!!

I’ve decided to give Bing News a shot today…

…but I have a feeling…

…this might be a little…


…assuming that Bing routes most of it’s shit through MSN.

^Cliff Richard ~ Devil Woman 1976 Disco Purrfection Version^

On with the snooze…


Texas asks court to allow its ban on ‘sanctuary cities’


Marilyn Manson: ‘Columbine Destroyed My Entire Career’


Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits off northern California -USGS


North Korean leader Kim called Trump a what? A ‘dotard’

What Does Mexico’s Earthquake Mean for California? A Caltech Seismologist Explains
Elderly deaths: Call for generators in Florida nursing homes
Trix with artificial flavors is coming back after customer complaints
France threatens to skip 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea over security concerns





Death Wish Coffee recalls its Nitro Cold Brew over risk of deadly botulin toxin


‘Game Plan to Survive.’ Teen Gets Locked in Cave for 60 Hours With No Cellphone Signal


Now…I know what you are thinking.

You are thinking…


Well I hadn’t.

Go fuck yourself.
^Three Dog Night – Never Been To Spain^

I saw an advertisement on that last story, that talked about “why doctors will no longer prescribe Metformin”…and the advertisement went on to say…that the ad…was selected…for me.

Q: What in the FUCK is Metformin, and why did it select me?

A: ?!?!?

The link to the story was 500 fucking miles long, so I skipped it, and just went and looked up Metformin on Google.


I don’t have diabetes…type 2 or otherwise. WTF?!?!?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Endocrine Disease
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Epstein–Barr Virus
Heliotrope (Color)
Adaptive Immune System (Redirected from Adaptive immunity)
Passive Immunity-Naturally Acquired
Passive Immunity
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
United States Bullion Depository
Viral Tegument

Is everything designed to kill us? Something is not adding up.

Yeah…it’s adding up…but to what?

For whom?

^Alanis Morissette – King of Pain^

Q: How much gold is in Fort Knox

A: According to the U.S. Mint, there are currently 147.3 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox, KY. At a current price of about $1,776 per ounce, this is worth 261.6 billion dollars.

147,300,000 ounces / 16 ounces = 9,206,250 pounds.

9,206,250 / 2,000 = 4,603.125 tons.

$261,600,000,000 dollars / 323,100,000 citizens = $809.66

I’d like mine in cash please. Hell, that ain’t even 1/2 an ounce of gold.

I knew I wasn't worth a fuck

…but damn…that’s some hardcore, cold-blooded shit right there.

^Rafa Barrios – Palabras (Original Mix)^


Has the Federal Reserve Sold the Gold at Fort Knox?

This article says…that The U.S. Treasury actually has 8,134 tons in total. So I guess only about half of that is in Kentucky.

8,134 tons = 16,268,000 lbs = 260,288,000 ounces = $462,271,488,000 @ $1,776 per ounce.

$462,271,488,000 / 323,100,000 citizens = $1,430.74

Considering that the year that I made the most money – I made right at $120,000 that year – I paid over $40,000 in taxes, and averaged working about 70 hours per week…um…yeah.

I gotta regroup here.
^Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On (ABBA) (1982) HD 0815007^




Getting metaphysical


I am dissapoint (sic)


I got a question about your view of “not being able to see time”…

Q: Would you know it, if you saw it?

To relate…let’s think about drag racing, since an interest in both time and trains should certainly be easily relatable to drag racing, from both the participant and spectator positions.

There was a video that I posted sometime back, that showed a guy getting a ride-along in a drag car. There was an in-car video camera, and at the end of the ride, the passenger commented…

“That seemed like a LOT longer time from inside the car!”

The drag car in question, was about an 11/12 second car. Meaning it took about 11/12 seconds to cover the 1/4 mile, which is 1,320 feet.

Find a clock that has a second hand…now watch it click off 11 seconds.

Keep in mind, that a drag car never stops accelerating.

So for the entire time, of that 11 seconds, you are going faster and faster, the whole time.

If you were traveling at the speed of light…186,282 miles per second…you just covered 2,048,882 miles.

BUT!!! What if…you started @ a relative “0-speed” and accelerated from 0 to 186,282 miles per second within that 11 seconds?

^The Sweet – The Ballroom Blitz 1973^

Q: What did you encounter during that 11 seconds?

Q: What encountered you?

So yeah…spin. All kinds of spin and spins. I’m not trying to sell anyone on anything…just trying to describe what I see. I don’t think I’m alone in what I see…just…yeah…alone-ish or something.


Anyway…what is really cool to me, relativistically…is when there is a proximate particle or mass, that appears to be not moving at all. Yet relative to some distant particle or mass…it may be moving at some fucking RIDICULOUS speeds.

Pert near Ludicrous Speed. 😛

Especially if those particles/masses are entangled.

Shit gets really funky from there.

^Sweet – Love is like Oxygen^

For example, if two masses are entangled at great distance…they may swap places, and your never ever know it, save for a change in the mass that you are observing. You don’t actually know that it’s a different mass…you just know that a change has taken place.

We make assumptions that these actions/reactions are local or even localized…but that’s not always the case. By the time out new mass moves in, and replaces the old one, the new one may have been traveling at ridiculous speeds over great distances. The old one and new one, transfer energy/energies and momentum(s), and the old one hauls ass elsewhere.

Further…the old one may transfer it’s entanglement many times as it heads out wherever it is going. Like tumblers handshaking here and there and everywhere. Lots of parts, lots of methods, lots of mediums, lots of time. I dunno…I get jazzed when anyone talks about time. Keep it contextual, and everything else becomes possible.

Grains of sand, to eyes of needles.
^Gary Wright – Love Is Alive^

Where was I?

^Raspberries Go All The Way Mike Douglas Show 1974^

Prolly gonna go find some ice for my balls.

Fuckin’ Limeys.

^Climax Blues Band ~ Couldn’t Get It Right 1977 Disco Purrfection Version^

FBI Misses THIRD Deadline to Hand Over Subpoenaed Documents On Trump Dossier

What does this mean? I dunno. Go arrest the FBI. I guess they could just handcuff themselves and turn themselves in…but I wouldn’t count on that. Maybe pull their funding? Stop printing their paychecks and turn the electricity off in The J.Edgar Building…that might get someone’s attention. Or how about make the FBI go without toilet paper until they produce this shit.

lolz That sounds funny.


^The Three Degrees – When will I see you again (Ruud’s Extended Mix)^

It occurs to me, that with all of this secrecy, we’ve been operating in a “Minority Report” kind of “Thought Police” kind of mode for a long time. This isn’t about every American having an FBI file irrespective of whether or not they’ve ever committed a crime. That I can quasi-sorta understand on some levels. This is about accountability via secrecy.

With secrecy, there is no accountability. How can there be? We’re not talking about privacy. Government like ours deserves none. I should be able to go to FBI.gov, and look up my own name, and see if I’m being investigated for anything. See if I’ve ever been investigated for anything. See if it’s ever been recommended that I be investigated for anything, on who’s recommendation, and why.

I should be able to look up how much money The FBI spent on coffee last month. How much they spent on sugar. How much they spent on drink cups and coffee stirrers. Who is requisitioning government planes instead of flying commercial. Does that sound good? I can think of some more stuff if you need suggestions. Just let me know.

So yeah…it’s not about this or that, it’s about this and that, and everything else. I thought that’s what accountability was\is?

^The Association – Along Comes Mary^

I guess one could argue that my thoughts on particle and mass motion could be summed up to slight of hand. But…what about preservation of mass? Preservation of energy? Preservation of energy? If you don’t have the balls to countermand your own bullshit, it’s prolly why you aren’t getting anywhere. Hey asshat(s)…I’m on your team.

Ain't I?
^Orleans – Still The One (with lyrics)^

Ah HA!!! A question via The Whatever However Hotline!!!

Q: Cade, what is binding these particles?

Cade: Didn’t see this one coming. Are we talking local, less-local, or non-local? Because you have to consider them all. If we thing of a string as being the current method of binding of some particular particles…which part of the string are you seeing? How would you know? When the energy and energies run out…welp…what about less bound strings?

If you disconnect your machines, or turn them off, or stop the process that was further intermingled with the goings on…why wouldn’t shit stop? I mean…we are talking about operating within time and times here. Are you really willing to go the distance? What if you only get one chance to “tap” an infinite power source, but that source is more like Morse code, and there is a thousand years that will transpire until the next dah or dit?

Yes…I’m suggesting that “tapping” or “harnessing” ANYTHING…can, and will, have consequences. Why wouldn’t it? Just because something is local…you think it’s ours? What…are you drowning and there’s a life-ring nearby…hence…it’s yours? I don’t think things work like that. Certainly not always. We need more information.

Sound familiar? 

It should.

^Firefall – Strange Way^

Lactic Acidosis
Galega Officinalis
Coleophora Lusciniaepennella
Gridiron Football

Man…I went from Diabetes to Flowers to Moths to Football in like…nothing flat. Must be football season or some such. Yesterday was the first day of Fall… so…yeah…foosball!!!

Mama Boucher: Foos-ball? Buncha overgrown monsters man-handlin’ each other… ‘Member when dat man wanted you to play foos-ball, Bobby?

Movie = The Waterboy

^Waterboy-I like them too^

It don’t hurt none, to talk about whatever in the fuck I want, do it? I never would have considering yapping about anything at all till just a coupla years ago. Too much pride I guess. Too afraid to be wrong, and even more afraid of being right.

That's no way to live...is it?
^David Holmes – I Heard Wonders^

I’ve had to get a lot of shit out of my system over at my own blog lately. I guess mainly because I can freewheel a shade more in a single direction, and spend more time doing it. When I sit down to write these things here? The objective is to move as rapidly as possible, and cover as much ground as possible. Not really, but my objective is to spend as little time as possible between A and B, and I’ve no idea what that is going to be.

Like tonight/this morning? I really didn’t have much in my head at all. Nothing that I really wanted to write about. I’ve got some other writing that I want to do, but nothing is currently coming to mind. It’s difficult to write a story that you’ve already completed in your head. Not that I’ve ever tried to write like this before or anything…but God bless her…someone has prodded me along in a very clever way over the last coupla days, and I’m thankful for that. But I guess I gotta go the rest of the way now.

Now...what's that bit about announcing your plans and hearing/watching God laugh?
^Knife Party – ‘Sleaze’^

Christmas is just around the corner I guess. I wonder when everything will go on sale? And since when is everything on sale? There’s something vague booping around in this empty head of mine, and has been for a few days. Ever since I saw mention of slavery somewhere along the line, and these Anunnaki fucks keeps bopping in and out of my noggin’.

But yeah...

Being off-balance helps me think. But this shit ain’t like that. To say that it was this kind of thought or that kind of thought, meaning good or bad, would be…kinda…on track…but not really. It’s not really like that. I’m not sure that a judgement call could be made like that with respect to “aliens” or “extra-terrestrials”…mainly because of us.

We are SOOOOooo fucking convinced, that anyone who shows up, is just here to take shit away from us. Welp, who the FUCK owns the shit now? At best, I’ve apparently got a $1,500 stake in the country in which I live, and THAT’S assuming that the other 323.1 million fucks that live here are feeling generous, and willing to let me sell my 1oz stake of gold that is sitting somewhere where I can’t get to it. I didn’t dig that shit up. Where’d it come from?

^orleans-dance with me [lyrics]^

What’s it like to get old? Let’s see.

Fact Sheet: Aging in the United States


Who…in the fuck…is PRB?

Population Reference Bureau

Oh. Anyway…

“The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to more than double from 46 million today to over 98 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population will rise to nearly 24 percent from 15 percent.”

So…there’s 46 million peeps over 65 in The USA.

$462,271,488,000 / 46,000,000 = $10,049.38.

Here’s your paycheck…go play golf.

^I’M NOT IN LOVE – 10cc^

Considering that the retirement age is now 70, and these PRB fucks say that the number of old farts is gonna almost double by 2060…wait…

WHAT?!?!?!?!? 20-fucking-60?!?!?!? 

I’ll be 92 fucking years old in 2060. You really think that anyone, who is 27 years old right now, will give a flying fuck about some 92 year-old asshole in 2060?

Yeah…someone who is 27 years old right now, will be eligible to retire in 2060. What about some young punk that was born today? Yeah…today…as in…September 23rd of 2017…they’ll be 43 in 2060. You think that they will give two fucks about two old fucks aged 92 and 70?


They’ll be driving flying sportscars, chasing skirts, and writing child-support/alimony checks in the midst of their mid-life crisis, all while battling Hepatitis L.

Meh…I’ll prolly be on Mars and/or The Moon/Luna by 2060. Maybe even Jupiter or Saturn. The mail is prolly slow getting out that way…so you can keep the Social Security checks.

^Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me (1972)^

Damn…it’s 03:05…I could use a hug.

^AL STEWART “Time Passages”^

Human Leukocyte Antigen

Lots of tics and tocs and dahs and dits and beeps and boops to be seen at these levels.

Christian Laying On Of Hands

Don’t need anyone? Good for you. What about those that do? What about those that don’t, and then they do? I dunno either.

Event driven time.

Event driven times.

What kinds?

All kinds.

What cha got in minds?

We got all kinds of fine finds for you to finds.

Hop on in on of the lines.

Sees what you can sees, and finds what you can finds.

Your answers are your own.
^Robbie Dupree: Steal away^

I just remembered that my driver’s license expires in two months.

Yeesh…I’ll have no “valid I.D.” while cruising the motherland. Or fatherland. Or homeland. Or whatever in the fuck it my comrades call it.

A paranoid bunch we are.

We prolly need some secret organizations to keep us safe.

Let’s form some.

We need a manifesto first tho.

I quit.
^Earth, Wind & Fire – September^

I don’t have anything against beliefs and traditions and shit like that. Cept the ones that tell me what a piece of shit I am. Or the ones that tell me how fucking great I am.

Too confusing. 

I dunno…I’ll figure it out. But I did address some pomp and circumstance kinds of things over at my own blog earlier this evening. If I need a pound of Wolfsbane, a goats right testicle, and a pure copper talisman in the shape of two figure 8’s bound by three stars and a zero? Where in the fuck am I supposed to get that shit? I gots no monies, and this shit don’t grow on trees ya know.

I don’t mind going without. I appreciate the suggestion, but I’d bet that goat needs his balls more than I need protection from whatever it is that’s hounding me. You think they’ll bargain? Maybe say…two used golf-balls in place of the goat’s ball? Time and a place for everything? Just being nice and trying to do the right thing(s) in my own life isn’t enough? What about over time? Over times?

Yeah…I forgot…works count for nothing. Everyone take 5. Smoke em’ if ya got em’.

^Stevie Wonder: Superstition (Live)^

For Bubba.

^Van Morrison – Moondance^


<Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove>


*/daydreaming… Hmm… I hope so too, Clicky…*


*Alright! I’m dooing it… /rolls eyes…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (3)

Lego 10233 Horizon Express

*/rolls eyes…*

I took a train into town today, Dear Reader, with Kit Kat… It’s enrollment day at college…

*Yeah, a lot of going from desk to desk to desk, Clicky, until finally…*

 *It’s fucking pissing down out there… I waited until I got home… /grimace… I gotta do it all over again this afternoon with Loopy…*

*Tell me about it! But Thoughtful Man insists… They’re still our babies…*

The third and final installment of Cade’s latest missive is below. Parts one and two if you wanna catch up. Have fun, Dear Reader, and see you at the bottom 😀


It’s cloudy today, but as of yet, still no rain. I did go look at the radar earlier, and it appears that Harvey is still stuck in the same place and just kinda hovering there. It did appear to be losing some of its shape, but not really. Plus, there was a large swath of storms moving across Kansas and Nebraska. Nebraska…now THERE’S a state we don’t hear from much in “the news”, eh? Must be that targeted regional advertising crap.

But then again, that’s why I used to have links to newspapers from each state from both large and small towns, and the same with countries all over the world. And more than that, I read them. That syndication shit has started to fuck up all the small papers/small-town papers tho 😦

I digress.

Gonna go check again and see what it looks like now. It’s 13:48.

Yeah…still kinda the same as this morning. Although I just noticed just how far east that it extends now. Deep into and across southern Louisiana, and even into southwest and south central/central Mississippi. Some big chunks of moisture coming off Harvey and headed northeasterly. Storms in Iowa and Missouri, and moving southwesterly, but seeing the moisture over The Great Lakes, and combining the motion of these two systems together, lotta cyclonic rotation there.

^Ranji & Tezla – New Ways (Original Mix)^

There’s also something going on out in The Atlantic near the South Carolina and Georgia border(s). I was just talking to my son last night about Ike. Hey! I know someone named Ike.

Hurricane Ike

Ike got me to Bertha…which is where I really wanted to go, considering that Bertha had a unique track. Hey! I dunno anyone named Bertha.

Hurricane Bertha (1996)

Bertha got me to Andrew via the 1992 hurricane season.

1992 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Here’s Andrew now. Hey! I know someone named Andrew.

Hurricane Andrew

That somehow got me to the 1986 Hurricane Season, since it appears that there was also a tropical storm named…Tropical Storm Andrew. How convenient.

1986 Atlantic Hurricane Season-Tropical Storm Andrew

But let’s cruise around the 1986 Hurricane Season for a bit, and she what is there. BLOOPS!!! I mean…SEE what is there. Not she what is there.

Hey! Bonnie. There’s a Bonnie in there. Why does this name ring a bell? I mean, I know a Bonnie, but I don’t really know her. They killed her, so…yeah or something.

Hurricane Bonnie (1986)

Hey! There’s an Earl in there too! Hey! I know an Earl.

1986 Atlantic Hurricane Season-Hurricane Earl

There’s a note in there about some “Ace, TX”…I wonder what that could be all about?

Ace, Texas

Hey! There’s a Frances in there too! Hey! I know a Frances.

1986_Atlantic Hurricane Season-Hurricane Frances

There’s also something here about some “ACE Rating” or some such shit. Let’s see what in the fuck that is all about.

Accumulated Cyclone Energy

I'm a bad boy. A bad bad bad bad boy.
^Sub 6 – Ra he ya (Hi Profile & Reverse Remix)^

HEY! You know what we haven’t done in a while?


Let's do that some other time...k?

Let’sus do some mores let’sing here, and try and figure out what in the FUCK is going on there around Longview, Henderson and Nacogdoches. I had no idea Nacogdoches was spelled like that.

Na Cog.

Salt Wheel?

How bout that.

Salt Wheel/Sodium Wheel.

I wonder if that has anything to do with Grand Saline?

Grand Saline, Texas

I wonder if that has anything to do with Mineral Wells?

Mineral Wells, Texas

I wonder if that has anything to do with Paris?

Paris, Texas

I wonder if Paris has anything to do with Paris?

Paris (Disambiguation)

Learn something new every day, eh?

Oh…and nevermind that weirdness going on in my screen capture. Prolly just an aberration or some other glitch that can be easily explained away.

NOTE: I am currently spellchecking this bullshit, and Google’s Chrome browser just suggest that I change “Nacogdoches” to “Stagecoaches”.

Hmmm…stagecoach(es). Now THERE’S a word/words ya don’t hear every day!!!

^Hyperflow – Namah Shiva (Original Mix)^

You know…that reminds me. My older sister’s son? I flew him out to a fly-in/airshow at Mineral Wells Airport back in 1994 I guess it was. We had a lot of fun. He was pretty young at the time…maybe 10/11, but he handled the flying in a small plane like a champ, and loved the airshow. I got to see Bobby Younkin fly both his Beech 18 AND his Samson biplane.

Mineral Wells Airport

That gets me to thinking about flying into Paris’ airport on my first solo cross-country flight tho.

Cox Field

That’s an interesting shape there at that airport, eh?

Maria Reiche Neuman Airport (Redirected from Nazca airport)

Looks like some someones and some somethings went missing somewhere.

Cessna 208 Caravan

That’s got me to thinking about the Tyler airport, but I’m thinking more about Bobby Younkin more than anything right now.

Masters of Disaster (Redirected from Bobby Younkin)

Hmmm…it seems that something happened on July 10, 2005. Something in…

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Hmmm…now where on Earth/Terra…have I heard that name “Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan” before? I think it was a movie. I think it had someone named Paul Newman in it. It also had a few other people in, and I’m betting that they had names too. May have even had names both inside AND outside their role(s) in the film. I think some fairly famous director directed this movie, but I can’t remember his name either. Maybe it’s Newman’s role in Cars that is fucking me all-kinds of up here. That’s said, I think there was someone named Billy, and I think he was from Moose Jaw.

BTW…speaking of jaws (ba da ching)…, didn’t Samson beat an entire army to death with the jawbone of an ass or something?

^Bobby Younkin Samson NX985PW 1997^
^2004 Sussex Airshow – Bobby Younkin – Twin Beech^

I think that Richard Bach fella had him one of those Cessna 337 Skymasters. I always wanted one of those. A guy that I worked for had one. It was yellow and white, or “banana and creme” if you prefer, but I never got to ride in it. It’s almost like a Cherokee 6, ‘cept completely different…I wanted one of those too. (Cherokee 6…that is). That get’s me to thinking about that P-51 that I read about Bach owning, and he said that particular airplane hated his guts from the moment they met.


But yeah…I think Richard and that aircraft parted ways here in the Dallas area somewhere. Which reminds me, I looked Richard up a few months back…and it looks like he had another incident.


Sorry bout that Richard ❤

Thanks for the reads

^Official – Bitmonx – Give Me Some More^

K…welp…it’s getting on in the day…15:02 now…and I got some beans to nurse.

Lots more I’d like to talk about…but I’m not gonna.

Looks like it’s getting dark outside.

Maybe Harvey is finally coming to call.

Yep…just checked radar again…and Harvey is coming into our area…from the northeast.

Now that’s just unheard of. Around here it’s unheard of anyway. NOTHING comes from the east around these parts. Lessn’ of course it’s Jesus coming back. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever heard of coming from The East, but I’ve never seen it/yet to see it/him or whatever. Anyway, what I have seen tho, is shitloads of storms.

And those come from The West.

Maybe that’s why Jesus is rumored to come from The East.

Be a hell of a thing seeing a storm coming in from The East.

At least, in this part of the world it would be anyway.

^The Calling – Ace Ventura & Vini Vici^


^Deadmau5 – The Oshawa Connection (1080p) || HD^


So, there you go, Dear Reader. Ten pages of OD missiviness converted into three LoL posts for your enjoyment…

… I’ve gotta go catch another train, but please doo have a Song… ❤


Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (2)

Lego 10232 Palace Cinema

*Now there’s an expert at blithering idiocy, Clicky…*

Part 2 to yesterday’s Part 1 of this here missive from Cade for you now, Dear Reader. Clicky and I will meet you at the bottom. Enjoy! 😀


Let’s get back to what I was looking for in the Buy-Bull.

Leviticus 26:19

Nope…that ain’t what I was looking for…great verse tho.

Numbers 30:2

Hmmm…welp…just, never make any vows or oaths, and you’ll be good to go and never have to get bitch-slapped for fucking up. I’m gonna get bitch-slapped for suggesting that making an oath, to never make an oath, is a good and prudent course.

Deuteronomy 31:16

Well that’s not a happy thought. Let’s keep digging.

1 Samuel 2:33

Sheesh…this is a Sunday. Ain’t there any good news? Maybe I should go to The New Testament since that’s supposedly where all the good news is.

Leviticus 11:33

I went backwards there a bit, and that’s more along the lines of what I was thinking about/looking for, but that’s still not it. That said, lots to think about there with respect to cookware and/or flatware/silverware, eh? I mean…these days? Fuckit…break out the Dawn dish detergent. I’m sick and tired of following these rules, fucking up, then having to do it all over again. THIS IS INSANITY!!! But I digress.

Jeremiah 18

Yeah…some synchronistic kinda “synchy” or “syncy” or “stinky” or whatever kind of bullshit going on there. And that’s pretty much what I was looking for. I mean, isn’t “the bad news” still good news? Like your parents telling you to get your shit together. Hell, or even you telling your own damn self to get your shit together.

I don’t mind rules and regulations, nor even their application. What I don’t like tho, is this presumption of fairness and justice if you, who wrote these rules and regulations, are also applying them to others. Maybe there’s one more verse that can come in handy here…

Leviticus 26:36

Not exactly what I was thinking about, but it'll do.
^Morten Granau & Emok – 3rd Eye^

Nobody wants to become irrelevant. Especially if you’ve spent your life striving to become relevant. I guess that’s why I prefer to try and be patient and let things develop. And don’t tell me

“that’s because you are a spineless pussy who is afraid to make decisive decisions because of potential consequences, and the guilt you’ll feel for making those decisions/being decisive.”

Hmm…making a decision, to let others make their own decisions. YEP!!! You nailed it. No decision has been made.

Here’s the thing…I can make decisions the live long day. The problem is, that if you don’t do your own thinking, my decision may not make sense to you. Especially if it’s one of those pertinent and timely decisions. I have no problem taking the heat for a bad decision. I make decisions all the time and many, if not most of them, are prolly bad ones.

^Ranji – Can’t See – Official^

If we come to a crossroads and you don’t know which way to go, and you ask me “which way?”

… and I point and say “thataway”…

and you respond with “why that way?”

…my response is prolly gonna be…

A: Can we talk about that on the way/en route? We really need to get moving.

Yep. Decision making is not easy. But I’ll do it. I’ll make it. Unless you want to.

I’m kinda cautious like that.

Just think of myself.

Which means I’m thinking of you.

How selfish of me...eh?
^Captain Hook & Astrix – Bungee Jump (by JJc)^

So…in the previous whatever turned missive, there was a picture of someone’s foot, and the owner of that someone’s foot had been struck by lightning. There were some marks on that someone’s foot that reminded me of Shingles. Not that I’ve ever had random patches just appear, start bleeding, then get all scabby or anything…but yeah…made me think of Shingles.

Speaking of shingles…lotta homes around here being re-shingled lately. We did have all that hail sometime back, and it was indeed a heavy hail that included large hailstones, so yeah…prolly a lot of roof/shingle damage, but I’ll get on with it.

What really interested me about that pic, other than the Shingles looking “wound”, was the epidermis/skin on the person’s foot. Lots of ridges and ring-looking folds within and on the surface of the skin, which gets me to thinking not only about that, but also the connective tissues.

Q: I wonder if this person wears shoes and/or socks all the time?

A: ?¿?

Not assuming this person’s footware preferences or anything, but the were out hiking. So…prolly boots…which means prolly also some heavy-assed socks.

Q: I wonder if this person removes shoes and/or socks immediately upon resting?

A: ?¿?

Just been thinking about the demands that we put on our bodies by sitting in various chairs for lengthy periods of time. If you are then expected, or choose, to go do some vigorous and/or strenuous physical activity to make up for sitting on your ass all day…there might be some shit going on there we hadn’t considered.

Think not only footwear changes, but also the positional associations and compensatory thinking with respect to equalization(s).

^Astrix & Avalon – Moonshine ᴴᴰ^
Hyde teh hookses...fishez si smartzer den u tinx dey iz be.

Cantz gets no nibbullz on no lewurez wif hookz been vizabull.


1292331421_fly-owns-frogCantz gets no fishez wif no nibbuls.


Cantz gets no foodz a(n)/door no moniez wif no fishez.


Needz mo'betta hookzes.
^Symphonix – Sexual Distortion – Official^


I bet you can really slay the hawgs with a lure like that.

(sorry...southern fishing parlance)

Not that I’ve been fishing in a while, but I did used to fish quite a bit. Then, it got to be a hassle. Not to me, to others who wanted to go fishing. They’re always like…

“Man!!! I had no idea that fishing was so complex and so much work!!!”

Welp, why wouldn’t it be?

If you think about all of the people that had to work their asses off to make all that fishing tackle and boats and gasoline and roads to get there, and shit like that just so you can go work your ass off to have fun. Then, once you have your head wrapped around that, your head may not cave in when you think about all the shit it took to create the lake, the structure(s) that support and surround it, the water itself, the fish you are trying to catch, all the shit they need to catch so that they can grow up big and strong so you can in turn catch them…

yeah...it's a lot of work. 

I have no idea what any of that means, nor what any of that means to you. But what I DO know, is that whatshername just knocked on my door, and then asked me if I would cook a pot of beans for dinner, and can I have them ready by 5:30/17:30. It’s 13:05 now, so, looks like I have some work ahead of me.

^Class A – Its Only Dreams^

Ever get the feeling that this “Moon Landing Hoax” business is nothing more than a clever attempt by certain people hinting as to the question of why we are not traveling to The Moon/going back to The Moon? I mean like…keeping “The Moon” and/or moon-travel in people’s minds.

Q: Who gets to go?

A: ...

There’s an answer. Dunno if it was the answer you were looking for, but it’s definitely an answer. Let’s ask it a different way…

Q: Who gets to go to bed tonight without a broken arm or severed hand because they got caught stealing?

A: ...

You really wanna travel that path? Me neither.

Don’t me wrong, I love space travel. But if I cannot travel freely in my own world without hindrance, what are we missing? And this ain’t just about me. There’s fucktons of people like me with not much and nowhere to take it.

Freedom of Movement Under United States Law

Something’s gotten sideways here. You can’t legislate something that doesn’t exist, as if this legislation will make it so. If people were exercising good judgement prior to this law/these laws being created, these laws would be unnecessary. What makes you think they are going to follow them now? Didn’t someone lose?

It’s a pickle…no doubt about it. But squeezing an extra one in or taking one out ain’t gonna change anything except the obvious. Something else is going on here.

Or maybe not.

We’ll see.

Or not.
^Official – Morten Granau – Fuzzy Monkey^

X: It’s about time.

Cade: It always is.

X: No…I meant, it’s about time that you acknowledged my desire to talk.

Cade: It always is.

0: What does THAT mean?

Cade: I dunno. Was just thinking about layers and layering there.

Z: Still wanna go dig in the rocks do ya?

Cade: Would be nice. Dunno where I’d do it tho.

T: I’m thinking that a pool of quicksand might be a good place to start.

Cade: Now that’s just not nice.

T: Never know. Might be something down there.

Cade: Yeah…me.

B: At least there would be rocks down there.

Cade: The ones in my head? Can’t I just…stay up here and we can skip that part?

Z: Skipping around pools of quicksand sounds dangerous.

Cade: …

0: He, (“Cade”), is laughing uncontrollably right now btw. Just…FYI. Give him a second or two to recover. He’s picturing stumbling across a pool of quicksand, and then suddenly, your first instinct is to start skipping around it.

Cade: Where in the FUCK am I going to find a pool of quicksand, and assuming that I do find a pool of quicksand, will it be posted with “NO SKIPPING” signs?

X: Maybe.

T: That makes no sense.

Cade: lolz…but it’s funny.

T: I’ll give ya that.

Cade: What about a pool of quicksand.

T: Yer on your own (ba da ching)

Cade: :/ (wah wah wah)

X: …

0: …

B: Don’t look at me.

A: …

L: …

Z: Don’t ask me.

G: …

Cade: So…to prevent the assumed necessity to proceed further with that list…no one would just…throw me a rope?

X: How much rope do you already have.

Cade: Only what I need.

X: Isn’t that enough?

Cade: Sorry…I though you pack of miscreants wanted to talk about this.

X: I don’t like where the conversation went.

T: Me either.

0: I…

Cade: OK OK…I get it…they get it…we all get it…I’ll stay away from the quicksand pool(s).

X: Assuming that you can.

Cade: Welp, there’s a headline that you don’t see anymore. “MAN DROWS IN QUICKSAND!!!”

Z: That would assume that there is a witness.

A: In your case, it does anyway.

Cade: I’m just wondering about the quicksand. I mean, no one ever asks.. “where did all the quicksand go?”…do they?

X: I’m not answering that.

Cade: Welp, it does move nicely into that thought/those thoughts that I had about alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

X: And what was that?

Cade: Basically? Spin.

Z: But that’s not all…is it?

Cade: Nope. Never is.

0: Why do you think that is?

Cade: Funny that you would ask. I’m still operating under the premise that I must be needed somewhere for something, otherwise, I wouldn’t be traveling this path.

G: Lot’s to think about there, eh?

Cade: I dunno.

B: Whadda ya mean…”you don”t know?”

Cade: I dunno.

T: Good answer.

0: Agreed-ish.

Cade: I wonder what THAT means? (yawn)

X: You getting tired or something?

Cade: Nope. Just reading into some things there.

Z: Not always a good idea.

Cade: But how would I know, until, unless, and when, I know?

X: Is that an official question?

Cade: No…because I already know the answer.

A: And what is…”the answer”…in that particular case?

Cade: I don’t know.

Z: Good answer.

Cade: …

^Tropical Bleyage – Mala^


*Ah huh… That’s the hiker’s foot that Cade mentions, Clicky… /cocks head inquisitively…*

*…YeEsss… This is the footer… /rolls eyes… Oh for fuck sake! Better roll some rock out for us then, Clicky…*

Dear Reader, we hope you can join us tomorrow for the third and final installment of this missive from the Text Us Okie Devil. Join us then and… Have a Song ❤


Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (1)

Dear Reader, last August Bank Holiday Monday, I was still looking into the bathroom scenes of The Shining: Forwards/\Backwards, but Clicky mentioned that ‘the bank is now open‘…

Lego 10231 Space Shuttle

*Good Song choice, Clicky… /lights up…*

Yesterday, I took some time out to watched a couple of movies…

*I kinda liked it, but yeah, not really… /puffs…*

*To be honest, Clicky, I enjoyed that more… /deep drag… but then I’m not into GoT…*

I was surprised to see the same name appear in the credits of both movies. I’d seen that name earlier this week – there was a social media kerfuffle involving his wife and a visit to a vault during the US total eclipse…

*I wonder if Lefties pay money to go see his films? …/stubs butt…*

Cade has very kindly sent through a new missive. It’s ten pages long…

… So, Dear Reader, I’ve split it into three parts for your, and my enjoyment. See ya at the bottom ❤


Lessee here... 

Now...where, did we leave off? 

Hmmmm. I can’t remember. Can you?


Anything you wanna talk about?


Welp…that being the case then…I guess it leaves no alternative, but to talk about…something…that you may not be interested in. Although! You might.


Because you didn’t express an interest in talking about anything in particular. Which means you wanna talk about nothing. So let’s talk about just that…nothing. So yeah…The Voynich Manuscript.

^Video Re-track of Foetus/Wiseblood’s “Motorslug”^

The video above is cool. It’s really neato that someone took the time to save and share a piece of musical history. For those who are unaware, “video-bars” and “video rooms” in clubs and bars were kinda popular in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Mainly because, they played videos from groups that were not aired on MTV or anywhere else.

Oh sure, MTV dedicated 2 hours to “alternative music” on Sunday nights on their “120 Minutes” show, but you prolly weren’t gonna hear much from the fringes. These are bands that received no airplay on radio. Many of them did everything themselves, had their own record labels, did all their own….everything. This made artwork important. Hell…they’re artists.

But yeah, buying an album because of the cover and the artwork, and the name of the band, and the name of the album, and the names of the songs, all from a band you never heard of, and neither had anyone else. Metallica’s album Kill Em’ All was prolly the first album I personal bought without knowing who the hell they were, but I digress.

Here’s a better quality audio version of the same song.

^Wiseblood – Motorslug^

So back to video bars and rooms, yeah…VJs. I wonder where that phrase originated? Think of it like this…

Q: Why are music videos so popular?

A: Live

You find a band and/or so that you REALLY like…

Q: What is “Step 2?”

A: Seeing them live.

I personally am kind of wishy-washy in that regard, because many groups that I listened to in the mid-1980’s to early 1990’s had broken the mold. There may only be 1 or 2 guys making all that music, and they were still trying to figure out how to play live along the lines of how commercialization had steered the perceptions of what a live performance should be.

Howard Jones is the first person that springs to mind with me, because as I understand it, it was just Howard, on-stage alone with a shitload of keyboards, end of story. Not a popular thing for a bunch of kids who were raised in the 1960’s/1970’s, who were paying hard-earned money to go see some razzle-dazzle and craziness.

Q: Would you pay to see someone live, if it was just them playing a piano on-stage?

A: ???

What if it were Billy Joel? Elton John?

^KMFDM “Murder My Heart” Official Music Video^

Q: Why do you think that plastic(s) last so long?

A: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep…I’m gonna go there. I mean, I brought up cell-division in the previous whatever turned missive…so…let’s talk about age.

^BODY COUNT – Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^

So…someone(s) I know, mentioned something about cell-division, along the lines of…

“you know…the very first organism that ever divided, may in fact, still be creeping around Earth/Terra.”

Kind of a heavy thought, eh? I mean, especially with all of this bullshit about “searching for The God Particle” and all that, not to mention a lot of the stuff surrounding the dividing and divisions within religion(s) and philosophy(s). Talk about some long division. That’s some long motherfucking DIVISIONS there. But let’s digress a bit, and get back to that thought of maybe why plastics are around for so long.

Plastic(s) are made from…

Oil(s) and petroleum(s) are "decayed/decaying organic matter" that is fucking LOADED with bacteria(s).

Welp…that covers that, eh?

So long!!!

Mystery = UNSOLVABLE! Loop!

^BODY COUNT – Institutionalized (Official Music Video)^

NOTE: The song above is fucking hilarious. It’s always been hilarious, but this is a remake, and Ice-T did a fucking INCREDIBLE job in remaking it. gj…well played.

OK…so back to Voynich. Are you sure that it reads front to back?

What about back to front?

What about…back to front THEN front to back?

What about back to middle AND front to middle?

What about middle to back AND middle to front?

What about placing the book on it’s cover, as if you were going to read it back to front, but first turned it 90° to the right? 90° to the left?

What if the two missing books contained a marker or markers that pointed to a specific place/page to start?

What if there are MULTIPLE clues, and that the book has to be turned MULTIPLE times and viewed from MULTIPLE angles from MULTIPLE perspectives in order to be able to start to understand this book and why it exists at all.

Meaning, maybe there are MULTIPLE solutions, up to, and including, no solution at all/none to be had. Quite a dynamic planet we have here. Lot’s more than just us here.

Lots to think about there. Lots of people and stuff has surrounded that book for a long time now. The Earth/Terra has spun for a long time during that time. Lots of wheels to consider. Then again, maybe I had it right the first time, and there’s nothing to solve.

Maybe it’s already been solved, and someone is just being tight-lipped about it “for security purposes”.



Mystery = UNSOLVABLE! Loop!

^Sepultura – Refuse/Resist [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Just thinking, with respect to time, that “bacteria” are fucking everywhere. Our environment is loaded with the shit. We’re loaded with the shit. Our food is loaded with the shit. Our shit is loaded with the shit. This shit is EVERYWHERE!!!

But that gets me to thinking about pretexts and qualifications. Take the following video, for example. There’s a bit in the video where Slash is standing outside of a church, playing his guitar, and he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Even tho my father and many relatives smoked, WE were always taught that people that smoking were fucking idiots and morons. This was confusing. But as a result, we bought into it since we ourselves, as kids, did not smoke.

I mean, we did, but let's stay on topic here. 

The point is, that we looked at EVERYONE differently. “A” smoked, and “B” did not. We were encourage to look up to those that did NOT smoke. Which means that when we found out that “B” did in fact smoke, but hid that fact from everyone…We were SHOCKED.



Have heart citizen. Good news is coming.

Yeah…even after all that depressing shit.

^Guns N’ Roses – November Rain^

Genesis 32:22-31

That’s a good one…but where I was going with “the upside” from the previous paragraph was/is more along the lines of…

Exodus 9:9

Nope…that’s not it either. Although…that “fine dust” that is spread everywhere and causes festering boils on people and animals does have a “Morgellon’s” kind of ring to it.

Hmmm...sidetracked I have become. 

Unexpected this is. Nah…just fucking wit ya. I get sidetracked all the fucking time. Sidetracked is my milieu. So yeah…that wasn’t what I was looking for either…


Sorry, I really am laughing my head off here. I was just typing away on that previous thought, when the following song starting playing in my playlist. I started laughing like an idiot, because I had just read that bit in Genesis about Jacob wrestling with God…and suddenly…I realize that I am hearing…



^a-ha – Take On Me (Official Video)^

So yeah…that’s kinda how Synchronicity works. But not really. That’s just a single personal experience, that was convenient enough to share, so I did. To me, synchronicity doesn’t “work”…it is, or it isn’t. It’s personal. It’s always and forever…personal. Some, galactic street sign that you, for whatever reason, needed to see or hear or experience in some way. To qualify it is your job and no one else’s.

Think of it like this…I personally do not know whether there is a God and or God(s) or Demons or Angels or Ghosts or any shit like that. HOWEVER…this planet that I was born on? There are motherfucking SHITLOADS of people that do. There are FUCKTONS of stories through the ages of all of that bullshit and more. So…why discount it?

Don't ask me, I dunno either. 

I do know this, the more that I think about the audacity of certain religious groups in their predictions and prophecies and estimations and guesstimations, the angrier I get. Not everyone is a Christian. I know I sure as shit ain’t. The only person that I know of that was ever “Christ-Like”…was Christ.

Food for thought.

And for the record…life, and it’s propensity to continuance, is our first clue. Hells Bells…it’s our ONLY fucking clue. Can’t find clues if you aren’t alive.

The rest…

we just gotta kinda…

make it up as we go.

^Billy Paul – Me And Mrs. Jones^


My holiday is now over, Dear Reader. I’m back to work tomorrow…

*I wonder if the office was busy, Clicky… /lights up… Apparently teachers didn’t get paid last week… /puffs… Phew! Not down to me…*

… But come back anyway for the second installment of wholesome missiveness from The Okie Devil. And… Have a Song 😀

Missive From ‘Merica: Questions, Questions…

“What do you want me to do?” Thoughtful Man sighed and heaved himself off our bed, dislodging our contented pup who had been getting her belly rubbed thoroughly. Just the way she likes it.

I stood against the bedroom wall and brushed a stray lock of hair back behind my ear. “Take a picture of my tiara, please.”

“Why?” Thoughtful Man threw me a squint. “Is it for a post?”

“What do you think?”

He snorted and fiddled with the camera. “The light is terrible. Why in here?”

“Well, for one thing, you’re in here,” I said adjusting the tiara. “And secondly an AI somewhere has invented some colours and named them. Apparently our bedroom walls are painted in ‘Turdly’.”

“Oi! It’s ‘Mushroom’,” Thoughtful Man exclaimed. “I’m not redecorating!”

“I wasn’t asking you to,” I replied with a smile. “Just the photo please.”

“Okay stand still.”

Tiara and Turdly


Cade has sent through a new ‘whatever’ to use his parlance. It’s not as long as the previous monster of a missive, but no less engrossing. I hope you enjoy it, Dear Reader…

Have a Song

*No, Clicky, let’s have a Song at the end…*


Darkness has descended upon the day…and the winds howl in the deepening dark like a harbinger of things to come. I wonder in the darkness, what could these things be? I wander in the darkness, and I wonder…will I be able to see…once the darkness has gotten like…really really darker?


Nah…just fuckin’ wit ya. I’m inside sitting at a desk typing this shit right here and listening to music at max volume. There could be a fucking hurricane outside and I wouldn’t know it.

Oh yeah...


^Feed Me – Starcrash^

Anyone wanna dance? 
Neither do I. 
We'll work up to it I guess.
^Cocteau Twins – Pur (Sun & Air Mix)^

I’ve done a little writing elsewhere… (“a little”…lolz) …which means I’ve been thinking a bit. Had a bit of a discussion with Roob the other night about motion(s) and when they get weird. Not gonna try and “sum up” any thoughts in this here whatever, but I might wind up doing just that. Or at least, sounding like I am doing that. But I get the feeling that there are two types of people, with respect to finding…

Type 1: I found what I was looking for…game over.

Type 2: I found what I was looking for…game on.

Keep both of those in perspective as it relates to what you have found…and you can prolly better decide which is applicable, when, and where and to whom.

^Cocteau Twins – Pur^

It’s weird. I was just thinking about the movie “Starcrash” the other day. Which also made me think of the movies “Battle Beyond the Stars” and “Laserblast”…all of these movies I saw at a drive-in theater when I was younger. There was a group of entities in the movie “Battle Beyond the Stars” that were a kind of “Borg” species, cept not quite so snotty and adventurous as “The Borg.”

Battle Beyond the Stars

What I was thinking about, is all of this business being talked recently regarding telepathy, which appears to be more about clairvoyance than telepathy. And I’m thinking about it more now that some chucklehead has made another public spectacle with “hearing voices” being touted as “the cause.”

Telekinesis (Disambiguation)
Extrasensory Perception

In the article above on Telepathy, there is a picture to the right with the following caption…

“The Ganzfeld experiments that aimed to demonstrate telepathy have been criticized for lack of replication and poor controls.”

Q: What’s the point?

A: ?¿?¿?

EX: Someone can lift 500 lbs as a personal-best.

Can they always lift 500 lbs?

Can they always lift 500 lbs…every single time…on command or as commanded?

Do you then start judging style and technique?

Is that as high as they can go in weight?

What about over time?

How long did it take them to achieve this weight as being liftable by them?

Is there a significance to this number?

Is there a significance to this number for all people?

Or just this individual? 

Could they always lift 500 lbs, they just didn’t know it yet?

Q: What is your role in their performance and its success or failure?

A: ...

^Yello – Oh Yeah (Remix 2016)^

Maybe there’s a mishmash possible there between Clairvoyance and Telepathy…a kind of Tele-Clairvoyance.

Data and information without context is kinda…worthless. And to be honest, I don’t really see the difference between building something in your mind, that you eventually build with your body in a more tangible manner. You are going to be continuing that process of building in your mind as you build with your body, which says to me that there is sometimes no division between these two. All that was or is missing…is purpose. So tell me…

Q: What is the purpose in being first?

A: ?¿?

Q: What if you’re wrong?

A: ¿?¿

Q: Does this concern others?

A: ???

Q: Now what if you’re wrong?

A: ¿¿¿
^Yello feat. Stina Nordenstam – To The Sea (Official Video)^

Throw this image of “the higher self” into the mix, and suddenly things get REALLY fucking wack. Is it any wonder that people are confused? Or at least, that there is confusion and some people may have a propensity to be confused? Factor in, that much of what transpires under the guise and guises of clarity and control?

 Yeah..."fucked up" just went motherfucking haywire. 

I mean, can you control a tube of toothpaste? Oh yeah? For how long? Control is as temporary as anything else. Add an observer into that mix, and suddenly, we are being judged on anything and everything…up to…and including…our form and style as to how we handle a tube of toothpaste.

Q: Weren’t we doing that already?

A: SAY WUT??!?!?

Yeah…since when do you not judge every single thing that you do? Without bias, we know neither success nor failure.

OH! And regarding your teeth-brushing skills? You missed a spot.

^Kirsten Dunst – Turning Japanese (HD)^

Yep…lotta new stuff in the world. Add “the dynamics of the application of these new things” with new users/new experiencers? Yep new new just got new new newer. Especially with respect to children, who everything is new to. Trying to explain old shit as old to someone who it is new to can be an exercise in futility when not approached with a degree of humility. I mean…how fucking cool is it to be the one with the opportunity to open new eyes to old things? What a treasure eh? That’s just my thinking tho.

I still get a kick out of seeing my children learning new things and stumbling around in life as I do the same. I’ve mentioned this before, but assuming that there is a God, I think this is why we are never referred to as anything other than children in The Bible. I dunno about other religious texts, but it has had the effect of keeping me a bit humble with respect to new things, whether they be old or new, or just new to me. I think people do the same, more than they give themselves credit for anyway. Or maybe not /me shrugs

^Depeche Mode – In Your Room (Kaiser Mercurio Dub Edit 2011)^

It bad enough telling someone what they can or cannot do in the present.

Takes quite a set of balls to have the audacity to tell someone what they can or cannot do in the future.

Welp…you wanted to be gods.

Have at it.

^Depeche Mode – Strangelove [Maxi Mix – Kaiser Trance Mode Remix]^

Yer trying to figure yer own shit out eh? How you gonna do that via others? How are ya gonna do that via others when other channels are open to you, which are “less-than-standard” types of channels? You cannot undo what has been done. And even if you could, the act of undoing what has been done would undo even more than simply “the one thing you were trying to undo.” Eventually, there would be a collapsing motion that would accelerate so rapidly, that all of existence would begin to collapse…except for you and your tinkering…which would continue at a steady state pace that is relative to the way things were.

Meaning: Time would fold and continue folding, as it collapsed under the weight of the entirety of all matter in The Universe…leaving only a single variance within this new time.

Kinda has the effect of…pointing…eh?

This is how I see “the unseen” working within “the seen” anyway.

A "sandbox" of sorts.

An ability to visualize how things are, and how things could be, via how things once were.

I’m not talking specifically here…I mean things that needed to transpire in order to keep similar events from ever happening again in the manner in which time and matter collapsed the first time.

^Lusine – Just A Cloud^

So am I suggesting that “the collapse of time” is now an impossibility?


I am suggesting that “the total collapse of time” is now an impossibility, and/or, discretionary.

Time can and does still “collapse.” I see this as a necessary function of time for it’s continuance.

All Time + No Time = Every Time

This allows for modification and tinkering.

If time could neither speed up, nor slow down, we would have no common frame of reference within our current frame of reference.

Think of a resonance that is allowed to continue over time. What will be the effect of that resonance over time?

Yep...silence...is actually...quite loud.

Any resonance outside of a resonance, is detectable.

Sometimes these are expected, sometimes…not.


Maybe we missed something?

Am I really suggesting that time nor matter have any speed limits?

Yep. Keep that contextual, and suddenly you’ll see all sorts of speed limits.

Q: How long are you prepared to monitor said speed and times of whatever it is that we are observing?

A: Yeah...I dunno either.
^Girl street performer slams Bass like a pro^

I understand many of science’s theories about The Universe and what it is up to. The thought that it will someday just…vanish…or fade into non-existence due to all fuel and fuels being expended, is an intriguing one. Primarily because of how it opposes the current theory that much of the stars and starlight that we are currently seeing has already long since ceased to exist due to it’s distance from us…and yet…there they are. This is prolly why we get confused so much…we’re always trying to narrow and limit, usually to either one thing, or one small group of things. And sometimes that works. Sometimes not.

Weird how that works, eh?
^Cabaret Voltaire – Ex^

I started writing this one last night (hence, the nutty “night poetry” business at the top) but it’s Friday now…and I have to go start getting ready to go out tonight. I have a hot date. No wait…I don’t. But a case of beer and a movie would be nice. Won’t have any of those either, so I’ll prolly wind up playing Plants vs Zombies till 2 AM. Better than nothing I guess.

^Cabaret Voltaire – Radical Chic^

Lot’s of talk I’ve noticed lately, has been as if some precipice will be reached at some point, and then everything will be OK. Welp, what if we’re already there. When are we NOT there? And I guess that’s where my personal answer lays…in helping others. I mean, I’m happy. Or at least, as happy as I can be. Sure there are things I want and things I need. But if I can’t get them? May as well help someone else get to where they are wanting to go.

^Depeche Mode – New Life^

Yep…lotta new stuff in the world.
Yep…lotta new people in the world.
Yep…lotta new people in a world of new stuff.

Meh...I don't feel like writing anymore.

Thinking about time, and how time relates to time, times and matter…drains me.
Ya’ll go have a great weekend and get drunk and/or get laid or something.

^Skinny Puppy – Burnt With Water^


^Ministry – Golden Dawn (HD)^


A tiny bit complicated

*Nah, Clicky… /shakes head… Ya reckon?*

*/nods… Yeah…*

Have a great weekend, Dear Reader, and… Have a Song 😉