Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 4)


Happy Sat-Here-Day, Dear Reader…

As promised, here is the fourth and concluding part to Cade’s latest missive. Take your time reading it…

… And enjoy! ❤




A dress

sserd A

A dresserd A

^Christoph Waltz Gives Jimmy Fallon a German Words Quiz^

You think it really possible that an atom being constructed in one part of the Universe would require a completely different blueprint than an atom being constructed in another part of the Universe?

^Germany vs Austria: Christop Waltz on the difference between Austrians and Germans^
I dunno...

…I just think it important to at least keep perspective(s) in mind. Without the matter and the markers it provides you and your endeavors, what else is there? I mean, you’re gonna be firing that LHC up again soon, you’ve got some weird Carbon atom you are chasing, God only knows what else you are chasing nor what the other accelerators of the world are currently up to. You think it a good idea to maybe keep an open mind? You are being watched afterall.

Just sayin'
^ROYKSOPP – What Else Is There (trentemoller remix)^

Sorry, just been thinking about galactic coordinates a lot lately. Whilst doing so, I had a thought pop into my head that was so stunning, I couldn’t help but be the slightest bit floored by it. It wasn’t anything I was looking for really, just kinda…found it.



Imagine for a second, that there are indeed multiple universes, but there are only three.

I know, a real downer for all you “infinite universes” types

UNIVERSE 01: everything is governed.

UNIVERSE 02: nothing is applicable.

UNIVERSE 03: anything is possible.

In the first universe, everything adheres to certain laws and/or obeys certain rules. It is important to keep in mind, that just because everything is governed, that does not mean that all the laws are known. I think it also important to keep in mind that certain laws may be contextually applicable, and others not so much.

Volstead Act

Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution


In the second universe, nothing is applicable therefore “nothing goes”…

so to speak

Time may exist in this realm, but it’s not applicable. Energy may exist here, but it doesn’t do anything. If you keep your contextual observer hat on, these concepts may not be so difficult to grasp,as any deviation from the established rules are contextually irrelevant unless you yourself observe/witness any such deviation. However, this is impossible since you are well aware that nothing is applicable here, not even deviations.

Null (Physics)

Void (Composites)

Hydrothermal Synthesis

In the third universe, anything is possible therefore “anything goes”…

or so someone might think

For example, it would be possible for you to kill your worst enemy and suffer no consequences yourself, leaving you completely free to continue your murderous rampage unmolested. However, since anything is possible, it is possible that your worst enemy has a destiny to fulfill, therefore, cannot be killed, or at least until that destiny has been fulfilled.

Bummer, eh?

Likelihood Function



So we’ve got, everything, nothing, anything + governed, applicable, possible.


Sounds promising, eh? I mean, even nothing, is something.

^13 – Oath (Official Visualizer)^

This stems from a conversation that I had the other day with a certain someone about Einstein-Rosen bridges/wormholes, but this particular conversation was more about portals.

Portholes was more like it

Windows that exist to allow us to see things we would not normally be able to see, and especially those which allow us to see this things under less-than-favorable conditions.

To relate, Morgellons was mentioned in the conversation, and I assume it was mentioned since I personally have espoused a notion that Morgellon’s is not a disease in and of itself, but rather an indicator as to other things that are going on. I got to thinking about threads and threading with respect to layered universes and membranes/branes, and it got me to thinking about this idea of stacked universes that I’ve been chewing on for a while. The model I’ve been seeing doesn’t work. It’s there and it is working, and it has an infinite number of universes of varying colors that bounce around and interact with each other, but I cannot see how the entirety came into being, therefore it is unexplainable to those who would want to know where it came from.

I can tell you how new universes are added, but I cannot tell you where the others came from. Hence, I tend to chalk the whole mess up as “it doesn’t work” even tho it actually works just fine.


I admit that I personally am still at quite a loss as to why people piss in their pants so much over the multiple-universes models except to chase the multiple-realities angles. You fucked up here, but hopefully, one of you got it right somewhere, eh? But if one of you gets it right, does that mean the rest of your iterations must get it wrong? Is there any cascading that takes place? Like, if one gets it wrong, everyone gets it wrong?

Man...talk about hell and hells...fucking yeesh

Q: Why would you ever need more than you need?

A: You can only answer this at certain points in time.

There are those that would likely say not to address such a thought “prior to” a universe building endeavor would be foolhardy. If you don’t think of everything prior to creation, there is a lot to be lost if the universe collapses because of some oversight or lack of forethought. I mean, just on this planet alone, you’ve got billions of people plus countless other lifeforms currently going about their day-to-day that could be instantly blinked out of existence because of the failure of some universal constant…


As a result, we have to think of everything before getting started since we don’t want that kind of blood on our hands. As a result, I created three universes, and connected them via some really tiny threads.

Actually, this is kinda backwards in that I created three universes based on chasing a wormhole to see both A) how it was created, and B) what sustains it. I’ve chased aggregate energies for a while now, and as I looked at what was creating this “hole” I saw three separate realms that muddied themselves in a temporal paradox of sorts, to create this pathway that led to a whole lot more than just some single place. But maybe that’s because I was more interested in the makeup of the pathway itself, and not so much concerned with where it led from and to.

^Deadmau5 – To Play Us Out^

We put a lot of emphasis on being able to immediately and accurately identify things. We prepare ourselves, well in advance, for any and all potentialities. Prolly why some deal with adversity so poorly, and also likely as to why many are so easily conned. You’re looking for the con, and get confused when you cannot identify it. Your conclusion? It’s not a con. It’s legit.

Result = you get conned

Don’t agree? How much time do you spend getting ready for an evening out? How much time do you spend getting ready for work? Getting ready for a trip to the gym? Are you thinking about anything else prior to any of these activities? Like say, are you wearing your fancy undies in the event things head in a direction you want them to go?

Did I lose you there?

I saw a vid recently that put forward the notion that “multitasking” is a myth, and it is impossible to do more than one thing at once. Welp, if you are getting ready for a date where you will be going out to eat dinner, going to a play, then to a bar, then hope to get laid afterwards, aren’t you in effect multitasking?

Now, I’m gonna skip the biological processes that are going on in your body to get ready to eat, absorb a play and drink some booze, all whist schmoozing your date so you can get into his or her pants, but there are some overlapping things going on there, and they are going on all at the same time. Like say, a bunch of soap bubbles that represent all of these independent goals, and all of these bubbles are bouncing around in a larger bubble. That larger bubble represents you and your happiness and serenity at being able to pop all these smaller bubbles in a way that is pleasing to you.

Afterall, if the dinner is shit, the play is canceled, and the bar is closed, do those bubbles pop? Or do they float around unfulfilled? Even if you still get laid, all that other crap is…


Do you still want to see that play? Were you wanting to hang out in a bar and have a few drinks? Are you still hungry? Still lost at where I’m going? Maybe we should hook up and get naked/freaky.

We could discuss it further

A singular intent = A singular purpose?

I mean, I may wanna fuck, but I prolly have to take my pants off to do it.

How do you propose that I purpose to do certain things?

Are you suggesting that everything is sequential?

More than that, sequentially singular?


I've seen some weird clocks, but this one takes the cake.
^Mrs, Love/You know my name- Disco ruido/the beatles^


I wonder if these people had any idea that they were in for what was probably the ride of their lives? You can bet that the flight crew may have had an inkling something like this was in store before the aircraft ever left the ground. The controllers likely knew the aircraft was headed into trouble before it actually got there.

Lots of potentials that lead to a certain eventuality
^British Airways BA492 Gibraltar Aborted landing 25th Feb 2019^

You’re just gonna have to learn how to be stumped, and stumble on despite this “not knowing” that veils your head like some foggy halo bent on blinding you. Maybe you are viewing this finite life as something you’ll never have if you don’t grab it right fucking now. Just keep that in mind when and if you’re dealing with the boredom tomorrow.

(assuming you made the power-grab today)
^Avicii – Levels^

There’s always time. If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I understand what you mean tho
^The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Live at Kilburn 1977)^


Just because you personally can’t do something doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You’re playing the percentages ENTIRELY too much. Consensus rule means precisely fuckall if no one adheres to it, or it’s based on a fallacy, or any of a number of other reasons. Everything that you omit, was required in order for you to have the power to omit it in the first place.

Just look at Brexit

You have “the omitted” included in a vote, only to be further excluded because “the established included” don’t like being omitted. There’s some twisty and snakey shit going on over there, and its confusing as shit if you take the time to think about it.

You still don't know what I'm talking about, do you?

Meh, just say I don’t know what I’m talking about, and stop reading…right…about…now.

^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^


You didn’t really think that I was gonna stop gabbing, did you?

Welp...believe it baby
^Cocteau Twins Alice HD^


^POGO – Alice^



*Yes indeed, Clicky…/lights up… Splitting the missive… /drags… Probably hasn’t done it justice… /smokes… Shouldn’t take long to read from the start…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops! (Part 3)


Dear Reader, It’s been another tumultuous week for Brexit…

*Well that’s disturbing …/lights up… Go on then, Clicky, you heard sourpuss Soubry’s demands… /drags… Get the Police… /streams smoke… Someone’s in need of a fix…*

*Kinda literal…*

*Allegedly, Clicky, allegedly…*

*Pfft. Naturally…*

*And a singalong to finish… /flicks ash… Of course you can tweet them to the traitorous bitch, Clicky, butt don’t expect any fanks…*


… I’ve been following the political shenanigans and neglecting Cade’s latest missive. Let me start to rectify that for you now with Part 3, Dear Reader. The fourth installment will be along later today. Enjoy! ❤



So for anyone who reads this shit and may be wondering why I wander like I do when I’m writing, well, I’m trying to remember. Trying to remember what I know, and trying to know why I remember things in the way(s) that I do. We are CONSTANTLY bombing ourselves with information of all kinds, all whilst trying to keep the shit we already know…straight. It’s sometimes like committing yourself to taking the kinks out of a live snake…

quite the contest

It used to bother me when I would remember things incorrectly. My nickname was “The Professor”, and I was expected to not only remember and recall things that others had forgotten; however, that information had to be immediately available when requested, and, it had to be correct. But as I’ve progressed in my life, I’ve found myself chasing the inconsistencies. In my case, these “inconsistencies” tend to revolve primarily around my ability to recall within a time frame that which is acceptable to whomever is requesting said information. If the recall isn’t both total and instantaneous, the integrity of the information is questioned, and the quality of my role as an information storage unit is called into doubt.

Welp, I never asked to be your own personal hall of instant infinite information, it’s just something I do, and you grew to rely on me in that capacity. I’ve packed fucktons of data in the memory banks since you last interacted with me, and as far as I can tell, I’m the only one that still interacts with the majority data that I have been collecting. No one seems to want to know what I know, so, I keep myself busy trying to keep packing it in as well as trying to keep it organized so that it’s available when and if needed. I have no idea what in the fuck anyone is going to ask me, nor when and where they are going to ask me, so I do the best I can.

^Underworld – Shudder / King of Snake^

Keeping what is contextually pertinent to me?

Yeah, that's a challenge as well

Knowing the best way to construct a Silicon atom from scratch, at a distance of 65,363.95 miles from Jupiter’s north pole when you are using Earth-time(s) and Earth-distance(s)?

 You've gotta admit that's a pretty fucking weird thing to know

Especially when you need things like 63 gluons from Alpha Centauri, 2 up Quarks from Luna, and they all need to be orbited by a single Neutrino from Sol that will parse the particles in route to some not-very-well-defined point 65,363.95 miles from Jupiter’s north pole?

What…in the FUCK…would I personally ever need to know such a thing for? Meh fuckit, someone might need to know that someday.

I'll keep it handy
^Depeche Mode – Love In Itself (Longer UltraTraxx Remix)^


A peek behind the veil for anyone who wants to look.

Yeah, it’s not the same without the voice.

Still, you wanna know how things are constructed right?

Welp, this is how it’s done.

^DM Cover Policy of Truth Live Instrumental^

Here’s one with a voice.

It’s not Dave’s voice, and the version itself is quite…exploratory.

Interpretive…if you will.

Still pretty fucking awesome tho.

^Policy Of Truth cover strings version, Depeche Mode Fan Art^

Here’s “the real deal” for anyone who wants to explore further.

^Depeche Mode – Policy Of Truth (Official Video)^



Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peas Oops (Part 2)


Something strange happened late last night, Dear Reader. I was scrolling through my YT history, to find something I knew I’d seen, and saw something I’d never seen. A video. This video…

From it’s placement above another video. This video…

… And below this video…

… I’d managed to watch something I have never, ever watched – until I watched it whilst scrolling through my YT history late last night –  sometime yesterday daytime. How on earth did I manage to do that?

Anyhoo, hears Part 2 of Cade’s mighty missive that I was remiss in not posting last week. Enjoy! ❤



Did you know that there was a 1.5bn dollar lottery back in October, and the winner just finally came forward to claim the prize?

They were cutting it close

I think you have to claim the prize within like 120 days of the drawing, otherwise, the money gets folded back into the jackpot pool. But can you imagine what it would be like to have someone drop $1,500,000,000 into your lap? That $300,000 house around the corner that you’ve been eyeballing is suddenly possible, but you’ll never buy it. Not now anyway. I mean fuck, the Côte d’Azur is now a possibility.

Financially anyway

Dunno how open the residents of the French Riviera are to South Carolina natives invading their turf, even if they are loaded. Which speaking of, I watched a movie with a certain someone the other day, called ‘Rush’.

Rush (2013 Film)

The movie was pretty good, and I knew the name Niki Lauda from my childhood, but I’d never seen the flick. Anyway, in a lot of the footage in the film, I recognized many of the tracks. God only knows how many laps I’ve done on those tracks myself. What? You don’t believe me?

Well, I have

Gran Turismo (Series)




all tracks, all races, all series, all licenses 

All gold.


I rock
^Speedway (Theme From Fastlane) (Remastered)^

When Lauda got burned in the flick, all I could think about was…

Cale Yarborough

Cale Yarborough

I remember watching a race on TV when I was a kid. They showed one of the racers in the pits without his helmet, and the guy didn’t have an ear. Just a nub kinda thing that looked like a shrunken cauliflower ear, and I coulda swore that it was Cale Yarborough.

I was a kid, and it shocked the shit out of me because there were other obvious burn types of scarring, so I asked my dad, who was watching the race with me. I recall him telling me…

“Yeah, he was burned pretty bad in a crash and lost most of his ear.”


Now, I was no stranger to crashes nor injuries because I’d been around racing since I was born. I think I recall reading in a Hot Rod Magazine article that “Big Daddy” Don Garlits had lost most or all of his toes on one foot in an accident.

Don Garlits

“Big Daddy” Don Garlits Restores Swamp Rat 13, the Dragster That Almost Killed Him

But this was a burn. A burn that resulted in a “disfigurement” that I only previously was unaware as being possible. Not that I was unfamiliar with damn near having my ear ripped off by an angry adult, nor am I any stranger to burns either, but seeing Lauda’s ear in the movie brought back memories of seeing that race as a kid and the image of some dude with his ear burned off.

I don’t know why I always associated that ear with Cale Yarborough. I have no idea if Yarborough ever lost an ear. Maybe it was Lauda, but why would I be associating a NASCAR driver with an F1 driver’s injury? God only knows how much racing I consumed as a kid via magazines, TV, and being at the track every Friday night, Saturday night, and sometimes Sunday afternoons. But what in the fuck would Niki Lauda be doing at a stock car race sometime in the 1970s? Andretti is the only F1 driver I know of that ever was around stock cars until recent times.

^Garlits horrible accident Lions Drag Strip incredible 1970 wreck^


*You remember what, Clicky? How some video I’d never watched before, was watched yesterday whilst I was at work?*

*/lights up… Yesterday was no smoking day? Didn’t notice… /drags… Hey! Didn’t Cade’s dad smoke Winston cigarettes? …/plumes smoke…*


Missive From ‘Merica: Split Peace Oops (Part 1)

It’s been an very busy week or so, Dear Reader. Apart from requisite time spent in the Tower, I’ve been writing and editing short stories for ‘Underdog Anthology 8 – Transgenre Dreams’…


*/lights up… My story is two love stories… /drags… For the price of one… /stream smoke… Of course I called it ‘BOGOF’, Clicky…*

… And Cade sent through a missive, which I have been very remiss in not posting. So, here’s the first part. I’ve decided to split it…

Enjoy! ❤



Ya gotta look and play the part.

Doesn't matter what the intent is/intentions are... 

Ya gotta look and play the part.

Can you spot the difference between an authentic designer item and... 

a knockoff/counterfeit?

The Real Deal. The Genuine Article. The Real McCoy

False Etymology

Can't be havin' us no false metamologies in the age of meta.

Just acquire the requisite uniform and…

Bob's your UNCLE, Fanny's your AUNT, and you're in like FLYNN. 

Or in like Flint, depending on which “false etymology” you choose to chase/adopt.

The meaning and origin of the expression: In like Flynn

How do you know who to believe when a discrepancy is discovered and/or a dispute arises? Your first instinct will likely be to look for some authentic looking uniform/clothing, insignia, credentials, etc.

Different people sometimes carry different things in order to identify themselves…say for example,  polycarbonate riot shield and a baton.

Others may show “they mean business” by comporting themselves in other ways.

You just gotta stay on top of the game in order to stay in it. Me? I’m not very hep or hip or whatever. I had no idea his name was Keith Flint. The only member of The Prodigy who’s name I knew, was Leeroy, and as far as I know, he’s been out of the Prodigy for some time.

/me shrugs
^The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Official Video)^


I can only imagine what a nightmare that crap above was to format.

(sorry Roob)

Oh btw, if you’re looking for the “master tapes”…

they’re in the library…

with Colonel Mustard.

Something about a key,

but I have no idea what any of that means.

Sounds like some kind of argument to validate authenticity.
^Poison (Remastered)^



Missive From ‘Merica: It’s a Sin. ‘K?

*The obvious choice, Clicky…*

I’ve not been hiding, Dear Reader. I am currently in the midst of writing a short story for Underdog Anthology 8, and it’s a struggle…


…so I am really happy to be able to take a break, and present a brand new missive from Cade Fon Apollyon, the Okie Devil, for your delectation…

*Yeah, I don’t think living in Text US automatically makes him a cowboy, Clicky…*

Dude Cowboy Bowling



I need all of you to line up in a non-quiet and disorderly fashion.

I just wanna see what kind of line forms out of ordered chaos.

Yes…I’m ordering you…to be chaotic.


CHOP CHOP!!! I ain't got all day.
^Netsh – sleep.exe [ARTS037]^


People sometimes talk as if fate is some kind of cakewalk. Just kick back, and it’ll come your way since it is preordained. The thing is, that you can typically only see synchs backwards.

A – You experience an odd coincidence.

B – As a result of the odd coincidence, you go left instead of right at the next intersection.

C – Godzilla attacks the video store you were headed to had you turned right instead of left, and everyone in the store dies.

D – You do not die, hence, the Universe signaled you at “A”, you listened, all is right with the world.

('cept for the dead people of course)

You are viewing all that shit backwards, not forwards. You had no idea any of that nonsense was going to happen, but it did, and you’ve got a marker to hang on to…

the synch. 

But you may want to consider that had you turned right and continued your jaunt to the video store, that’s no guarantee that you would have died, nor anyone else for that matter. Perhaps if you had turned right, Godzilla would have diverted his/her wrath on the vape shop instead of the video store. Maybe all this “synch” and “sync” nonsense is sometimes just a certain level of awareness at certain points in time. You are part of this crazy nonsense afterall. I’m sure The Universe is just as concerned about you as they are anyone else. With that in mind…

Q: Are you concerned about The Universe?

A: ¿?

Of course, when this “preordained” destiny of yours doesn’t come your way, or doesn’t come in the way that it was preordained, you are likely to take matters into your own hands and start chasing this destiny that was supposed to fall into your lap at some point.

Don’t sweat it tho.

     Prolly just a scheduling error.

Time and times can be funky sometimes.

^E-Z Rollers – Tough At The Top^

Cade: Yes, I know…there is a discrepancy.

X: And what would that discrepancy be?

Cade: You.

X: Me?

Cade: Well, no…I mean the participant.

T: Think you can clarify? You’re giving me a headache.

Cade: You, as in the participant in a “sync” experience as it happens.

Z: But you have to explain it to others, backwards. Is that what you are trying to say?

Cade: Yes. You experience it forwards, you reflect on it internally in a simultaneous forwards/backwards way…

0: But have to share the experience with others backwards, we get it. But why didn’t you just say that in the first place?

Cade: A job worth doing is worth doing right?

X: …

Cade: OK, so, I don’t like editing what I write.

X: And why would that be?

Cade: Because it leaves a bunch of shit out. Important shit.

X: The stumbling and bumbling…mistakes and the like.

Cade: Correct. It turns what could be a dialogue…

B: Into a one-way conversation. A statement. A speech. A diatribe.

Cade: A mother-fucking monologue.

X: And these, uh, “monologues” that you mention, they are bad?

Cade: They certainly seem apt to leave you standing alone.

0: And what exactly is wrong with being alone pray tell?

Cade: Nothing. If that’s where you want to be.

X: Where are we?

Cade: Here.

X: And where do we want to be?

Cade: Here.

X: And where is that?

Cade: Here.

X: That’s where you’ll always be.

Cade: I know that anyone reading this will unlikely pick up on the vibe that I’m feeling based on your thought/statement, but there’s a weird simultaneousness to the thought of “still being where I’ve been, as well as I’m already at where I’ve yet to be, all while I am where I am.”

X: Destiny.

Cade: Something like that.

0: Woah woah woah…what do you mean “something like that”?

Cade: The past is many times just as fuzzy as the future, and sometimes the present is fuzzier still.

Z: Care to elaborate?

Cade: Trying to explain something that has happened and/or is happening, to someone else who has no reference points, nor baselines except for what I tell them. Dunno about you, but that’s pretty fucking fuzzy to me.

Z: Any examples?

Cade: Now.

Z: If you’ll expand on that, I’ll listen.

Cade: Fair enough. I was thinking about JAL Flight 123, and the movie ‘Unbreakable’. However, while thinking about those examples, I decided that they were both impertinent.

Z: Impertinent in any all contexts and by all definitions?

Cade: Yes. They are both similar, not same.

Z: But those examples are both poignant and relatable, and based in both fact and fiction.

Cade: The fantastic. I shouldn’t have to use some fantastic or incredible anecdotal evidence completely unrelated to me in order to tell my own story.

Z: What if it helps?

Cade: What if it hurts?

Z: Touché. But where does the listener/reader come in?

Cade: I think that a lot of times, using “the distant” distances us even further.

Z: I could use a bit of expansion on that thought.

0: Join the club.

X: You are thinking both “god(s)” and “religion” there aren’t you.

Cade: Yes. You’ve got these secretive clicks that strive to keep their shit hidden. Participation seems to distance us even further.

X: Maybe that’s a construct that drives how The Universe keeps expanding. Ever think of that?

Cade: You coulda just said “get away from me”, but yes, I do think about that. I think about it all the time.

B: And is that why that line from Star Trek Beyond hit you so hard?

Cade: Yes. Chasing something that is forever out of reach.

B: Basically, chasing something that isn’t there.

Cade: The unreachable is just as much there as anything else.

T: Just, unreachable?

Cade: I can’t be what I am not. And, I’m pretty happy with who I am.

Z: Took you a while to get there tho.

Cade: So what? I’m here.

Z: Now what?

Cade: /me shrugs…dunno.

Z: …

Cade: Look, I’m not fond of editing my “as I go” bullshit because I feel that it creates a false impression.

Z: What type of impression are you trying to create?

Cade: That’s a good question. One I can’t really answer other than say that I stumbled around for decades trying to say all the right shit, and it never felt right.

Z: Once you start in one direction, forces work to keep you in that same direction.

Cade: Yes. No room for fuckups. No room for controversy. No room for anything other than this implied perfection that results from peer approval(s).

Z: You’re only as good as they say you are?

Cade: That’s how I fucked up in music. I shoulda just kept making my music, my way instead of judging everything I did based on whether or not people liked it/approved of it.

Z: Wasn’t that the point though? To make a living making music?

Cade: It shouldn’t have been. I enjoyed the hell out of making music, I had a “normal” job I loved, what more do you need?

Z: It didn’t happen that way tho, did it.

Cade: No. I was very unhappy in a lot of ways. The job I had was great, but didn’t pay well, I was working overtime all the time just to pay the bills, and the job was becoming unstable because of all the changes going on in the airline industry.

Z: Are you really going to sit here and rant on and on for another page or so?

Cade: Not here. Not in this fashion. Thanks for the heads-up.

Z: No problem.

Cade: …

^deadmau5 – Closer (Cover Art)^


Do you have a detractor in your life?

‘There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.’

– Proverbs 14:12

I just sometimes wonder… You’re sailing along, everything is great, everything you are doing seems exactly correct, you are bubbling with pride at being all great and awesome and stuff, then suddenly….


The Universe broadsides the living fuck out of you with some crazy nonsense that you never saw coming, nor would you ever have seen coming. So my question to you is…

do you have a detractor in your life? 

Someone who reminds you what a complete fuckhead you can be when the cameras aren’t on, or the crowds have all gone home? That you are mortal. That you are fallible. Not suggesting that you need a lackey that does nothing but call you names and make fun of you, but someone that speaks their mind without fear of reprisal. More than that, someone that you listen to. Someone you don’t try and dominate. Someone that is neither disposable nor indispensable. Someone who is there because they choose to be, and someone that you want around because they want to be around. An equal, and potentially an equal that is far above you in many ways.

I'm lucky like that.
^Closer – Nine Inch Nails (with lyrics)^


It’s weird the things that suddenly materialize in your life.

Things that you saw, you remember, but remember kinda wrong.

Then suddenly…what you were looking for but couldn’t find…appears outta nowhere.

There’s no doubt that this is the one.

Or maybe there is doubt.

Pretty sure this is the one tho.

^MIRROR: The King of Love is a Dead Man^


I recently had some fuck named Neil Gaiman wander into my life and crush the shit out of all my hopes and dreams. I’ve had some time to reflect on the powdered remains mixed with many a crocodile tear, and I guess it’s more of a fact that I’ve had to reevaluate a lot of things that I’m working on. So in effect, the guy has helped sharpen my focus.


Powdered dreams + crocodile tears makes for some good clay.

Here's hoping anyway.
^Kings of Leon – Closer (HQ)^

I’d read his book ‘Sandman’ a few years ago. Or at least, the first one. Anway, not long ago, Roob suggested a movie called ‘Stardust’ that is based on some book by Neil Gaiman. Watched the movie, and it was really good, but there were some themes in there that really crushed the shit out of me because they were similar in nature to some of the themes in some story ideas that I’ve had.

My stories are different, but the similarities of some of the things gave me pause. Flash forward a few weeks, and Roob suggests a series called ‘American Gods’ by this same dude, Neil Gaiman. Watched it, same deal. Lots of similar themes.


Gotta keep in mind that I’m new to writing, I’m smart enough to know that there’s only so much in the world to write about, and it’s a pretty goddamn big world. I can’t know it all. I only have my experiences, my stories, and that’s all I have/all I’ll ever have. So now, I’m right back to that phase of…

Q: Do I need to read everything ever written in order to come up with something unique and original?

A: No.

I’ve been through something similar with music. Just write your music, and it is what it is.


Thanks for the education Neil.

^Charlotte de Witte – Closer (Original Mix)^


So back on this sink/sync shit – who manufactures it/them? It’s your sink, you are going to use it, and what are sinks for? Washing up? HA!!! I KNEW IT!!! Yer FUCKED!!! You’re washed up.


Sinks, as far as I know anyway, are for channeling/funneling water in and out of your home/business or whatever in an orderly and convenient fashion. It’s with that in mind, let’s us chase that/those water(s).

^Aphrodite superman jungle rmx^

There’s likely a lake or river or aquifer or some other combination of water tables that some group has connected to, and they’ve created an infrastructure of pipes and pumps and valves and monitoring systems to distribute these waters. These pipes and pumps pull and push these waters to a tap that is conveniently located near your personal proximity, and you can turn your tap(s) on and off at will to get the waters you need, when you need them. Also, there is a drainage system that allows these waters to flow on, and continue their journey after you’ve gotten what you need out of them.

Sewage/waste waters will flow away from you, where they’ll go to any number of various places via various methods, and various things will be done to these waters to possibly even return them to you at some later time. In effect, and even tho these waters are quite voluminous and expansive themselves, the bits in time that you get these waters are actually quite short in both duration and amount(s). You see/use/interact with them for only a short duration.

Filling a glass.

Rinsing a dish.
Washing your hands.

Taking a dump or peeing

Taking a bath of shower

Watering the yard or plants.

Blips on the radar screen. Odd when you think that it’s estimated that 2/3’s of our planet is said to be covered in water, and 90% of the world’s freshwater is said to be frozen in some really remote place at the South Pole. So with respect to “syncs” or synchronicities, are they any really different than what goes on in our sinks?

How much thought do you give to your water usage outside of the bill that comes due each month? Maybe this is why synchronicity is such a jarring concept. They are jarring when they happen, and they are equally jarring when they no longer happen. To relate, when the water is off because of some malfunction at the pumping station, or a broken water main, you fucking well know it eh? Your whole life is instantly turned upside down because when you turn the spigot, nothing happens. What you need…

just ain't there.
^Wicked Wicked Jungle Is Massive (Ali G Indahouse)^

Just thinking aloud that maybe being aware or being enlightened or whatever, is much more than strutting around with a mysterious and glowy Möbius strip/infinity symbol hovering above your head. The concept of ascension is great. But where’s the love for descent? How are you to handle adversity if you have an aversion to anything but up, and someone or something pulls that rug out from under you?

Meh fuckit...you'll figure it out.
^DJ Aphrodite – Acid to the sound^


BTW, is that water in your sink order, or chaos?
^when the milk hits the cereal wrong^


Not trying to sway any opinions as to what is order/chaos, just interested in your thoughts on the subject. I mean, that bullshit above looks like complete chaos at some point right? Well, if you take a moment to consider the simulation that allowed for the ordering of that chaos in a structured and coherent fashion?

Um...not so chaotic at all, eh?
^DJ Zinc – Ska^



^Public Enemy Who Stole the Soul^


*Actually, it’s pronounced more like ‘Guyman’, Clicky… /pats snout… Butt nice try…*

We hope you enjoyed that, Dear Reader. I’m now going to get back to my scribbling, but hope to be back later in the week with a new LoL post. Until then… Have a Song 😀



A short post, now, Dear Reader. I had to laugh earlier when Cade the Okie Devil of Text US sent me a Juicy Smellitt news story link, via Twitter DM…

Hollywood Reporter Peak Swamp Billboard

*Thank you, Clicky… /pats snout…*

‘Images of the ‘Empire’ actor have been inserted into ads for ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Green Book’ and ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ while an HBO billboard was hijacked for the second time in a month.

‘Two separate groups of conservative provocateurs took their fight against what they call the media’s “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to the streets of Los Angeles early Monday morning, posting phony entertainment ads all over the county.

‘Of the more ambitious efforts, an entire billboard advertising HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver was hijacked so that now the title is: “The Orange Man Bad Show With John Oliver.”

‘The giant billboard at the corner of La Cienega Boulevard and Pico Boulevard has an image of Oliver with a thought bubble cursing the Trump presidency and including the words “racists” and “bigots.” At the bottom of the altered ad is the phrase, “Matrix approved NPC programming.”

‘The endeavor is the second in a series for a secretive group known as The Faction, which in January took over a billboard advertising Real Time With Bill Maher, also an HBO show. Both times, The Faction used “NPC” to belittle the comedians as “non playable characters,” a video game term that has become a conservative meme for media personalities who allegedly work harder at advancing a politically correct narrative than the truth.’

… So I looked up the word ‘La Cienega…

cienega swamp

*/lights up… The road is literally named for Rancho Las Cienegas,”The Ranch Of The Swamps”, Clicky…*

… And then looked up the word ‘Pico’…

pico peak

Dear Reader, the billboard is literally on the corner of ‘Peak Swamp’…

Trump cartoon drain the swamp

*/chortles… That’s a YUGE sync, Clicky…*


*You fink all the political pandering has encouraged over-sensitivity? …/smokes… Could be, Clicky…*

Have a Song, Dear Reader… 😀


UPDATED: 21:54 (so well after ‘watershed‘ 😉 )

Dear Reader, Leggy had a question about the above post…

Leg asks a question

*I didn’t even fink to see where the other billboard was located, Clicky… /lights up… Fank fuck for Legs, eh? …/drags… Oh no offence, sweetie…*



Hollywood Reporter Peak Swamp Other Billboard

*/thinks… I dunno, Clicky… /smokes… What do you fink?*



Holiday Reading

I am on holiday this week, Dear Reader…

holiday (n.)

1500s, earlier haliday (c. 1200), from Old English haligdæg “holy day, consecrated day, religious anniversary; Sabbath,” from halig “holy” (see holy) + dæg “day” (see day); in 14c. meaning both “religious festival” and “day of exemption from labor and recreation,” but pronunciation and sense diverged 16c. As an adjective mid-15c. Happy holidays is from mid-19c., in British English, with reference to summer vacation from school. As a Christmastime greeting, by 1937, American English, in Camel cigarette ads.

*Camel, Kamala is rather tenuous, Clicky… /lights up… At best… /drags… Although I did receive a book… /cough… er, in the post today from Legs…*

*/plumes smoke… No, that’s the first in Leggy’s delightfully demonic series, Clicky. It’s set during the English Civil War and the heroine is a witch called J…*

*No, Jessica. It’s in the title… /smokes contentedly… What kinda wussy name is ‘Jussie’ anyway? …/flicks ash…*

*Not SAMuel’s Girl either… /drags… butt nice catch on that Tweeter’s name… /blows smoke ring… I dunno, Clicky, what with all the Brexit and Trump bashing…/blows another… Mainstream media must take us for mugs…*

Normans House Stash

*Yes! …/final drag… A signed copy of Norman’s House, plus branded mug and magnets arrived today…*

*The Leg Iron Books fridge magnets will come in handy next month… /stubs butt… when I do that open mic reading, Clicky… /bites lip… I’m fucked if I know which of my stories I’m gonna read…*

Arsy Darcy

*It won’t be one of Mum’s stories… /squints… And thanks for the vote of confidence…*

…I’m going to spend my week away from work, at home, writing for the next Underdog Anthology – due out in Spring. I’m also going to be practicing reading aloud for an event. It’s a long story, Dear Reader, and I’ll tell you about it later. In the meantime, have a Song 😀