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Dis’ney Dali on Wednesday…

“I’ve got something for you,” Thoughtful Man greeted me as I shuffled into the Library, carrying a still dozing Poppy in my arms. “And good morning.”

squint 2


*I’ll admit he was surprisingly cheery, Click. Not like him at all*

He was sat at his PC, so I handed the dog off to him and kissed the top of his head, on his Cadfael spot. Thoughtful Man hates that. “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

I went and made a coffee whilst waiting for him to answer: Poppy’s frenetic face washing impedes talking when there’s a better than outside chance you’ll be slipped some tongue.

“What have you got for me then?” I asked, plonking my coffee cup on my desk and my arse on my sofa. “Got a rollie?”

Thoughtful Man smiled, lent over and handed me the fag tin. “Did you know Disney made a cartoon with Salvador Dali?”

The six-minute short follows the love story of Chronos and the ill-fated love he has for a mortal woman named Dahlia. The story continues as Dahlia dances through surreal scenery inspired by Dalí’s paintings. There is no dialogue, but the soundtrack includes music by the Mexican composer Armando Dominguez.

The 17 second original footage that is included in the finished product is the segment with the two tortoises (this original footage is referred to in Bette Midler’s host sequence for The Steadfast Tin Soldier in Fantasia 2000, as an “idea that featured baseball as a metaphor for life”).

“Your sister posted it on Facebook this morning. I thought you could write a post about it.”


*Oh, you wanna believe I squinted at that one, Clicky*

“Write a post? You’re suggesting I write a post?”

Thoughtful Man sighed, “Yes. I am your enabler. I thought you’d find it interesting.” He stopped and gave me his devilish grin. The one with the glint. “And in return, you enable me.”

I knew it

*Yes, your squinting was about to be confirmed, Clicky. And ‘Oww!’*

“I thought I’d go back to bed for a couple of hours.” Thoughtful Man handed Poppy back to me. “She needs to go out for a wee, last night’s washing up is in the sink and downstairs could do with a hoovering.”

He sashayed away, halting only when he reached the Library doorway “Oh and the boys’ll be up soon. They’ll want feeding. Just a couple of hours. Love you.”

I knew it 2

*Clicky… Have a Song*

Bitches Be Crazy

Being a keen universe hopper, it was interesting to read in the news today that Scooby Doo is to get a cinematic reboot… sum thing is usually afoot 😉


SCOOB reboot

*/sticks out tongue… Clicky, I’m parched. Go put the kettle on…*

Mother and Daughters
CLICKY: Right now?

*Yes, please. I need to get upstairs to tend to Thoughtful Man and I really wanna get this done.*


I'll make the tea


Extract from ‘A Family History for Ruth and Julia (Gawd ‘Elp Us!)’, a.k.a. ‘The Ma Papers’ by Judith Eileen Newton (formerly Shewan, née Packer)

The two weeks I spent at a holiday camp with cousin Margaret were great. It was the first time I got drunk. I learned rugby songs and snogged a different bloke every night.

Although I digress, I will tell you this story – while I was at the camp I met a bloke called Tony who lived in Queens Park in London. I continued to go out with him for some time after we got back. He used to stay the night on the sofa in the living room at Elim Estate. We would walk to London Bridge together, so that he could go to work and I could go to school at Euston. It must have looked strange with me in my uniform and this tall, handsome guy kissing me goodbye on the tube.

Then came the day when he frightened me by asking me to marry him. I was still only 15 years old.

His family had moved to Stevenage and he was offered a job on the Blue Streak Rocket on a government facility. This was in the early 60’s when rockets and technology was all the rage, together with the race to enter space. He had been allocated a house to go with the job. He really believed that I would move down there and become a sixteen year old housewife.

Christ! I did not like him that much, although he was very handsome. He looked the spitting image of Anthony Perkins, although I always thought that there was something strange about Anthony Perkins (apart from the fact that he was Norman Bates). I always think that if I had have married him, would I have ever really felt comfortable about taking a shower?

I dumped him of course and was then deluged with phone calls from all his family calling me a bitch and worse. They said he was distraught and they were worried about how he was taking it. Looking back I suppose that it was a bit scary, but in those days I suppose we hadn’t heard about stalking and harassing like you do nowadays.

Maybe I was a bitch? Maybe I am still a bitch and am in denial? No, who am I kidding? I am a bitch, a vital characteristic I have tried to instill in both of my bitches.

It's on bitch

*What? The kettle?*

Roobee decides to give it a whirl
CLICKY: Yes. No, your story’s been accepted for Leg Iron’s book

*Really?! It got in? /claps hands… Hang on, how do you know? You didn’t just use the kettle at Dume Towers, did you?*


*Clicky! Still… I’m gonna be a published author. Oh, mum would be so proud* 😀


*Ugh! Kitten blood! /grimace… Clicky, have a song*