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Yesterday on my Twitter-feed came the story of a woman in the Midlands. She was offended by some advertising.


A gym responsible for an “offensive” billboard poster has replaced it with one described as “even worse” than the original.



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Anti-bullying charity Combat Bullying said the poster, which suggests being “fat & ugly” requires “a cure”, gives fuel for bullies to pick on children.

Charity Martha

*Knot a charity, Click – knot as far as I can tell. Certainly not a registered one. Perhaps ‘charity’ is the BBC’s new term for ‘pressure group’? Although, possibly ‘group‘ is being charitable… certainly calling that a ‘news’ story is… /rolls eyes*

Fit4Less said their advert in Sawley, Derbyshire, is intended to be “light-hearted fun”.

I'm waving at fat

But Natalie Harvey from the charity said it “absolutely disgusts” her.


She said she was bullied from the age of four for having a “ginger afro” and always felt “fat and ugly” herself.

I'm I ginger

*What? No, no Clicky. You’re an inter-dimensional alien space dolphin… you’re as bald as a fucking coot!*

“I don’t understand why we are using these kinds of advertising. It’s almost like shaming people.”


Mrs Harvey said she can deal with the advert as a 39-year-old woman…


…but young or vulnerable people might not be able to.

2.47 billion.gif

*Whoa. That many children and vulnerable people in Sawley, Clicky? Better rip that poster down right now!*


“If it’s near a pub or where adults frequent I’m not bothered, but it’s a big poster outside a family supermarket,” she said.

Imagine That

*I know. An adult-only supermarket, Clicky? That would be fucking awesome… no more screaming brats hogging the sweetie aisle. Of course, pubs used to be adult-only but then they turfed out all of the smokers…*


is it over now

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The research also reveals youngsters who are bullied are almost twice as likely to go on to bully others.


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