From Hair to Eternity…

Or from Phat to Fatuous on the Outrage Express… Hold tight… Ding! Ding!


*Okay then, you can play the conductor, Clicky*


Yesterday on my Twitter-feed came the story of a woman in the Midlands. She was offended by some advertising.


A gym responsible for an “offensive” billboard poster has replaced it with one described as “even worse” than the original.



*Stop smiling, Clicky*

Anti-bullying charity Combat Bullying said the poster, which suggests being “fat & ugly” requires “a cure”, gives fuel for bullies to pick on children.

Charity Martha

*Knot a charity, Click – knot as far as I can tell. Certainly not a registered one. Perhaps ‘charity’ is the BBC’s new term for ‘pressure group’? Although, possibly ‘group‘ is being charitable… certainly calling that a ‘news’ story is… /rolls eyes*

Fit4Less said their advert in Sawley, Derbyshire, is intended to be “light-hearted fun”.

I'm waving at fat

But Natalie Harvey from the charity said it “absolutely disgusts” her.


She said she was bullied from the age of four for having a “ginger afro” and always felt “fat and ugly” herself.

I'm I ginger

*What? No, no Clicky. You’re an inter-dimensional alien space dolphin… you’re as bald as a fucking coot!*

“I don’t understand why we are using these kinds of advertising. It’s almost like shaming people.”


Mrs Harvey said she can deal with the advert as a 39-year-old woman…


…but young or vulnerable people might not be able to.

2.47 billion.gif

*Whoa. That many children and vulnerable people in Sawley, Clicky? Better rip that poster down right now!*


“If it’s near a pub or where adults frequent I’m not bothered, but it’s a big poster outside a family supermarket,” she said.

Imagine That

*I know. An adult-only supermarket, Clicky? That would be fucking awesome… no more screaming brats hogging the sweetie aisle. Of course, pubs used to be adult-only but then they turfed out all of the smokers…*


is it over now

*Yes, no… just one last thing…*

The research also reveals youngsters who are bullied are almost twice as likely to go on to bully others.


Have a Song.


19 thoughts on “From Hair to Eternity…

  1. Also reminds me of Zombieland…
    “The fatties went first.”

    I love the “added bonus” at the bottom of the sign. “SpaceOutdoors” Which is also kindof a “looping” kind of thing as well. But at the same time, “not so looping at all anymore” is it? More and more shit in less and less and fewer and fewer place(s).

    Also…what’s with them fucks cutting down all the greenery? That climbing vine to the left of the sign was beautiful. Did they cut down the bush in front as well? Or is it merely obscured at that angle? There’s a fence there. Do I smell a property dispute of some kind? (Or unkind, as it were) 😉

    I know this…removing the creeping vine along that pole/conduit to the left shows some bricks appear to be crumbling/caving. You can see others to the right of the sign towards the top in the second picture.

    And what’s up with that tree behind the building in the second pic? It looks like it’s having problems as well. Someone hacking the shit out of it so it will “be within city code” or some shit like that? I live in a city named after a tree, that touts itself as a “Tree City USA” city, yet they have building codes where they fine the shit out of you if “your trees and/or bushes are too close to your home.” Last year near Christmas, as I’m thinking about a street here I used to live on called Birchwood, I’m out at night cutting a Holly Bush in Tree City USA city: Mesquite Texas so the city does not fine me because “it’s gotten to big/too tall for a bush and/or too close to the house.” /me shrugs
    (The city cut down a beautiful old tree outside my house two weeks ago for street repair purposes.) 😦

    Lastly…who the FUCK teaches you fucks to park like you do? That second pic? The two cars ass to ass? It’s bad enough you idiots drive on the incorrect side of the road in cars that are “merely the defects that roll of the assembly line where some idiot accidentally put the steering wheel on the wrong side.” 😉

    That said…reminds me of an old “come back” along these lines…
    “I may be fat…but you’re ugly…and I can lose weight.”

    Anything else? 😛

    Mmmmm….hair today….hair tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A stationary vehicle during ingress or egress of the occupants? Yeah…good idea! 😉 (We’re rollin’ now!) 😛

        “Your Rights when it comes to neighbours’ gardens are governed by a number of laws. ”

        ROFL! It get’s better…

        “Unfortunately, the simple fact that your next door neighbour’s garden is unkempt and a bit overgrown is insufficient to enable you to take action unless it’s contravening the law.”

        I see what ‘s REALLY going on here. You assholes spawned the fucking language, but no-one seems to speak it! (Movie: Snatch – Cousin Avi blatant rip)
        Take the “U” out dummies! It’s their house! 😉
        Howdy neighbor!
        Let’s add some real POWER to this. ENGAGE ENERGIZED ENERGETIC ENERGEEE DRIV”E”!
        Neigh-bore! Run electricity to all houses, and ya’ll can be bored together separately!

        May I also suggest…boarding up the windows as well.

        I like messy gardens. They tend to be all bushy and overgrown au naturel! Must be the German in me. Sure a well kept garden has an appeal when we are taught that trimming and hedges = well kept and proper garden. It is what it is. I kinda like it the way it is, whatever that is.

        All kinds of cryptic eh? I’m about as cryptic as I am a fucking monkey.

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          1. That’s just fucking sick. If I wanted to watch monkeys fuck, I’d go to the bathroom and jerk off in front of the mirror.

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  2. I tried posting a comment, but it din seem to werk properly. Should I try again? I mean, beyond this one. I don’t wanna post it again if the orig is being held for admin review or some shit like that. It was kindof a long comment. Long comment? From me? NO WAI!!!!

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  3. Apollyon nicked ‘Hair today, gone tomorrow ‘:-(

    A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with pretty Catherine, who is the flirtiest woman in the world by a mile.

    She’s recently split from her husband and has had a few dates since but finding it hard going. And said ‘What am I meant to do. Be like Miss Havisham and just let my armpit hair go ?’

    And talking of hair and as France has come up for me recently. The actress in Last Tango in Paris had the most enormous bush. There was probably a family of sparrows living in there.

    She needed to fly down to Rio and have a Brazilian.

    Oooh Matron !

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  4. From Urban Dictionary 🙂


    The wierd old bitch in something Charles Dickens wrote. Her husband to be left her at the alter so she stayed in her wedding dress for 70 years. Has a fetish for fucking dead people and watching children play. Generally a fucked up bitch that instead of complaining should be in the kitchen.

    Dave: you seen that fucked up hannah bitch?

    Steve: yer what a havisham

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