Wales with Laughter

“Have you seen this?” Thoughtful Man handed a small fat book. Something had tickled him; there were tears in his eyes.

Passport to the EU

“‘Passport to the European Union’? Where did you get this?” I turned the cover to read ‘This is not a travel document!’. I felt the ‘Duh!’ rise to my lips.

Thoughtful Man grabbed it back, eager to get me to the right place. “It’s Kit’s. He was given it at Junior school. I found it in the drawer. Dated 2012, so probably for the Olympics”. He thumbed through the pages. “Look, start here at the UK and read the famous people listed.”


“David Beckham, Paul McCartney and William Shakespeare. Okay?” I looked up expectantly.

“They’ve also done the same for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. England’s next.” He flipped the page.


I could see his excitement but couldn’t figure out why. “Newton, Rowling and Foster. Scientist, author and architect. That’s a good mix. What’s so funny?”

He winked. “Scotland.”


“Wait.” He hugged the book to his chest and skipped a page. “Now Northern Ireland.” He handed it back to me.

Norn Iron

His obvious mirth was infectious and I started smiling though I didn’t really know why. “Now guess who which famous Welsh people they listed.” He chortled softly.

“Dunno. Dylan Thomas. Richard Burton. Bertrand Russell..?” My eyes skipped down to the page.


“Fireman Sam!” Thoughtful Man could contain the laughter no more and out it bellowed. “Only Fireman Fucking Sam.”

“Only Huw Fucking Edwards! Double whammy!” I could feel the crow’s feet dig into the plumpness of my cheeks, drawing them up tight to make room for the grin that engulfed the the lower half of my face.

“If I were Welsh, I’d be furious. Fireman Sam” Thoughtful Man shook his head. “Ha. I wonder who they put down for Germany”. He wandered off, book in hand.

Oh hello, Clicky, I forgot you were there. Have a Song…