Read, Amber… GO!

I’ve got a day’s leave today, Dear Reader, and it’s absolutely pissing down outside, so here’s a shamble to start the week. This morning I read Amber had gone. Here’s a summary…

…And she’s been replaced with a Malteser

*Whoa! …/lights up… That’s some manspreadin’ he’s got going on there for the cameras… /drags deeply… Maybe it’s where he stashes his packet… /blows… There’ll be outrage…*

Still, us Wimminvolk are fortunate indeed that there’s a female politician, brobdingnagian in stature, just waiting in the wings and poised to take his remit firmly in hand…

*/guffaws… car-crash in slow motion… /drags… Not exactly quick on her feet, Clicky… /blows smoke ring… I wonder if she’s considered changing her stance? …/flicks ash…*

Whether or not Amber’s departure will lead to an irreparable loss of confidence in top politician bitch, and another General Election…


*Fuck ’em! …/final drag… All of ’em… /streams smoke… Regardless of sex, politicians are a bunch of cunts…*


*True… /stubs butt…*

Dear Reader, enjoy your week and… have a Song 😉

137: Pointlessly Exercised

Seams, Dear Reader, that the Dez Rez Prez of Trump Town is to pay a visit to Old Blighty on 137

*Cool vid… /lights up… Hey, Clicky, didn’t I see sumfin ’bout spoons earlier? …/drags…*

*Sounds like a good idea… /exhales smoke… Butt it DON’t say ‘working visits’…/coughs… He probably DON’t have to go through those detector thingies anyway… /taps ash…*

*Heh! …/reflects on curling smoke… You know, I used to go out with a Gareth Jones, Clicky… /drags… 1985… Year of Five Boyfriends… /streams smoke… He came from Wales…*

Kit Chien Sink

*Oh fuck yeah! …/grins… He gave me a loving spoon… /slurps cherry Coke… Still got it, overlooking the Kit Chien sync…*

… Sew, I was chatting to my friend and Welsh Dragon publisher, Leggy, about the visit last night on Twitter…

Roob and Legs convo 1

*Flashback eh, Clicky? …/drags…*

Merovee selfie 090315 Roob telling Vik Roof was robbed

*…/blows smoke… The burglars were much tidier than the car thieves… /flicks ASH…*


Roob and Legs convo 2Roob and Legs convo 3Roob and Legs convo 4

*/shakes head… Funny how he’s all up for exercising ‘free speech’ when it comes to stuff… /final drag… he don’t like himself… /expels smoke…*

Roob and Legs convo 5Roob and Legs convo 6

*/stubs butt… If the mercury’s rising, Clicky… /rolls eyes…*

UAV About Roob page Mercury Rising

*Ah! …/beams… Nice way to promote Underdog Anthology V, Clicky… /pats snout…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song 😉




Missive From ‘Merica: A Pollo Yonder

SUNDAY AFTERNOON – i.e. yesterday, quite late in the afternoon…

Ironing done and I was chatting to Cade via Twitter DM

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 1

I’d been over at Red Frank’s Merovee sight, watching a documentary about a woman with 7 personalities and posting comets, when Cade sent through a link to his latest at The Unseen Synchro. I read it straightaway…

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 2

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 3.1

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 3.2

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 3.3

Pliedes goo girl No 1 answer

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 3.4

Apollo  Olympian deity, god of music, poetry, medicine, etc., later identified with Helios, the sun god; the name is a Latin form of Greek Apollon, which is of uncertain origin. Beekes, after considering the alternatives, concludes, “In spite of repeated attempts, there is no IE etymology. … The name is probably Pre-Greek, and Hitt. Appaliunaš, mentioned in a treaty between Alaksandus of Wilusa and the Hittite king, may well be the Pre-Greek proto-form Apal’un.” The U.S. space program ran from 1961 to 1972.

yonder (adv.)  “within sight but not near,” c. 1300, from Old English geond “throughout, up to, as far as” (see yond) + comparative suffix -er (2). Cognate with Middle Low German ginder, Middle Dutch gender, Dutch ginder, Gothic jaindre. Now replaced except in poetic usage by ungrammatical that.

090717 Sunday afternoon Cade and Roob 4


<I.D. Under – Genericide – Genericide 1989>

X: You lost everything?

Cade: Yep.

Z: Everything?

Cade: 😐

Z: That’s no kind of answer.

Cade: Don’t change the subject.

Z: I will if I want to.

Cade: Fair enough.

Z: But…

Cade: I got nothing.

0: I could say…”you can say that again”…but I’m not going to.

T: I will.

Cade: Thanks.

B: I have a suggestion.

Cade: I’m all ears.

B: Why is that you think we don’t talk much.

Cade: Prolly because you’re dead.

B: But you didn’t know that until years after I had already died.

Cade: It doesn’t matter to me.

B: I don’t matter to you?

Cade: Not really.

B: That sounds awful hateful. AWFUL hateful.

Cade: If we weren’t buddies, pals or friends in life…why should that change just because you are dead?

B: You enjoyed my films?

Cade: Sure. Plenty of people enjoyed your films. Doesn’t make me want to chase you down for an autograph.

B: Now…you weren’t thinking about me there…were you.

Cade: Yeah…I was, but also someone else.

B: Under what context(s).

Cade: Stalkers…I believe is the popular parlance.

B: Catchy. Prolly sells a lot of newspapers and advertising space.

Cade: Do I really appear that glum and/or sardonic?

B: That would be sardonically ironic…wouldn’t it?

Cade: Sardonic thoughts, towards “media”…while talking to the ghost of an actor. Hmmm…yep.

B: What was…

Cade: NO!!! I won’t do it.

B: Why not.

Cade: Are you your name?

B: Not completely.

Cade: Well…there you go. We all have our reasons…don’t we?

Z: Leading questions are prohibited, banned, illegal and/or highly frowned upon.

Cade: lolz…That ought to about cover it.

0: So…let me get this straight. You’ll admit, to conversing with the ghost of a well known film actor…but you refuse to name names?

Cade: What the fuck good would that do?

B: No such thing as bad press.

Cade: lolz…welp…I ain’t in the mood for discussing the concept of remorse, prior to actually having a fucking reason for being remorseful.

X: Better safe that sorry…is that it?

Cade: You want me to call you on breaking your own rule(s) and/or established social pleasantries?

X: Only if you feel it necessary. 😉

Cade: K…well…I lost every fucking thing that I wrote…and I ain’t happy about it. Fair enough?

T: Lemme give it a think, and I’ll get back to you.

Cade: Thanks.

T: No problem.

X: Anything else.

Cade: I guess only…erm…everything else?

X: We’ll see.

Cade: You’re all about the multi-threading…I get that.

X: Do you?

Cade: Not really…but kinda…yeah. Not much to get really.

0: Now that’s just not nice.

Cade: So much for the effectiveness of multi-threading, eh?

0: I’m gonna reserve judgement for now.

Cade: Lemme know what you come up with.

X: …rawr…

<I.D. Under – Police State – The Lords of Nothing 1986>
cYa | cFa
<I.D. Under – Song X – Genericide 1989>


Later that night…

090717 Cade and Roob play 20 questions

It was a shot in the dark, probably due to Legs sending me a tweet the night before…

Cade agreed to my suggestion and over the next couple of hours, I found out that B, from the missive above, is the ghost of a famous, male, American actor who has played the lead in his films. He died in the 21st century but not of suicide, accident or disease. No leading roles as soldier or cop, nor an Oscar win under his belt (probably – B wasn’t telling and Cade refused to look him up. I actually used a question up with “Can’t you look him up on Wiki?” */sigh…*).

Amazing Wendy with Horns

Oh and the first letter of B‘s surname is a letter between M and Z…

090717 Cade and Roob play 20 questions end

That was Sunday, Dear Reader. If you think you know who B is, please feel free pop a comet down below. And until next time… Have a Song 😉

Oh Boe! Dog Sitting Day: A Clicky-Led Shamble

Okay Clicky, you’re fidgeting. I know it’s strange having to take a Tuesday off just for dog sitting but what’s on your mind? You can tell Roobee…

Uh-huh… we watched that episode last night together… Hark! That was a clever twist, Capt Jack is the Face of Boe… 😉

Heh! I hope you’ve got a whole wardrobe full of coats, my friend, ‘cos I’m in punny mood this morning… Was it the mention of vanity that’s piquing at your brain? 

Abel masc. proper name, in Old Testament, second son of Adam and Eve, from Hebrew Hebhel, literally “breath,” also “vanity.”

Abel? He was the meat eater, wasn’t he? The other one was the Veggie…

Frank Davis Is Meat Murder

Oh I quite agree, Clicky, these machine politicians are quite ugly in their zeal to transform the world into their own image…

vanity (n.)c. 1200, “that which is vain, futile, or worthless,” from Old French vanite “self-conceit; futility; lack of resolve” (12c.), from Latin vanitatem (nominative vanitas) “emptiness, aimlessness; falsity,” figuratively “vainglory, foolish pride,” from vanus “empty, vain, idle” (see vain). Meaning “self-conceited” in English is attested from mid-14c. Vanity table is attested from 1936. Vanity Fair is from “Pilgrim’s Progress” (1678).

Idle? There’s a man who has a theory about that 😉 He wrote me an email…

“Thanks for leaving a link to Idle Theory. It is indeed “very Benthamesque”. But I replaced the greatest happiness for the greatest number with the greatest idleness for the greatest number. Idleness is (in principle) a measurable quantity, while happiness is not. I suppose I think of ‘happiness’ as being ‘happen-ness’ or ‘what happens’, and it’s only in their idle time that people are open to anything ‘happening’ in a ‘happy’ way. The rest of the time they’re too busy doing something more or less completely determined. Something like that, anyway.”

So thoughtful of him to reply and elucidate… you could have chosen a better image though, Click, those boots look like they could do with a clean…

Oh this is about that tweet we clicked *smirk* on this morning…

Vanity Fair KK Public Orgasm

I spent a lot of time shambling K2 last year, Clicky… it was before I realised you even existed 😉

Ha! Clicky, The first British film idol that pops up in that series of films is CAINE…

My name is Michael Caine

idol (n.)mid-13c., “image of a deity as an object of (pagan) worship,” from Old French idole “idol, graven image, pagan god,” from Late Latin idolum “image (mental or physical), form,” used in Church Latin for “false god,” from Greek eidolon “appearance, reflection in water or a mirror,” later “mental image, apparition, phantom,” also “material image, statue,” from eidos “form” (see -oid). Figurative sense of “something idolized” is first recorded 1560s (in Middle English the figurative sense was “someone who is false or untrustworthy”). Meaning “a person so adored” is from 1590s.

Steady on now, Clicky, I’m pretty sure any Shadow Pharming Minister, would be appalled at that suggestion…

Oh there’s no talking to you today *rolls eyes* … Have a Song…