For the Win

“There’s a postcard here for you.”

Thoughtful Man stood on the doorstep, fist full of mail and an impish grin on his face. He handed me the postcard, picture side up.

I looked at him quizzically. “For me?” Who would send me a postcard?

Missouri Postcard

“Missouri? I don’t know anyone in Missouri.” The doorstep was bathed in afternoon sunlight but the squint I gave him was of the confused variety. I turned it over.

Missouri Postcard message

“Err…” My squint narrowed with suspicion. “Since when have I been Mrs W Hayward, Haywald – is Haywald even a name?”

Still grinning, Thoughtful Man plucked the card from my grasp. “The address is right and you are Win.”

“How do you make that out?” I could barely see him I was squinting so hard. “When have I ever been Win?”

Thoughtful Man’s expression of faux-shock would have worked but for the corners of his mouth, which twitched upwards. “When you won my heart and I agreed to marry you.”

amy eye roll.gif

*Tell me about it, Click*

“Yes, well not withstanding the fact that I’m the luckiest woman in the world, the postcard isn’t for me.”

“Are you sure?” Thoughtful Man squinted himself now as he tried to make out the handwriting. “‘Dear Win, in Mo now, got in last night although my case didn’t arrive’. Oh no! Missing baggage!”

I snatched the card back from the chortling bugger and read it to myself. “‘Love M xxx’. Funny, similar handwriting to Mum’s. What’s this? ‘Harry S Truman Home and Library’. Hmm…”

“Uh oh. I don’t like the sound of that ‘hmm’,” Thoughtful Man said with a sagging voice. “What does ‘hmm’ mean? Are you going to be up all night writing?”

“Possibly.” I winked. “You did say the postcard was for me.”

That’s one way to wipe the grin off his face.


come on then sexy

*/rolls eyes… Well, Clicky, I was wondering what country is twinned with Missouri.*

Last night I read a fascinating post at Zero Hedge. I sent it on to my probing friend, Hugo. Big on the old nuclear connections is Hugo … No, Clicky, just the pix; no hidden extras this time, please*

roobee DMs Hugo unseen


Missouri twinned with Denmark

*Thank you*

I may not know anyone travelling to Missouri, but I do know somebody that’s presently holidaying in Denmark, and, to paraphrase Shakespeare, ‘feeling rotten in the state in Denmark‘…

Underdog rotten with man-flu

The Underdog himself…

loading wait

*That’s right, Clicky, not only does the postcard feature the home and library of the only US President to approve the use of nuclear weapons in conflict, he was also…*

Truman’s 1948 election upset to win a full term as president has often been invoked by later ‘underdog‘ presidential candidates.

Amy surprised

*Ha! Score for the win, Clicky… oh hang on, M could also mean… /eyes widen…*

Have a Song.




20 thoughts on “For the Win

  1. Something’s been blown up :-).

    And yes – it’s going nuts again 🙂 As you say spoilers .

    So it goes – and where it’s going no one knows.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Making Your life a Missouri” Lma0′ ahaha that’s toooo cute RooBeeDoo. What a strange postcard. . have you been giving any thought on sending one off to some random destination ; ) ???

    Liked by 1 person

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