Wednesday Morning Music Works

I have been doing other things. Different things. So I haven’t visited the LoL much in recent days…

Okay then, Clicky, over a week.

And I confess my lack of shambling was playing on my mind when I jumped into Thoughtful Man’s van for the journey to work this morning. This is the route we normally take…

route to work

We like to go via the seafront because it’s a much pleasanter drive than negotiating the traffic and barmy light system through the centre of town. The accompanying music was selected randomly by Thoughful Man, from a CD he’d made himself for the previous weekend’s shifts.

“Thank fuck!” I thought, as he started pressing buttons. Local radio is utterly banal, full of unreasonably chirpy presenters, repetitive traffic updates and government sponsored ads intent on telling us how we should live.

Point A – Song No.1: Rock DJ by Robbie Williams


1. (Informal) a state of total disorder. “my career was in a shambles

2. a butcher’s slaughterhouse (archaic except in place names): “the shambles where the animals were slaughtered”
Rock DJ Meat Market 1
3. A shamble (also called a shambles) is a handmade device used by witches to detect or amplify magic. It can even be used for protection or to send a spell.

Discworld, Clicky, yes and its inhabitants riding it. I hadn’t talked to him about those thoughts at all – how did he know?

“I’ll post a shambles tonight.” I decided, as I bobbed my head in time to the music. But where? Here, at the LoL, or on Sync Miss For Him?

Point B – Song No.2: The Look of Love by ABC

Look of Love… Library of Libraries… LOL. I had my answer 😉 Not only that, but Hugo brought up Lexicon on the latest Merovee post, just a few hours earlier…

Merovee Hugo brings up Lexicon

Lexi tells her parents she’s wise to the con and the ABC album housing the song. The journey had been smooth and I enjoyed singing along. That’s probably why Thoughtful Man decided the dial should be spun.

Point C – Song No.3: You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive

You Spin Me Right Round Cross

Cross, Clicky? Not at Thoughtful Man; he has an aversion to listening to a song all the way through. I don’t think it’s just my singing 😉 But lots of things do make me cross these days.

Which brings us to…

Point D – Song No.4 – Something About You by Level 42

You betcha, Clicky! We were still Kinging it as we pulled up outside Point E 😀

Heigh Ho Clicky! Have a Song…