The Junkie, the Nanny and Doctor Hoo,’K?

I started posting knot-eyes of a sync over at MEROVEE yesterday. Frank in the Red Universe is having A Quantum Leap of Faith

Merovee bones

CLICK: Dry Bones.

*Yes, Clicky, I stopped it there because you were about to add a Song…*

*/squint… ‘Then somebody hangs up when you answer the phone’. That’s a very personal sync, as you are well aware. Hey, hey, where you going? Clicky?!*

Popping out for a bit

CLICKY: We’re out of milk.

*OK bye, then! I’ll just put this all together myself, SHALL I?! /rolls eyes… I hope I haven’t lost my train of thought… /cracks knuckles…*


A Void posted the other day about mounting Superstitions and a dead Head in ariZOna:

A Void Arizona

Oh hello! Do I see mention of Brandon Lee?  That would be Professor Crowe that Click spotted… “We’re out of milk”. My arse!

And Vann? That syncs with my other Doctor, Shiny Sheldon… NAVigator.

Mail headlines

We’ve been to Arizona, Thoughtful Man and I. Back before boys were ever on the scene. We based ourselves in Phoenix at a hotel called The Buttes. Americans love a British accent unless you tell them that you staying in their butts. Then they look on you with disgust. We found that out upon arrival, passing through Immigration.


Enter Legs with news of a really disgusting death.

Yesterday brought news of another dead head. A baby one, a seed. This time in mOZcow:

Moscow Baby Head

Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station received its name from Khodynka Field, a nearby locality which was known as October Field during Soviet Rule. Khodynka takes it’s name from a river and was the site of the first Russian powered flight. It became a regular airfield, in use through the late 1980s. The Russian National Air & Space Museum is at Khodynka.

Mail headlines 2

Most recently on MEROVEE, we’ve been syncing underground

Merovee Everyone can go to hell

… and trains.

Merovee you're waiting for a train

Nanny taken down at the entrance to the underground.

Oh NO, Nanny‘s Named PersON

State Property

Mail headlines 3

Ah Scotland, policy test bed for so many London-based governments, the geographical head of the United Kingdom. The Romans tried to decapitated it…

Hadrian's Wall

…the SNP nearly pulled it off in 2014. No doubt they’ll try again but in the meantime they are developing their own policies for export.

The BASE jumper died by Sy Phon Draw…

word-forming element meaning “together with, jointly; alike; at the same time,” also sometimes completive or intensive, from Greek syn (prep.) “with, together with, along with, in the company of,” from PIE *ksun-“with” (cognates: Russian so-“with, together,” from Old Russian su(n)-). Assimilated to -l-, reduced to sy- before -s- and -z-, and altered to sym- before -b-, -m- and -p-. Since 1970s also with a sense of “synthetic.”

word-forming element meaning “voice, sound,” also “speaker of,” from Greek phone“voice, sound,” from PIE root *bha- (2) “to speak, say, tell” (cognates: Latin for, fari“to speak,”fama“talk, report;” see fame (n.)).

Now where was I before Clicky threw a spanner into my works? /taps teeth…

fame (n.) early 13c., “character attributed to someone;” late 13c., “celebrity, renown,” from Old French fame“fame, reputation, renown, rumor” (12c.), from Latinfama“talk, rumor, report; reputation, public opinion; renown, good reputation,” but also “ill-fame, scandal, reproach,” from PIE root *bha- (2) “to speak, tell, say” (cognates: Sanskrit bhanati“speaks;” Latin fari“to say,”fabula“narrative, account, tale, story;” Armenian ban, bay“word, term;” Old Church Slavonic bajati“to talk, tell;” Old English boian“to boast,”ben“prayer, request;” Greek pheme“speech, voice, utterance, a speaking, talk,”phone “voice, sound,”phanai “to speak;” Old Irish bann “law”).

The goddess Fama was the personification of rumor in Roman mythology. The Latin derivative fabulare was the colloquial word for “speak, talk” since the time of Plautus, whence Spanish hablar.

I’ve always been afraid I was going to tap the world on the shoulder for 20 years, and when it finally turned around I was going to forget what I had to say. [Tom Waits, “Playboy” magazine interview, March, 1988]

There was plenty of rumour and speculation leading up this weekend’s Famefestathon, the OZcars… Not only who would win awards but what the host, Chris Rock, was going to say?

A different kind of racism

CLICKY: Back… I had to go to the Blue Universe


*You took your time, Click. I’m just getting on to our OZcar win*


inside out

posted knot-eyes at ‘Quantum Leap of Faith’ in the Red Universe.

Roobee mentions oscar win

*Great movie, Clicky, we should watch it again. Let me make myself a coffee first… /returns with look of disgust… I thought you went off to get some milk…*