On The Lash: Mythophrenic Fugee

*/shakes lighter… Actually, Clicky, the word he uses is ‘fugue‘… /lights up…*


*/puffs contemplatively… I know! Let’s do this selfie style, Clicky… /flicks ASH… Did you know the first selfie is attributed to a Robert…?*

John Lamb Lash posted a new video yesterday, Dear Reader. I told my friends Poppy, Legs and Cade about it before turning in for the night…

Roob tells the guys about the new John Lamb Lash video before bed

… Clicky and I had been shambling it in the Red universe on MEROVEE, on Frank‘s latest post: ‘Boys Toys‘… Here are the selfies… This one is Clicky…

Clicky Boys Toys Selfie 1Clicky Boys Toys Selfie 2

*’Offensive’ image…/final drag…*

*’Offensive’ product… /streams smoke…*

*Going on the offensive… /stubs butt… Ah, Clicky, you’re so pretty… /pats snout…*

… This is me replying to Clicky…

Roobee Boys Toys 1Roobee Boys Toys 2Roob and Clicky Boys Toys Selfie 3

*You photobombed me? …/:O… Cheek!*

Lucy smoked Chesterfields too

*Interference? …/squints… knot listed… Hmm…*

*Cade listened to talks 39 – 41 with me the other evening, Clicky… /flicks lighter… At least he didn’t fall asleep… /lights up…*

… And this one, Dear Reader, is of me and Clicky…

Roob and Clicky Boys Toys Selfie 4

*Yeah, this spell Lashy’s gonna weave… /licks lips… Forwards/\Backwards with yarn… /drags… And Loops…*

Freddie Prinze Jrs Fred

Sew there you go – last night’s synchromystic fugue through the medium of selfies. Not sure about Lashy’s killing spell, butt… I guess we’ll find out… In the meantime, c/o Cade’s birthday post for his daughter… 18 today ūüėÄ


…Have a Song… ‚̧

Doesn’t Matter If…

othello game

Shake Sphere’s Othello has made the news headlines, Dear Reader. Well, it is the silly season

snoopy tongues.gif


…A cryptic remark in a freudulent conversation…

black (adj.)Old English¬†bl√¶c¬†“absolutely dark, absorbing all light, the color of soot or coal,” from Proto-Germanic¬†*blakaz¬†“burned” (source also of Old Norse¬†blakkr“dark,” Old High German¬†blah¬†“black,” Swedish¬†bl√§ck¬†“ink,” Dutch¬†blaken¬†“to burn”), from PIE¬†*bhleg-¬†“to burn, gleam, shine, flash” (source also of Greek¬†phlegein¬†“to burn, scorch,” Latin¬†flagrare¬†“to blaze, glow, burn”), from root¬†*bhel- (1)¬†“to shine, flash, burn.”

white (adj.)¬†Old English¬†hwit¬†“bright, radiant; clear, fair,” also as a noun (see separate entry), from Proto-Germanic¬†*hwitaz¬†(source also of Old Saxon and Old Frisian¬†hwit, Old Norse¬†hvitr, Dutch¬†wit, Old High German¬†hwiz, German¬†wei√ü, Gothic¬†hveits), from PIE¬†*kweid-o-, suffixed form of root¬†*kweit-¬†“white; to shine” (source also of Sanskrit¬†svetah¬†“white;” Old Church Slavonic¬†sviteti¬†“to shine,”¬†svetu¬†“light;” Lithuanian¬†Ň°viesti¬†“to shine,”¬†svaityti¬†“to brighten”).¬†

*Ah ‘Shining Words‘, Clicky… /thinks… and forwards and backwards…*

The game¬†Reversi¬†was invented in 1883 by either of two Englishmen (each claiming the other a fraud), Lewis Waterman¬†or John W. Mollett (or perhaps earlier by someone else entirely), and gained considerable popularity in England at the end of the nineteenth century.¬†The game’s first reliable mention is in the August twenty-first 1886 edition of¬†The Saturday Review. Later mention includes an 1895 article in¬†The New York Times: “Reversi is something like¬†Go Bang, and is played with 64 pieces.”

In 1893, the German games publisher Ravensburger started producing the game as one of its first titles. Two 18th-century continental European books dealing with a game that may or may not be Reversi are mentioned on page fourteen of the Spring 1989 Othello Quarterly, and there has been speculation, so far without documentation, that the game has older origins.

Let’s go back a bit… to Friday and a DM conversation with Cade about Washington DC…

Cade and Roob convo Friday evening

… Creativity and physics

Cade and Roob convo Friday evening 2

snoopy stamps

*Um… Knot that kinda stamps, Clicky…*

Cade and Roob convo Friday evening 3

*I was thinking of his “how many apples” example…”

Cade and Roob convo Friday evening 4

*Orange (c/o Stephen King via Dick Halloran) is the smell of Shining, Clicky…*

*Clicky,¬†Orange wasn’t used as a colour name until the 1540s…/looks smug…*

Flaming Orange

*/squints… The end of the world as we know it?*

snoopy sticks

*You wanna go? Oh okay… /rolls eyes… I suppose it is getting late…*

Dear Reader, this post is far too long without even being close to being finished. I haven’t touched on Leggy’s one finger apple trick, demonstrated in Frank’s Smoky Drinky bar on Saturday night…

funny mummy

*Or the movie I watched on Sunday night…*

Another time then, Dear Reader. So for now, have a Song…


Riding Stanley Kubrick

Feeling a little poorly on Saturday evening, I went to bed and¬†watched the movie, ‘Passengers’…

It’s not a great movie, one where the trailer tells you pretty much all you need to know. One thing, though, that I did find interesting was the inclusion of The Shining’s Gold Room…

*Yeah, I took a double take when I saw that, too, Clicky…*


*”You look like a whisky man” …/rolls eyes…*

I supposed it was done on purpose, as an homage to Stanley Kubrick, a fact that was confirmed yesterday when I happened across a post on the subject at ‘Twilight Language‘.¬†The post also brings up the odd coincidence that Michael Sheen’s (Arthur, the android bartender on the Avalon) father earns a living as a looky-likey for Jack Nicholson.

One glaring omission¬†though is that the lead female¬†character, Aurora Lane, like Jack Torrance in The Shining, is a writer…

Passengers 7

This shouldn’t be overlooked (pun intended) as, also, from the TL post:

‘Via Twitter, I bemoaned to¬†Alex Fulton at Crypto-Kubrology Twitter that “modern Cryptokubrology is frustrating when Shining scenes are in new films w/out sync-reasoning.”

‘To which Fulton¬†replied that “modern films w/ 237s inserted… hard not to assume the filmmakers just being clever. Pre-Shining 237s are where it gets weird.”‘

One of my favourite films about writing is the Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan¬†film ‘The Shop Around the Corner’…

The Shop Around the Corner is a 1940 American romantic comedy film produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch and starring Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart and Frank Morgan. The screenplay was written by Samson Raphaelson based on the 1937 Hungarian play Parfumerie by Mikl√≥s L√°szl√≥. Eschewing regional politics in the years leading up to World War II, the film is about two employees at a leathergoods shop in Budapest who can barely stand each other, not realizing they’re falling in love as anonymous correspondents through their letters.

The film was remade in 1998 as ‘You’ve Got Mail’. I love this version too, and features the actress Jean Stapleton, who plays Birdie…

And this connects back to The Shining as Stapleton Airport is the one Dick Halloran flies into on this way to the Overlook hotel…

Dick Halloran calls ahead from Stapleton Airport

*Incidently, Clicky, Stansted Airport in Essex was used as the location for the interior scene at Stapleton Airport…*

Passengers also has a character, a black man, that comes to rescue and subsequently dies – Laurence Fishburne… Morpheus of The Matrix fame…

Starting in the medieval period, the name Morpheus began to stand generally for the god of dreams or of sleep.

Passengers 2

Anyhoo, I think that’s enough for tonight, Dear Reader, so I will finish on a Song…

Step Outside…

Last night, and again today, Red Universe Frank made comment¬†about Captain Oates of the ill-fated Scott expedition to reach the South Pole, together with a clip from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’…


… Meanwhile Blue Universe Frank penned another fine essay on the group of people who were ordered to¬†go outside on 1st July 2007…

*It’s certainly gonna be sometime before¬†I venture back inside a pub, Clicky…/takes angry puff…*

Last year, I revisited ‘The Shining’, in Forwards/\Backwards mode…

CLICK: Rubix Kubrick

*Alright, I’m getting to it, Clicky… /taps ash…*

… And this week I watched film by another great film Director, Oliver Stone

Oh course, I heard about Edward Snowden, read and posted about the whistleblower at the time he outed himself, but was especially taken with a pivotal scene in the movie. One where he decisively steps outside

GUARD 1: Hey!

SNOWDEN: Did you ever play with one of these?

GUARD 1: Yeah when I was a kid.

SNOWDEN: Yeah. You should try it. It’s hard.

GUARD 1: I can’t figure this out.

GUARD 2: I don’t know about this.

SNOWDEN: You’ve got to start with the white cross actually and then you do the corners.

GUARD 1: Ahh… Oh man look, I love these things. Hey, have a good weekend.

SNOWDEN: You too buddy.

*What does he remind you off, Clicky? …/lights up… The kid from ‘Third Rock From the Sun‘… As he’s walking out…*


*/stubs butt… Knot the other one?*


*/shrugs… Suit yourself… /Checks time… Shit! It’s nearly time for ‘Sherlock’, Clicky… *

Due to unforeseen, technical reasons, Dear Reader, this shamble is now terminating… Many¬†Apol! Loogies

*/rushes away…*



A Handful of Spunk


“Whatcha doing?”

I didn’t turn round to answer Thoughtful Man as I was trying not to lose focus. “Taking photos.”

“No, I can see that,” he said with his usual air of exasperation. “What are you photographing and why?”


“Oh, it’s a¬†sweetie present Poppy sent me,” I said. “It’s for a LoL post.”

“What?” he asked with his usual air of confusion. “Da baby leaves us presents but they ain’t so sweet,” he continued in a baby sing-song voice.

Now I was confused so turned round to see him holding our darling dooshund, Poppy. He was obviously addressing her with the cutesy tone. She could obviously smell something tasty, as she was attempting to dig her way out from under his arm to get to me.

“Ah, not Popstar here, Leggy’s girlfriend Poppy from Denmark… she’s sent me some Spunk. Would you like to try some?” I asked innocently.

“No thanks,” he said¬†wrinkling his nose. “Spunk? Have you tried them yet?”



I adopted a serious expression. “Well, they’re hard jellies. The fruity flavoured ones are nice but got stuck in my throat. I’m afraid I spat the salty liquorice one out,” I reported.

Thoughtful Man looked at me intently. “So you both spit and swallow Spunk,” he said slowly, “and you’re going to tell everyone this in a post?”

“Yes,” I said with a vigorous nod. “She also sent me some pipes¬†in¬†a handy travel pack.”


“Oh for god’s sake,” he sighed with his usual air of¬†weariness,¬†turning to leave with the pooch. “Ploppy and I are off the bed. Have fun with your sex and smoking whatever…”


I also received an image of a book this morning, from MEROVEE Frank


And then a tweet caught my attention…

So I opened it and read the mined lines



*I saw that, Clicky… the Librarian has an understanding of the power of ¬†L-Space…*

prestigious (adj.)1540s, “practicing illusion or magic, deceptive,” from Latin praestigious “full of tricks,” from praestigiae “juggler’s tricks,” probably altered by dissimilation from praestrigiae, from praestringere “to blind, blindfold, dazzle,” from prae “before” (see pre-) + stringere “to tie or bind” (see strain (v.)). Derogatory until 19c.; meaning “having dazzling influence” is attested from 1913 (see prestige). Related: Prestigiously; prestigiousness.’

I’d¬†seen and listened to ‘The Strain‘ just last night…


*Ah, Clicky… SA Vile… They really went to town on him after he was dead¬†and unable to¬†mount a defence…*


Thoughtful Man and Poppy returned from their afternoon nap. I was glued to my screen, constructing my post.

“Are you still at it?” he asked dumping the dog on my lap before taking his customary place in the Library.

“Hmm? Yes… did you have a good sleep?”

Thoughtful Man yawned and set Clicky to work. “No, the bitch took up most of the bed. Did you see that a train crashed in New York earlier?”

I looked up startled – I’d just been looking at a train video. “No. I’ve been doing this. What happened?” I opened a tab to check the news.


*Hobo Ken… is that like tramp knowledge… Street smarts, Clicky? …/thinks… Have a Song…*


Moonday Meander…


*Clicky, what are you doing? That’s the last gif in the sequence, not first… /thinking eye tremor… You cheeky bugger! …/squint…*


*:O… Alright then clever clogs, you do it…*





*Hey, that’s cheating, I already posted that one… oh no, similar… carry on…*



*Ha! I know I¬†posted Dick’s furious windscreen wipers… Shit, knot the same one¬†either…*



*Yeah, alright, that’s pretty good… Damn… /thinks… Hey Clicky, look squirrel!*


“Wake up!” said voice and hand in perfect synchronicity. The former, gruffly, and the latter shakily.

“Wha…I’m not sleeping,” I stated, less than convincingly. “I’m listening with my eyes shut.”

Thoughtful Man and I were¬†watching¬†‘X Men Apocalypse‘. Well, he was, I’d fallen asleep.

“You were bloody snoring.” He turned round to look at me. “You and the pup in harmony. It was more entertaining than that pile of crap.”

I shift up into a sitting position, careful not to disturb the snoozing dachshund by my side She looked so peaceful lying under the quilt, with just her head poking out, resting on my pillow. Like a human.

“No good?” I yawned.

Thoughtful Man looked at me. “You’re the one that fell asleep, you tell me,” he drawled.

I lent over and plucked a rollie from the box of home-mades on the bed. “At least you managed to stay awake,” I said lighting it.

“My¬†eyelids did flutter for a bit,” he said turning his attention back to the tv. “But¬†you and Poppy kept me awake. The boys are bathed and in bed, by the way.”

I kissed the top of his head, picked up my iPad and clocked the time. Still earlyish; I started idling through my emails.

“Ooh, ‘Young Ones’!” Thoughtful Man cried out and stopped clicking the remote. He faced me again, this time with screwed up his eyes, “I know this one…¬†first season, last episode. ‘Flood’.”

Even though we’d caught the¬†programme near the end, he still got it. And so we watched¬†the seminal comedy of our youth, and oh how I LOLled…

*Enjoy that did you, Clicky? That Foamy, what a wheeze… do you want to carry on with what you were doing now? You’re doing a bang up job… /raises thumbs…*


*… /waits… Is that it? Anymore? …/squints… *


Many apols, Dear Reader. On behalf of Clicky and I, please accept a Song…


Sat ‘Ere Day, Musing…



*Hall Ran? LOL, Clicky… That’s from ‘Love and Monsters‘ first broadcast on Saturday 17th June 2006, watched by 6,66 million viewers…*

Sumthing… Old…

Last night I¬†reread… looked over… and then tweeted out an old post of my good friend Legs Eleven…



Sumthing… New…

From the Old Lady of Threadneedle street – the UK has a brand new¬†fiver. It’s still blue ūüėČ Thoughtful Man got one last night whilst out working, and showed it to me this morning. It’s shiny and can survive a battering


*What? …/innocent face*

Mrs Reign one side, smoker Winnie¬†on t’other…¬†see-through window…


*Saturn 5… I guess Big Ben does look a bit like a rocket, Clicky…*

Sumthing… Borrowed


*/shows empty hands… Clicky, you’re on your own for this one…*


*Knot a waffle man then, Clicky? …/arches eyebrow…*


*Clicky, you realise ‘toast‘ – ‘to brown with heat’ derives from ‘terrain’ – ‘piece of earth’?*


*/rolls eyes…*

Sumthing… Blew

*/stretch… Last one… I’ve passed tense now, Clicky… we’ll get this out before the end of Saturday…*




*I suppose with bad comes good and with good comes bad, Clicky… we just have to make the best of it… /shrugs… *

*Really?! Oh for fucks sake, Clicky, couldn’t you get a better Song?*

*Much better… /blows kiss…*