Where the seats have no name…

Previously at the LoL
CLICKY: Top Trump! Stop, wait…

*Hey thanks, Clicky! I should have included Thoughtful Man’s favourite movie quote in that post…*

At my signal unlease hell

*No, the other one…*

*’Top Secret’, that’s the one…*


The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have been underway now for a week and the organisers have been having a bit of a crowd issue

Where is everybody

A Goo Girl picture search for the last seven days produced…

Rio Olympic seats

… And I wondered where everybody could be…

Trump speech crowds

*Attending political circuses in US, Clicky?*

hillary rally

*Okay, maybe knot…*

smoking trump

*/rolls eyes… Clicky, have a Song*

20 thoughts on “Where the seats have no name…

  1. They’ve gone to the moon.

    Doing my best to introduce a little anarchy. James Savile and Jonathan King in the Top of the Pops studio.

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    1. At 39 seconds, a huge swastika made of light and shadow, on the wall 😉

      ‘Perhaps the most surprising exhibit in the museum is of fragile textile fragments that have survived from the 12th Century AD. They are believed to belong to the dress collar of a Slav princess, embroidered with gold crosses and swastikas to ward off evil.’



      1. ‘I actually wrote a first version of the novel in 2010 that was set entirely in the lunar city, Sin, and it was a little bit claustrophobic. So when I rewrote it, I was determined to open out the action. And I came up with this idea of an android making this odyssey 2,000 kilometers [1,200 miles] across the lunar surface. Obviously, the lunar gravity and the lunar vacuum sort of make it very difficult to contrive fast-moving action. But this is where, again, having an android who doesn’t have to put on a spacesuit and can just walk along the surface — I thought it would make a very striking image, and it would free up the action. It’s a sort of Frankenstein’s monster narrative.’


  2. I will probably be returning the identity to the Slav girl tomorrow. I will probably meet her at 48.3 . It’s one of them !

    After you included the Free Queen Sea Ken video I went on the Google and checked ‘48.3 Frequency’. And this vid came up. Ever since MH 370, I’ve kept an eye on frequency.

    Not a lot happens though. 9 mins of the same sound.

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    1. I only listened for about 10 seconds. Annoying 😉

      48.3 is interesting…

      ‘I’ve built a team around the motto of an old basketball coach I had, that originates in a one line extract from Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘The Law for the Wolves’: “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”. I believe the best teams work like this. We are all working toward the common goal and we have each other’s back. We win together, we loose together. Everyone at 48.3 knows that whatever happens, we will stick together. All for one; one for all.’

      You didn’t mention Rose…

      scaffold (n.)
      mid-14c., “wooden framework used in building, etc., temporary structure for workmen to make walls,” a shortening of an Old North French variant of Old French eschafaut “scaffold” (Modern French échafaud), probably altered (by influence of eschace “a prop, support”) from chaffaut, from Vulgar Latin *catafalicum (see catafalque). Meaning “platform for a hanging” is from 1550s. Dutch schavot, German Schafott, Danish skafot are from French. As a verb from 1540s.

      Hugo sent me this story earlier 😉


  3. Good detective work Sherlock 🙂 And in West St. All too much of a coincidence. Maybe it will make sense after the event.

    And I didn’t like Rose much. And another helicopter overhead .

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    1. At the end of the Song we see a cinema showing ‘Desperately Seeking Susan‘ that starred Madonna.

      ‘The Statue of Liberty can be seen in the film when it was still covered in scaffolding during its two-year renovation.’

      Susan is a shortened version of Susanna.


  4. y0 whaddup I have no idea what anyone is talking about. Wanna fill me in? Pencil me in? Omit me out. Include me in? Something? Anything? Nothing? Maybe?

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    1. Hello Cade 😀

      How was did your Perseid Shower Watch go? Did you have a lovely weekend skywatching?

      We’re talking about seats with no names, although between you and me, Clicky is probably talking about sex. It’s hard to tell but, generally, it’s a good rule of thumb 😉


      1. It rained and/or was cloudy all weekend. I didn’t see a single fucking meteor. Friday, I predicted no rain Friday night…and hence…the heavens opened and it came a gully washer Friday night. 🙂 The rain was nice tho. Some cool breezes and a little temperate for this time of year here. Got to see some incredible cloud formations as a couple of fronts battled it out with the dry line. Meringue/Meringues…no other way to say it. Like mother nature was making pies in the skies.

        Moon was beautiful last night at sunset tho. High and bright and was awesome against the burnt orange/red/yellow and blue/black/grey clouds. Wonderful stuff.

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