Two Birds, One…


Tomorrow I have an appointment about a job with the originators of ‘Mr Cube‘…

The Interview

*Fortunately, Clicky, I’ve shambled sugar cubes, before 😉 *


“Have you worked your route out yet?” Thoughtful Man was being thoughtful.

“Erm, get the train to Fenchurch Street, District line to Temple and walk up to Kingsway from there,” I replied.

I pulled up the map on my PC to check. It’s been a while since I was last in that part of London.

Thursday route

“Fuck! I forgot how close it is to Somerset House.” I looked up at Thoughtful Man expectantly. “You know what’s on at Somerset House at the moment?”

He looked at me blankly, so I told him. “The Stanley Kubrick thing. An exhibition.”

Thoughtful Man smiled.”Well there you go then. You should definitely take the opportunity whilst you’re up there.”

“Yeah. You know what they say? Two birds, one…”


Here's Johnny


I’ll post about the exhibition in ‘Kubrick by Roob – X‘. In the meantime, Dear Reader, have a Song.

19 thoughts on “Two Birds, One…

          1. Zayat is Smokers Against Discrimination on FBook. I’m not real FB savvy, but I think he may have several linked sites? I don’t think there’s any single page collecting all the graphics he’s created and gathered unfortunately, but an eager collector/history-preserver could spend hours grabbing what I’m guessing are well over a thousand different jpgs!

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  1. I’m imagining you entering the interview room humming ….

    No doubt you’ll be all sweetness & light.

    Anyway – best of luck

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    1. Hi Frank. I meant to post this pix for your yesterday…

      It was waiting by our taxi van when we finished food shopping. Just the flower head, looking all forlorn, so I thought I’d bring it home and tart it up a bit 😉

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  2. Waifs and strays 🙂

    And I meant to mention this about one of your previous articles and the Rio Watchers. Watchers has come up recently for me which is why I included a couple of Watcher pics in my article.

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    Hmm…I think I may have discovered a discovery. Not sure I have discovered a discovery…or discovered that I have discovered a discovery,,,but I will let you know. Unless I don’t. In which case, I think it may be safe to assume that in fact have not discovered a discovery…but rather…have simply discovered that the discovery I discovered was only discovering that no discovery had been made. EUREKA!!! Let’s talk about vacuums!!!! Or vacuum cleaners. Or maybe I should just get up and clean the house…or something, Prolly will wind up posting at whatchacallit forums. It seems that my mention of the Voynich Manuscript has peeked the interest of someone. Fucking FINALLY! Only took me 400+ posts and 38 pages of nonsense 😀 to get someone to talk to me. 😉

    I trust that the weather is lovely over ya’lls way. Sure as shit is cloudy here. Those two fronts are just battling like a motherfucker with that dry line. A metric fuckton of moisture moving up from the pacific/gulf. It’s kinda steamy here. I like steamy.

    Steampunk. WTF…I guess I need to talk about that at some point. I have no idea why…but I digress. ❤

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    1. Hi Cade! That’s brilliant. I don’t know much about the Manuscript but my friend, Leggy, has posted about it before.

      I thought of you today, actually. One of the exhibits:

      No. 33 Metanoia by Polly Morgan

      ‘Using taxidermy to create her trademark surreal sculptures and tableaux, Morgan draws her inspiration from the explicit and implicit sexual imagery of Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Cramming a serpent within a triangular frame resonates with the suggestive symbolism of the bulging codpieces worn by Alex and his Droogs.’


        1. No.45 [‘A Grammatical Remark’ #9 London] by Joseph Kosuth

          Kosuth chose Somerset House’s historic Nelson staircase to install his work. It aptly comprises a transcript of the confrontation between Jack and Wendy on the stairs in a key scene from The Shining. This work is the ninth installation in a series begun in 1989, which to date has included exhibitions in eight countries.’

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