Kubrick by Roob – X


Whilst writing yesterday’s post, Elena posted news on MEROVEE of a potential Fifth Force of Nature – a ‘protophobic X boson

Elena A Void and Frank on X boson

If true, it’s revolutionary,” study lead author Jonathan Feng, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, said in a statement.

“For decades, we’ve known of four fundamental forces: gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces,”

So after my interview this morning and before going home, I visited Somerset House to see ‘Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick’.

Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick (2)

There were mirrors…

No.10 ‘Twilight‘ by Doug Aitken

‘Aitken’s sculpture recalls the public pay phone used, futilely, to avert nuclear catastrophe in Dr. Strangelove. Bathed in a luminous glow, this familiar object takes on a foreign nature, appearing as a relic from a bygone civilization suspended in time.’




No.21 ‘Gravity All Nonsense Now’ by Harland Miller

‘Both an artist and writer, Miller has based many of his paintings on classic Penguin-book covers. With his acute sense of detail for the timeworn covers and fascination for typefaces, he often incorporates his own humorous and ironic phrases. Here he creates a cover for Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.’

Another mirror…

Blue Vibration

No.39 ‘Bit Bang Mirror‘ by Haroon Mirza and Anish Kapoor

‘The skillful interplay of dissonant sound and controlled light to create a heighened sense of drama is central to Kubrick’s filmmaking. Mirza’s immersive installation incorporates a concave mirror by Kapoor, and used the tension between sound and light to illicit both psychological and visual discomfort in the viewer.’

Weak and strong nuclear forces 😉

No.44 Trident; A Strange Love by Peter Kennard, Music by UNKLE

‘Kennard’s installation juxtaposes images of characters from Dr. Strangelove with world leaders charged with nuclear arsenals. Using imagery of the film’s famous War Room, he shows that the ghosts of the past still inhabit the present.’

It was a really interesting exhibition and I may post some more on it again as I have some cool pix. But I’ll finish this post with my favourite. It’s actually two installations but their unintended ‘marriage’ made me giggle. The first…

No.3 PYRE by Stuart Haygarth

‘Haygarth’s glowing tower of electric fires refers to a scene in The Shining which Kubrick shot twice, once for Jack Nicholson’s take, and once to capture the roaring fireplace. Kubrick’s frequent use of fire as a motif in the Shining was echoed ironically in the coincidental accidental burning down of the film’s set during production in 1979.’

was combined with…

No.9 ‘The Shining Carpet’ by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin

‘Broomberg and Chanarin’s installation translates the famous carpet design from the Overlook Hotel, the fictional location of The Shining, to the exhibition space. Crossing the boundaries of fiction and reality, this act recalls the ambiguous narrative of Kubrick’s horror masterpiece.’


… plus a dash of ‘Elf & Safety, made me smile 😀

fire carpet


Have a Song 😀

18 thoughts on “Kubrick by Roob – X

        1. Curiouser & curiouser …..

          (Clockwork) Orange + (A Space) Odyssey >> Orange Odyssey

          The superb (and so much better) *live* Orange Odyssey tour version of StratosFear

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    1. No.17 The Shining by Gavin Turk

      ‘This mirrored maquette of the infamous maze in the grounds of the fiction Overlook Hotel in The Shining creates a visual pun the title of the film.

      Turk’s work frequently deals with illusion and the ambiguous relationship between representation and reality. Here the maze serves as a metaphor for being psychologically lost.’

      I thought it would be bigger 😉


  1. Once Upon A Time…

    There was this idiot. He was from Oklahoma, but resided in Texas. This was odd…because Toto…this motherfucker? It AIN’T Kansas we be in here. There’s all KINDS of weirdness goin’ on up in hare!

    The End.

    I wonder if I ever make any sense. Not really asking…just kinda…pondering. Not really my job to make sense. More like… to make sense outta nonsense. Or make nonsense outta sense. Or just…sit here and smell bad…thus…making scents. Albeit bad ones…but scents nonetheless.

    YOU GUYS are the ones that make all the sense. That's the way I see it anyway. Guess I'm the fly in the ointment. Or just some irritating fuck that will eventually go the fuck away. (The sooner the better) Ba Da CHING!

    HEY! That reminds me. Frank posted a pic of a book called Weird Texas or some shit like that over at Marobee in Nairobi or whatever that place is called….anyway…it reminded me of watching a "making of" of the movie "Cowboys and Aliens." It was really awesome cause they were interviewing Daniel Craig and he was talking about how fucking awesome it was to be playing a cowboy/the impossibility of an English kid growing up dreaming of being a cowboy…then eventually getting to do just that. (He was incredible in that movie BTW) I guess Dan really stuck with me after his performance in Layer Cake, and we of course know who did that movie and there was/is a metric FUCKTON of awesome acting/actors/actresses all up in that movie. My oldest son has since read the book, but I'm a lazy fuck (or just…blind as shit) and still haven't read it. But I digress. Just…very cool stuff if you ask me. Plus I admit that I am a huge Vaughan/Ritchie fan. So I guess I digress again.

    Now…stop reading this shit and go do something important. 😛

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    1. I’ve just been reading your Sync Miss post

      No.41 ‘Priapus‘ by Sarah Lucas

      ‘The concrete penis lying on a crushed car dominates the room and is suggestive of the iconic murder weapon used by Alex, the ultra-violent protagonist in A Clockwork Orange. The industrial sculptural nature of Lucas’ sculptural materials reflects the bleak urban landscape of Kubrick’s film.

      Accompanying Lucas’ sculpture is a collaboration between musician and producer Mick Jones (The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite) and UNKLE. Mick’s signature guitar sound is prominent throughout the length of the composition.’

      How big did you say your willy is again, Cade? 😉


      1. >>>How big did you say your willy is again, Cade?

        Um….How big is my penis? Or how small is my penis? Cause I only have one and don’t really have anything to compare it to. Well…other than the fact that you may have also read that I have a tattoo of a 12″ ruler on my penis. The ruler is of course 1/3 scale.

        But yeah…I have a penis. It works. I like it. Well, I need it I think. Otherwise, it would have fallen off by now I guess. Is that common? My feet are still there. My arms are still there. My head? Welp, God only knows where in the fuck that is. According to myth…it’s up my ass…butt I don’t see things that way. 😉

        By the way … that’s a big goddamn penis in that pic above. I think it’s MUCH bigger than the wobbly think Alex used in the movie. I don’t think he coulda picked that thing above up, let alone smacked someone with it. (I never read the book BTW)

        Have a song. 😛 (I stole your line there)

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