Moonday Meander…


*Clicky, what are you doing? That’s the last gif in the sequence, not first… /thinking eye tremor… You cheeky bugger! …/squint…*


*:O… Alright then clever clogs, you do it…*





*Hey, that’s cheating, I already posted that one… oh no, similar… carry on…*



*Ha! I know I posted Dick’s furious windscreen wipers… Shit, knot the same one either…*



*Yeah, alright, that’s pretty good… Damn… /thinks… Hey Clicky, look squirrel!*


“Wake up!” said voice and hand in perfect synchronicity. The former, gruffly, and the latter shakily.

“Wha…I’m not sleeping,” I stated, less than convincingly. “I’m listening with my eyes shut.”

Thoughtful Man and I were watching ‘X Men Apocalypse‘. Well, he was, I’d fallen asleep.

“You were bloody snoring.” He turned round to look at me. “You and the pup in harmony. It was more entertaining than that pile of crap.”

I shift up into a sitting position, careful not to disturb the snoozing dachshund by my side She looked so peaceful lying under the quilt, with just her head poking out, resting on my pillow. Like a human.

“No good?” I yawned.

Thoughtful Man looked at me. “You’re the one that fell asleep, you tell me,” he drawled.

I lent over and plucked a rollie from the box of home-mades on the bed. “At least you managed to stay awake,” I said lighting it.

“My eyelids did flutter for a bit,” he said turning his attention back to the tv. “But you and Poppy kept me awake. The boys are bathed and in bed, by the way.”

I kissed the top of his head, picked up my iPad and clocked the time. Still earlyish; I started idling through my emails.

“Ooh, ‘Young Ones’!” Thoughtful Man cried out and stopped clicking the remote. He faced me again, this time with screwed up his eyes, “I know this one… first season, last episode. ‘Flood’.”

Even though we’d caught the programme near the end, he still got it. And so we watched the seminal comedy of our youth, and oh how I LOLled…

*Enjoy that did you, Clicky? That Foamy, what a wheeze… do you want to carry on with what you were doing now? You’re doing a bang up job… /raises thumbs…*


*… /waits… Is that it? Anymore? …/squints… *


Many apols, Dear Reader. On behalf of Clicky and I, please accept a Song…


11 thoughts on “Moonday Meander…

  1. Lessee…did someone wanna talk about some stuff? I know I do sometimes.
    So…since I haven’t seen the movie “The Shining”…let me pose a question…
    Q: Was there only one room in this whole goddamn hotel? Room 237?
    A: ???
    Q: Which floor was it on? The second?
    A: ???

    Well ANSWER ME DAMMIT!!! I NEED ANSWERS!!! STAT!!! SIERRA … TANGO … ALPHA … TANGO!!! Like…ya know cause…I know those words and stuff…cause like…I’m a pilot…heh heh. Oh…and since that shit has been “popping up” here and there…there IS a difference between “military” and “civilian”. One is quote/unquote …”military” ….and one is quote/unquote…”civilian.” OH! And the police…they kinda…have “their own” as well. Whiskey Echo Lima Lima. Well…Whiskey Echo Lima Lima! Sounds cool eh?

    Maybe I need to do an entire post like that. Be all secretly secretey and sneakily sneaky like. No fucking WAY I would have that kinda patience. Not that anyone reads any of the shit I write. Speaking of which…stop reading this and go do something intelligent. Or pretend. Or something. Or whatever. Happy Limey Day! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm…may I take that for “an answer?”

        I’ll take that for a no.

        No? May I take that for a yes?

        Well…you’ll just have to be more clear next time.

        Such a great song. Internet Radio is tonight. They haven’t “let me on” in weeks. Odd considering they asked me to “be a regular.” Anyway. I guess I’ll hang out in the chat-room, like usual, till I get bored…then bail.

        Liked by 1 person


            There is some other show on for some reason. Dunno what the deal is…so I dealt with it as best as I could.

            I got “muted” in the chatroom. lol…go figure. I told the girl who is talking that “I wanted to have her children” cause she was/is talking about “love”…and I mentioned that…”I go down on the first date.”

            She also mentioned that “Hate = Fear” and “Fear = Hate”…and mentioned something about “Mind Control.” This caused me to deduce that… “Mind Control = Freaky Sex.”

            I was muted at this point. I also deduce that she….whoever “she” is….does not like sexual sex. Or something.

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              1. >>>>How are you videos coming along btw?

                They aren’t. (Thanks for asking tho) 🙂

                The person who is supposed to be videoing them for me … is not videoing them for me. They did make a video of a visit to a certain graveyard/cemetery where an alien is buried, and they took some pics…but that was their deal, not mine.

                I just figured if I made some videos, it might help me describe what I am “seeing” a little better.

                My “crazy theories” aside…I know that a certain someone commented that “if anyone sees ‘the storms’ in pictures/video…they are gonna shit themselves.” Of course…they’ve seen the storms. I dunno/haven’t decided yet if “showing the storms” is a good idea. (Trying to think big and small and all points in-between here)

                Not like I’ve been mulling over this shit for years or anything like that.

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. Why yes…as a matter of fact. There is something you can do to help me.

                    Did she say “Four(4) Pounds” @4:30 on the video? Isn’t that like $250.00 Dollars (U.S.)? 😉

                    So yeah…if I ever wander over thatta way…you can point me in the direction that I can wander towards that place. Looks like a lot of fun. Prolly some great conversations to be had there wandering around and chatting with the people doing the cooking. I got to thinking about all of the “preparations prior to” and what it takes just to get them there so they can mix all of the ingredients and cook them into whatever in the fuck they are making. Hell…that would make a cool series. Spend a few days with each “group” and follow them around seeing what they do, and how they do what they do, just so it can all come together in that “short transaction” of it all coming together. Would be cool to see how many times “things have to come together” in order for “things to come together, so you can place your order” as it were.

                    Anyway…the food looks good. The place looks great. So much for “The Chip” being “The English contribution to world cuisine” eh?

                    We live in a pretty cool place. But in all seriousness…no…I dunno what you could do to help. I figure that the fact that you seem to read “much/most or even some” of my crazy ramblings is enough help. Thank you for the offer tho. 🙂

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. You come over this way and I’ll take you there myself, Cade. That noodle burger looks delish!

                      They didn’t used to have that many food stalls when I used to go there – mostly it sold antiques and collectables, one-off, hand-made items… I suppose, they might still be there but the addition of street food vendors is fantastic.

                      We could go visit the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum. Stand on the Prime Meridian and stroll under the river.

                      She does say £4 in the video. That’s $5.19 at today’s rate. That doesn’t seem too bad…


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