Inside, Outside, Upside Down

‘How much is a ‘fuckton’? In measurement; I’m not trying to procure one. Is it on the same scale as a ‘shitload’?’

This is the question I asked my Sync Miss For Him chum Cade | Fon | Apollyon at the weekend…

*Hmm, knot quite like that, Clicky… *


*Clicky, that’s Legs knot Cade… but, yeah, I mentioned it to him this evening…*

legs-suggests-further-measurements-to-roob*Yikes! Knot something you’d serve your maiden aunt for Sunday tea, Clicky*

Lucky for me Cade also replied…

‘Would you prefer “a metric fuckton” or “a standard metric fuckton” or “a shitload of fucktons” or “a shitton” or a fucking shitload of fucktons”?

‘Come on now…ya gotta be specific when dealing with the “non-quantifiable.” ;-)

‘Lemme do this…
Texas Slang: Shitload, or, A Shitload = way too fucking much. Usually, “an unexpected amount of a known quantity.”

‘Kinda like God “pouring out his blessings on you” and you are like….”MOTHERFUCKER!!! What in the FUCK do you expect me to do with all this shit?!?!?” :lol

‘Fuckton = incomprehensible only in the fact that it is basically a shitload of shitloads, but it is such a large amount, that it is really irrelevant as it is too much data to process. So much so, that it is easily quantifiable by “taking only what you need, and leaving the rest.”

‘That’s just my opinion tho.’



*I know, I saw that at MEROVEE Frank’s… Knot sure where a ‘shithead’ comes on the scale but it’s gotta  be more than a ‘wank’… That’s something, Clicky*

Of course I replied to Cade…

‘No, brilliant, thanks :-D I wasn’t sure and I appreciate the clarification…

‘So a fuckton is a bit like tapas then?

‘Which is different to a buffet, that being similar to a shamble

‘Would some sort of shitload/fuckton conversion table help, I wonder ;-)

‘Cade, would you mind if I used your last reply in a shamble at the LoL?’

*No it’s definitely tapas, Clicky… think dancing, knot the Strictly Come kind… /thinks… hear*

*Got it?*

‘Um…not sure I follow the meaning exactly…but as far as using my response in whatever wherever whenever…knock yerself out. It’s yours. I wrote it for you/to you, with no strings attached…save for it’s yours to do with as you please (not like I really need to tell you this…but…yeah…or something.) ;-)

*That was very nice of Cade. I can’t help feeling his ‘∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞’ formula has something to do with Room 101… He did turn up at the LoL about that time, Clicky…*

Meanwhile Hugo gave my story submission for the Christmas edition of the Underdog Anthology a spit and polish…


*And some twist suggestions, Clicky, which are private… /glowers… Do that again, shithead, and you’ll be in so much trouble…*

*Damn straight, I’m your boss. Do it again and you’ll be in fuckton of trouble… or a lesser amount yet to be determined… /thinks… More than a shitload… Consider this a ‘bollocking’, Clicky…*

8-) I like to ask beforehand – I’ve included ‘private’ messages from Hugo and Legs in my shambles before. Shambles are… magical lenses… L-sense. An idea, not a belief, springing from the pages of a book. I’m with Rufus :lol

‘Fortunately nobody has said no, and I didn’t think you would… I’m happy to receive an advantage, not comfortable at all with just taking it ;-)

‘Do you know, I’d never heard of Jeff Buckley until tonight? My music knowledge is utter ‘wank’ (this doesn’t ever approach a ‘shitload’, never mind a ‘fuckton’)…

‘Thank you, Cade :love:


*Yeah… changed the title a bit and, yes, I realise it’s s a day late… Thought what with Jeff Buckley being pulled under and of course couldn’t overlook that Shiny is back… /clocks time… Shit! Getting late… Song time, Clicky?*




13 thoughts on “Inside, Outside, Upside Down

  1. And guess which song I was singing to myself about 2pm. Actually don’t – I’ll tell you .

    Hallelujah 🙂 Quelle surprise.

    I couldn’t remember who sang it which was annoying.

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  2. “*Yikes! No, not something you’d serve your maiden aunt for Sunday tea, Clicky*”

    And in that context, best not to ask if she’s had a cream pie, recently.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. No, Joe, as a person that enjoys smoking tobacco. Forced from the inside to the outside, by force of laws based on science fiction has turned my world upside down…

          It really started going weird though in 2012 when I joined ISIS

          *Tell me about it, Clicky… /rolls eyes*

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  3. Glad I could assist. ❤
    Can't know up, if you don't know down.
    Can know left, if you don't know right.
    Can't know right, if you don't know wrong.
    Can't know wrong, if you don't know….correct?
    Can't know correct, if you aren't willing to leave.
    Can't leave until you've left.
    Who left who?
    Who left where?
    Who left why?
    Who came back and how?
    Many pathways…

    I've learned so much from others, it's mind blowing. We undervalue the simple things that we value the most. "Basic this" and "basic that"…which we have to know in order to go to MIT or Oxford or Harvard, otherwise…we'll be working at the drive-thru the rest of our lives and living in misery…with and among those "basics" that were so important. Guess they are only important…so long as they are.

    So much for organizations organizing eh? Well…they do provide a valuable service…they highlight and omit…and/or create “the rebels” that make it all possible. 😉

    I remember in the movie “Serenity” that was based on the “Firefly” series…”The Operative” made the statement…
    “If your quarry goes to ground…leave no ground to go to.”
    I think it would be that kind of thinking that absolutely requires “a step back” if you will. It seems that’s always the case where “Hunter Becomes Hunted” get’s missed because of a lack of depth in the purpose, because the purpose is too deep. Something akin to the “Evil travels in straight lines” that Thoth speaks about in The Emerald Tablets.
    EX: “Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World”
    Aubrey: Now to bring this predator in close, and spring our trap.
    Maurin: Jack…you’re the predator.

    I am humbled. I bow to you ma’am. ❤

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