The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.2

As we saw in Part 4.1, the Redrum bathroom scene in The Shining Forwards/\Backwards, one of the corresponding scenes is that of Wendy talking to the doctor in the Boulder apartment. The other is… *Err, no …/rolls eyes* Danny saw it on TV… *Funnily enough, Clicky, the Old English word for ‘cannibal‘ was ‘selfæta’… sounds like … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.2

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.1

Hmm… Dear Reader, I’ve been stumped as to how to start Part 4… *Er, thanks for that critique, Clicky. As always your assistance has been… /pause… helpful …/squit… I mean /squint…* ******* I first read Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ in about 1986. I loved it, reading it several times. So when I finally got round to … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.1

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3c

*Hello Clicky… What, no ‘Last time at the LoL…‘ today?* *Okay. Let’s do it!* ******* One of the reasons I find ‘The Shining Forwards/\Backwards’ so fascinating is the synchronizing of images…   … words with images… … and sound. ******* Early on in the Ballroom Bathroom scene, Jack accuses Grady of a heinous crime… And later in … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3c

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3b

Jack throws Grady’s wiping cloth at the figure of Danny, who’s retreating from the bedroom… And we move into the hotel lobby, where the second of three scenes runs silently backwards as the ballroom bathroom scene continues forwards. Outside a winter storm rages, as Wendy and Danny watch a movie on the lobby telly, ‘Summer of 42‘. A reminder… *Ah… … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3b

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3a

The scene with Jack and Grady in the bathroom is nearly 6 minutes long… *Way too many gifs, Clicky… I’m gonna have to be cannier about how how I present this…* *… and careful with the hugging, sweetie* ******* Okay, let’s familiarize ourselves with the scene in question. Unlike, the bathroom scenes in Part 1 and … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 3a

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 2

I should probably explain, for those that haven’t seen ‘The Shining Forwards and Backwards’ that there is a convergence point in the film, where ‘Forwards’ meets ‘Backwards’… *Right at the centre of the film, Dick in Florida shines beneath a black goddess. Thanks, Clicky! ❤ * The film is mostly set at the Overlook Hotel, … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 2

The Shining: Bathrooms Part 1

So this is a post about bathrooms in Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining’. Four are used for scenes in the film: the bathroom at Torrances’ flat in Boulder, Colorado (Danny talks to Tony); the bathroom in Room 237 at the Overlook (Jack encounters a young/old woman); the bathroom (okay, toilets) next to the Overlook Ballroom (Jack … Continue reading The Shining: Bathrooms Part 1

Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (1)

Dear Reader, last August Bank Holiday Monday, I was still looking into the bathroom scenes of The Shining: Forwards/\Backwards, but Clicky mentioned that ‘the bank is now open‘… *Good Song choice, Clicky… /lights up…* Yesterday, I took some time out to watched a couple of movies… *I kinda liked it, but yeah, not really… /puffs…* … Continue reading Missive From ‘Merica: Ten to Three (1)