Memo Mia

I’ve the afternoon off from PAing, Dear Reader…


*Ha! …/flicks lighter… Gotta say, Clicky, the flexitime at work is fucking BRILLIANT! …/lights up…*

…And I thought I’d do a shamble about #releasethememo

*No, Clicky…/drags… Lovely as the animation is… /blows smoke… I was thinking about the memo… the one about all the collusion… /puffs… Honestly! Could only ‘appen under Trump! …/taps ASH…*

*Oh course! Elephants have phenomenal memories, Clicky… /pats snout…*

memo (n.)

1889, shortening of memorandum (q.v.).

memorandum (n.)

early 15c., from Latin memorandum “(thing) to be remembered,” neuter singular of memorandus “worthy of remembrance, noteworthy,” gerundive of memorare “to call to mind,” from memor “mindful of” (see memory). Originally a word written at the top of a note, by 1540s it came to stand for the note itself. The Latin plural is memoranda. Compare also agenda.

…Coupled with the trailer of a movie I saw earlier on Twitter. To be released this summer, a prequel sequel in the story of Donna and Sophie…

*It looks like Donna could be dead, Clicky…*


*Heh! Donna the PA assistant to The Doctor… /deep drag… Of course, Clicky, Meryl was also Sophie…*

morpheus choice

*Give or take… /rolls eyes… some choice! …/stubs butt… Memento/\Matrix, though… /thinks… No! One shamble at a time, Clicky…*


*/:D… Perfick, Click… /flicks lighter and lights up…*

… And then Cade DMed me with a story, Dear Reader… Cue selfies 😉

Cade asks Roob if she's seen the letter

A story of release via escape, with a future plea in the past…

A letter emerged…’

Colon Capital D

*Frank? Witch one? Red and Blue? …/grins… And John the letter writer. Knot to mention Clarence from Clare that’s so Shining, Clicky… /drags…*

‘The three prisoners were serving sentences for bank robbery when they executed their escape plan using stolen spoons, dummy heads and a raincoat raft. Their exploits were turned into the 1979 movie “Escape from Alcatraz,” starring Clint Eastwood as Morris.

U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke, who inherited the unsolved case in 2003, told The Associated Press in 2012 that he didn’t know whether any members of the trio were still alive. But he had seen enough evidence to make him wonder.

‘That evidence included credible reports that the Anglins’ mother, for several years, received flowers delivered without a card, and that the brothers attended her 1973 funeral disguised in women’s clothes despite a heavy FBI presence.’


*The ‘A Gender’ Agenda? …/puffs merrily…*

Cade Roob Memo Mercury Laugh

*The goddess of memory is Mnemosyne … /fills lungs with smoke… John Lamb Lash says she’s an aspect of Sophia… /blows smoke rings…*

*/coughs uncontrollablyYou can say that again! *

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, Dear Reader, employing your ‘Clicky’ to full potential in navigating this shambles, the pics Cade ‘grabbed’, well, quite simply they blew my socks off…

Cade pix The Queers Don't Back DownCade pix Yellow postit inside album

He explained…

Cade explains and apologises

Sew, I told him

… And he sent me some lemon and limey postit memos in return… 😀

It’s now Thursday evening, Dear Reader, and I’ve got ironing to do yet… Work tomorrow…


*/final drag… Nice one, Clicky… /stubs butt… Thanks for your help this afternoon… /pats snout…*

Have a Song ❤

8 thoughts on “Memo Mia

  1. /puffs… Honestly! Could only ‘appen under Trump! …/taps ASH…*
    Are you thinking that had Hillary had been elected, none of this would be happening? Certainly it wouldn’t be happening as it is, but your observation is an interesting one.

    Not asking for an answer really. There’s a lot to think about within that thought/those thoughts. 😀

    ^Adam Nickey – Slider (Original Mix)^

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    1. Hmm… Well, Red and Blue are the cheeks of the same arse. Trump’s a almighty smack, and both cheeks have been smarting for a year… two years for the right cheek, but the left cheek hurts more…

      What I meant was that only under a President labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ would the revelation of a ‘secret society’ seem, I dunno… fitting.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Welp, I hear ya…we’re all in the same boat. There’s just some screwyness to this nonsense, and it makes me think of logjams and currents.

        I don’t pretend to know what most are talking about with respect to all of this “leaky” stuff, because I don’t know anything. Your observation just made me think a bit. Lotta people seem to want to collect a bunch of shit, throw it in your direction, and then command you to pick a side based on their findings.

        Was watching a documentary on Atlantis and other “lost civilizations”, and all of these researchers are banging on about “how advanced” these civilizations were. Not only that, the older these civilizations were, the more baffled and amazed the researchers seemed to be. Plus, they were baffled as to WHY these advanced civilizations were gone.

        All I could think about was…wait, all of these civilizations are gone. You still chalk up and/or equate “civility” with “civilization” and/or “advanced civilization”. Beautiful and amazing buildings, exacting dimensions, large and expansive projects…all left for us to find. But I wonder what the penalty was for fucking up a 100 ton bolder that took 10 years to move? Or for fucking up a carving/glyph on a stone that was already set into place? Just trying to relate that world, with this one. Prolly little difference between then and now, assuming that there is any difference.

        Hell, a restaurant that I can’t afford pretty much makes it a secret society to me. Car dealerships I don’t frequent, stores/shops I don’t frequent, parts of town I don’t frequent, roads I don’t travel, etc.. Hell, of all of the high-rise buildings in Downtown Dallas? I’ve only ever been in three, and only ever been off of the ground floor in one. Are there secret societies going on there? Prolly.
        /me shrugs

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