Five Alive? Defo!

*Ah cool image, Clicky… /pat snout… Actually my hair hasn’t looked like that once this week… /lights up…*

Dear Reader, I have been on holiday these last couple of days, and have finally managed to write my short story about a hedge riding hag

feather powered happiness

*I am pretty happy with the result, Clicky…/puffs…*

…and have submitted it to Leggy for inclusion in the upcoming ‘Underdog Anthology V‘. The story is called ‘Nine Lives’…

*I’ve still got time to mutilate a poem for the Afterword before I go back to work, Clicky… /drags… If I can find the right one… /billows smoke…*

I was also able to spend some time yesterday in the Blue universe. Frank Davis had been snooping around New York, after reading about the proposed bill to stop people from smoking whilst walking the streets of that fair city

*They’re fucking unbelievable! …/flicks ash… First you can’t smoke inside, and now the utopian dreamers are trying to dictate where and how you can smoke outside… /deep drag… Nasty Not-sees indeed… /sighs…*

He was looking at street signs there and came across one that had him perplexed…

‘Just a few yards away was another really weird sign. I think it was some sort of aphorism. But I couldn’t make out what it said, because it seemed to be written in bleeding, dripping letters that said something like Afraid And Dead. I guess that if you were crossing 2nd Avenue and you stopped to try to figure out what the scary sign meant, you’d find out when you got hit by a truck.’

It puzzled me, too; however, the photo Frank included was somewhat fuzzy, so I sent Clicky off for a closer inspection…

sign for blue frank

*Much better but it still looks like worshipers or sumfin’ to me, Clicky… /drags deeply… In sinister black… /snorts smoke…*

… and find an answer.

school for deaf street sign new york

*Those are hands!*

hans gruber

*/reads slowly… School For Deaf …/squints… Dept of Transport… /final drag… Oh! The yellow buses! It’s a bus stop sign, Clicky! … /streams smoke…*

applause sign

*Alright, don’t take the piss… /stubs butt… Well done you, though, on working it out… There’s a good assistant… /pats snout…*

It was a sign for deaf school children, Dear Reader…

…As my good friend, Cade, might say…


music sign

*Okay then…/lights up… And as you’re such a clever Clicky, you can choose…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song 😀


Memo Mia

I’ve the afternoon off from PAing, Dear Reader…


*Ha! …/flicks lighter… Gotta say, Clicky, the flexitime at work is fucking BRILLIANT! …/lights up…*

…And I thought I’d do a shamble about #releasethememo

*No, Clicky…/drags… Lovely as the animation is… /blows smoke… I was thinking about the memo… the one about all the collusion… /puffs… Honestly! Could only ‘appen under Trump! …/taps ASH…*

*Oh course! Elephants have phenomenal memories, Clicky… /pats snout…*

memo (n.)

1889, shortening of memorandum (q.v.).

memorandum (n.)

early 15c., from Latin memorandum “(thing) to be remembered,” neuter singular of memorandus “worthy of remembrance, noteworthy,” gerundive of memorare “to call to mind,” from memor “mindful of” (see memory). Originally a word written at the top of a note, by 1540s it came to stand for the note itself. The Latin plural is memoranda. Compare also agenda.

…Coupled with the trailer of a movie I saw earlier on Twitter. To be released this summer, a prequel sequel in the story of Donna and Sophie…

*It looks like Donna could be dead, Clicky…*


*Heh! Donna the PA assistant to The Doctor… /deep drag… Of course, Clicky, Meryl was also Sophie…*

morpheus choice

*Give or take… /rolls eyes… some choice! …/stubs butt… Memento/\Matrix, though… /thinks… No! One shamble at a time, Clicky…*


*/:D… Perfick, Click… /flicks lighter and lights up…*

… And then Cade DMed me with a story, Dear Reader… Cue selfies 😉

Cade asks Roob if she's seen the letter

A story of release via escape, with a future plea in the past…

A letter emerged…’

Colon Capital D

*Frank? Witch one? Red and Blue? …/grins… And John the letter writer. Knot to mention Clarence from Clare that’s so Shining, Clicky… /drags…*

‘The three prisoners were serving sentences for bank robbery when they executed their escape plan using stolen spoons, dummy heads and a raincoat raft. Their exploits were turned into the 1979 movie “Escape from Alcatraz,” starring Clint Eastwood as Morris.

U.S. Marshal Michael Dyke, who inherited the unsolved case in 2003, told The Associated Press in 2012 that he didn’t know whether any members of the trio were still alive. But he had seen enough evidence to make him wonder.

‘That evidence included credible reports that the Anglins’ mother, for several years, received flowers delivered without a card, and that the brothers attended her 1973 funeral disguised in women’s clothes despite a heavy FBI presence.’


*The ‘A Gender’ Agenda? …/puffs merrily…*

Cade Roob Memo Mercury Laugh

*The goddess of memory is Mnemosyne … /fills lungs with smoke… John Lamb Lash says she’s an aspect of Sophia… /blows smoke rings…*

*/coughs uncontrollablyYou can say that again! *

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, Dear Reader, employing your ‘Clicky’ to full potential in navigating this shambles, the pics Cade ‘grabbed’, well, quite simply they blew my socks off…

Cade pix The Queers Don't Back DownCade pix Yellow postit inside album

He explained…

Cade explains and apologises

Sew, I told him

… And he sent me some lemon and limey postit memos in return… 😀

It’s now Thursday evening, Dear Reader, and I’ve got ironing to do yet… Work tomorrow…


*/final drag… Nice one, Clicky… /stubs butt… Thanks for your help this afternoon… /pats snout…*

Have a Song ❤

All Fings Being Equal…

Dear Reader…

I started a thread on the 4th April 2014 on a site called Synchromystic Forum, or ‘Sync Miss For Him’ (SMFH) as I call it. The thread was titled ‘Selfie Sounds Like Sophie’. It was an amateur experiment to take the likeness of a diety, using myself as a template, after listening to John Lamb Lash talk about ‘Sophia’s Correction’…

SMFH is gone now and I haven’t sought out John Lamb Lash since I heard that talk, posted by Divine DNA in the Red Universe (that’s MEROVEEsometime in 2013. But I looked him up today and this is what he has to say…


I’m going to listen to this video whilst I write the post below. What follows is kinda like the sorta shambles I would have posted in ‘Selfie Sounds Like Sophie’ if SMFH were it still around today…

*Good choice, Clicky… /lights up… To be honest I prefer this track. Loopy sumtimes sings it when he’s gaming…*


In the world of MRS REGN, RESPIRATION comes after MOVEMENT and before SENSITIVITY, REPRODUCTION (REPRODUCTION - yellow on white is hard to see), EXCRETION, GROWTH AND NUTRITION...

Selfie 1 Cade and Roob saying goodnight

Eye stumbled across an obit in the NY Times last night, or rather very early this morning, Read Dearer. A Russian Ma’at-ish ‘un called Vlad had died on the last day of September, alone at home. By all accounts, he was a bit of a wiz…

What Vlad did

Doctor Vladimir Voevodsky was 51, butt as time in the womb don’t count toward official age, let’s say he was in that sort of age area…51-ish…

Selfie 2 Roob bring Teslas Area 51 and a cigar

That’s me on Merovee earlier

Merovee Hell Shock

…posting news of a company named for another Ma’at-ish-un…

… And a cigar vid? Well, ‘cos the benefits of smoking tobacco seems to be a dirty secret and cigars are expensive… made by hand…

Tesla’s Dirty Secret: It Was Banging Out Parts Of The Model 3 By Hand

Have a cigar…Why knot?

Vlad gave birth


In algebraic geometry and algebraic topology, a branch of mathematics, A1 homotopy theory is a way to apply the techniques of algebraic topology, specifically homotopy, to algebraic varieties and, more generally, to schemes. The theory is due to Fabien Morel and Vladimir Voevodsky. The underlying idea is that it should be possible to develop a purely algebraic approach to homotopy theory by replacing the unit interval [0, 1], which is not an algebraic variety, with the affine line A1, which is. The theory requires a substantial amount of technique to set up, but has spectacular applications such as Voevodsky’s construction of the derived category of mixed motives and the proof of the Milnor and Bloch-Kato conjectures.


…Eye woz replying to Jen…


… Who’d posted news of a sleb car and cartoon creators’ twitter convo, and a Song

Selfie 3 Jen suggests breathing two Mark The Beast

… In reply to Clicky posting a tweet id sent out in the Yellow Universe about the reported detection of a spike in radioactivity. Also with a Song

Selfie 4 Clicky posts Roobs tweet two chocolate music

Fast forward to today when French nuclear watchdogISRN reported that another spike in airborne radioactivity has been detected in the air in Western and Central Europe: “Ruthenium-106 has been detected by several European networks involved in the monitoring of atmospheric radioactive contamination, at levels of a few milliBecquerels per cubic meter of air.”

According to IRSN calculations, based on the concentration levels measured in several European countries and on the meteorological conditions of the last few days, the contaminated air could have been generated from southern regions of Ural or located close to those. “IRSN is continuing its investigations to try to confirm the origin of this atmospheric pollution.”

ruthenium (n.)metallic element, 1845, named by Russian chemist Karl Klauss, from a name proposed earlier (1828) in reference to a metal extracted from ores from the Ural Mountains of Russia (see Ruthenian). With metallic element ending -ium.

… In fact, Leggy and eye had been ruminating on the reason behind the spike

Selfie 5 Leggy and Roob discuss uses of Ruthenium


*Data detecting Wall? …/ 😀 …Elementary, my dear Clicky! …/pats snout…*

Vlad The Translator

…Eye won’t leave out the final segment of last night’s MEROVEE conversation, Rear Dealer…

Selfie 6 Jen smiles A Void disdains and Clicky cruises by with Harvey trumps Trump

The prominent, and now radioactive Hollywood producer, famous for such Oscar winners as “The English Patient” and “Shakespeare in Love,” took a leave of absence from his production company following the New York Times article on Thursday.

…What’s this, the NYTimes? And Harvey, as we gno, was also a humongous hurricane in August, a storm that devastated parts of Texas… The State were my chum Cade, The Okie Devil, currently resides…

*”Calm before the storm”, eh? You know what Clicky, I don’t understand the thinking behind academia and media leaders… /lights up…. Ya know, EXPERTS attacking Trump so much? He’s vain; it’s his flaw butt they’re driving him into the arms of the those who CAN-KNOT call him anything butt “SIR!” to his face… /smokes… Ore “YESSIR!” …/slurps covfefe…*

*Exactly… /sighs…*

…Perhaps that was the calm before this morning’s ‘Tweetstorm‘ from the Dez-Rez-Prez…

In Early Tweetstorm, Trump Praises WaPo, Slams NBC And “Late Night Comedians”, Reaches Out To Schumer

…Equal Time…

…Time Is Money…

…Can’t Buy Me Love…

Vlad liked to Click

*Spend a Penny? See a Penny? …/thinks… Penis meteor than the words? … Penny drops? …/stubs butt… Whoa… /look sup… Damn! That’s a big post… /sucks teeth… Better get a Song to fin-ish, Clicky…*

Well, that was a very interesting talk from John Lamb Lash, Dear Reader. Yes, very interesting indeed… Have a Song… 😉



*Thanks! …/blows kiss… Another?*

*…/rolls eyes…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Never Lego

The Okie Devil is sick, Dear Reader…

*That’s right, Clicky, he’s postponed setting off until he’s feeling better… *

…Luckily for us, he’s sent through another missive, although he does seem somewhat tetchy…

*What? No, of course I’m not happy about him leaving home to walk fuck knows where with a backpack full of tortillas. But what can I do?*



This, whatever this is that is about to unfold, is gonna be a little different today.

Today, where and when I am, it is Tuesday June 27th of 2017.

How the fuck are ya?
^Greatest Vocal Trance Of All Time 1 of 3 God’s Compilation^

Let’s start at Merovee, CFrank Davis’ “normal” blog, RooBeeDoo’s LoL, via Twitter, and Leg Iron’s UBU blog.

Meh…let’s skip all those unimportant assholes…they aren’t paying my bills, nor do they help me in any way, shape, or form.

So … Merovee … … … a post entitled “Family” … a comment by a certain RooBeeDoo2 … a link to a tweet … a picture of two independent sets of some nice legs that are in distress (and in some nice dresses…ba da ching)…

a back in distress (in back…ba da ching)…

a warping clock that could be a metaphor for all kinds of time distortions.

(ba da ching = averted/omitted)

Did I mention that these nice legs that are in distress are attached to people? Yeah. So is the back in back that is in distress that appears to be pushing a dolly/hand-truck. But I don’t want to assume the dude’s gender if he is actually a girl…so I’m avoiding thinking about whether or not those legs are nice or not. I bet those legs are pretty nice to them tho…so…yeah.

So…to see if that dude is actually pushing a dolly/hand-truck…I zoomed in on her, to see if I could figure out what kind of voter registration card he might be carrying in her wallet.

Gender Assumed Back Problems That May Or May Not Be Dating Material For Me Personally Picture Link

I mean hell, those two girls walking with their legs all twisted are WAY too fucking hot for me. Plus, they carry GIANT fucking handbags, so obviously…they are materialistic sluts who fuck for money/only dig rich dudes. They prolly only work at normal jobs for tax reasons. But I digress.

Yeah…that zoom function on MSPaint really didn’t help me out much. It went from looking like someone pushing a dolly, to someone who is grappling with a pixelated gateway to hell, that is full of fiery evil souls that are trying to escape into the earthly realms to wreak havoc and destruction on unsuspecting humans.

 Good thing this poor fucker has intervened for us, eh? 

Anyway…yeah…the zoom doesn’t tell me much…but there do appear to be some wheels … so … we’ll assume this dolly’s gender and intentions, and yeah…back problems just looking for a place to way to happen. I don’t know what that yellow thing that he/she/it is headed for, but those hell demons better hope that isn’t a mopping bucket full of water. Prolly wouldn’t be holy water, but…maybe that’s what the demons are needing…unholy water created from some poor fuck tasked with the unenviable task of mopping a goddamn bridge.

Now…I wonder what events could transpire, that could necessitate the need for a bridge, of all goddamn things, to be mopped. I can think of a reason. Several reasons. Weird what happens when train wrecks collide. But I digress.

Yeah…obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. Not that there aren’t some fucks sitting back and saying, “it’s win/win” while spinning opportunity and opportunities.

Like seeks like.

That's what just popped into my head.

Calm seeks calm.

Calamity seeks calamity.

Hmmmm....the name "John Walsh" just popped up.

For anyone not residing in the USA, or those too young to know…look up a show called “America’s Most Wanted” and “Adam’s Law” while searching for “John Walsh” for some background.

Anyway…yeah…these girls and their legs. Both right knees, right shins, right feet, right thighs, left hips, left feet, left mid-back… appear to be in some distress. I dunno why they aren’t walking right in the middle of that avenue so that they can avoid having to avoid those obstacles…but these ARE women we are talking about…and we all know…that women…are dumb.

I mean, that one is on a fucking cellphone for chrissakes.

Who walks on a fucking bridge while talking on a cellphone? What if she were to walk over the edge of that bridge and fall into the water because she wasn’t paying attention?!?!?!? Stupid bitch got what she deserved. Now she is gonna die from some skanky disease because of exposure to that nasty-assed water that she could have avoided if she had taken an Uber-Powered auto-driving cab. If only she had an iPhone instead of Android. Stupid bitch is prolly on a fucking outdated Blackberry.



Q: Why aren’t they stupid enough to date me?

A: COME ON EVOLUTION/DE-EVOLUTION!!! Work thy magic for me!!!!


Yeah…the woman in front has some cool shoes. But so does the woman to the right. But I cringe when thinking about those heels on that bridge. Especially when she has to move over and over again to avoid shit. But what is really on my mind at this point…is…

Q: How in the FUCK does someone obtain a permit to set up shop on a fucking bridge to sell shit?

A: ...

Not that I am opposed to someone plying their wares on a public walkway of any kind…but…they appear to have a monopoly going on there. Must be some sort of protection racket or union that ensures that little man is looked after in protecting their right to a monopoly. Hey! They thought of the idea first. You snooze…you loose.

Anyway…yeah…prolly all kinds of protection and protections happening on that bridge.


Don’t those stupid fucks realize that “getting hit by a bus” is the number one reason for untimely death in the protection racket rings and schools of thought?!?!?!?


/initiate evolutionary change check to see if ....ah fuck it...lost cause...



I wonder who makes those walls? Like…manufactures them? I wonder if they are in any unions and/or trade groups, professional associations, etc.?


A: ...

Sorry, but if it’s that important to you, and the damn thing is gonna come down anyway, why not treat it with some of that TLC that you are espousing it needs? I care what happens to it. I’d like to see it some day. I could stand on that bridge and talk to chicks, maybe pick up a few postcards and a T-Shirt or something.

Q: Does the bus stop on the bridge if a passenger needs to board a bus there?
Q: What if they’ve tried to make it to the next bus stop, but physically cannot make it?

Q: I thought you were big on making exceptions?

Wait…maybe I’m confused. We are hanging on to the past, from the present, while building better…right?

Q: Where?

A: ...

Q: How many gallons of paint were used on painting the street lines and signs and whatever on that street?

A: ...

I wonder how much that paint weighs.

Q: How often is painting/repainting required?

A: ...

Q: Do the design(s) and location(s) ever change with respect to what is painted where?

A: ...

Q: What about the chemical makeup of the paint? Does that ever change?

A: ...

Q: What about the old paint that flakes off…where does it go?

A: ...

Q: Is there an accurate audit-trail as to what paints were used where, when, the amounts, the types, chemical makeup and formulations, etc. etc.?

A: ...

Q: Is that information freely and readily available and free to the public which it serves?

A: ...

Yep. Your government. It is what it is. It’s yours afterall.

So much for these “not my <insert name and/or position and/or title here>” types of placards and signs, eh?


There is NOFUCKINGWAY…that real-estate prices in that area are as such that a fucking souvenir shop can pull in the kind of money required to afford land in that area. Oh wait…it’s technically hovering, and not actually on land…like…terra-firma kind of land. Wait…isn’t there all kinds of legal wranglings with respect to bridges and waterways and shit like that?

Welp…who cares. This fucking asshole is flying in restricted airspace without clearance and prolly is not a properly licensed and certified pilot. Hell…the fucker doesn’t even have a goddamn airplane. Prolly breaking some physical laws. LET’S BUST THIS ASSHOLE FOR BREAKING THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!!! GET HIM AND/OR HER, THEM…OR…WHATEVER!!!

<Malcolm Mclaren Presents Double Dutch.wmv>

Speaking of breaking some physical laws…it would appear that those with super-powers have finally infiltrated professional sports. I mean…that guy punches so fucking fast…you can’t even see it. There ought to be some kind of law. And if there is already some law…the evidence is overwhelming.

BAN HIM!!! (or her) …whatever…just…DO SOMETHING!!! REVENUES MIGHT SUFFER!!!

Or go up...hmmmmmmm....let's talk this over...
<Hey You – The Rock Steady Crew>

So…since we are dealing with permanent and permanence…let’s make a course adjustment in the correct direction…

So…you want your shit to fucking always and forever…stay the same…right?

I'd suggest ice.

Yeah…find a big fucking block of ice, and jump the fuck into it.

I ain’t gonna volunteer to watch your dumb ass to make sure nothing changes, but I may drop in occasionally to check on ya. Maybe see if you’ve changed your mind. But no chance of that, eh? You wanted static and unchanging…and you got it…so…yeah…no changes to be had.

Let’s imagine that you have a kid.

You encourage this kid to become a doctor.

You, are less financially viable than you would like, and want better for you kid, hence…you encourage along the medical path.

Nothing wrong with that

However…your kid is going to inherit a fucking nightmare.

20 years from now, this kid of yours is going to be forced into a corner, where they are required to provide answers for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with.

They had no idea that this kind of shit was going on 20 years ago.

“Fuckin’ A mom…I was only 10 years old at the time…I was playing Minecraft with friends and reading comic books about aliens from outer-space.”

I wasn’t researching hidden research that was protected by proprietary and/or corporate law(s).

No one else knew what they were doing.

Hell…even they weren’t sure what in the fuck they were doing.

They had no idea as to the long-term effects of these experimental technologies.

Q: You sure your child is up to the challenge?

A: ...

Q: Are you?

A: ...

I’m betting that you are.

I’m with ya.

I’m cheering you on.

Not so sure about some of the tinkering that is going to require your child to walk that path, which is going to require you to walk it with them…but that remains to be seen, eh?

I have faith…that if your child and you indeed have to walk that path…that there is a reason and reasons…reason and reasons that you have been chosen to walk it…that there is hope.


Yeah…I kinda went off at CFrank Davis’ blog the other day. And I realize that much of what Frank says is kinda tongue-in-cheek stuff that is sometimes written with the intent of getting a reaction. I see nothing wrong with that, but yeah…all kinds of shit wrong with that. Primarily, the thought of using the same modes and methods to oppose something that is using modes and methods that is generating opposition.

I understand that kind of thinking tho. I’m not fond of thinking that way, but then again I’m a lazy fuck who doesn’t like thinking at all. Too much work. Too much hassle. Let the Pros and prose handle this. Wait…prose is me. I’m all plain and stupid…uneducated and uncertified. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah....raising an army to fight an army.

Pro-Tip: I’d watch the groin and shins if I were you. Nothing like an expected leggy to defeat a well armed army.

Yeah…Frank imbeds some interesting thoughts in his writings when he isn’t being a frothed mouth lunatic about anti-smoking. Lots off cool stuff to ponder and think about. Even if it’s just for fun. But then again…why isn’t figuring shit out fun? I think it’s fun. Not an opinion shared by very many…but…yeah or whatever.

<Haysi Fantayzee – John Wayne is big Leggy 1982>

That’s all I have for now.

Hope all of that bullshit makes sense, and that you are in no way as confused as I am.

I mean…yeah…sometimes I may “lead-on” that I am a shade more confused than I actually am…but I have my reasons for that.

I am not looking for answers for me.

I am looking for that which I can pass on.

Anything for me, and me alone, outside of the joy of the ride itself, does me no good.

Sometimes, there’s lots of data to ponder in such cases…sometimes, not so much.

I gots no answers.

Q: Is my “looking” not good enough?

A: I dunno either /me shrugs

I do work for you afterall.


It’s much more difficult to parse a person and their life than some might think.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to help when and where I can.


So finally…to Leg Iron’s Underdog Bites Upwards blog. I’ve had the pleasure of the opportunity to speak with someone directly this week via Twitter, and I gotta give a shout-out to her writing.


I had no idea that other people ever wrote articles at UBU, but I’ve no idea why I would know…so…yeah. She pointed me in the direction of some of her writing, and it’s pretty damn good. I liked it anyway. “Very observant and relatable” is how I would describe it. A state of being that is shared. Almost that “voice speaking to the wind as if no one is listening” type of writing, that I personally enjoy. A story to be told. Doesn’t matter if that story “should be told” or “needs to be told”…it’s beyond that kind of nonsense…it is being told…and that’s all that matters.

Lot’s of people I’ve stumbled across in my travels who are like this.

It’s a pleasure and joy to have been afforded the opportunity/opportunities.

Just remember, I’m gonna piss you off at some point, and we’ll prolly get along just fine.

Or something.

Anyway…we appear to have a common interest in travel, music, writing, nail polish, and some Scottish dude.

^Brothers Moving “Minnie The Moocher”^


X: Never heard that before.

Cade: Anything in particular?

X: We’ll get to me later.

Cade: Sounds ominous.

X: We’ll see.

Cade: lolz…k.

X: …

^The Raveonettes “Love in a Trashcan” Music Video^


^Armin van Buuren feat. Justine Suissa – burned with desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix)^


*/squints… Cade’s technicoloured yawn? Eww, Clicky, WTF?!*


Wake Up & Smell The Covfefe…

Two instances of humour from the States overnight, Dear Reader. One intended, the other not so much…

Trump wins by a head

*Yikes! Gruesome…*

The Comedienne Vs The Donald…

*Knot that Donald, Clicky…*

First up, the comedienne Kathy Griffin with her intended attempt at humour…

*I guess the only line she’ll be concerned with now is the unemployment line, Clicky…*

Who she was trying to entertain with the skit is unknown. It certainly wasn’t the 62 million plus people that voted for Trump 7 months ago. And where she got the idea that a dead Prez is funny, is an utter mystery…

*Ahh… /nods head…*

The other, unintended, humour came in the form of a tweet, during which the Prez fell asleep… probably…

covfefe time

One word was close to breaking the internet on Wednesday morning: “covfefe“.

It was an apparent typo in a tweet by US President Donald Trump, and internet users have been mocking him mercilessly.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” he tweeted just after midnight, Washington time.

And he then appeared to have gone to bed, without finishing his thought or correcting his mistake.

It took six hours before he acknowledged it with a good-humoured response, and by that time a lot of people had had a lot of fun.

I did notice quite a lot of the ‘humorous’ tweeted responses were, how can I describe them… Griffinesque. However, there were some notable exceptions…

Orbs are bunk

Have a Song 😉