Playing The Super Yachtery

Dear Reader, a super expensive superyacht was sunk last Sunday…

My Song, a 130-foot Baltic 130 Custom superyacht, owned by billionaire Pier Luigi Loro Piana, was in transport between the Spanish island of Mallorca and the Italian city of Genoa when a storm in the early hours of Sunday broke the yacht’s cradle on top of a cargo ship and plunged it into the sea, reported Yachting World.

*/lights upMEROVEE Frank in the Red universe put up a post about storms this week, Clicky… /drags… And it was only last Saturday… /streams smoke… That you were fucking up your piana comments in the Purple universe of MJ…*

A sinking superyacht sounds like a terrible waste, but this is the Library of Libraries, Dear Reader…

*That’s right, Clicky, saved within a library of libraries… /smokes… ‘appily wiv L Space to get out an’ about…*

Love a tome

*’cannot possibly be as large on the outside as they appear on the inside’… 😀 …*

Doctor Sonics River

…And the name of the logistics company transporting the superyacht, is Peters and May. Now, that sounds like something else that’ll be sinking irrevocably this coming Thursday…

*Well Jackboots already announced she’ll be resigning on the day after, Clicky, so she knows… /flicks ash… A Brexit Party win would be one in the eye for rabid Remaniacs… /stubs butt… I gno I’d LOL…

Dear Reader, have a Song 😉

10 thoughts on “Playing The Super Yachtery

      1. Roobster Rory appeared over at the Old Lab during the Time of No (OZ) TIme

        and Children of the Stones

        The Cairn remains a powerful symbol of the ties that bind us

        In 2014 I set up Hands Across The Border, a bipartisan group for people dedicated to the preservation of the precious union between Scotland and the United Kingdom. Throughout the summer of that year we built a cairn on the English-Scottish border in honour of the Union. These stone structures have been created by Britons since ancient times, as the physical expression of the values of a community.

        Our cairn was a striking and lasting testimony to the Union, built by people from across the United Kingdom, who were brought together by their desire to construct a visual display of the bonds of friendship that bind us. Figures from across the four nations, including Joanna Lumley, Simon Schama, Anthony Beevor, A. C. Grayling and Max Hastings, participated and around 100,000 stones were laid.

        He is a royal Stuart a blue blood

        According to unearthed reports though, the Eton-educated politician might be a favourite among the Royal Family.While studying PPE at Oxford, instead of drinking pints with other university students, Mr Stewart used to tutor Prince William and Prince Harry in his spare time.

        The question remains is he a dark horse or a stone cold loser 🙂

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  1. Clicky, yesterday I went to CHInatown in CHIcago

    I went to the Phoenix for Dim Sum which was yum.

    And clicky’d a pic of this dim sum

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