Missive From ‘Merica: Loyalty Points?

*Pertinent, Clicky… /lights up… Probably Chemical Ali shouldn’t have bragged about voting for the team that beat his team on national telly, as the results were rolling in… /drags… Hey! He’s got the same birthday as me… /plumes smoke…*

*Oh good grief, he actually said that?*


Welcome to our mid holiday week offering at the LoL, Dear Reader 😀 Cade, the Okie Devil of Text US, has furnished us with a new missive on the subject of loyalty for your delectation…

Enjoy! ❤


^Deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth (1080p) || HD^

‘Tis strange that I’ve been writing for almost 4 years non-stop, and I’ve not crossed paths with this concept. How in the hell does someone write about spirit and spiritual journeys and spiritualistic types of crap for 4 years, and not once directly encounter the concept of loyalty? Welp, in my case, it seems to have taken me pondering the concept of superiority (with a dash of ownership) and then writing a blog post about it, in order to bump into loyalty.

^Computer Data – Healing^

I got a question. Like, what about when ravens are naughty or nice? Does that shit filter down through the human generations too? Is that why people hate/fear ravens? Makes you wonder if one mouse stealing once piece of cheese fucked things up for the rest of mice forever and ever. I guess if this the is case, it’s obvious that seagulls have LONG since given up on giving a single fuck what people think of them.


Gulls aren’t known for having the best of table manners. That said, does legend and/or folklore have any effect on loyalty or loyalties? Myth?

^Depeche Mode – “But not tonight” extended mix (remastered)^

If the conservative political parties and/or conservative wings of political parties are in fact so powerful within British politics, how in the holy hell did The UK wind up with a nickname like “The Nanny State”? Conservative what? Socialists?

I was just sitting here wondering if that is the real difference between The US and The UK with respect to politics. All political parties in both countries are inherently socialistic, they just have different approaches. Different pathways to the same Utopia.

I saw a vid the other day on “populist” political leaders in Europe, and in it, someone made a comment about “direct democracy”. All I could think of was that “direct democracy” isn’t democracy at all. That got me to thinking about “The Nanny State”, which got me to wondering why the Tories/Conservative Party are considered to be the party to beat.

And when in the hell did being labeled “a Thatcherite” become a positive trait? I thought you Limeys hated the fuck outta her.

^Unexpected Wave Compilation (CRAZY!)^

Been pondering a movie I watched called “The House With A Clock In The Walls” for almost two days now. The movie wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t good either. Based on my watching, this movie should have been good, so why wasn’t it?

Good characters, good story, good actors

Is it the witchcraft angle? Too metaphorical? Too much of a kid’s movie? That last one could be the kicker. I honestly couldn’t tell if this was A) a kid’s movie that was darkened a bit for the sake of parents, or B) an adult movie that was lightened to attract a more family audience.

^Kettenkarussell – Maybe^

Speaking of magic, a certain scythe-wielding Welsh wizard shared this video with the class. After watching, it got me to thinking about…hot spots.

^How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma^

Not just attraction, but what creates it. What causes consolidation?

Crowd Psychology
Collective Behavior
Divergence (Disambiguation)
Emergence (Disambiguation)
Spontaneous Order

Why would God/gods/goddesses not be “here”? Like, do levels of removal actually increase the scope of influence?

Certainly seems to be the case in politics. Sure, you can onesie-twosie converts by taking time to go out glad-handing face to face with your constituents in the street, but the more you remove yourself, the more you can reach because the methods for reaching, change. The more you can influence. Just pondering why an entity might not actually occupy the realms they’ve created. Like say…I doubt many public servants actually occupy any public housing blocks that they support/fund. Which that makes me think…

Q: Are politicians in The UK required to actually live in the city/district/borough they represent?

A: ???

Can someone live in St Mary Hoo or Thundersley or Ugley Green, but be elected to serve in some capacity in Southend? Is St Mary Hoo considered Rochester? Is Thundersley considered Benfleet? Is Ugley Green considered Bishop’s Stortford?

^Daso – Immer^

Why can’t I reach the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Hays microsite?

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Hays Microsite

I went to the Southend website to check on council vacancies, but I cannot get to this “microsite” where the jobs are supposedly listed. Is it because I’m in Texas? You guys/gals regularly checking for broken links? Who the hell is “Hays” anyway?

Hays-Recruiting Experts Worldwide

Is this a Jadu/content management problem? Is it a Hays problem? I guess ultimately, it’s a Southend-in-Sea Borough Council problem.

^Moderat – A new error^

If I join the EU, can I come live in Southend?

Brexit and you

Or would it be better to apply for UK citizenship at this point. Yes, I know that I as an individual can’t join The EU. I also realize that UK citizenship is not an option for me. Just thinking hypotheticals. Like, why can’t I as an individual, join the EU?

Maybe that’s why the thing seems to be crumbling. You’ve not offered EU citizenship as an option for individuals. Wait, but you can’t can you? That would mean Kosovo could potentially slip in under the radar by getting all their citizens to apply for EU citizenship.

^Aleksandir – Yamaha^

Offering citizenship would give you access to shitloads of cheap labor. Oh wait, you’ve already got that.

^Quantic – Time Is The Enemy^

It’s almost like the great Okie migration of the early 20th century is happening again right before our eyes. ‘Cept we are seeing foreigners piling into Europe from the south and the east. Wait…that’s where the Okies came from too.

In Dubious Battle

The Grapes of Wrath

East of Eden (Novel)

Maybe some of you Europeans should give those books a read. Might learn something. Reading Cannery Row, Tortilla Flat and The Pearl couldn’t hurt either.

^Eric Prydz – Generate^

Is it hypocritical of Romani people(s) to shun outsiders, not welcome wanderers, and/or to not provide respite for anyone is who is just passin’ thru?


Is hypocrisy not much more than a convenience?

^Paraíso – Teu Sorriso (Jex Opolis Remix)^

As far as hot spots go, what causes a hot spot as it pertains to abstractions like love? We tend to amass and consolidate feelings of love, then point that love in a particular direction. Focused. Specific. Doesn’t matter what it is either. From commerce to causes, cakes and concerts, to cocks or coochies, we are capable of loving all kinds of stuff.

So what gets our focus where it is? Need? Want? I’m thinking more in the direction of government here tho, so does government want to provide? Does government need to provide?

Q: Is it the responsibility of government to provide, or to ensure that needs are met?

A: ???

I’m just wondering, because it seems to me that finding those in need is not a problem. You could send the city council out to wander the streets on any given day, and they’d likely see fucktons of people on the street in need. The question is, what are you doing about it? And what about those in need who seek you out? Are you available? Can you handle it? Or are you a poor conductor.

^Karmaâ – Orient Calling^

I’ve not a fucking clue if loyalty creates hot spots, or if hot spots create loyalty, or even if the two are related in the slightest. Loyalty does seem to be a hot/cold kind of thing tho.

 You are, or you aren't

So what happens when you get a bunch of loyalists together? Does that create a hot spot? If so, what does the hot spot itself attract? More of the same? More of the same and more of the opposite, all at the same time? Did you know that a contraction of hot/cold is hold? A contraction of cold/hot is cot? On that note, lets us crawl into a cot and hold each other.

^Oxia – Domino (Morten Granau Remix)^

Maybe a problem that I personally have with loyalty, is the fact that I have to demonstrate it all the fucking time. Really makes me wonder where the problem with loyalty really lay. Trust? Someone having some trust issues maybe? Wrestling with honesty and what it means to be honest?

/me shrugs
^Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)^

You’ve got a reach. Perhaps it’s a simple matter of your being completely clueless as to the extent of that reach. But yeah, you’ve got one. It affects people.

^Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday^


^Love And Rockets – Lazy^


*/chortles… She whipped out her titty… *


12 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Loyalty Points?

      1. Cade where I come from North of the Wall loyalist means being loyal to Queen and Country a blood sacrifice and remembering never forgetting the past. The British Empire Lest We Forget Its on a time loop.

        Its Irish but more English than England as they immigrated there a crazy long time ago and the natives want them out or dead … one or the other they are not too bothered which.

        It also means No Surrender and Guarding the Walls which is apt as Game of Thrones was filmed there.


        and it even features a three eyed raven

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        1. Makes me wonder when/if one’s life becomes their own. Like, my father could have left me an entire empire of money, businesses, infrastructure, with the understanding that I should carry on the empire. But he could never forsee what I might have to deal with. Not to mention that we might have differing opinions on how to proceed under certain circumstances. Not only that, am I beholden to carry on the same instructions to my progeny? What are the stipulations on that?

          I guess here and now, I’m thinking about prejudices. Choices to have them, choices to not have them. What drives us and why. Just thinking out loud as usual. I flew over Dublin once, but 35,000 feet above is about as close as I got to Ireland or anywhere else in The UK. That said,

          Have seen a few episodes of GoT from the first season, but that was when the series first started. I honestly don’t know much about the show.

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          1. Game of Thrones is the usual storyline of who becomes top dog or top cat and who they have to kill to get there along the way but the kickass dragons are what makes it stand out.

            I grew up with prejudice I used to get beaten up at least once a week going to school the hate was passed down by parents, teachers and religious/political leaders still the same today nothing changes.

            I eventually walked away I was tired of all the conflict I didn’t fit in with either side I went back for my Fathers funeral in 2012 and haven’t been back since. There are still some people there doing good work in trying to help the communities come together its a tough ask.

            I didn’t let my childhood or background dictate who I am today although its hard to escape unscathed completely.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Sorry you had to go through that. I can relate somewhat and it sounds like we may have taken some similar paths although we’re in different parts of the world. Having “white skin” in the area where I grew up makes you a racist. More than that, it requires you be a racist. The whites gotta stand united against the darkies, “The South will rise again!”…all that nonsense. I admit I never understood it. Still don’t. But if you listen to “the channels”, they’ll tell you exactly who to hate, and why. Most of the group ideas are sold under the auspices of some eventual self-preservation. Who “has your back” when you require assistance.

              lolz, it always occurred to me, that I wouldn’t need assistance against a pack of angry knife-wielding Mexicans just for my being white, if my “white brethren” hadn’t worked the Mexicans up into a frenzy in the first place. The down side being, that such thoughts make certain people view me as a race-traitor. Nigger-lover. Fag-lover. Commie-lover. Anti-American and/or America hater. A defect. A wrong. I’ve been called all kinds of vile shit. :/

              You get out and start actually living life tho, and a lot of that bullshit fades to insignificance. A footnote to mindful of, and not much more.

              I guess thinking about it now, I’ve never really known what I want to be, but I sure as shit have some good ideas as to what I don’t want to be.

              As a kid, one of the first girls I ever had eyes for was black. I think about her a lot. Where is she. What is she up to. How has this great country of ours treated her. Did it chew her up and spit her out like it does so many other people of her color? Or was she able to treat herself well and make a life out of it. And where are her brothers? They were my friends afterall/that’s how I met her in the first place. Are her brothers still alive? Do I read the statistics about “black males” and assume they are either dead or in prison? I can only hope and pray that they are all alive, well, and doing great/enjoying life.
              /me shrugs

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              1. That all sounds a bit sad. I suppose I don’t really know what prejudice is, apart from being born working class. Even my own family thought I had ideas above my station. Can you believe that? Of course I bloody well did.

                Liked by 3 people

              2. Cade I appreciate your openness, yes I think we have some things in common I experienced the Black vs White scenario the first time I went to America it was an echo or mirror image of what was happening in Ireland. I used to be a youth worker and we tried some cross community projects getting young people to focus on what they had in common instead of their differences. However it was also about respecting each other’s point of view/culture/background and more importantly removing the fear of the ‘other’ side. It worked at least most of the time. 🙂


                Liked by 2 people

                1. The old guy in those clips played Captain Hammond on Hornblower.

                  And speaking of military, I watched the parade video, all of it, and I have decided to venture a guess that Northern Ireland has more flautists per capita than anywhere else in the world. 🙂

                  On a more serious note, there was not a thing in the video itself which was indicative to me that this parade was being held in Belfast/Northern Ireland except for the sign across the street from McDonald’s that read “Best Hamburgers In Belfast”. And who were the guys in the suits with the armbands? Relatives of vets who fought in The Battle of Somme? /shrug

                  Another thing that I noticed was that there didn’t appear to be anything distinctly representative of Ireland in the parade. Lots of Union Jacks, plenty of Crosses of St. George, and there were some diminutive flags with the Union Jack on them that I didn’t recognize, but I saw nothing that was representative of Ireland. Nothing that I was familiar with. Also, I only heard bagpipes once, and that was during what appeared to be a somber ceremony at a tomb or memorial or something. Aren’t Irish people big on the bagpipes too/not just and only Scottish? I’ll shutup because I have about a thousand questions after watching that video.

                  Not asking for answers to the questions I voiced really. Just making some observations.

                  ^Dallas Cowboys 1993 victory parade fights^

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