Adventures in Remote Viewing: Lamp ‘Ere A Day and Gone Tomorrow

*Jews bury? …/lights up… Oh, Doo’s Brie… /drags… Right you are, Clicky… /expels smoke… Shambling time…*

*Aren’t we always? …/tilts head… Until Dear Reader turns up that is…*

Hello, there, Dear Reader, glad you could join us. The Okie Devil, Cade Fon Apollyon, and I have been enjoying a spot of remote viewing this week, totally enthralled by the fantastic, but all too short lived TV space/western, Firefly…


*Purdy… /drags…*

…and its swan song movie, Serenity

*/taps ash… So, ‘Pacific Union’ and ‘pacify’ have popped up in this post so far… /deep drag… entraining peace…*

peace with a knife

*Well, it is a shambles, Clicky… /wink…*

… Last night’s remote viewing on the other hand was completely different. First up, the third installment of a synchronicity series Cade and I have been following on Youtube…

*33 minutes long… /squints… Hmm…*

… Followed by an incredibly interesting documentary that had appeared in my Youtube ‘Recommended’ section earlier in the  evening. Whereas the Hindsight 20/20 video chappie complained of an abundance of information, so much so that he couldn’t possibly show it all, the documentary laid out the history and leading characters in the development of mankind’s perception of ‘Information’…

*Ooh, now that is interesting about time… /stubs butt… it’s not the doc we viewed though, Clicky. Stop messing about…*

*Yeah, you’re right. Apols, Clicky… /pats snout… Now play the fucking video…*

*Thank you… /flicks lighter… I guess… /lights up… in fiction, information can go back and forth in time, even as time is moving forward…*

*Heh. That’s Susan, knot Tiffany, Clicky… /stretches… Well, I fink this shambles is dun wiv me old China… /smokes contentedly… Best get a song to finish it off…*

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Reader, and enjoy the rest of your we kenned. It might turn into a long one 😉 Have a Song…

11 thoughts on “Adventures in Remote Viewing: Lamp ‘Ere A Day and Gone Tomorrow

  1. Pack Seal

    Paroxetine –

    I took Paxil at some point, so I just kinda figured Serenity’s “pax” was a fictional spin on SSRIs,

    And speaking of peace and kisses and peaceful pea kisses…

    Do The Five –

    If you smokers are correct, it might be better to Do The Strand.

    Do The Strand –

    Everyone seems more interested in teepees for their bungholes.

    ^Roxy Music – Do the Strand^

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    1. With regard to ‘Do the Five’… ‘4. FEET Stay more than 3ft apart’

      People need to stand and walk with their feet 3 feet apart? Like doing an impression of John Wayne after he’s got off his horse?

      *Really, Clicky?*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. CLICK 5 = CLICKS?

        That’s kinda what I thought of when I saw the “Do The Five”. Your recent string of Click 5 posts. 😀

        Maybe dresses like Kaylee’s dress at the ball will make a comeback. It’ll sure as shit provide a nice buffer zone, does so with style and grace, and has plenty of ruffles.


        Saw umbrellas mentioned somewhere today, but an umbrella might actually inspire people to get closer during periods of inclement weather.

        ^America, Fuck Yeah Ultimate Edition^

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    1. 😀 Wonderful! Just replied and included a link to a H.K. Hillman story. currently residing in your S.P.A.M. (Supernatural Planetary Animal Mother) trap ;P

      Lost girls… ‘Pandora’s Lost Luggage’ – I hope you read it 😉


  2. Roob

    Going to read it later when I’ve got a bit more time. Thanks.

    Comment is showing OK my end.


    serene (adj.)
    mid-15c., “clear, calm,” from Latin serenus “peaceful, calm, clear, unclouded” (of weather), figuratively “cheerful, glad, tranquil,” from Proto-Italic *(k)sero- “dry,” from PIE root *ksero- “dry,” source also of Greek xeros “dry, arid” (see xerasia). In English, applied to persons since 1630s. Related: Serenely.

    And Lost Girls. I think it maybe one of the reasons we went down to Texas in the Scooby bus. Few mysteries to be resolved. Camus.

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