CLICK5: To The Max

9 thoughts on “CLICK5: To The Max

  1. “do to”?

    Max von syDOW dies at same time DOW crashes do to coronavirus plague fears?

    Doo 2
    Dew Too
    Due To


    Ever tried Asiago cheese? Had some last night, was pretty good. Reminded me a bit of smoked gouda, cept no smoky taste really and not nearly as poignant/sharp.


    Maybe someone is rolling out some next gen directed energy weapons to zap the nCoV-2019 virus.
    /shrugs and hugs

    ^The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem – Mountain Dew^

    “Advertising” and “signatures” have been popping up a lot for me recently. The thing that confuses me tho is time and timing(s). Wait, lemme back up…

    Bubbles of brand new stars –

    “Brand…New”. I wonder if any consideration is given to the meaning of such a label before applying it. The only “branding” I see being done here is by us, which leaves only the time to consider. (in this case, “new”) When a something becomes a something. Especially as it relates to cycles and/or cyclical patterns that we may be unaware of or perhaps even ignoring completely. Especially backwards and forwards types of patterns as it pertains to suns/stars.

    EX: Aliens come visit Canada in January, stay for a few days, then leave. They might be under the impression that the whole goddamn planet is an icy wasteland all the time.

    If the invasion force comes back in July equipped for Winter warfare, they may have to retreat, reevaluate, reequip and rearm. Point being, what does “nova” really mean. What does “birth of a new star” really mean. Is it possible that there is some something lurking within the matrix of a star that adds to itself at certain times, and strips off at other times.

    Conservation Law –

    Just thinking that there may be something that dictates where certain boundaries lay within certain contexts. Protect/conserve up to this point/these points, do not protect nor conserve up to this point/these points. Quite possible that there are dynamics at work that a star is always a star, but that star may exist in different states, irrespective of nomenclatures attached to certain states within the cyclical nature(s) of that star. We seem to have some fairly narrow bands as to qualifying what is/is not a star along linear timelines, and these all seem to start at a single point. (big bang) Doesn’t make sense to me, especially when looking at things from a multiverse perspective.

    The furnaces may not always be lit in a particular foundry.

    ^CHON – Dew^

    Currently writing a blog post along some similar lines, so I’ll save the rest of my rambling for there.

    5 4 5

    ^Alphawezen-Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix)^

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    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Schumann Resonances have been quite weird over the past few weeks and months.

      This is from back on March 4.

      Feb 27th

      These resonances are always weird, strange and unusual, but it’s kinda cool to watch them as certain trends become more and less trendy within social media and the news + in certain more strange pockets of conversation. (synchrosphere, conspiracy realms, Q, Anonymous, etc.) I just wish I could find a source to watch the random number generator arrays that are running around the planet. Would be cool to watch those and compare them with the Schumann Resonances.

      Also, it would appear that “mass meditation(s)” are now a thing.

      I skimmed the article, and it looks like selling swag is more important than the underlying themes.

      But to be fair, gotta pay the bills. Gotta eat.

      With all this “mass healing” going on, I can only wonder if the participants realize that they are contributing to the very problems they are supposedly trying to solve. The textile mills in Indonesia who make a lot of that cheap material for their shirts and swag sure as shit dump a lot of nasty stuff into the water whilst making it.

      ^Jeans Team – Keine Melodien (MJ Lan Mix – Extended Version)^

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      1. Oh, they’re all at…

        I’ve tried both, but neither meditation nor prayer hold appeal for me. Interesting, one focusing inward and the other outward. I dunno, maybe people should just focus more on what’s around them.

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        1. I didn’t think of it in terms of a prayer group or a prayer chain or something similar, but I guess I should have. Been chasing playbooks and architectures lately, but missed that, so good catch. 🙂

          I still pray, but hold no particular theme with respect to how I may do so. Mine are prolly more like etheric nods in a particular direction than actual prayers. My logic being, why shout or scream when a whisper will likely do just fine. Maybe I’m wrong. /shrug

          You’re maybe right about people focusing more on what is around them. Problem is that “around” has become a bit muddled. From nuclear tipped missles thousands of miles away yet only take 30 minutes or so to deliver, to instant information about something happening somewhere on the other side of the planet, “around” is being piped into our own personal little worlds whilst simultaneously omitting a shitload of context. Our world appears smaller, but in fact it’s pretty much the same size its always been. Just takes a little getting used to with these new prescriptions of hearing, seeing and other sensory devices.

          ^Highasakite – Golden Ticket^

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