The Post I Forgot to Name

So I thought I’d re-watch last week’s episode of Doctor Who, before watching tonight’s second half…

That’s the prologue, Clicky. I don’t have time to watch the Prologue… ‘The Witch’s Familiar’ starts in a couple of hours and shambles can take ages to prepare… Oh, you’ve put in all the links…Cheers, Click!

This is a synchromystic shamble so is probably not going to make much sense to most people, but hear goes 😉

The previous season of Doctor Who was so syncy. We spent hours and hours knot-eye-sing the syncs on Merovee last year. So this new season was much anticipated. However, even I was surprised that the opening shot was of smoke…

Start coming out of the smoke

And there was a plane firing lasers

plane firing laser

A war.

People do have their heads in the clouds when it comes to the ‘denormalisation‘ of smokers, Click… the mandated hatred has WHOly religious overtones… now, can I get on, time is clicking on *titters*…

child runs away into the smoke

A child (‘Save the Boy’ theme from ‘The Zero Theorem’) runs away through the smoke, lost and is made to stop by a black angel…

Black angel stops the child

Who is promptly grabbed and pulled into a black hole…

hand hole

Hand mines

hand mines

Child trapped by hand mines

Lost, but what’s this…

out of the smoke

Ah, vaping the great alternative to smoking, Click 😉 

Voice out of the smoke

The Voice in the Smoke

The boy picks it up…

accoustic corridor

Clicky, 50 is L which is Lever and how many feet and hands in that image?

Book shop Mix Up

Not a Library then, Clicky, Lol… Highlighting a mix and a muddle (how shambolic 😉 with technology. That’s pure Hugo

open mind

*guffaw* Well done Click knot-eye-sing the 15 (IS) year program… you’re so sneaky Clicky hiding stuff like that… but no one get’s it you know..


Well D’Uh! I’ve been hanging around with you for like…ever 😉 Please Click, it’s… twenty to fucking twelve!!! OMG! I missed the show. Stop messing about now, post the images and no hiding stuff. Honestly, who in their right mind chooses a flippin’ chatty dolphin as an assistant…

The choice

survival is a choice

child fears to move

what's your name

Click, I saw what you did there *squint* Stop it!

introduce yourself

the boy who isn't going to die today

davros is his name Help me

That’s enough for now. I’ve got a date with iPlayer. Damn it, I haven’t even got to the syncs with ‘Essex’ and ‘Dude!’

Undoubtedly Clicky, now have a Song…

6 thoughts on “The Post I Forgot to Name

    1. Couldn’t resist, could you, Clicky? *chortle* Oi love you too 😉

      Did you see..? The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver has become sonic sunglasses


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