2018: Ping Pong Epilogue


*Ooh, we haven’t had a ‘Last Time At The LoL’ in ages, Clicky… /lights up…*

It’s back to work for me at the Tower tomorrow, Dear Reader, so this will be the last LoL post for 2018. It was Cade’s suggestion…

Cade makes a suggestion to Roob 1Cade makes a suggestion to Roob 2Cade makes a suggestion to Roob 3

*/drags… We played ‘ping-pong’ back at the start of 2017… /plumes smoke… Nearly two years now, Clicky… /flicks ash… but feels like we’ve been bouncing off each other forever…*

So without further ado, here’s what we came up with. Enjoy! 😀



Years ago (1992), I bought my first sampler…an Ensoniq Mirage. It was already WAY old when I bought it, but samplers were expensive as fuck back then and it took me a long to to gather the courage and funds to buy one. Afterall, when you are a poor person spending that kind of money, you want to get something that will do what you need it to do. A sampler is a digital recorder…that’s it. It is a machine that makes a digital recording of an analog signal. Instead of recording all of those bits to tape, you are recording them to silicon chips. Same shit, different capture/storage medium.

The very first thing that I sampled, was me playing the guitar; a simple syncopated chord of seven notes with a bend, and the sample/digital recording was about 4 seconds long. I immediately turned that first sample into a complete song. A song that I’ve never recorded, and never really even played, but this song still bounces around in my head constantly. So, that would be what…27+ years? That’s a long time to bounce.

Regarding the ATTLAS song “Bloom”, from the very first note, all I could think about was this song that I wrote by using my first sampler all those years ago. My song is completely different from the ATTLAS song, but there is a…”tone”…to the guitar sample in the ATTLAS song that screams…”SAMPLED!“, and this is likely due to the speed of the sample. To me, the guitar in “Bloom” sounds slowed, but it also sounds as if some other processing has been applied to make the guitar “sound less sampled”. Hence, there is a direct connection within me to this particular ATTLAS song, and it created a “tingle” of sorts within me from the very first listen for some very specific reasons.

With all that in mind, and after seeing that comment on your latest blog post about those Swedish women that were killed + whatever nonsense is transpiring in the wake of that tragedy, I personally got to thinking about…discretion. Maybe not specifically this kind or that kind of discretion, but actually a discretion that I personally battle with 24/7. So yeah, all that. I’m thinking about all that, plus, normal old everyday types of issues.

^POGO – Joburg Jam^

Cade Pings Roob 1

*What “fake news” did I just tweet out about, Clicky?*

*Oh… ‘Internationally feted Hack coughs to writing fake news stories after fellow Hack smells something fishy’… /smokes…*

In 1983, when I was 16, my first job was selling sampler kits, tapestry canvases and threads to art ‘n’ crafty shoppers in London’s West End. And bags and bags of kapok, that used to get up my nose…

Image is of Russia’s Progress 59 (M-27M) going bonkers in 2015

Message rec’d. And thinking of tree cotton wafting up your nostrils, that makes me think of a question…

Q: Would you and/or your aquatic assistant think that “tonal crossroads” could be specifically and intentionally targeted within the brain to act as a…erm…”pivot point” to direct someone’s actions?

A: ?¿?

Direct someone towards a certain option that they normally would not have chosen without some 3rd party intervention. This concept is not really new, and I’m thinking about the physics of what makes a juncture within the brain. But then again, if the brain is the target, perhaps this is why “mind-control” won’t work in the ways that some would like. Just like last night, I was pondering “the brain” being more of a “radiator” with respect to decision making processes. That perhaps data has already been scrubbed, formatted, and reformatted time and again as it passes through many areas within our body/being. Much like the architecture of a motherboard vs what actually happens in the CPU.

Off-topic, I watched a video of Weird Al eating chicken wings last night.

^”Weird Al” Yankovic Goes Beyond Insanity While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones^
OVER (I'm matching the cadence setforth by thee)

Aw, he takes such delicate, careful nibbles 😀

Thoughtful Man and I went to the Bombay Bicycle Club in Covent Garden for dinner one night back in the early 90s (could have been 1993). I don’t think it’s there anymore but it was an upmarket curry house that my friend Verity wanted to try. She brought her boyfriend at the time. I can’t remember his name but he was Scottish with a ‘hard man’ persona. He was a bit obnoxious too, a bit loud, telling everyone in earshot how he liked his food hot and spicy. When he placed his order, he told the waiter to make sure they made his curry “the hotter the better!”

I have never seen anyone go red and then green so fast as when he ate the the first spoonful of the curry dish the waiter brought him. Nor run for the toilets so fast. He spent the rest of the evening with his tongue under the cold tap or puking. I never saw Verity or her boyfriend again after that night. She could still be with him for all I know. But truth be told, me and V were already drifting apart…



The only comparable thing I can think of is my grandmother once deciding to try a chilli pepper out of my King Pao Chicken dish one night when we all went out as a family for Chinese food. My plate of food arrived, it was fucking LOADED with those red bastards, and my grandmother asked me what they were. I told her that they were chilli peppers, but also said you don’t actually eat them because they are dangerously hot. I further explained that the heat of the dish comes from it being cooked with the peppers, and that it’s hot enough already. She said “nonsense” asked if she could have one, and I told her “No, you don’t want to do that, trust me, it’s a very bad idea”, especially since she had only gotten her own dish, and had not yet taken one bite. But she insisted, I washed my hands of it and told her to help herself, she took one off my plate, took a bite, and it was less than a minute before she was reaching for her water glass. Pretty much ruined her whole meal.

I felt bad about it, but I can only relate my own personal experiences…not tell others what to do/not to do.

These dried chilli peppers that they use almost have a tinge of cinnamon type taste to them, which is prolly why they taste so good when being used to flavor food, and taste like utter hell when you actually eat them.

^ATTLAS – Ryat^

*Blimey! …/final drag… I’ve not heard that one in years, Clicky… /streams smoke I wonder if he’s waiting for me to reply… /stubs butt…*


Well, that’s your lot for 2018, Dear Reader. Join us again in 2019. Have a very happy New Year and… have a Song ❤



14 thoughts on “2018: Ping Pong Epilogue

  1. Joburg Jam sounds like hog jowl, and I don’t know about you, but those are a NYE tradition ’round these parts.

    Anyway, I think I’m not understanding what is being said. Really, I’m not kidding or being petulant. I just want to know what you are saying.
    Isis and all the heads

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can only speak for myself, but as far as I know, we (Me and Roob) are just…talking. I mean, I personally am working on what I consider to be some pretty complex stuff for a dum-dum like me to be even thinking about, but all that complex crap is useless if it isn’t relatable.

      Like say, the makeup of an individual black-eyed pea. I can give the the chemical makeup of it, I can tell you how I personally cook them, we could chat about the New Year’s tradition of eating them for good luck in the coming year, we could talke about price fluctuations in the black-eyed pea market, we could talk about soils and techniques for growing the best black-eyed peas, or I could just say “YO! THOSE ARE FUCKING DELICIOUS!” or maybe all that and more. Maybe none of that.

      Me and Roob talk about all kinds of crazy shit and our conversations wander. /shrug

      In this particular…whatever…I think “sampling” was on the menu.

      ^The Smiths – Well I Wonder (With Lyrics).mpg^

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          1. No. Although walls and bricks have been appearing on my radar a lot lately. It must be topical or something.

            But yeah, no. Just had shared a brick laying vid earlier, I guess I didn’t copy the link to the Smiths vid, and the old YT link was still sitting on the Windows clipboard.

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      1. Well, now yer talkin’! Ok, I understand that, then. I write on my blog just to talk to merovee folks. I don’t tag anything. I don’t care if anybody else reads them. And of course, it doesn’t matter if anybody reads them. But I would say half the time, I am writing a blog because otherwise I would just flood the comets section on merovee. And I always enjoy this blog, too.
        Good way to explain, with the peas. I get it, now. Perhaps this whirled is too much fucking language.
        This might be nice.

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        1. I’ve read your blog a time or ten, but admit that I’ve read pretty much no blogs for coming up on two years now. A shame really, because after a lifetime of searching, I’d just started to find some interesting stuff and meet some interesting people right in line with what I’d been looking for my whole life. But, that’s the way things go sometimes. /me shrugs
          (BTW, until only recently, I didn’t know until recently that B&C was yours and/or yours and Merovee Frank’s blog)

          As far as the world/whirled having too much language, I hear what you are saying, and again I can only speak for myself, but at the same time how can one relate something that is beyond words in an world where there are too many words? I would imagine that the potential exists that some will go straight to “preaching mode” and/or “shaman mode” (not necessarily in that order), then seek out many of the existing channels that have a similar vernacular or similar tones to their vernacular in order to find an anchor to better relate these…experiences or phenomena or whatever. To me, these would be religion, politics, science, medicine and entertainment/literature in order to find something relatable. “Friends and Family” are likely to be off the list because it’s unlikely that these experiences are going to be relatable, and relating them could even make you outcast. (assuming you aren’t outcast already) Digress.

          The problem that I personally see with turning to existing channels is that everything will suddenly turn into a map to be charted, with courses to be plotted. You are found and again lost almost simultaneously. The problem I see with NOT turning to existing channels is that you’ve suddenly created a vacuum where one may not need to exist. Not to mention that you may not find that “hey, yes, there is an existing path, and this whatever it is that I am experiencing is just an extra node on a particular path.” Both seem to have the effect of excluding yourself completely and/or including only yourself. One could read “ego” into those previous observations, and it may be just that simple…maybe not tho. But such is the nature of testing I guess. Digress again.

          I can only say that when I first “arrived” in “the synchrosphere” in 2008-2012, I spent the first 3/4 years lurking, then I went off the Internet completely for almost 2 years. Stumbled around for a year in a more active way for a while before finally deciding to try and actually start to talk with others in mid-2015. I just figured there was a reason I’d found what I found, but still no idea what that/those reasons are really. Loads of things make sense to me, but if I can’t relate them, or have no one to relate them with/not outlet to relate them, I just keep my mouth shut.

          I won’t disagree that there are times to “speak in code”. But there are loads of times to take the time to speak plainly too. I may be wrong on all accounts. Maybe I just don’t speak Syncrhonistian well enough. I speak Syncrhonist-ish very well tho. 😉

          All that said, me and Roob talk a lot.

          ^Orbital – Halcyon On and On^

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    2. Hi MJ

      As Cade says, we’re just chewing the fat… Ooh hog’s jowl! See how that works 😉


    1. I have read it occasionally, MJ. Not been there for a while, so shall give it a peruse 😀


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