The Preposition Supposition

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*No, Clicky… /lights up… that’s ‘proposition’… /drags… Why anyone would desire suboptimal sex… /streams smoke… is beyond me…*

Twitter chum, Mhehed Zherting, contacted me on Thursday with a question, Dear Reader…

*/drags... Mhehed is such a sweetie… /plumes smoke…*

… He DMed me shortly afterwards, expanding on the question he’d thought of…

coincidence or synchronicity mhehed asks roobcoincidence or synchronicity mhehed asks roob 1

preposition (n.)

late 14c., from Latin praepositionem (nominative praepositio) “a putting before, a prefixing,” noun of action from past participle stem of praeponere “put before,” from prae “before” (see pre-) + ponere“put, set, place” (past participle positus; see position (n.)). In grammatical use, a loan-translation of Greek prothesis, literally “a setting before.” Old English used foresetnys as a loan-translation of Latin praepositio.

yoda speak

*Tell me about it! … /flicks ash… To be honest, Clicky, an ‘eadache I’m getting from that…*

If you’re still a little fuzzy on what a preposition is, Dear Reader, this may help…

*Expressing relationships between things temporally and spatially… /stubs butt… Interesting connections…*

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dear Reader, and have a Song ❤

16 thoughts on “The Preposition Supposition

  1. Hebrew “Pe” means mouth.
    Pe is Peter, or Penis, because it is the SPOKEn word of the wheel or whirl’d. Pe is Pater, or father because HE gives testimony from his testicles. The seed that PAtterns. Words, swords, says this is that, above this, below that over here, over there, it’s Pater TIME that binds. Witness TESTIMONY of history. And it’s all a dream.

    Trump will have a “national emergency” to get his wall.
    “I can do it if I want!”

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    1. As an outside observer, MJ, it seems like a portion of the US population experienced national emergency since the Des Res Prez was elected and it won’t end for them until he’s gone. We have a similar thing here with staunch Remainers following Brexit vote.


      1. Roob…


        Donald Tusk?!
        “The “Tusk” is slang for penis, so the song is basically about sex. When Stevie Nicks heard the album was going to be called Tusk, she objected, but Mick Fleetwood really wanted to use the title, so he ignored her and she dropped the subject.”

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        1. There won’t be a People’s Vote, or Losers’ Vote to give it its proper title. That’s why Tessie Jackboots is fighting so hard to flog her BRINO deal (BRexit In Name Only) to MPs…


    1. The films ‘Stardust’ and ‘Casino’ (the ‘House’) came to my attention separately on Thursday. Both star DeNiro…

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    2. MJ, I finally got round to watching ‘Stardust’ last night…

      At the end of that scene, which the narrator tells the audience, “nearly every star was looking at in earnest”, brothers 1, 3, 7 remained 😉


    1. I suppose so, JP. My old boss used to come over all peculiar and somewhat drooly in the presence of a Screwfix catalogue 😉

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        1. Yes, a him. Screwfix really should send their catalogue out with a handy pack of tissues 😉


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