Adventures in Remote Viewing: Christmas Special

*WTF, Clicky?! I was sleeping… /yawns… I remote viewed ‘True Detective’ with Cade last night… /rubs eyes… Didn’t get to bed until ‘what fucking time do you call this?’ o’clock…*

*Yeah, I really enjoyed watching the second season again… /coughs… What do want, Click? Why’d you get me up so early?*

Cade spots a sample and tells Roob

*/lights up… Oh that was a fantastic spot by Cade… /drags… Sampled dialogue from a TV show that I introduced him to, on a song that he’d introduced me too… /streams smoke…*

*Yeah… /flicks ash… So why’d ya feel it necessary to wake me up, Clicky? I mean, I love you dearly, adopted dolphin assistant, but significantly less so on only a couple of hours of kip, my love…*

*Oh, Cade and I remote viewed that on Boxing Night… /drags smoke… It’s one of my favs… /exhales smoke… Atlas… ATTLAS… ‘K?*

*/drops jaw… And ‘Apollo 13’ on Christmas Night! Wow… /squints… So if I work it back, that’s ATTLAS, Atlas, holding the earth’s position…*

*Clever! …/pat snout… And that’s why you woke me up so early, Clicky?*

Cade spots a sample and tells Roob 1

*Fuck! I forgot… /stubs butt… I gotta iron…*


15 thoughts on “Adventures in Remote Viewing: Christmas Special

        1. From the article…”unlawful infringement”?

          Jesus H. Christ. Trying to strangle the fuck out of people with the fetters of law in the midst of lawlessness and/or lawless acts? Sound more like this “Sven-Erik Alhem” that is quoted in the article is using the law as a tool for selective vigilantism. Or at least, perhaps that’s how he view’s the law.

          If the judiciary is a mess and a travesty, it’s likely because the executive and/or legislative is trying to do the judiciary’s job for them. Which, that brings up an interesting question.

          Q: Why is it that confessions carry so much weight, but denials do not?
          A: ?ó¿ó?

          They’ll lock you in a room and torture you for years to get a confession, then march off triumphantly, consider the case closed, and forget about the whole mess. But no one drops anything when you deny involvement and/or knowledge of…they instead break out the ice picks, pliers and/or jumper cables. Just my opinion I guess, but I was always taught that “the law” is supposed to be something that frees…not something that binds.

          I foresee a time when every aircraft in the world is grounded and every ship is moored. Not because they can’t fly or float, but rather because they’ve nowhere to go.

          ^POGO – Just Blue Fairy^

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      1. I made it to 29 seconds.

        Watching two assholes battle over who is the better spice != to putting salt and pepper on my eggs to make them taste better.
        /me shrugs

        ^Crystal Method – Vapor Trail^

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          1. I just saw the above gender meltdown vid on another forum and it seems like the same crap to me, which is, people trying to bend others to their will. There’s also elements of trying to change the past by evoking or summoning some future retribution and lots of justification(s).

            I tried to watch the smoke shop video again, but when the one guy started talking to another customer and then going on about “just wanting good healthcare for his kids”? I had to turn the vid off again.

            Escalation. In both vids, there are disgruntled customers screaming for corporate intervention as if corporations are somehow the end-all be-all solution to problems, and assumptions made that whoever is actually working in the store is just some lowly scumbag with no power/should have no opinion, no rights…is a soldier who takes marching orders, and nothing more. That kind of thinking…concerns me. But, that’s just me.
            /and me shrugs here

            ^Deadmau5 – Where Phantoms Sleep 04^

            And yeah, I just suggested that the political battles that I guess normally would be fought in political circles, are being fought in corporate circles. Or at least perhaps more openly-ish. Shouldn’t be a surprise tho. We’re talking about people, and people occupy both those realms, and money occupies both of those realms. So this “shift”, is really no different than “Whites Only” or “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service” hanging outside of a particular place of business.

            I don’t think it’s a question of power either. More of a question of what you do with power, and how.
            /here in this moment, I could shrug forever on that previous thought
            /prolly be on the verge of tears the whole time

            ^ATTLAS – Chemical Low Moan^

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