Missive From ‘Merica: Con Templating Times and Tings… N’est-ce Pas?

I’ve really not been in the best of moods today, Dear Reader…

*No, Clicky, I’m not saying…*

*No, Clicky, work is fine…*

*No, nothing wrong at home either… Stop probing me… We’ve a missive from Cade to post…*

*Yes! Alright, it’s fucking mad world, Clicky, and I’m as mad as fucking hell…*

*One headline, why believe it? Because it isn’t just one headline… it’s just the latest… /sigh… Come on, Clicky, Cade’s post… There’s a massive Wiki Wavy Wall that needs your attention… Meet you at the bottom…*


It occurs to me, that no matter what level you ascend to, or descend to, or remain at…there always remains somewhere else to go. Afterall, what’s the point of getting somewhere? Even if you had no idea what in the hell you were gonna do when you got somewhere? Is knowing important “en route?” Is it always important? Or have you gotten too focused on the asshole that is tailgating you? Too focused on the asshole in front that impeding your progress? Surrounded by idiots in traffic with nowhere to go? Not allowing things to develop as they do, might stunt your growth in ways your aren’t even considering.

^Vanessa Sukowski Feat. Terry Lynn – Cup (Raumakustik Remix)^

The many pathways of RNA degradation

Question: How Many Human Pathways Exist In Kegg Database?

Mental Disorder
Aberration of Light
Relativistic Aberration
Chromosome Abnormality
American Cyanamid
How many pathways to pheochromocytoma?
Adrenal Gland
Cancer Syndrome
Tumor Suppressor Gene
List of Cancer-Causing Agents Grows
The Many Pathways of Emergency Management
The Many Pathways of RNA Degradation
Many Pathways to Student Success in Mathematics: Middle and High School Math Course Sequences and Placement Decisions in the Math in Common Districts
Many pathways toward sustainability: not conflict but co-learning between transition narratives

Thinking about “the synchros” and “the storms” and “the chakras”…what could POSSIBLY cause a change in direction of the natural flow of energy/energies and matter, within the body, that may result in unforeseen changes?

Q: What are “foreseen changes?”

A: ???

Q: What are “unforeseen changes?”

A: ?¿?

Q: When?

A: ¿?¿
^Jackie Mayden – Raver Crystals (Kastis Torrau Remix)^
Marcello Malpighi
Energy (Esotericism)
Supreme Being

Cade: So…erm…is that your name then? “Supreme Being?”
X: Don’t get smart with me.
Cade: Welp…if I can’t get smart with you…who can I get smart with?
X: You don’t really think that you are talking to/with God do you?
Cade: No. Only “crazy people” do that. But it would be cool to talk with God.
X: What about my…erm…I mean…what about “God’s Minions?”
Cade: Sure…I’d talk to them.
X: Now we’re talkin. Carry on.

^Raumakustik – Activate^

I don’t really have anything particular to talk about currently…so…I’ll tell a racist joke.

There was a truck driver driving a load of bowling balls from one side of the country to the other, and was on a tight schedule so he was speeding most of the way. He was driving through a particular “in the middle of nowhere” section of this journey, when he noticed two black men hitchhiking. He felt sorry for them, and even though he was not supposed to pick-up riders, he stopped to pick them up anyway. However, he told them that they would need to ride in the back in the trailer in the event that anyone saw him with riders in the cab of his truck.

The truck driver is speeding along, when a cop car appears in his rear-view mirror and pulls him over.

There are two cops in the car, one of which goes to the cab and starts to write the driver a ticket, and the other proceeds to the back of the truck to inspect the driver’s load.

After a few minutes, the officer that was inspecting the back of the truck comes running towards the front, and yells at the officer writing the ticket…

Officer #2: Hey man we need to go.
Officer #1: I’m almost finished writing the ticket…just hold on a minute.
Officer #2: No…you don’t understand man…we need to leave NOW! This guy is hauling a whole truckload of Nigger Eggs, and two of them have done hatched!

^Hosse – Ready For This (Raffa FL Remix)^

Most people would think that the preceding joke is racist…and it is. But who is it racist towards? All kinds of stuff going on in that particular missive. Ignorance being one of them. I mean…if you are “Whitey”…and you live in “Whiteyville”…what is racist about that? Oh…How one treat’s “people of color?”

Q: What color is White?

A: ???

So let’s flip-flop the dynamic.

If you are “Darkey”…and you live in “Darkeyville”…what is racist about that?

Oh…How one treat’s “people of color?”

Q: What color is Black?

A: ???

We know what we know. And until that changes, we only know what we know. Isn’t that the goal of many governments and organizations as we in “The Western World” think of these organizations and their purpose/purposes? To wind up building and maintaining “Mayberry?” To “get back to the old-ways” or “get back to the good ol’ days” or “get back to basics?”

You need a fucking quorum to do that.

The only people I see kicking down doors are well represented.

^Paul C – Carneval (Original Mix)^

Somebody won some election somewhere in some kind of landslide victory yesterday or something.

^Bontan – The First Time^

I keep thinking about that tesseract that I seem to have seen in the back of that woman’s knee in a pic I posted a few days ago.


As I was writing the previous sentence, it occurred to me “how do I word this” since I don’t really consider what I write “mine and mine alone” since Roob edits, formats and posts these things that I write. So what occurred to me, is to word it like this…

I keep thinking about that tesseract that I seem to have seen in the back of that woman’s knee in a pic I/Roob posted a few days ago.

I’ve been trying to lay off of any formatting of any text that I send her, and leave it to her discretion as to what to make of what I write. But I also want it to be clear that we are indeed two different people with two different lives living in two different places that are thousands of miles apart…but we are working together.

Q: What are we working for/work towards?

A: I dunno. Any suggestions?

Anyway…I’ve been thinking about the dynamics of motion within the form of design and purpose. Especially as they relate to this “holographic universe” that everyone is so fucking hot-to-trot about. I can see it. At least, I think that I can see it. But the ways that I see it is in a way that I’ve really never heard anyone describe.

What I see is templates that are overlaid to create a template. And these templates are overlaid to create even more templates. If you add time, motion, and focus in there, maybe this is why some get confused as to the purpose and purposes of these templates, and how these templates sometimes create holographic representations that seem to operate outside of the normal boundaries of time and space.

EX: A mountain. Add a “Matrix Movie” type of overlay over that mountain, in order to show what the underlying structure and structures are made up of, and suddenly, you think that you have seen “the core” of the design as it relates to the “as-is” portion of that mountain. However, thinking about it now, it not only shows the underlying, but the overlay and overlays as they relate to the in/out and through.

Maybe this is why I think that “subduction” as science currently views it is horseshit.

You see rising and lowering.

I see waffling.

^Raumakustik – Dem A Pree (Patrick Topping Remix)^
Energy conservation is important.

Information retention is important.

Energy Exchange and Information Exchange are important.

So…why wouldn’t they all be important…all at the same time? Why wouldn’t they all be important…all at the same time…forever and for all-time?

A: Destruction.

When destruction becomes disinformation that is misunderstood, it seems to me that destruction and creation are taking place at the same time under the banner of reorganization. So yeah…I think you’ve found what you are looking for. You just don’t understand what you are looking for maybe. Don’t understand what you are looking at maybe. Find the beginning…find the end.

Q: How can you find the beginning and the end, all from the middle?

A: Hmmmmmmmmm....I wonder.

Guess we aren’t as alone as we thought, eh?

^Sidney Charles – Make Me Moove feat. Lady Vale^

If part of my skin “develops a pull”…doesn’t that equate to a push that will result in a pull somewhere else? Yeah, I’m thinking about injury/injuries and scarring here, but I am also thinking about something else…pimples. Acne, pimples, sores, wounds that won’t heal, repetitive injuries, Carpal Tunnel…shit like that.

If I eat a frozen dinner that contains a shitload of preservatives and artificial flavors and all kinds of crazy salts and oils and fats and proteins and whatnot, and then I go out and exercise, and I hurt myself while exercising…

Q: What effect(s) does that injury have on my body’s available energy/energies and potential sources of matter for dealing with that unforeseen event/events?

A: Smells like mutation.

Well…it smells of mutation to me. But then again, I’m a complete fucking weirdo and nutjob.

^’Feline Good’ – Aristocats jazz/dance/funk/breakbeat remix^

So…the body says something like…

“Ya know…that whatever right there? It’s very similar to what I normally use/am used to, but not quite. How can I make this work?”

I guess I find it ironic that we are walking-talking-thinking-learning machines, encapsulated in a walking-talking-thinking-learning machine, that is made up of walking-talking-thinking-learning machines…and yet, we get confused as shit as to who is doing what and when and why…all while trying to figure out who is doing what and when and why, all while ignoring who is doing what and when and why.

That particular thought and thoughts and sentence may give the appearance that I am intentionally attempting to be ambiguous. But when you add time and times over time into that thought and those thoughts, it may be indicative as to why we miss so much in our thinking, and maybe even some indicators as to why we can never seem to “catch up to the present.”

If all of your whatever requires gadgetry of your own design to describe what isn’t there…erm…that sounds almost…erm…I hate to use this term here…but…it sounds a little…”Orwellian”? Grabbing something that is there, via something that is not yet here, via something that may never be. Maybe my seeing “Neutrons” listed on that “Carcinogens” list that I have above from 2007? Yeah…let’s produce more of those. Let’s create a double inverse of Protons and Electrons, Neutrons, and let’s produce a fuckton of them since “THEY ARE POWERFUL!!!”

They are powerful? No shit Sherlock. I wonder what this “excess of Neutrons” is going both attract AND repel?

^Disney Aladdin – Electro House Remix^

Meh…I gots no answers…and people are gonna do whatever they do.

What’s the worst that can happen?

I can think of some things.

I’d rather not tho.

^White Magic | Pogo^

What would be the purpose, of “a pure vacuum”…other than to destroy it?


Ever had your ear just start ringing for no reason whatsoever? If we think about membranes and crossing energies, maybe there is more to this phenomenon than just some medical definition/reasoning. I mean, as far as I know? Ringing ears means “say yer prayers” because you are about to die of a heart-attack. And what would be the point of saying yer prayers just prior to dying, assuming that you know that you are about to die? You didn’t give a shit about your life, until all of a sudden you did give a shit about it because you were about to lose it, but you are about to see God anyway…so…what’s the big fucking deal?

Assuming there is a God/gods, it appears that you are about to have some time to go over the finite-details of your life in total, so…why freak the fuck out and try and remember all of that shit that you should have learned at church instead of shooting spitballs at the choir because you thought it was funny. lolz…not that I ever did that or anything…and not that there prolly aren’t times to “say your goodbyes.” But it occurs to me that these are personal choices…not edicts. It seems to me that these are what separates the sheep from the herd, and not just for culling for slaughter. Abraham’s son seems to have survived a culling for slaughter. Granted, a shitload of questions as to “why would God ask Abraham to do such a terrible thing?”

Food for thought.

Strange ways.
^wAFF – Wormhole (Butch’s Earworm Remix) (MHR099)^

I guess I hate the thought of someone sitting across from me, them looking me straight in the eye, and asking me “if I see things.” Them asking me “if I hear things.”

I mean am I supposed to answer? Do I lie if I don’t answer? Do I lie if I purposefully answer incorrectly out of contempt for such a stupid question, when I know that we both know the answer and answers to these questions? Because we either know, or can learn, that these are just gateway questions to more questions. Are we looking for dishonesty? Or reliability? What if someone is reliably dishonest? Is that reliability? What about the whens, wheres and whys that these dynamics change?

There’s only one answer that you are looking for, but you never stop to consider just how limiting that answer is. Or at least, how you have limited yourself by seeking an answer. The thought that some permanent model waits to be discovered under some unturned stone, is like negating every other stone in existence, once you have overturned that one particular stone that you were looking for.

What about all of the previous stones? Did they not matter? Do you need to go and turn them over again in order to retrace your steps as to how you arrived at where you arrived? Did you return these stones to their original positions after overturning them, and if so, how do you know what their original position(s) were are? Aren’t they forever changed by you and your actions, just as much as you are forever changed by their effects on you?

Forever bound, by a sequence of events, that could not be predicted by either nor any…and yet…it happened.


Or something.
^Matt Sassari – Phantom (Original Mix) [Tronic]^

My sorting through a lot of my past has gotten me to thinking about much of the reading/learning/experiencing that I encountered when I was younger. I remember a lot of things, therefore, I have trouble with the concept of “originality” as it pertains to ideas. Especially under the banner of “there is nothing new under the sun” types of thinking. But thinking of me as a unique individual that is the product of countless generations of people that lived and died to provide me with the genetic mass that eventually somehow coalesced into this blog of hairy flesh that is me? Yeah…that “nothing new” kinda loses some of its sting, without losing any of it’s string. The threads of time that bound me into the me that is me, stings me here and there to remind me of me. That I am important, just like you, and them.

^Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Raumakustik Rework)^

Yeah…I hate math myself. Primarily because math ALWAYS seems to involve someone else making me do it for more their benefit than mine. Turn me loose on a 10-key, and you prolly should just close up shop, because I am going to fuck that up completely and totally. BUT that makes me wonder as to when mistakes became taboo. And I mean, mistakes being so taboo, that they are completely and totally unacceptable…because someone’s life just might depend on it.

Q: Does that thought contain our answer. Or at least…some answers?

A: ???

If we are operating in realms that are so finite, that the individual that should benefit, actually suffers? Yeah…room for pause there in our thinking. Not that I have paid for and counted on services that I did not receive. But I keep going. When the way that should work for me stops working? Yep…seek another path.

Maybe that’s why the concept “monopoly” only works within the concept of “God” for any length of time.

Maybe that’s why “Acts of God” are so prevalent within the framework of frameworks that we frame.

Maybe we sometimes misinterpret these “acts” within the acts and actions within the act itself.

Maybe none of that makes sense.

Maybe I should find a fencepost to bang my head into.

Should I purchase my own fencepost? Or will any ol’ fencepost do? Don’t wanna make some landowner liable for my actions because I choose to bang my brains out on a fencepost that bordered public land.

Maybe there’s an easement there. Prolly some legal precedent. Not that precedents aren’t important…but…times can and do change. I dunno. I’m just some uneducated dude with a computer, a fair ability to type reasonably fast, and a shitload of freetime to sit and do whatever it is that I am doing.

^Zoo Brazil – Sand (Mendo Remix)^

Right today…wrong tomorrow.

Wrong today…right tomorrow.

Right or wrong today or tomorrow…write today or tomorrow.

Or something.
^Dazz Band – Let It Whip “HQ”^

I guess I’m wrasslin with this concept of discovery as it relates to legacy and posterity, and how those concepts relate to the eternal. It seems to me that the existence of a non-existence of God/a god/gods, makes what we do within the frameworks that exist outside of those concepts even MORE important with respect to ourselves. I mean…if there is no “Superman” to save us…isn’t it our responsibility to save ourselves both pre and/or post?

We operate under the assumption that we are completely and totally alone in The Universe, and yet we create experiments specifically designed to re-create conditions that existed at the beginning of this Universe. I wonder what “The Amoeba Delegation” has to say about their representation, or lack thereof, in these experiments:

Are they fully formed?

Are they represented?

Who is representative of their representation and representations, if not if and of, themselves?

Are we their voice?

Says who?

Have ethics gone out the window?

Or did they just fly right back in after we tossed them out?

I can imagine that if all of the bacteria in our bodies “suddenly went on strike”. Yeah…deep shit…we’d be in it.

^deadmau5 – Sometimes Things Get, Whatever (HQ)^

My legs and back are feeling a little better this morning. And so is my neck. My neck still feels like a bunch of soggy spaghetti noodles dancing with a snake of some sort, but I figure that it’ll get better at some point. Or my head will fall off.

Lotta stretching and pulling as of late that seemed to get a bit of relief yesterday/last night. I still feel like 50 pounds of shit crammed into a 10 pound sack…but I always feel like that…so…meh.

My feet are giving the appearance that they want to swell/are going to swell, but they haven’t as of yet. My balance is also a little better today. My quadriceps are pretty gooshy and seem to have trouble deciding which way to turn or what the flying fuck is going on in the rest of my body, but my hamstrings are making an appearance for the first time in decades. Left hip is pulling quite a bit at the crotch, where it appears that my hamstring and quadriceps have been doing battle with my calves for God knows how long.

Oddly enough, all this pulling in my legs is having the oddest of effects on my hands and shoulders of all goddamn things. One of my hands was cramping so bad last night, that I thought it was going to break. Same with my feet. I’m quite used to feet cramps…but sometimes of late, it feels like they are going to start breaking bones. I guess some of this pressure relief on my knees has helped quite a bit in this regard.

Oh…and still shedding skin like a fucking snake. Lotta old scars that I had completely forgotten about, starting to reappear. I wonder where they’ve been hiding?

Just in case anyone was wondering.
^Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom It’s In There^

With all of this grinding and torquing, I imagine that there are a LOT of connective tissues throughout my body that are…erm…enduring a lot of give and take types of changes, and not just/only my skin. At least, not only the visible part(s).

^Situation – Yaz (oo) 1982^

I guess I should wrap this up…but I’m not going to.

The following song, which I am currently listening to now…is WAY too fucking cool to stop writing now.

^Lee Jeffrey – Ten Count (Original Mix)^


cYa | cFa


^The Grooveline (1978)^



*How did you get here before me?! Never mind… /lights up…*

template (n.)
1670s, templet “horizontal piece under a girder or beam,” probably from French templet “weaver’s stretcher,” diminutive of temple, which meant the same thing, from Latin templum “plank, rafter,” also “consecrated place” (see temple (n.1)).

The meaning “pattern or gauge for shaping a piece of work” is first recorded 1819 in this form, earlier temple (1680s); the form was altered mid-19c., probably influenced by plate [Barnhart], but the pronunciation did not begin to shift until more recently (templet is still the primary entry for the word in Century Dictionary).

17 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Con Templating Times and Tings… N’est-ce Pas?

    1. But the reader would miss out on the music, images and clicky bits, MJM. Actually, it’s already like a online book and each of Cade’s posts are like new chapters added as written. And it’s free to read 😉

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  1. Roob

    Hope you’re feeling better today .

    And to Cade. The problem seems to start when you start seeing things and others don’t like what you see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. >>>>And to Cade. The problem seems to start when you start seeing things and others don’t like what you see.
      Fair enough. But as I was sitting here pondering the merits of showing someone/teaching someone how to see what I am seeing, and the potential issues/paranoia of others with this/these thoughts…I had another thought. And that thought is…
      Q: What happens if I myself lose my ability to see things that others cannot see?
      A: Yeah, I dunno this answer either…but I have some ideas.
      Being a musician, and a lover of music, one of the things that I have missed immensely in my own life over the last few years is the ability to hear and compose music in my head. Its an ability I have always had…an ability to compose some phrase that comes to me for some reason, and develop it further from there. But a couple years ago, this ability just vanished. It breaks my heart, and I miss it, but I have since tried not to revive this ability nor think about it. It’s rushed back into my head a time or two, and my heart has lept when it has…but then it meandered off again, and I’ve tried to ignore its being absent.

      Being a musician, I used to be able to express this ability to others via music and poetry. Something that they could relate to when I was asked questions like “HOW IN THE FUCK DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?” I had musical instruments where I could sit down with them and show them, and most were quite relieved at the length and difficulties of the process, but therein lies the secrets within the secret. Sometimes I transcribe what I’ve already heard/written in my head, and sometimes I have a simple phrase that I have no clue what to do with, and just sit down and bang it out into something else entirely.

      We as human have many commonalities, even in our differences. I don’t think that we need to join hands and sing phrases of inspirational songs, anymore than I think we need to grab sticks and stones and beat eachother into oblivion. Nor do I think that we need to quieten ourselves so that we can hear The Universe speaking to us, nor crank up the volume so that we cannot hear what it is trying to say to us. I think its about matching volume(s) and/or adjusting volume(s) to accomodate needs when and where they are. Almost as if The Universe is saying to us…
      A/|0|\X/|0|\Z: “I know you…and I know, that you know, that I know you. Do you know me?”
      /me shrugs

      ^Daniel Lanois – Jimmy Was^

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  2. My brother is similar. He concentrates on Spanish classical guitar these days but used to compose a lot. But it has diminished for him as well.

    I remember well a song entitled ‘Chimpanzee Baby’.

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