Missive From ‘Merica: Quality Time Spent Smoking With Child

And I don’t mean the new plain packaging health warning, Dear Reader…

smoking dummy

*/rolls eyes… Gawd, Tobacco Cons  LOVE their photoshopping, don’t they, Clicky…*

… No, a new missive from Cade, received last night…

Knot sure butt it may have been partially inspired by a great post by Frank in the Blue Universe yesterday…


Action At A Distance

Before we make too many assumptions about any pre-existing bonds that are simply not detectable by the existing model/models and/or testing methods/personnel/equipment and shit like that…erm…

^HolyU – Lift arrived _second Floor^

I’m not going to think in terms of alternate dimensions, or even alternate realities…but more of altered realities. So let’s think about big assed scientific experiments and little thoughts, and how those affect others in action.

EX: You are driving along in your car, listening to the radio, happy as a clam…then suddenly….BAM!!! Yer dead.

So if there is life elsewhere in The Universe, and someone billions of light years away from us is just going about their day…then suddenly…BAM!!! they’re dead. Hit right in the motherfucking brainpan by a stray particle created by The LHC or a similar machine.

Sound impossible?

One word: Leukemia

You can substitute cancer in there if ya want, but “cancer” has gotten so goddamn vague anymore that it may as well not even exist…even tho it does. It’s only pulled out of the hat when all attempts at “avoiding the C word” have failed. But I could be wrong on that. I don’t have as much experience with it as most people. Only indirect experience /shrug

^Monstergetdown – Tres^

I got to take a drive with my oldest son a coupla days ago. I asked him for a cigarette, he looked at me weird, asked me,

“Are You Serious?”

…then he eventually gave me one and I smoked it. Tasted pretty much the same as the last cigarette I smoked, although I must admit that I never would have dreamed that I would have an enjoyable moment smoking a cigarette with one of my children, while riding in a car on a sunshiny but cool spring day.

Later, we got to talking about hell and heaven, and how these concepts related to the movie “Event Horizon.” I related my thoughts as to travelers in the film traveling into the unknown using an unknown method of travel, and how I perceived that this probably would have seemed to these travelers. Afterall, we are talking about faster than light travel with respect to beings that really have no clue as to “normal travel” as of yet.

^Tinlicker – Donderdag^

I asked him to imagine traveling at the speed of light or faster, and encountering a human being.  He stated that,

“wouldn’t we just burn right through them?”

I said “Yes! However…imagine what that would look like, as you passed through that human. Bone, blood, tissues, cells, etc.”

He grimaced.

NOW! Think about this.  You come out of the other side of that human after “burning right through them”…what do you think that would look like/seem like to you?  He answered,


Exactly!  Now…let’s make it even worse.

Let’s say that you’ve burned through that human…pass through the wall behind them, or bounce off a mirror…then suddenly…you see that same person again.

My son suddenly had a weird look on his face.

You are assuming your size son. What if…when you passed through this human being…you shrunk to a microscopic size? Keeping that in mind as you have just passed through that human, exited that bloodbath, and now here they are right in front of you again…you begin your second approach to them…and you are completely complexed as to why you are seeing them again, as they should have disintegrated completely on the previous pass. However…as you get closer to them…you notice a tiny little red dot, and you suddenly realize that this red dot is the point of entry on your first pass….and now…here we are…going though again.


^Enzo Bennet – Shadowman^

He brought up The Butterfly Effect and Quantum Mechanics, but I told him that he needed to keep time in mind when thinking about these things. Mainly because, this butterfly of ours may or may not have the effect that we assume, and/or it may take thousands to even millions of years for this effect to take place. If you spend your entire life following a single particle to see if the result is as you predicted it to be…

Q: Who are you forgetting/excluding?

A: Yep…you.

We have effects on the results and the results sets. It’s the time and times between when we can get confused, when we attempt to include and exclude ourselves only at the beginning and the end.

^Fluke- Another kind of blues^

I have some other thoughts about “burning through” with respect to particles traveling at the speed of light or faster, but I think that things like lasers and radar/microwave radiating devices can better help us out, as to understanding the contextual nature of temporary states of matter, when and if biometric organisms are present in the presence of …erm… energies that are less contextually facilitatory to the continued existence of said organism(s).

^Fluke – Atom Bomb^

Always an excess. Whether that be on the positive side, or the negative side.

Q: What about when a theorem equates to zero?

A: Are you still alive? If so, what happened between conception of the theorem and arrival at zero?

Yep a lot of work to get to zero, and now, a lot of work remains to get away from it again.

Division by zero isn’t that difficult. It’s a matter of necessity. If you are needing a zero balance sum, you are prolly already operating in the excess column, whether that be positive and/or negative, and just don’t see it/them yet.

^The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot^

So now that we have slung some particle out into space, that has turned some life form’s head into mushy jelly and tossed their soul into the abyss…I wonder what the reaction will be? I guess the movie Starship Troopers makes more sense now. It does to me anyway.

^Lo Fidelity Allstars – Battleflag [High Quality]^
Does my filthy fucking mouth bother you?
Does my filthy mouth bother you?

Does my mouth bother you?

Does my bother you?

^Culture Shock – Troglodyte (Original Mix)^

So if we assume that there is no sound in space…does that mean that the presence of sound is an indicator to those or that which is traveling at speeds faster than light as to the presence of life?

Does that mean that the absence of sound is indicative of something so fucking infinitely loud, that it cannot be perceived?

Is this indicative of how radio-waves work, and when they don’t work “as-intended” and/or “as-advertised?”

I guess I’m gonna have to think about HAARP here seeing as how, at least as I understand it, it’s purpose it to raise the bands of the Ionosphere, and I’ve wondered about these bands cascading an reversing as an effect of this “raising.” A becomes E and E becomes A and so on.

However…since we are broadcasting sound and sounds and pictures and data into space via all kinds of methods and mediums…I have to wonder…

Q: What makes you think that "aliens" or "alien intelligences" would do the same?

A: !!!???!!!

I mean…space is supposed to be quiet right? If you are a space traveler who is traveling at faster than the speed of light to better detect “anomalous waves” within the natural scope of a solar system, wouldn’t that make sense as to why any sort of travel up to or at “the speed of light” that is generated artificially might just be…erm…hazardous to organic beings? ESPECIALLY to beings that are moving at speeds that exceed the speed of light.

But to add a caveat here, maybe there is also the effect of these beings not wanting to interfere with the communications. If we think in terms of Tachyons and Gamma Ray bursts, this might help us to understand how an “artificial burst” of these energies were more discernible from naturally occurring ones. Afterall…if we assume that Gamma Ray bursts are happening naturally in The Universe, but our findings are based on much of what we have learned about these energies using our own artificially created sources of these energies? Erm…maybe the entire Universe is at war…and we just don’t know it.

^Philip T.B.C. – Galactic (BTK Remix)^

How does one “kill the silence” I wonder?

I mean like…contextually. How is “killing the silence” applicable?

Only you would know the answer to this question.

^The Prototypes – Kill The Silence (ft. Ayah Marar)^

I guess it’s prolly difficult to wear the hat of a graduate, and know that you are but in your infancy with respect to learning and experience. But to me, that SHOULD be what keeps us young and hungry.



Not finding.

Keeping going.


Starting back up.

“You know it’s, not like that all ends…when you’re 18, or 21, or 41, or 61…it NEVER…never…ends…

“Like your Aunt Edna’s ass…it goes on forever and is just as frightening.”

-Jason Robards/Frank Buckman
Movie = Parenthood

^Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Full Version]^

I dunno…just had to get a coupla things off my chest…but I gots no answers.

That guy who chopped his back in half with the sword or machette or whatever from my previous whatever? Yeah…it’s haunting me. Lotta things going on in that guy’s body. And when the other guy grabs his arm and pulls to steady him? Motherfucking YEESH!!! 😦

There’s more to that pic than simply “the idiocy of the moment.”  Afterall…when did that “idiocy of that moment” come to your particular attention?

Hope you enjoy your Saturday/Sunday.

^Andy C – Haunting^

cYa |  cFa

^Black Sun Empire & Eye-D – Brainfreeze (Neonlight Remix) V1 [Free]^


bat country

*Ooh… /sigh… better get moving then, Clicky. School and work tomorrow… things to do…*



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