Missive From ‘Merica: Back to Front…

I’ve been having a quiet week, Dear Reader, away from the LoL, whilst I’ve been settling into into my new job…

… Getting into a new rhythm has been somewhat knackering but now it’s Friday, Clicky and I are gonna kick back, relax and enjoy a brand new missive from The Okie Devil…

relaxing smoke

Care to join us?




Maybe it’s time that science admits it needs to admit something to itself.

The irony and ironies of “trusting something that isn’t there.”

But it is there!!! Our instruments and tests confirm this!!!

Remove the instruments and gadgetry and tests, NOW confirm it for me.

Now put all of the instruments back, and confirm it for me.

Oh. I see it now.

Q: Now what?

A: Mystery = SOLVED! Next!
^Phil K & Habersham – Cloudbrake (Original Mix)^

Yeah…lotta “scientific instruments” involved in that test and all that testing. Leave out the observers and participants, and suddenly…the concept of “Faith” takes on a life of it’s own.

This is pretty much the nature of “The Alpha To Omega Bet”…in that, there’s really nothing to prove.

If ya can’t get your head wrapped around “the proof” that already exists because it already existed? I dunno…maybe you haven’t thought “Step 2″ through as well as you thought you have. I know that in my own personal life, yeah…I’m kinda stuck there all the fucking time…so…yeah…”I hear ya.” 😉

^The Crystal Method – Bad Ass (The Rogue Element Mix)^

My balls are dirty too. I mean…prolly not, because if I’m convinced that dirty is filthy, and that I’m always dirty and filthy, I’d spend my entire life trying to eradicate whatever it is that is causing my balls and the rest of me to be “dirty.” And God knows how long that could take.

Anyway, here’s some pretty balls.

Not that my balls aren’t pretty.

Not that they are…but…yeah…or something.

^An artist transforms balls of dirt into beautiful, shiny spheres like none you’ve seen.^

So now, let’s take a ball, chop it down into a spherical kinda circle-ish type thing…and slap it on a record player. I have no idea what the point of this video is…but it appears to involve some technical wizardry above and beyond simply…”a tree on a record player.”

^What do tree rings sound like when played like a record? It’s hauntingly beautiful.^

Now that we’ve got the amateur stuff out of the way…let us ascend into the realm of purest smart geniusnessness.

^What a tortilla sounds like on a record player^

Now let us descend from the lofty realms of smarterest genius or whatever, and get back to the technical stuff.

Q: I wonder how many bags of tortillas they went through to get this complete waste of time experiment correct?

A: No answer goes here...sometimes...the question without an answer works just fine.
^An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter^










oozing, etc.

…and all of this irritating shit that we don’t have time for/create methods of suppressing? Erm…are you trying to “activate nature’s process of mutation” in order to permanently suppress it? Because as someone who pretty much has no throat at all, I can tell you that when some of these “urges or abilities” are eliminated?

Yeah…when they need to happen?


Especially puking.

Lotta difficulty swallowing, which makes me a VERY slow eater. I’m pretty much always “the last one eating at the table” because I have to eat so slowly. My only other options (that have worked for me anyway) is to either:

A) Don’t chew my food well at all, or

B) soft foods, which also have their own limitations because of my tendency to choke on fluids/aspirate them into my lungs.

I guess that I am thinking about these things currently, because I have aspirated something twice now over the last few days, which hasn’t happened in a long time due to my “lifestyle changes” to accommodate my personal needs.

EX: Avoiding certain foods. Being mindful of how I chew/ingest certain foods. How hot foods vs. cold foods help encourage me to slow down when eating.

This world is not kind to people like me, who require a little extra time for my needs to be met.

BTW, “Being last at the table” has other drawbacks on a personal level.

^Hybrid feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – All I Want (Orchestral Mix)^

What got me to thinking about this “scientific verification model(s)” was “a flash” that I saw in the sky yesterday while out looking at airplanes/clouds/the sky. Being that this is 2017, my immediate thought was…”that’s a fucking military drone” due to the distance and height of this flash out of the corner-ish of my eye.

So….I watched the space to see if the whatever it was would turn at some point, and catch the sun again so as to reflect it’s light again, but it never did. Still convinced it was a drone of some kind due to the angle(s) and duration of the flash. Not that it couldn’t have been a satellite, because it may have been, but even the angle of that was kinda…weird…due to the perceived direction of travel…which was East to West. To my knowledge, and based on my observations at night, not a lot of visible satellites at night that are traveling East to West in this part of the world.

So thinking about it now…is it possible that due to the angle, it was a flash from a satellite that is in geosynchronous orbit? Yeah…those things are REALLY fucking far away. But…I have no idea what it may have been, only what it may have been because of the time and times that I live in.

It was windy as FUCK yesterday. The airplanes flying into Love Field were uber-low and coming right over the house all day, and the big-assed Cottonwood tree in the back yard lost two big-assed limbs because of the wind. Had to pull one off of the garage roof, and damn-near cut off my fucking toe on some garden fencing in the ground when I stepped on it. Yeah…that metal fencing/border shit that people put in the ground? It can sneak up on ya.

^Bedrock – Forge (Fretwell Remix)^

Speaking of tearing walls/borders down in one place, then putting them back up in another…I notice that the plans for some big-assed wall in Berlin or China or someplace like that has somehow manifested into being constructed right here in my own neck of the woods. Gonna cost billions or so according to the fake news story I saw. I wonder if the people who live in this area should be allowed to vote on whether or not this wall should be built or not? Maybe a “rolling vote?” Border states get to vote last? Vote first?

Wait…do we get a vote?

FUCK!!! That happened months ago.

Guess I missed my chance.


Oh well. Maybe I can vote someone in who wants to tear it down once it gets erected.


^London Layover April 2017 Boeing 777^

Speaking of eyesores…CANKOR SORES!!! I remember when I was a kid, I used to get these things in my mouth all the time. We called them, ulcers. The rumor was, that whatever your mouth looked like? Yeah…your stomach looked just like it. Most people didn’t believe that when told as such, and neither did I…but I sure as shit pondered that as to what it meant and why. Seeing as I had tons of stomach problems when I was younger, it made sense.

The thing was…what to do about it. Many of these conditions had no cause other than I wasn’t being clean enough or wasn’t brushing my teeth enough, or wasn’t brushing my teeth correctly, or was using too much toothpaste, or wasn’t using enough toothpaste, or was swallowing too much of the toothpast…yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda…yadda. 😉

But thinking about string/string theory as I think of it now? Yeah…makes sense. Especially with respect to “spooky action at a distance.” What if an identical/identical-ish “Cankor Sore” manifested in my stomach and/or esophagus at a later time or vice/versa? Smooth muscle tissue does flow afterall…so…why wouldn’t “a hiccup here” necessitate “an adjustment/accommodation there?” Yeah…I get the feeling that messages and messaging within the body doesn’t always work like we think it does.

I prolly need to write that down so I can remember it, and remember to associate that process and processes and processing with respect to “Junk DNA” and how I think these things relate to memory and memories. Assuming that I remember to do so/can remember to do so.

Don’t wanna have an acute case of amnesia or vertigo or dementia that is the result of aggregate accumulating at just the wrong time.

^Mark Isham – Flames^

Inconsistent Seas?


Inconsistent C’s?

Consistent Seas?


Consistant C’s?

I notice there was some hubbub about quantum mechanics that implies that “there is no rule change” or some kind of flip with respect to “the rules” within classical physics and whatever else. This is kinda weird to me since “Classical” anything was once “Radical as FUCK” at some point…so…yeah…classic. Anyway, it occurs to me that the more you use machinery to define the machinery, the more confused and confusing you are prolly gonna get.

EX: Your eyes. Are you using them? Ya sure? I mean…wasn’t it Einstein who “just wanted to see with God’s eyes?”

Dear Science,

You are doing it.

You are doing it wrong.

Unless you aren’t.



^’That Thing You Do’ Ellem [AUDIO]^

Been thinking a lot about the concept of “hot produces cold/cold produces hot” kinda things with respect to…erm…stuff. I guess primarily as it relates to Oxygen, but also other stuff. Mainly because, in order for me to try and get my head around the “natural” forces that are at work trying to accomplish/maintain some sort of balance, and these crazy nutty things that we as humans try to squeeze nature into doing the same thing(s)…erm…A WHOLE LOT MOTHERFUCKING FASTER…so that they better fit into our models of time and times with respect to our needs and wants.

So…basically…we aren’t creating better models and machines, we are simply duplicating old techniques with new methods, and new methods of duplicating old techniques of doing the same ol’ shit. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t new things. Just take a gander into the mirror to see what I am talking about here. But yeah…time tinkering….yer doing it.

^An artist spent 20 years in the Arctic… and what he reveals inside this cave is incredible.^

Been pondering this “participant/observer” business quite a bit along with some other crap, and how these would relate to “A Unified Model.” But if you take yourself and everyone else out of this model, yer prolly going to get a little confused as to the nature of nesting and nested.

Meaning: Yer gonna have to go backwards now to catch-up to yourself.

Cause now…ya gonna explain “All That Shit”. Gotta figure out how it is applicable here, and how it is applicable there, and all the while…you are gonna be ignoring time and times while breezing right through it. THEN…you are gonna get to “the end” and be like…


Yeah…flips…they happen. They happen in the goddamndest of ways at the goddamndest of times. So yeah…milestones (Emphasis on the plurality there).

Lotta singularities in that thought.

Or at least…there is to me.

But I’m just some jerkoff sitting in a room, alone, with nothing better to do than type this shit here that nobody is prolly reading.

But that’s OK too.

/me shrugs
^Why Women Are Stripey^


Q: What makes seas consistent?

A: Consistent seas.

Q: What makes inconsistent seas?

A: Inconsistent seas.
Q: What makes seas consistent?

A: Inconsistent seas.

Q: What makes inconsistent seas?

A: Consistent seas.

Q: What makes C’s consistent?

A: Consistent C's.

Q: What makes inconsistent C’s?

A: Inconsistent C's.
Q: What makes C's consistent?

A: Inconsistent C’s.

Q: What makes inconsistent C's?

A: Consistent C’s.

Yeah…all at the same time…and at different times, all at the same time AND at different time(s).

To 86 any previous model, or to incorporate elements that cause diminishment to the point of eventual elimination, will insert the seed that eventually causes the new model’s eventual collapse, and the need to return to the original model in its totality while eliminating the new old model in it’s totality. The process will repeat with both the same AND different results.

If you eliminate need or want, or replace need for want or want for need, yer prolly fucking up.

Maybe not now…but I guess this is how the model of hedges and hedging work so well at failing over time.

^Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

Build a machine to do something, and it’s prolly gonna do just that until it doesn’t.

^Sand pendulums – Lissajous patterns – part one // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany^

Who says chickens can't fly?
^RC KFC bucket aeroplane (magnus effect)^

I wonder how much energy it takes to “maintain an illusion?”

Seems like…erm…a lot of work to do abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING.

^Two robots talking to each other. Gone wrong^

I guess after watching the video above, which I just did, I’m thinking about the concept of truth/lie is a little confusing to me within the scope of this particular demonstration as it relates to the experience itself. Experiencing. Meaning: what the fuck is the point of this?

Truth/Lie becomes Telling The Truth/Lying.

Truthful, dishonest, trying to be honest, trying to be truthful…and on and on and on…but slamming together a bunch of facts/truths/knowledge without any purpose other than “seeing what happens?” Yeah…no wonder there are so many that wonder what the intents and purposes of shit like this are within the scope of life as it is currently, and how that relates to the direction and directions we are traveling.

^The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 – c.1400 B.C.)^

Q: Ever seen a man lace up his boots at the speed of light?

A: I have.

When I was a kid, my dad had a method of lacing up his boots so fucking fast that I’d ask him to do it over and over again. I’ve been thinking about energy and energies with respect to pathways that already exist, we just…build the gadgetry that exposes these pathways based on thoughts that we have regarding these pathways’ existence. Such as…lasers. Supposedly…if you fire a laser out into space…it goes in a straight line forever. I have trouble with this concept in it’s totality, but understand its merits. Meaning: I both see how that can be possible, but yeah…not really thinking that a laserbeam is going to go forever.

But anyway…yeah…what if it could?

Thinking about bootstraps and the holes in boots as they relate to shoestrings/bootlaces…if you think about the first bit of that lace that comes through the hole, and then all of the lace that follows up to the point to where it stops? To me anyway, this is a pretty good example of both strings and stings, and how it is possible for light to not only “exceed it’s own speed” of 186,000 miles per second, but also…go much MUCH slower. Keep in mind that a decrease is an excess in the opposite direction of a standard, and yeah…suddenly…light can and does…stop. Light can and does…”go dark.”

What I personally have been envisioning…is a single particle of light that comes to the edge of the galaxy of it’s origin…and just…stops. Yeah…like completely and totally stops. Gotta keep relative motion in mind here, with respect to the galaxy that this particle of light is in, as well as the galaxies that surround it…so now we can think about purpose.

Q: Where is this particle of light, or Photon if you prefer, headed?

A: ???

What if…it goes dark?

Yep…what if that particle of light…stops…is still shiny and glowing…but then suddenly goes dark?

Then…it gets all shiny again…and…zing…it arcs from one galaxy to the next, almost instantaneously.

Maybe it was just…chillin’…looking for a way to get to where it was going and/or the opportunity to present itself to get to where it was going without destroying itself by attempting to get there.

Q: What if that particular particle never itself makes the journey? As in…it gets recalled or diverted somewhere else?

A: Is the answer..."welp...what takes its place?"

Good question.


Energy conservation: Prolly ain’t what we think it is. Maybe we can figure it out, and how this “figuring out” pertains to us via how it pertained to those who got us here, via how it’s gonna pertain to those who follow us/lead us/themselves.

^Mongolian Throat Singing-Batzorig Vaanchig^

I guess that bit where the one “bot” in the “bots arguing with each other” video above, where one of the bots said something to the effect of “things would be better if there were less people”…kinda got me to thinking…

Q: How would those who are eliminated feel about this concept?


But I mean really…if you are sitting alone in a room, or even if you are alone in a room but in a house where others also live…um…how is it that others are affecting you exactly? Sounds like to me maybe you have a problem with someone in your proximity, or maybe they have a problem with you which causes you to have a problem with yourself and their problem with you having a problem…or something…and…erm…yeah…maybe a scenery change is in order.

Going around, to get to, is still getting to. You just…went around. Whatever in the fuck that means. Not that I don’t understand just how difficult it is to get away from a difficult situation, because I do. I just don’t understand YOUR particular situation nor how it relates to mine. My thinking here being, yeah…we can make suggestions if and when we are willing to do so, at which point the question becomes…

Q: Now what?


Sometimes stoppages are just as important as continuance.

Acetaminophen can help us out in this regard.

Acetaminophen dilates the blood vessels in order to relieve pain or a headache or reduce fever, yeah?

Q: What caused the contraction of the blood vessels in the first place?

A: There's your answer.


^Kodo – “O-Daiko” – HD (japanese drummers – Taiko – tambours géants Japon)^

I’m not suggesting that we stop removing tumors because of the information loss that results in removing that tumor. Yep, lotta information gonna be contained in that tumor and the surrounding tissues, other than simple “benign and or malignant.” Afterall, what good is that information if the person that the tumor came from is dead? Yep…not much. They did have/do have their own distinct genetic code afterall…so…applying what we’ve learned about a particular case and how that relates to other cases, just to omit everyone and everything else? Makes no sense to me.

^This is a Japanese drum line!^

Crystalization Of The Brain.

Now why does this ring a bell?

Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

Crystal Disease

So…if I shave my face, and new blood vessels are created/blood flow redirected to accommodate the injury to the skin that is caused by shaving, but by the time that the redirection actually occurs, the blood supply is no longer needed…

Q: What do we do with all of this blood flow that we no longer require?

A: ?¿?

Re-redirect it? Is this why taking a break from shaving tends to both be a relief AND a nightmare? I mean…we gotta shave our mugs if we wanna go back to work right? But we also wanna not shave on the weekends right? (Unless we go to church, which requires clean-shaven goodness to attend). I personally have never been a regular shaver. I’ve always had to skip a day or two or three or however many I can get away with, in order to maintain my sanity.

Shaving motherfucking HURTS!

Or at least, it has always hurt me/my face. But then again…lotta scars on my face and neck which has always made shaving a risky proposition for me. Lotta cuts and cutting and bleeding. Seeing as I am a pretty heavy bleeder/free-bleeder or whatever…yeah…a lot of ruined shirts and weird looks because my face is covered in maroon black trails of dried blood. And if I wash them off, the just start bleeding again. So I wonder what affect these cuts over cuts over cuts have over time over times? I mean…I already know the answer to this…but I wonder how it affects others.

A: Cellulite.

I dunno for sure…but I’m thinking it ain’t what we think it is, nor is it related directly to and/or ONLY to shaving.

Even shaving is a process.

^Super Incredible Girl Drummer FOOLS Crowd at Japanese Mall! So Cool!^

Damn…it’s already Thursday. Where the fuck did April go? May 4th? Of 2017? I remember back in the 1980’s…the year 2000 seemed like forever away. And now here I am, same old worthless fuck 17 years past 2000…and I don’t even really think about it other than in terms of something than something that is not to be understood. Meaning, these “gaps in time” that are sometimes perceived as nameless voids? Um…yeah. It’s kindof a “fill in the blank(s)” kinda thing. Kinda makes the future not so scary irrespective of what it holds. And while you hold onto that thought, the panic should rush right back in with no problem at all. Suddenly we are shaking with fear…no idea what to do…no idea what NOT to do. So yeah…all is normal…all is well…or not.

^2CELLOS – Thunderstruck [OFFICIAL VIDEO]^

I gotta take the trash out.

I’m back.

^Sonic Spinball The Machine Music^

The lyrics to this song are quite clever.

^Five Stars – Atom Bomb Baby^

This particular whatever is a fucking trainwreck. Been thinking about a lot of shit “on the outside” and the where(s)/where(s)/if(s) this shit is connect to “on the inside”…but these damn fields that we generate keep getting in the way. 😉

So…watching the video below…and thinking about “awakening long since dormant things”…I wonder what it would be like to be able to experience “Trinity” from the perspective of…erm…this “long since dormant turned now active participant.” Yep…remembering.

Seeing the faces that are painted on these dummies in the nuclear tests? Stopping to look at them, and seeing a familiarity within the void of the unknown. Almost as if…”I know this, but not really.” Maybe another layer or element to the concept of Synchronicity, and how this Synchronicity relates to the concept of Synchromysticism. Especially as that relates to “The Synchros of Time.”

I dunno.

/me shrugs
^Fluke & Chemical Brothers – Atom Bomb (Baris ATILGAN MiX)^

Anyone else see “The Tesseract(s)” in the knee(s) in the pic above.

Prolly some “loco motion” involved there.

^Little Eva – The Locomotion^

cYa | cFa

^benny benassi feat. channing – come fly away^


happy wag

*Ah… Yeah I enjoyed that too, Clicky… /lights up… what shall we do now?*

4 thoughts on “Missive From ‘Merica: Back to Front…

  1. The Mongolian Throat Singing vid reminds me of one of the same genre I posted here a (long) while back.

    Mine though, didn’t have quite such a mesmerising vid posted below it.

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  2. Welp…I’ll do my best to think about that “Why Women Are Stripey” video, and the thoughts that I had after looking at the default picture that the video has prior to watching. Lotta things to think about there with respect to channels and channeling with respect to the location of The Lymphatic System and the directions and paths of these “stripes.”

    Just…kinda thinking out loud here.

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