Quick Quark…

Dear Reader, this has been my last week of…


*No, Clicky… /rolls eyes… of unemployment…*

…And to celebrate, I have spent it doing… */thinks* … erm, fuck all really…

you go girl

*Ah, I always appreciate your encouragement, Clicky… /pats snout…*

Yesterday, I took time out to watch three old movies from the 80s – one I’d never heard of before called ‘Back to the Beach‘…

*Completely mad, Clicky… that Song featured in Cade’s last missive…*

…and two old favourites. The first, a detective love story…

*”Be careful among them English” …Ah Witness… I love that film…*

witness look

*Yeah, yeah I saw ‘Wallace’ in the wiki entry too, Clicky… /sigh… Look, it’s not exactly ‘freedom’ if your significant other has to work extra hours ‘cos you’re not paying your way…*

*Er, Thoughtful Man is not a prostitute! And his ‘for hire’ sign is not red, it’s orange… /slaps forehead… Oh yeah, Clicky, the other film…*

… And the second movie, a romantic comedy, starring Steve Martin…

In 1963, when I assigned the name “quark” to the fundamental constituents of the nucleon, I had the sound first, without the spelling, which could have been “kwork”. Then, in one of my occasional perusals of Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce, I came across the word “quark” in the phrase “Three quarks for Muster Mark”. Since “quark” (meaning, for one thing, the cry of the gull) was clearly intended to rhyme with “Mark”, as well as “bark” and other such words, I had to find an excuse to pronounce it as “kwork”. But the book represents the dream of a publican named Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker. Words in the text are typically drawn from several sources at once, like the “portmanteau” words in Through the Looking-Glass. From time to time, phrases occur in the book that are partially determined by calls for drinks at the bar. I argued, therefore, that perhaps one of the multiple sources of the cry “Three quarks for Muster Mark” might be “Three quarts for Mister Mark”, in which case the pronunciation “kwork” would not be totally unjustified. In any case, the number three fitted perfectly the way quarks occur in nature.


*Well, quite… But chuck in a white coat…*

*About time for a final Song eh, Clicky? …/squints… And don’t even think of giving us Alanis Morisette… not a single line in that Song is ironic…*

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, Dear Reader. Have a Song…

8 thoughts on “Quick Quark…

  1. It’s strange. After YEARS of looking at wordpress blogs, I just recently realized that in addition to buttons for reblogging and sharing and fboog and godknowswhatallelse… there also tend to be buttons for “Like”! I actually had not realized that, or, if I had, I’d forgotten it. I tend to think of “Likes” as being in the comments section… not the main articles.

    I wonder though… how many other readers may really love the stuff you ‘n Frank ‘n Leggy ‘n all write… but don’t hit like because their eyes slid right past it down to the comments?

    – MJM

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  2. I saw the movie “Lucy” over the weekend. I’d never seen this movie, nor did I know what it was about other than the smatterings here and there which I hadn’t thought about much, and when I read the DVD case, I figured it was going to be another “tit for tat” revenge story…but the movie really wasn’t like that at all as far as my limited comprehension goes. Yeah, there was a lot of revenge type stuff in it, but there were a lot of themes in there to think about.
    EX: Showing a picture of a coral reef that is described by Morgan Freeman’s character as “habitable” or welcoming or some shit like that. Welp, on first glance, yeah…beautiful picture. And as opposed to an active volcano or a tornado’s path? Yep…allow me to pick…and I’ll take the reef. Of course, then I pictured myself trying to walk across that reef at low tide, and I shuddered to think of what my feet would look/feel like after only a short while. Once my feet are so carved up that I have to sit down and wait for the sharks to arrive because of my bleeding feet, I pictured a Box Jellyfish wandering up my shorts and introducing itself to my scrotum. (lolz)

    Yep. We live in a pretty nice place already in my humble opinion, irrespective of those blips on the radar that are indicative of future trouble(s) that are already here….just….not here here yet. So this gets me to thinking about the storms we cannot see, and our desire to see them long before they even exist. Welp…what about those storms that may never coalesce in “our time” that are of our own making and doing? So yeah…we sure as fuck DO see them…or at least…we see the potential for them…so…if potential makes us run from or to something…erm…who are we omitting? Who are we including by omitting others? Yep…a big motherfucking arrow just popped over the top of my head cartoon style, and it’s pointing right at …me.

    I guess maybe the balance of taking responsibility isn’t always what we think it is, even when we are choosing NOT to take responsibility. Maybe “how” we rely on others will help us better with “when” we rely on others. We don’t always rely on others…but yeah…we kinda do.

    I dunno. That movie kinda bent my head a bit, so I had to re-watch it last night. Kinda nice to know that I’m not the only one with crazy shit like that in my head, and maybe with not such a fixed set of intentions. Lotta “not knowing” going on in that movie, even in the streams where it appears that people and groups know exactly what they are doing. Seems like there was a lot of “not knowing” in there pretty much through the whole movie. And the “pass it on” theme kinda…made my heart leap a little bit.

    Anyway…great flick. Prolly wouldn’t have watched it had others in this “synchrosphere” or whatever not been talking about it.

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