Missive From ‘Merica: Bugged Out!

Yesterday I saw that there had been a nuclear incident in Washington State, Dear Reader. HanfordRed Frank included it in his latest MEROVEE post

… I thought that would be the major news story of the day, BUTT THEN

… The Prez only went and sacked James Comey…

*The ultimate Comey over, Clicky? …/rolls eyes…*

Anyhoo… Cade has kindly furnished the LoL with a spiffing, mid-week missive that I simply must share with you… So the question is…



I was just outside stretching my legs and checking out the weather, when I saw the goddamndest of things…a motherfucking BUMBLEBEE!!! I’ve not seen a Bumblebee in forever. I’ve been stung by a Bumblebee…twice even. But those didn’t sting as bad as this sting. Where have they been? Where have they been hiding?

As I was watching this Bumblebee fly from flower to flower in it’s odd “more straight-lines” type of flying…I noticed a what I thought was a Mud-Dauber, or as we call them here…Dirt-Daubers, but it was too large. Three other odd looking wasps were also buzzing around, but they were much smaller, and looked like those kinda fly/wasp hybrids that science has argued about as to whether they are flies or wasps. Anyway…this fucking Bumblebee was huge.

^The Trashmen – Surfin Bird – Bird is the Word 1963 (RE-MASTERED) (ALT End Video) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)^

On a related note…yesterday, whatshername and my daughter were driving home from the library, and she said she had to pull the car over because a huge fucking hornet or wasp flew into the car as they were driving. She said that she pulled off the road, and both of them rapidly evacuated the car. I’m assuming that they needed to evaluate/re-evaluate priorities objectively…the first order of business being surviving long enough to stop the car, and re-negotiate the temporary transfer of ownership from this winged interloper.

Whatshername said that once they got out, she remembered that she had left the electric air-mattress pump in the car from their last camping trip, so she plugged it in and flushed the intruder out from under the seat where it was hiding with hurricane force winds. She said that it was HUGE, and sounded confused as to what it actually was due to its size…so I’m wondering if it was not a wasp nor hornet…but rather…a Cicada Killer.

^MR. BASS MAN ~ Johnny Cymbal (1963)^

Turns out…it was an Ichneumonoidea Wasp

I vaguely recall these things, but they are more scary looking than anything.

Sphecius (Redirected from Cicada killer)
Sphecius Speciosus
Mud Dauber

I guess when insects begin to wonder where all of the wood/woods went? Humans might stop and wonder…

Q: Where did all the animals go?

A: ???

Pro Tip: Check the side of the road.
^Who Put The Bomp – Barry Mann^

I guess I could start to quote “Roadkill Statistics” here…but I’m not going to. And not to make some vague connection between Lyme Disease and Deer, but you prolly pretty much know whether or not you live in a state that has deer. If you do live in a state that has deer, you can pretty much bet that there are prolly around 100,000 reported cases of deer roadkill in your state each and every year. If only half of the states in the USA has deer, that’s 2,500,000 reported cases each year.

These are very rough estimates of my own, based on past research where the numbers for states like Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and New York were between 70,000 to 100,000 per year. When I lived in West Virginia, there was a saying that most residents said to newcomers…

“Have you hit a deer with your car yet? No? You will.”

^Emiliana Torrini – White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover)^

I took a shower last night for the first time in over two months. Yep…there is a reason/reasoning and purpose in my not showering/bathing, and it’s not simply a matter of…

“seeing how bad I can smell.”

Yeah, I used to wear deodorant/antiperspirant, and shave with shaving cream and use aftershave, and use anti-dandruff shampoo, and all kinds of different soaps and stuff…but I stopped. My skin had gotten to the point to where it was not only extremely painful to live in because it was so goddamn dry…but it was like my skin was literally squeezing me to death.

The shower last night was extremely painful. A lot of burning, and wads and clumps of “dead-skin” and dirt and God knows what else coming off. Laying down in bed afterwards was a fucking nightmare minus the fucking part(s). Lotta pulling and tugging and cracking and bleeding. Lotta pain. I’m trying NOT to think of some of my childhood experience(s) with burning…because I am sick and fucking tired of both trying to remember some of the details, as well as trying to forget some of the other details…all so that I can think about neither.

That may not make much sense to some if not most who read this…but the only reason that I am trying to remember some of this shit is because of the potential benefits for someone else. Someone else who might have the unfortunate circumstance of an event or events, that result in some major pain and pains that are unknown to many, and how these people can possibly fathom living “a normal/normal-ish life” while in so much pain. Not that my efforts make me some superhero or anything…but I’ve done it. Lots of screaming and yelling and begging and pleading and confusion and all sorts of nutty craziness. Hopefully, I can help someone…or at least, help inspire someone to help themselves.

^Feist – Sea Lion Woman^

I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to suddenly decide to visit their local burn unit. But yeah…if you feel compelled to do so? Yeah…maybe you should do just that.

^Sea Lion Sea Line Women of the Pacific Rim | ELDER MOUNTAIN^

So…if someone were to get some really REALLY nasty burns on themselves, and were to get a really REALLY nasty case of Shingles on top of those burns/scars/scarring…

Q: What would “Nature’s Purpose” be for compounding such a tragedy with another tragedy and/or more tragic events?


I’m gonna go ahead and take a guess here, that maybe, just maybe…nature isn’t sure how to deal with a traumatic event, as it relates to an individual. Meaning: Nature prolly knows burns and burning VERY fucking well. What nature DIDN’T know…was that you as an individual would at some point be burned very badly, nor when, but nature DID and DOES know you, and what you have been through up to the point when you got burned.

Burns + Shingles = Fighting Fire With Fire?

There’s more to consider than just “physical pain” or even “emotional pain/emotional trauma” here. And maybe this is how we can join these two together, in order to see that they are already joined, always have been joined, and our part and parts as humans is what has divided them for the purpose and purposes of serving one or the other, and not necessarily both.

^The Ventures – Wipeout live in Japan 1966^

It’s cloudy and cool today. A little muggy/humid, but the low hanging clouds and cool breezes make that OK. Its felt like rain a time or two, but those feelings passed quickly. Not much smells better than Texas Rain. But I must admit that I love the smell of a hot Texas summer afternoon. 100+ degrees, moderate humidity, and a strange smell of rain, where the possibility of none exists.

This makes me think of “the mirages” that we get here during the summer. The image of standing water in the distance where there is none when you get there. We are told that this is “an optical illusion.” But I’m betting that the concept of “Metallic Hydrogen” might just help to dispel this conclusion. Not necessarily as myth or even a myth…but more along the line of “temporary states of matter” that do not necessarily require an observer in order to exist, but this perspective and these perspectives help us to understand or better understand the layer and layers of The Ether.

Anyway…yeah…the water and water vapor is there. And don’t tell me it isn’t. If it’s 105 degrees outside, and the humidity level is still somehow at 40%? Yeah…its there.

^PIPELINE – The Chantays^

So…if I were to propose, that every single atom of Methane in the entirety of The Universe, is indeed connected to each other…would that sound completely impossible? Let’s think String Theory here. If all of these atoms are connect via strings of energy…find me the first and the last atom in the chain. We’ll call these…”Stings on Strings.” So…now…

Q: Which is it? The first? Or the last?

A: Yeah…both…all at the same time.

Just because you isolate something, doesn’t mean that it is isolated. It simply means that it has been isolated using the methods and means in which you have employed to isolate…erm…whatever it is that you have isolated. So…let’s “up the difficulty level” here…

Q: What about the particles of this atom that we have isolated? Are you assuming that they are isolated as well?

A: ???

What if you’re wrong. What if, it is indeed possible, that an atom of Methane or Helium that you have isolated, is in fact…only partially here? ESPECIALLY if you have employed methods specifically designed to “break this atom apart” or isolate certain elements of this atom. It’s Proton/Protons…for example. What if, by this action, you have actually started a chain reaction, that has sent part and or parts of this atom to the furthest reaches of The Universe? Sound impossible?

Think: Information Preservation and/or Conservation Principles. That should help.

I mean…if a part or particle is being made to behave in a way that is contrary to its design and “normal” function? Would you really expect any sort of other behavior?

Q: What on this planet, does not “fight” for its own survival?

A: I wonder where this concept originates?

Am I “being too finite” here?


I wouldn’t think that ANYTHING would be outside the realm of possibility within this universe.

^The Ventures – Walk — Don’t Run (original) – [STEREO]^

I dunno. Prolly just talking out of my ass.

Talking out of my ass…regarding Methane.

That's funny.

Not really…but yeah…it kinda is.

^The Shadows – Apache (1960)^

“So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.”

Matthew 20:16 (KJV)

^Booker T. & The MG’s – Time Is Tight (1969) HQ^

Soooo….what choo up to today?

Having a good day/evening/morning or whatever?


Seriously…I think that’s great.

^The Tornados – Telstar (HQ)^

I’d like to thank RooBeeDoo for her continued efforts in putting up with my bullshit, and encouraging me to write/think/write about what I’m thinking about.

^”1959″ “Sleep Walk”, Santo & Johnny Farina (H.D.)^




*Oh very good, Clicky… /chuckles… Song?*

*Ooh, you’re on form tonight… /pats snout…*

falling with style

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