Missive from ‘Merica: Crump et Waffles

Oh! */looks embarrassed…* Excuse me, Dear Reader */wipes chin…* I’m afraid you’ve caught me tucking into a giant crumpet…

*Oi! You’re to stay below the rainbow snowflakes, Clicky! /squint… Cade’s provided a wavy wall of words for you to splash about it… /scoops up stray gloop of butter and strawberry jam with finger… Go on, go splash… /sucks finger…*

As I was saying, Dear Reader, my Okie Devil chum from Texas has penned another missive for you, which you will find below. I’ll just let you get on with it whilst I’ll finish eating… */small burp…* my enormous toasted treat. Enjoy!

*/loses rag… I shed bellow, Kicky… /blows crumbs…*



As I continue on my journey down the ladder to Wizardom, or, Wizard-dumb, as it were…I can’t help but wonder…

Q: Where exactly did this motherfucker begin?

A: ?¿?

I mean, were supposed to be good at shit right? Experts. Wizards. Geniuses. Masters. But we start at zero right? Then work our way up from there? If I was EVER at fucking zero, I’ve long since been kicked off that fucking ladder of ascension, that I have descended so fucking far that no one even knows that I’m there. Just kinda…chillin’…seeing where this shit goes. I mean, they do say that you pass the same people on the way down that you do on the way up. But what if you are a total dumbass like me? Did they give me some kind of grading curve, and start me off at a level that was so far advanced and beyond my abilities “just to help a brother out”…that I had nowhere to go but down? Not that I mind going down on an available female when available…but yeah…when does THAT ever happen? Not that you would know or anything.

But I digress.


So I watched part of a documentary yesterday on GMOs and Monsanto and other popular corporate whipping post types of companies that are fucking around with this shit…when I got a text message…


Y: Hi ya!!!
Cade: You smoking pot?
Y: no smoking pot against the law
Cade: Weird. Illegal plants. Doesn't bode well for GMOs eh? ;)
Y: Not so much.


I guess what really fucking blows my mind, is remembering why I stopping “researching” shit like this in the first place. First, the documentarians and opponents were always ranting at some public protest or rally sounding as if they are ready to grab some torches and a shitload of gasoline, and burn the whole fucking planet down. The proponent are, as usual, mysteriously absent because they refuse/decline to be interviewed and/or are always shown through government channels of being approved for this that or the motherfucking other, or through some sort of documentation from lawsuits or patents or some shit…shrouded behind the laws of commerce through government(s). Ironic that everyone is trying to look under each other’s dresses when pornography is so readily and freely available on The Internet and elsewhere.

The fact that companies are now claiming ownership to plants? Genetically modified and sold as seed and or ready to plant plants/seedlings, or other “spread via natural processes” in neighboring fields via whatever process led to the germination of seeds in proximity to “other man-made processes”…um…I am really REALLY fucking perplexed here. But I’ve been snaking my way through Afghanistan and Turkey and Russia and Europe and North and South America, tracing the flow of certain plants and certain plants’ certain extracts and whatnot…and I’m seeing so many patterns, that I’m not sure what to make of it all other than the obvious.

Think: “Air America” and similar types of channels to be swum or being swum.

Q: When you swim in certain channels and in certain waters, what kind of a fish does that make you?

A: !!!¿?¿?¿!!!

Won’t be long till you own the entirety of The World/Earth/Terra eh?

Q: Then what?

A: …—…

Just a suggestion.


Air America (Airline) 
Cannabis (Drug) 
Marijuana (Disambiguation) 
Marijuana (Word) 
Missoula, Montana 
Calamine (Redirected from Calamine lotion) 
Calamine (Disambiguation) 
Witch Hazel (Astringent) 
Uridine Diphosphate Glucose (Redirected from UDP-glucose) 
Adipose Tissue 
Endothelium (Redirected from Endothelial cell) 
Diamond Cubic 
Gallows (Disambiguation) 
The Maid Freed from the Gallows 
Sycamore (Disambiguation) 
Birchwood (Disambiguation) 
Electromagnetic Shielding 
Electrical Wiring 
Solar Irradiance (Redirected from Insolation) 
Thermal Insulation 

As we continue to observer the obvious…it would appear to remain obvious that everything is connected. Even when isolated and/or hidden. It’s still connected, it just connected to the disconnect section of connections.

Makes it easier to spot. 🙂
Public University 
Public School 
Private School 
List of State Universities in the United States 
Cork Cambium 
Materials Science 

Lemme stop right there for those who aren’t reading this shit anyway…

Q: What is NOT…”materials science?”

A: ???

Still remembering the observer(s) and time(s)? I sure as shit hope so. Because so far? I can only see one thing that appears to have been designed to last forever. And as far as I can tell? Even that wasn’t designed to last forever. Not in it’s current and present state anyway. That said, there still DOES appear to be that mysterious “data retention” aspect of The Universe that is so fucking self-evident, and so fucking elusive, that it has to be there. I mean…if it isn’t…

Q: How are we having this conversation?

A: I have some/a pretty goddamn good idea(s).



So yeah…had some more “Earth Shattering” types of revelations/discoveries yesterday and last night, but I can’t write about them here. Why? Um…I’m trying to keep this poor lady’s sanity in mind with respect to just how fucking much babbling I’m prepared to subject her and her own personal blog to. She asked me to write, I was/am flattered, so I’m writing. That said, I don’t wanna disrespect her territory. Just like I didn’t want to disrespect the whatchacallit forums territory. Nor do I try and disrespect any of the blogs or whatever that I comment at’s biz. But I do find it ironic that many of these people and their sites champion the notion of being “crusaders for asking the hard questions”…yet, when it comes to taking the “hard questions” themselves, they tend to be kinda limp and/or wishywashy. Waffley even. I personally think that there is a difference between confusion/being confused and willful dismissal and/or rejection as to the validity of questions and comments and observations. Yes. Difficult questions are difficult. Maybe the difficulty is more widespread than you give it credit for. So widespread, that it may even be evasive and elusive, because you refuse to accept it when it is dropped right in your fucking lap.


Maybe if you take the “difficult” out of “difficult questions”…you’ll just have “questions.”

That “cult” part is more revealing sometimes than it seems eh?

The “diff” between “cult” and “difficult”…may be the questions about questions themselves.

(clever pun goes here...AVERTED!!!)

The video below is the kind of shit that really blows my fucking mind.

Q: How much “nuclear fuel” was actually in this “cask” when this rocket power train smashed into the test truck+cask?

A: Lemme guess…zero.

Kinda…nullifies your result(s) eh?

Q: Who/what else, was missing from this “test.”

A: Is the answer…everyone and everything that was?

Now. Let’s think about time and times over time over time over times. (Seeing as how you fucks are stuck in this goddamn “interdimensionality” bullshit with no regard whatsoever for any of them at all, let alone “the now” in that whole fucking train wreck of a theory that I understand better than most at my own fucking peril….

Q: Do you test every single “nuclear fuel cask” in this way before sending them out into the world?

A: Why not?

I dunno. Maybe a damaged cask would be better out in “the real world” than a brand new “built to precise specifications” cask would be. They sure as shit ain’t routing any “nuclear fuels” through your gated communities are they? Fuck it. If you are gonna ship that shit through my neighborhood every fucking day without my knowledge or consent? Gimme a leaky fucking container. At least that way? When something bad happens? We won’t have a securely sealed ticking time bomb sitting out in my front yard for the next 600,000 years that no one knows what the fuck to do with, because the “nuclear fuel” is so goddamn agitated from the whathaveyou, that it can’t be moved for fear of making the goddamn thing explode.



   Gasses?                               Fluids?


   Seepage in?                      Seepage out?






I dunno. I gots no answers.

Just a shitload of really irritating questions, and a metric fuckton of time in which to ask them.


For those who may be reading this shit, who are or are not unfamiliar with “my” formula…

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞

Think of it like this.

1 = The largest large number.

-1 = The largest small number.

Q: What does that make “0”

A: Big.

And if you think THAT is big…you ain’t seen “nothin” yet.

(Pun intended..obviously-ish)

Further explanation = delayed due to weather.





*CLICKY! /peers up and sighs… CLICKY! YOU CAN COME DOWN NOW! /waits and mutters… I should have known… exactly the same as over at Sync Miss… /cups hand to mouth… CLI-*

*-KEY… Oh there you are, you great lummox! Come on, put the timer on and we’ll go to bed… What? …/listens… Yes of course you can come back again tomorrow and splash about some more… /shakes head with bemusement… You’re doing the fucking early shift, Clicky – I’m having a lay in…*

2 thoughts on “Missive from ‘Merica: Crump et Waffles

  1. Love the gif of Hills. She’s on her way out…and believe it or not, the Cold may take Donald down too.

    And word is, QEII and Prince Philip may miss Xmas…due to severe Cold. Awww

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kit Kat’s heavy with cold, too, JenEus. He was up all night coughing and croaking, moping with “I don’t feel well, mum.” and radiating heat. Honestly, I hardly got any sleep.

      As for PE Don, he’s probably trying to subliminally sell his branded scent, ‘Eau de Trump’…

      *LOL, Clicky… They should have tried harder to keep that in the movie…*


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