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Early hours of Monday Gang DM catch up

*That was very early hours of the day before, Clicky… But yeah!*

In the early hours of Monday morning, after spending Sunday evening watching ‘The Mummy’ (spoilers – Set Theories), and ‘Deadpool’ again because… Well, Thoughtful Man and I just love that film


… I checked into Twitter DMs to find Leggy and Cade had shared some links with Poppy Sweet Pea and me…

*Ah, Matrix Vs Memento, Clicky… Best save that for another post…*


*I have GOT to get me a copy of that article about Richard Feynman to read…*

Scoob and Mystery Machine.gif

*/rolls eyes…*

Then much later, Cade made some observations about my LoL post…

Cade mentions Hex Game and Nash to Roob

*Hex… That’s red Vs blue again, Clicky…*

And then this morning, I read a news story about a flower… the oldest flower…

Get On With It

*Okay, okay! Sheesh, Clicky… I’m getting there…*

Catch your breath, Dear Reader, as a roller coaster of a  missive from Cade now follows…


I'm gonna stumble here
^chicken dance song^

Someone punched me right in the fucking face this morning
^Black Line – SNAP (Official Video)^

Leaf Vegetable (Redirected from Green vegetables)
Spina Bifida
Spontaneous Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak
Occipital Bone
Inhibitory Postsynaptic Potential
Inhibitor of Apoptosis
Follicular Lymphoma
Inhibitor Cystine Knot
Cystine Knot
Freida J. Riley
Morgantown, West Virginia
René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
Indianola, Texas
New Orleans
Toltec Empire
B3 Domain
Vascular Plant
Green Bean
Agave Americana

So…what’s all this about, you might ask. Welp…it’s about systems that exist outside systems that classify both. I got to watching a documentary about Mound Builders within The United States/North America, and just how desperately some interests in the 19th Century strove to connect those Mound Builders to the Toltecs and Aztecs.

Q: Why would a connection to present residents be avoided, in favor of a connection to extinct societies?

A: Safety in numbers? Even when those numbers are...zero?

That’s just a guess.

^Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – The Chicken Dance^

Oh…and also, Roob pointed out that Rose was on a rampage over @ CFrank Davis’ blog.


Roob draws Cade's Attention to Rose's Roll

So, I being me, went and read what Rose had written about on this textual rampage of hers. I was particularly interested to see if it connected in any way, shape or form to the bullshit I’ve been pondering over the last few days…it didn’t.




Connection via disconnect…
or something

Weird how that works, eh? But yeah, Pellagra got me to thinking about corn and corn meal that is used in dog food. That NOW has me thinking about fish food/fish meal like the shit they are feeding Bluefin Tuna in the tuna farms in The Mediterranean. THAT got me to thinking about travel and spin, which got me to thinking about farms and farming, and especially as that relates to modern/industrialized farming.

Q: What is the difference between modern farming in 6,000 BC and modern farming in 2017CE?

A: Is the answer...nothing?

We have more connections to dirt(s) and soil(s) than we prolly give credit for. Prolly why some pregnant women would crave dirt when pregnant. My granny used to specify “cellar dirt”…it had to be cellar dirt.

^Shemian – Happy Swingin` (Free Download)^
Hanging Coffins
Bo People (China)
Exonym and Endonym
Loloish Languages
Lachi People
Lachi Language
Tai–Kadai Languages
Kolol, Dashti (Redirected from Kolal-e Bala)
Casa Linda Estates, Dallas (Redirected from Ola, Texas)
White Rock Lake
White Rock Creek
White Rock

Chronic…alcoholism. Sounds redundant.

^Jacknife Lee – Making Me Money (switch remix)^


Sustainable and NetZero living.

Sounds unsustainable

Zero-Energy Building (Redirected from Net-zero building)

Yeah…I can nitpick this shit to death. But the concept of someone building something for someone from nothing, that costs nothing and does nothing is kinda right up my alley (no pun intended-ish).

I gotta give some props tho. At least people are trying. Not that I see any issues with Marxist types of thinking as it relates to polar opposites or anything. I mean, do you really understand your own line of thinking via both sides of polar thinking? Because if you do, you are prolly something else entirely, and not one or the other.

These concepts that we base our lives on were so fucking fleeting, that they pretty much only existed in theory at the point of their creation, and that’s the best that they could or will ever be. There’s a freedom in that thought tho. A freedom to grow and change. Maybe that’s why the gods were always a little more patient than we give them credit for in the mythology that surrounds them.

That mythology is a redux…right? Lots of things omitted for time and space constraints?

 There's a poetry to that thought
^Earthship Underground House Tour- Sustainable and Net Zero Living…^

I guess I don’t see how legislation can ever get better if it omits the very people that it is intended to serve. That puts a hell of a strain on the executive and judicial branches irrespective of the type or types of government that utilize these streams.

There’s been some mentions of The Roman Empire here and there, and how this empire never really crumbled or went away. But the Roman Empire was built on something. The nations and empires that Rome conquered were built on something. I get the feeling that rigid and rigidity were not concepts used no matter how long its constituents touted that these empires would last. To me, that’s signal number one as to the battle between rigid rigidity, and fluid rigidity, especially as rigidity pertains to fluidity.

What do I mean by that? 

Welp…ever been hit by a wall of water? No?

Ever belly-flopped into a swimming pool or some other body of water? No?

Ever bumped into someone else? Maybe?

It’s still a body of water. So…in my thinking anyway…Non-Newtonian Fluid(s) takes on a whole new meaning there. Especially as that relates to “the body” along some more mystical lines. Fountain of Youth, water of life, etc.. Lotta energy and energies at work there holding a lot of shit together and keeping other things apart in doing so. I think even that Yahweh-Yoyo mentioned something about dividing the this from the that…but I can’t remember where I read that.

^deadmau5 – Rio (2017 Edit) [Unreleased]^


I got to talking to Roob a bit about my immediate thoughts on this Pellagra comment of Rose’s at Frank’s blog, and especially my thoughts as Pellagra relates to Morgellons.

Cade: Yeah. Pellagra. Sounds way familiar. Poor man’s Leprosy.

RooBeeDoo: But curable 😉

Thinking about her statement now, I must wonder…

"yeah...but how many times and/or how often is it curable?"

What really buzzed my head was this thought about Polio and it’s cure. Smallpox and it’s cure. The common-cold and it’s remedies. Shit like that. How long is something considered cured until it is so irrelevant that it is forgotten about completely?

Anthrax is prolly gonna be our best friend along these lines of thinking since Anthrax can sit in the soil for God only knows how long. And yes, I am thinking more along the lines of “untreated soil” here, meaning that nothing is done to soil to attempt to rid that soil of Anthrax and/or the conditions that favor or produce it. Completely eradicate Anthrax on Earth/Terra, and suddenly certain sectors of your bio-weapons divisions are unemployed and the revenue streams they produced are gone. So the question gets kinda simple here for a second, and it pretty much goes straight to but one point…

Q: God…what in the fuck do you want with me?

A: ???

I ain’t even gonna attempt an answer there, and feel like an idiot for even thinking about that question.

^Eisenfunk – Pong^


The concept of forgetting has been on my mind, but I keep forgetting to bring it up. Especially as this relates to intelligence, and more specifically, Artificial Intelligence. But just this week, there was some news story about some group having to shut down the AI section of it’s whatever for whatever reason(s).

"Hey kid!!! I don't likes the ways you is behavin'!!! You gets a time-out!!!"

Can you imagine how painful wrestling with the construct of forgetting would be? And yeah, I’m talking more from The Creator standpoint along the lines of “The Original Article” and the original concept itself. Prolly why I was so hateful in chastising a programmer who would not condescend to counting to ten for the first time for and/or with any of these “A.I.” creations of theirs. If you don’t love, what in the FUCK are you doing this for?

Anyway, Vertigo and Alzheimer’s are on the agenda, and there are going to be some tie-ins to regret going on there. Even a power plant has breakers and/or circuits that are designed to fail in the event of an overload. I wonder if part of the fault lay in the ability for these circuits to be replaced and breakers reset?

Meh…anyway…yeah…I can imagine that imagining what it is to forget would be a damn rough concept to tangle with from a creative construct standpoint. I can see quite the tango going on there with sanity/insanity/salvation and regret/compunction/empathy. Include some time in there and those constructs don’t seem quite so scary…and at the same time…yeah…much scarier.

^Boy 8 Bit – Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix)^

Oh well…opportunity missed.

Live and learn I guess.

Better luck next time.


^Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw [Remix] Jack Beats^


Someone made reference to a mention that someone had talked about a certain part of a concept that was mentioned recently somewhere else, they then passed the whatever along to me.

Merovee->The Turing Test->RooBeeDoo->Alice and Bob->Me

Q: Why not Malice and Boo?


There’s prolly gonna be certain standards that are setup as bait. Disbelievers who don’t necessarily want to believe…they want to see. So yeah…bait. I’m thinking along the lines of “sacred symbols” and “ancient hidden whatever” and shit like that, but it’s also not quite that simple.

I mean yeah, it’s JUST that simple, but there’s more to it as well. Many shapes and forms that are being duplicated/copied or whatever, for whatever reason(s), some under the guise and guises of knowing, and some not so much. What am I rambling about? OK…think of it like this…


Now…if you wanna use a star shape on some new company and/or product of yours, I would recommend that using the above, even as a model, is prolly not in your best interests. Anything remotely close to that is prolly going to get a legal challenge at some point or points…(ba da ching)…and this legal challenge will come when it is most advantageous and financially viable, for them, to pursue this legal action.

O/T: Anyone else notice that there are three stars there and not one? Which makes four stars really and not three nor one...but...yeah or whatever.
^Rone – Bye Bye Macadam (Official Video)^

Prolly gonna be some bits on founding and foundations here, especially as that relates to the inability of an individual to create their own foundation for their own house/home because of the foundation(s) of another or others.

To relate…if “so-and-so” is “Mr./Mrs. Whoever” in documentation(s) and/or any sort of official communication(s)…but is known around the office as “Douchebag McFuckface”…there’s a problem there. Unless of course your own organization allows and promotes employees to makeup monikers for each other…calling your President/CEO “Cocksucker McFaggyqueer” to their face….for example. But even that doesn’t make it OK…does it? Well…ya gotta get kinda international with your interpretation of slang there. I mean, thinking about it now…”Cocksucker McFaggyqueer” in The UK kinda translates to “GF w/Perks McCigaretteWeirdo”…or thereabouts.



Back on the AI business, there are going to be conservative types (even if those conservatives are liberals in certain aspects) that are going to agree with my child-like approach to creation(s)/creating(s) of this type, and are going to make parent/child connections with respect to the care-levels. But I would caution there. If you start getting all hateful and snotty under the premise of what good parenting is, I’m just gonna reference some trends and trending that you prolly aren’t going to like.

This ain’t about stats…it’s about relationships and relating, and not just/only with relatives. It’s about being nice and being thoughtful. Not all the time…but yeah…all the time. But that’s your choice, not mine. I only work here.

^To Scale: The Solar System^

X: Can you really not remember where you read about this “Yahweh-YoYo”?

Cade: Nope.

X: …

Cade: Cahokia

X: What exactly does that have to do with anything?

Cade: I dunno what it has to do with anything. But I have some ideas as to what it has to do with everything.

X: Sacred Geometry, eh?

Cade: I guess so. Just makes these “extinction level events” that are so goddamn popular within the scientific vernacular make more sense.

Z: You sure about that?

Cade: Well…yeah…to be honest…it does.

X: How exactly?

Cade: Time.

X: …

^MISSIO – Middle Fingers^


Coupla documentaries here that are pretty damn interesting. The documentary on Jules Verne was more like a 1+ hour commercial for Freemasons and their ideology than it was a documentary about Jules Verne, but it was still interesting. I think I’ve tried to watch the one on Celtic Crosses quite a few times now, but have yet to get through it. I’m currently 36 minutes in, and it’s 2 hours long…

kinda like my penis
^Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne: An Odyssey from the Sea to the Air, From the Earth to the Moon^
^The Cross of Thoth – Conspiracy Behind the Cross – Revelation about Forbidden Knowledge – WATCH NOW!^

BOO: When am I going to die?

CADE: Tomorrow.

BOO: Really?

CADE: Yes.

BOO: OK…well…if I’m not dead tomorrow, I’m gonna find you, and we’re gonna have some words.

CADE: Fair enough, but that won’t change my answer.

^Billy Preston – Will It Go Round in Circles^


Just thinking about the concept of creating competence via incompetence. All that flip-flopping circular logic isn’t nearly as appealing when specificity starts getting specific. Especially as these specificities relate personally, and especially especially as the specificities relate personally via our actions past, present and future.

As a creator, going to be lots of hypocritical types of thinking there as it relates to self-evaluation. When you start thinking about associations and associating…things are going to get all kinds of wack. Especially as you create edifices that are specifically designed to fail, and going to be all kinds of additional thoughts to think about with respect to the hows and whys. In the financial markets, a company designed and created to fail in order to boost profits in a “competitor” which you also own…welp…it ain’t going to affect just and only that end/those ends. Gonna be a lot of ends and ending going on prior to the money shot.

^MYNC Project – Something On Your Mind (Switch Remix)^

So yeah…you create a computer/computer system specifically designed to tell you where the remaining Wonka Golden Ticket is located, then you get pissed off when this system refuses to deliver. I’d say that a rampage is in order.

Have fun
^Simian Mobile Disco – Sleep Deprivation^

If you aren’t giving consideration to existing systems, you’re doing it wrong. Associated systems are just that…even if you specifically disassociate you and your efforts from certain systems. Now you’ve compounded your problem by including it for exclusion. So yeah…loops and loopholes.

It’s like crushing a flower just because you can. Knowing that you can crush this flower, all you have to do is decide what you are going to do and how. That leaves only actually doing it. Been thinking about this a lot lately with respect to Jesus’s/Yeshua’s assertion that if you commit murder in your heart, you’ve committed murder. I understand the concept, but I think there is more about leaving judgement in the hands of the judge in that case, as it relates to the individual. “Murder” is a pretty broad topic considering how narrow the concept itself is.

But who in the fuck wants to sit around and ponder the concept of murder all the time? Ain’t choo got nothing better to do?

Q: Now what?

A: Oh yeah...we had us a flower to crush. Or were we still deciding on whether or not to crush it?
^Dr. John – Right Place Wrong Time^

If the attitudes, modes and methods for “dealing with mental health issues” do not themselves change quickly and radically…welp…there’s a fuckton of irony going on there ain’t there? Same can be said for injury and illness. Lotta wildly varying opinions about time and times all of a sudden like, eh?

Yeah...some funky shit
^Emmanuel Jal – Warchild^
^LORN – ANVIL [Official Music Video]^


The first seed plant—the group that includes flowering plants and cone-bearing ones—likely emerged about 320 million years ago, when there were diverse animals on land and at sea, but not yet dinosaurs, mammals or birds.

The oldest-known fossils of flowering plants date from about 140 million years ago—during the age of the dinosaurs which went extinct some 66 million years ago.

Since then, the first flower has evolved into at least 300,0000 species that include almost all plant types used by people for food, medicine and other purposes, said the research team.

Flowering plants represent about 90 percent of all plants on Earth.


I dunno about you, Dear Reader, but after that I’m feeling kinda zen

Feynman 137 Flower

Have a Song ❤


That Special Relationship: Round 3

Yesterday Cade and I resumed our Ping Pong game

*Yeah, there was some whiffiness, certainly Click…*


My serve, or if you prefer, my move…


Think you are clever do you?

Me too. 😉

We have a common commonality.


Q: If we change the name(s) of everything, what changed and when?

A: ???

Just thinking about titles and labels and descriptions of the same or similar things around the globe. Especially over time. It just seems to me that rigidity itself is what can and does cause not only destruction and disarray at times…but it’s own fault is the “constant variable”…if you will.

What do I “mean” by that? A constant is constant.

EX 01: How many Buffalo/Bison roam the plains of North America at this time in the year 2017?
EX 02: Are the Buffalo/Bison that are alive today, identical to the Buffalo/Bison of the past?

To further try and explain my mode of thinking here…

EX 03: The whaling ship known as “The Essex” that was sunk by a “bull” Sperm Whale…

Q: How many other ships have been sunk/sunken by whales, irrespective of type of whale?

EX 04: Watching humans and their videos of their exploits in the ocean…how many “near misses” do we have to see, before someone is actually swallowed by a group of feeding whales?

(Primarily, the Humpback whales, who tend to hunt in pods as a group, and people seek these out for whale watching purposes, and are getting closer and closer to these feeding whales that are simply trying to survive, grabbing an available meal, when and where available.)

If we, as humans, know and can track these other lifeforms on our planet…erm…why? Meaning, yeah…I get it…

Q: Do you?

A: ???

Not speaking specifically to you Roob. But I’m sure that you wonder about your children. What will they do with this information? I know that I do. I mean, I wonder about my own children and what they might do someday down the road, with an incomplete data set of information that they have no fucking CLUE what in the fuck that this information was collected for, nor the why and the whys. All they will know, is what they know at the time. The book “1984” comes to mind with respect to the gathering and proliferation of information. To me, the primary theme of the book is not about information nor even information control nor even controls nor controlling. The book is about choice and choices and time over times.

Q: Should I worry about what my children are doing with their lives after I am long since out of their lives?

My being dead or alive is irrelevant (to me anyway). Their life is theirs. They will live in the times they live in, just as everyone does.

It’s your life, but…be nice.

Sorry, but as a parent…that’s the best that I’ve ever been able to come up with.

^No Mana – Back Alley Time Machine^

TBH, Cade, the thing I wonder about my two is whether they’ll ever have a bath of their own volition, but maybe that’s just because sitting in close proximity to one of them right now.

I agree with you, our children’s lives are their own, just as our parents lives were their own and our lives are ours to own. Life is about choice and choices and time over times. Probably why ‘1984’ has come to resemble a manual rather than a warning…

*Anything else, Click?*


You’ll have to excuse me, I’m off to draw a bath */gets up and holds breath…*

cade invasion on Roob territory := on
heH HeH Heh

heH HeH Heh
Cade invasion on Roob territory := off

^Virtual Riot – Time Stops (ft. Danyka Nadeau)^

I have been known to shoot myself in the foot. Which is weird, because I have been shot in the foot by others. Not that we are our own worst enemy or anything. Others can take care of that role for us. The best I can come up with respect to “we are our own worst enemies” always has to do with others and their opinions. Why in the fuck would I want to be an enemy to myself. I mean…yeah…I’m am blessed with an overabundance of the stupid. But that’s not fault. Unless it is.

Q: Anyone wanna help me out here?

A: That’s what I thought.

If you want teenagers to bathe? I suggest surrendering to the dark side. It’s mud and dirt and sweat encrusted and stinky…but less aggravating.

Meaning: Pack your shit, and move far away from them.

It’s the only way.

^Mefjus – Blitz^

I have no idea why you are pestering me today. Do you NOT realize that I am deep into something more important than writing some random bullshit for your blog? YEAH! That’s right young lady…I am deep into writing a post for your blog, and I don’t have time for your nonsensical limey ravings. Granted, they are limey ravings, which are subtle and subdued. But I see through the limey fog-screen. Or…at least I will when I get close enough to whatever to see it.

Speaking of limey fog…I have a question for ya.

Q: What was the general reception in the UK of the Sherlock Holmes movies by Guy Ritchie?

A: Any idea(s)?

I guess I’m thinking not only of the movies, but limeys tend to fucking HATE IT when Americans play limeys, and especially when they try and duplicate the accent. Granted, this is not the first time that Robert Downey Jr. has played a limey…but I thought he did well. He a Jude Law were fucking incredible as a team. I think both movies stand on their own, but I lean towards the second flick because that movie was fucking HUGE. I love the shit out of Mark Strong, but the addition of Stephen Fry made up for the absence of Mark Strong.

Funny ain’t it? An Okie/Texan can forgive Daniel Craig for using a southern accent.
“Funny ol’ world…iddnit?” – Captain Jack Sparrow
Movie = Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl
(Special nod to Ali G and Nigel Tufnell for additional support on the term “Iddnit”)

^Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)^

Just like a bloody Yank! Coming in at the end, taking the glory…


I think the Sherlock movies went down okay in the UK. They were up against a pretty terrific TV Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch but Robert Downey Jr made an admiral, edgy Sherlock. Me personally, I preferred the TV series as I found the editing in the films a bit too fast and furious. But perhaps if I’d seen the movie first, my view would be different. Thoughtful Man loved the film versions, but he just loves the Sherlock character. When we first met, he told me that one of his favourite films is ‘Young Sherlock Holmes’.

I’m okay with American actors playing ‘English’ roles in films and the accents are okay or very good. But then the bar was set awfully low, early doors with Dick Van Dyke…

*Shit! I forgot about Keanu Reeves… Golly, so many films I have not seen…*

Of course, English actors have generally played the ‘baddie’ role in American films…

… But my favourite Robert Downey Jr performance will always be him playing an Englishman…


Goody! Cade’s latest missive has arrived…

Enjoy the Song, Dear Reader… BBL… ❤


Missive from ‘Merica: Crump et Waffles

Oh! */looks embarrassed…* Excuse me, Dear Reader */wipes chin…* I’m afraid you’ve caught me tucking into a giant crumpet…

*Oi! You’re to stay below the rainbow snowflakes, Clicky! /squint… Cade’s provided a wavy wall of words for you to splash about it… /scoops up stray gloop of butter and strawberry jam with finger… Go on, go splash… /sucks finger…*

As I was saying, Dear Reader, my Okie Devil chum from Texas has penned another missive for you, which you will find below. I’ll just let you get on with it whilst I’ll finish eating… */small burp…* my enormous toasted treat. Enjoy!

*/loses rag… I shed bellow, Kicky… /blows crumbs…*



As I continue on my journey down the ladder to Wizardom, or, Wizard-dumb, as it were…I can’t help but wonder…

Q: Where exactly did this motherfucker begin?

A: ?¿?

I mean, were supposed to be good at shit right? Experts. Wizards. Geniuses. Masters. But we start at zero right? Then work our way up from there? If I was EVER at fucking zero, I’ve long since been kicked off that fucking ladder of ascension, that I have descended so fucking far that no one even knows that I’m there. Just kinda…chillin’…seeing where this shit goes. I mean, they do say that you pass the same people on the way down that you do on the way up. But what if you are a total dumbass like me? Did they give me some kind of grading curve, and start me off at a level that was so far advanced and beyond my abilities “just to help a brother out”…that I had nowhere to go but down? Not that I mind going down on an available female when available…but yeah…when does THAT ever happen? Not that you would know or anything.

But I digress.


So I watched part of a documentary yesterday on GMOs and Monsanto and other popular corporate whipping post types of companies that are fucking around with this shit…when I got a text message…


Y: Hi ya!!!
Cade: You smoking pot?
Y: no smoking pot against the law
Cade: Weird. Illegal plants. Doesn't bode well for GMOs eh? ;)
Y: Not so much.


I guess what really fucking blows my mind, is remembering why I stopping “researching” shit like this in the first place. First, the documentarians and opponents were always ranting at some public protest or rally sounding as if they are ready to grab some torches and a shitload of gasoline, and burn the whole fucking planet down. The proponent are, as usual, mysteriously absent because they refuse/decline to be interviewed and/or are always shown through government channels of being approved for this that or the motherfucking other, or through some sort of documentation from lawsuits or patents or some shit…shrouded behind the laws of commerce through government(s). Ironic that everyone is trying to look under each other’s dresses when pornography is so readily and freely available on The Internet and elsewhere.

The fact that companies are now claiming ownership to plants? Genetically modified and sold as seed and or ready to plant plants/seedlings, or other “spread via natural processes” in neighboring fields via whatever process led to the germination of seeds in proximity to “other man-made processes”…um…I am really REALLY fucking perplexed here. But I’ve been snaking my way through Afghanistan and Turkey and Russia and Europe and North and South America, tracing the flow of certain plants and certain plants’ certain extracts and whatnot…and I’m seeing so many patterns, that I’m not sure what to make of it all other than the obvious.

Think: “Air America” and similar types of channels to be swum or being swum.

Q: When you swim in certain channels and in certain waters, what kind of a fish does that make you?

A: !!!¿?¿?¿!!!

Won’t be long till you own the entirety of The World/Earth/Terra eh?

Q: Then what?

A: …—…

Just a suggestion.


Air America (Airline) 
Cannabis (Drug) 
Marijuana (Disambiguation) 
Marijuana (Word) 
Missoula, Montana 
Calamine (Redirected from Calamine lotion) 
Calamine (Disambiguation) 
Witch Hazel (Astringent) 
Uridine Diphosphate Glucose (Redirected from UDP-glucose) 
Adipose Tissue 
Endothelium (Redirected from Endothelial cell) 
Diamond Cubic 
Gallows (Disambiguation) 
The Maid Freed from the Gallows 
Sycamore (Disambiguation) 
Birchwood (Disambiguation) 
Electromagnetic Shielding 
Electrical Wiring 
Solar Irradiance (Redirected from Insolation) 
Thermal Insulation 

As we continue to observer the obvious…it would appear to remain obvious that everything is connected. Even when isolated and/or hidden. It’s still connected, it just connected to the disconnect section of connections.

Makes it easier to spot. 🙂
Public University 
Public School 
Private School 
List of State Universities in the United States 
Cork Cambium 
Materials Science 

Lemme stop right there for those who aren’t reading this shit anyway…

Q: What is NOT…”materials science?”

A: ???

Still remembering the observer(s) and time(s)? I sure as shit hope so. Because so far? I can only see one thing that appears to have been designed to last forever. And as far as I can tell? Even that wasn’t designed to last forever. Not in it’s current and present state anyway. That said, there still DOES appear to be that mysterious “data retention” aspect of The Universe that is so fucking self-evident, and so fucking elusive, that it has to be there. I mean…if it isn’t…

Q: How are we having this conversation?

A: I have some/a pretty goddamn good idea(s).



So yeah…had some more “Earth Shattering” types of revelations/discoveries yesterday and last night, but I can’t write about them here. Why? Um…I’m trying to keep this poor lady’s sanity in mind with respect to just how fucking much babbling I’m prepared to subject her and her own personal blog to. She asked me to write, I was/am flattered, so I’m writing. That said, I don’t wanna disrespect her territory. Just like I didn’t want to disrespect the whatchacallit forums territory. Nor do I try and disrespect any of the blogs or whatever that I comment at’s biz. But I do find it ironic that many of these people and their sites champion the notion of being “crusaders for asking the hard questions”…yet, when it comes to taking the “hard questions” themselves, they tend to be kinda limp and/or wishywashy. Waffley even. I personally think that there is a difference between confusion/being confused and willful dismissal and/or rejection as to the validity of questions and comments and observations. Yes. Difficult questions are difficult. Maybe the difficulty is more widespread than you give it credit for. So widespread, that it may even be evasive and elusive, because you refuse to accept it when it is dropped right in your fucking lap.


Maybe if you take the “difficult” out of “difficult questions”…you’ll just have “questions.”

That “cult” part is more revealing sometimes than it seems eh?

The “diff” between “cult” and “difficult”…may be the questions about questions themselves.

(clever pun goes here...AVERTED!!!)

The video below is the kind of shit that really blows my fucking mind.

Q: How much “nuclear fuel” was actually in this “cask” when this rocket power train smashed into the test truck+cask?

A: Lemme guess…zero.

Kinda…nullifies your result(s) eh?

Q: Who/what else, was missing from this “test.”

A: Is the answer…everyone and everything that was?

Now. Let’s think about time and times over time over time over times. (Seeing as how you fucks are stuck in this goddamn “interdimensionality” bullshit with no regard whatsoever for any of them at all, let alone “the now” in that whole fucking train wreck of a theory that I understand better than most at my own fucking peril….

Q: Do you test every single “nuclear fuel cask” in this way before sending them out into the world?

A: Why not?

I dunno. Maybe a damaged cask would be better out in “the real world” than a brand new “built to precise specifications” cask would be. They sure as shit ain’t routing any “nuclear fuels” through your gated communities are they? Fuck it. If you are gonna ship that shit through my neighborhood every fucking day without my knowledge or consent? Gimme a leaky fucking container. At least that way? When something bad happens? We won’t have a securely sealed ticking time bomb sitting out in my front yard for the next 600,000 years that no one knows what the fuck to do with, because the “nuclear fuel” is so goddamn agitated from the whathaveyou, that it can’t be moved for fear of making the goddamn thing explode.



   Gasses?                               Fluids?


   Seepage in?                      Seepage out?






I dunno. I gots no answers.

Just a shitload of really irritating questions, and a metric fuckton of time in which to ask them.


For those who may be reading this shit, who are or are not unfamiliar with “my” formula…

∞ = -1 + 0 + 1 = ∞

Think of it like this.

1 = The largest large number.

-1 = The largest small number.

Q: What does that make “0”

A: Big.

And if you think THAT is big…you ain’t seen “nothin” yet.

(Pun intended..obviously-ish)

Further explanation = delayed due to weather.





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*-KEY… Oh there you are, you great lummox! Come on, put the timer on and we’ll go to bed… What? …/listens… Yes of course you can come back again tomorrow and splash about some more… /shakes head with bemusement… You’re doing the fucking early shift, Clicky – I’m having a lay in…*

Smokin’ Smokers: Part 1 – Polishing up the Benchmark

benchmark (n.)also bench-mark, “surveyor’s point of reference,” 1838, from a specialized surveyors’ use of bench (n.) + mark (n.1); figurative sense is from 1884.

An online friend, who’d spent the day in Birmingham, sent me through a photograph and a trivia question yesterday evening…

“Zoom in to the area below the centre of the visor of Barry Sheene’s 1976 helmet. What do you spot? And for 10 points, what was its purpose?”

As I was sitting up in bed at the time – Thoughtful Man and I were catching up on a saved episode of ‘Pointless’ (I’d just got a Pointless Answer with Rutherford B. Hayes …/buffs nails) – and my iPad would only blow the image up so far, I decided to give it a good, hard stare and hazard a wild guess…


I was hopelessly wrong of course, but my friend is nothing if not incredibly kind…

“Close, but no cigar. Sheene was a chain smoker, so he drilled that hole in his helmet so he could have a few drags on the race start-line immediately before the flag fell. It’s sad, I bet only a handful of Suzuki staff & visitors would even realise that hole existed in one of their historic exhibits.”

We wrote about the Bonhams Stafford auction a few weeks back and pulled out our pick of the products then.

Top of our list – aside from the many, many motorcycles that we would have loved to have been able to drop some pound notes on – was the 1974 Bell race helmet that is said to have been worn by Barry Sheene during his infamous Daytona crash in the same year.

It was up for sale at the weekend with a reserve price of just £5000; and even at this amount it was way past our budget. But it eventually sold for £15,625 (including sales premium).

Not too bad for a lid that’s over 35 year’s old, is scuffed out of recognition and even has a hole drilled into the front chin-guard for a cheeky cigarette!

If Dear Reader is at all unfamiliar with Barry/\ Sheene, there now follows a short information film, detailing the bad breaks that befell him in pursuit of his racing dreams…


Just what I’ve come to expect of a smoker in these Times of official sounding statements like ‘SMOKING WILL KILL YOU’ and ‘YOUR LITTLE DOG, TOO‘ – Bravery and Sexiness… Don’t believe me on the amount he smoked?

And he was famous for his pong

Then my online pal went and sent through two more attributes I constantly find in the majority of smokers that I encounter: Generosity and Cleverness…

“Another factoid about Sheene: In his early days of racing, the leathers riders wore were simply that. Just leather. A number of riders broke their back during a crash, and Sheene considered the visors on his helmet. He got 8-10 of them and wired them up like the armour on an armadillo – They’d be flexible in one direction & rigid in the opposite direction. It worked, and he literally gave away his ‘invention’ to Italian leathers maker Dainese http://www.dainese.com/en_en/timeline/#time_2

Bravery, Sexiness, Cleverness, Generosity and a certain X Factor (in Mr Sheene’s case, his smell), it occurred to me that these would be fine criteria to judge others by…

So, if Dear Reader has any suggestions for recipients of the title ‘Smokin’ Smoker’, please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to consider…

*/ponders… Is that Have a Song, Clicky, or are you making a suggestion?*

*By George, I think he’s got it… /smiles broadly…*