The Okie Devil Opines On Thorsday – Special!

Dear Reader, since Sync Miss For Him disappeared a week or so back, I’ve been missing my friend, Cade’s, daily witterings. So I’ve asked him if he wouldn’t mind posting some of them here at the LoL. He’s still tarting about as to whether to or not… */rolls eyes…* but yesterday he did email me a missive for you – see below the rainbow snowflakes. Enjoy!



My name is Cade FON Apollyon. Or CF Apollyon. Or just…Cade. Or Apollyon. Or whatevz makes your boat retain it’s proper bouyancy, motion, and personal directional coordinates.


Last night, I was wearing my wizard cap and robe that I do not own, and gazing into my crystal ball that is still on backorder…when it came to me. A secret message, via secret communication(s) pathway(s), otherwise known as email. Now, we all know that these days? There is nothing secret nor sacred about email communications. “We The People” must protect “We” against “The People.” Otherwise there…might…be…trouble! And what better way is there to protect “We The People”…than to remove all of the protections from “We” and/or “The People”…depending on present “We” and/or “The People”…present company excluded. (If ya know what I mean…HINT HINT….NUDGE NUDGE…WINK WINK!!!) Har har har and a tee hee hee.



To make the above partially make more sense-ish…for those who may not know what the flying fuck this here shit is all about, lemme tell you what it may or may not be about instead.

Once, Upon A Time…

There were some forums that I refer to as Whatchacallit Forums, otherwise known as…

Synchromysticismforums.calm (replace “.calm” with “.com”…and you aren’t there)

They aren’t there anymore, but yeah they kinda are. Long story…NE WAY…

Um…they aren’t there as of now, and I did some writing over there that one or two people appear to have read, and liked some of it for some reason. One of those people, is the owner of this here blog you iz readin’ right nowz!!! And she, being the complete dumbass that she is, asked me, the dumbass that I is am, if I would like to write some of my shiznit and she’ll post it here at the LoL…otherwise known as Library of Libraries blog or whatevz and shit like that.

LOL…she’s stupid.

Goddamn. I sound like a raging fucking militant revolutionary.

Anyway…so yeah, with respect to the forums, someone took them down recently, and the current owner/operator of the site says she does not know who did it. I’ve tended to be forgiving in the whathaveyou, because the original owner has been lurking there recently, and he don’t sprecken zee English real fuckin good like I dooz, cause he’s from some European shithole where they sprecken…some other language or some such shit. He’s prolly a Chinese hacker stealing megahurtz from pee-poles CP-ewes machines for the glory of the viva la revolution! or some such shit. Or…he could just be helping the non-computer-savvy current owner with a migration and has had trouble explaining some shiznit to her/them. I guess I reference “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss” and could put The Who’s song “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” here…but I’m not going to. Have a listen anyway.


Life is confusing.

Cept when it ain’t.

Just sayin.

So yeah, Roob of this here LoL place emailed me last night and was like “would you like to write some shitnit, and I’ll post it here?” And I was like “lemme think about it.” And I’m still thinking about it, but I think best when I am writing, whether it be music or text, cause it keeps the confusion to a maximum and allows my mind to relax and decide how best to proceed. But that’s just me. I’m weird like that. The more complex I make a simple Boolean “YES/NO”…the easier it is for me to think. Weird eh? I really don’t know what my decision will be, but I guess it will keep my mind headed in the direction I want it to go, in conjunction with where every other motherfucker on Earth/Terra thinks my mind should go…and we can go from there. There’s that nasty, nagging fucking “WE” shit again. Goddamn…I must have mental problems of some sort. Major mental problems. Majorly maximum to the extreme on STEROIDS…mental problems…or some shit like that.

I’m gonna keep using the format I used over at whatchacallit forums, and we’ll see how ugly as motherfucking shit it looks, and then Roob can change her mind and be like “WTF YOU STUPID ASSED OKIE FROM TEXAS WHO AIN’T IN KANSAS ANYMORE!!!” And then she can decide to say like “FUCK THIS SHIT!!!” and or not, then decide what to do herself on her end. Cause I tend to be long winded without saying jack-shit, and she is a smart and proper English Lady, she’s married to a proper English Gentlemen, and they have two proper Soccer Hooligan Lads for sons, and I’m like Mr. Manfrentengensen from A Fish Called Wanda, cept with less WWII/Vietnam/War references…even tho I did work for the CIA at one point in my life.

(ya srsly)

So yeah…let’s get this party started or some such shit. I’ll keep thinking, and let you know what my decision is. When you know…I’ll know. And when you know, and I know…we’ll know…ya know?

There’s that fucking “WE” shit again goddamnit. Albeit a “WE’LL”…but there’s a “WE” in there somewhere. Or course, there is a “WILL” in there as well. And where there is a “WE” and a “WILL” and a  WELL”…well…someone prolly got dropped into a fucking well, and we”ll be reading a will at some point. BTW…I would be the motherfucker that got dropped into the well…so ya’ll will have to read the will on yer own…k? 😉


4 days until Christmas. 7 days past that until the 24 hour countdown till the New Year. 2017 is on it’s way. Just like it was back on January 1st of this here then new year of 2016. Of course, 2017 was also on it’s way back on December 31st of 2015, even before the year of 2016 got here. Weird how that works eh? So yeah, a 7 day countdown, to the 24 hour countdown until each and every swinging dick on the planet has rung in the new year. I wonder how women count? Prolly like everyone else, with more of less impressive and/or numbers of pendulous bodily appendages. Not that I’m counting or anything. I’ll let ya know what my decision is when I make it.

Ya’ll go get laid or something. Just stay away from that swill ya’ll Limeys call “beer.”

Do ya’ll get Coors/Coors Light beer over there?

Import laws got ya down/keeping you down?

Meh…I hate beer that looks like something you already ate.

Yes…ate…not drank.






*Meaty… Yeah, his posts are definitely meaty, Clicky… /looks at naked wrist… Crikey! Bedtime… can you put this on timer for me? …/pat snout… I’m off to bed… /stretch and go…*



8 thoughts on “The Okie Devil Opines On Thorsday – Special!

      1. OK, help me out here…and I may be willing to contemplate a change from my current formatting of YouTube links.

        Does the video below play for you?

        The link above should be…
        The original video I posted was…

        It’s the same fucking video. However…I used the link provided when you click the “Share” button on YouTube, which formats the link differently.

        I dunno. I’m not there, I’m here, so…all I can do is try and share the shit.

        The “video ID” appears to be the same (it’s exactly the fucking same), the only thing that changes is the formatting of the rest of the URL. For the video above, if you enter the “raw” URL of…

        It formats the link as such once the video is opened.

        I have no idea what the fuck any of that would have to do with the embedding features of this here blog software, but it appears to have to do with copyright and trademark and monetization and shit like that. I used some HTML formatting in the above example that may not work. I dunno. There is no “preview” feature.
        /me shrugs

        Did you know that “monetization” shows up as being an incorrectly spelled word in the Google Chrome browser? And that the spelling suggestions are as follows…

        Weird. You can demonetize, but there is no monetization process(es) in that process apparently.
        Must have something to do with the magnetization of amortization.
        Or demons.
        Or demonets.

        Why am I suddenly thinking about Sufis and Dervishes?


        1. I don’t either – it’s just not available to view here…

          Or on YT…

          India has recently abolished the 500 and 1000 rupee notes and the EU recently did the same with the 500 Euro note. Apparently their removal is meant to combat terrorism and money laundering, or some such guff. Nothing do to with governments trying to herd regular people into making electronic financial transactions, you know how banks and governments and big institutions all transact electronically.


  1. Oh Jesus…what a riot it would be to get you 2 hooked up with a CrudeTube Channel together.
    Scene 1: Roobs lites a fag while cfa tosses spit into spitoon. (CUT scene 1 on account of Clicky making his splash debut – Camera must be cleaned of slime)
    Between takes: Roobs lites another fag. Thick layer of smoke disguises cfa opening Coors lite and using it as mouthwash.
    Ready for Take 2 of Scene 1…only cfa won’t have a speaking part in this scene since he just loaded his bottom lip with another wad’a-chew!
    Scene 1; Take 2 – Roll’em: Roobs shoots out the gate on a bloody-hell-tangent about politicians trying to snuff smokers out. cfa finds enough air to charge back at Roobs with “Oh Jesus-fuckin-Christ…”

    Yeah…I’m thinking this could be BIG! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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