Fumer Satire… A Cultish Thing

Er, I sat hear… smoking *…/takes drag* …Thinking about how to start this post, Dear Reader…


*’Amendment’? Yeah… ‘Morals and manners’? Most Definitely… ‘Accentuation’? …/wipes tear from eye… Doubly definitely, Clicky… ‘The self-satisfied’? I dunno about that, but I laughed like a drain…*

… See, my friend Hugo has written a novel


… And it’s all about SEX



… I started reading it back in June when Hugo confessed to me that a short story he’d written for The Underdog Anthology, had grown into something somewhat bigger…


*/lights another smoke…*

…I jumped at the chance to read it – I was struggling to write my own story contributions (writing horror fiction doesn’t come naturally to me)…


*/taps off ash…* 

… What I read, blew me away. I mean, I knew he could write, but what he’d written was incredibly sharp


*/drags some more…*

… Mind you, it needed some copy editing, so I offered to do that for him…


… For the next month, Hugo sent me his output daily, sometimes twice, three times daily…


*/stubs out butt… Yes, yes I am Clicky…*

… and I corrected typos, made some suggestions (not always taken but always considered) and generally helped my friend Hugo birth his first novel


*/lights up… Too fucking right, Clicky…*

… Hugo then sent his completed manuscript of ‘Cultish’ to my friend Leggy, to see if he would consider publishing it…


*/take puff and rests cigarette in ashtray… You know what Clicky, I’m so happy to have been able to help my two online chums in their budding ventures, I fancy having a little dance…*

*Nice! …/retrieves fag and resumes smoking…*

So, Dear Reader, I strongly suggest you get your hands on a copy of ‘Cultish’ by Hugo Stone… It’s ridiculously funny… It really, really is… And have a Song…

12 thoughts on “Fumer Satire… A Cultish Thing

  1. Roob, this Stone geezer is currently being closely observed (by very pretty young nurses on Lunatic Base Alpha’s high security psychiatric ward) after jacking off 23 times in a row whilst watching Bugsy Malone. He has, however, empowered me to inform your lovely readers that an international version is also available on Smashwords.

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    1. It is a great movie 😉

      Could you let the mad bugger know that the snippet of his second book got past security okay. Clicky crapped his pants when he read it…

      *No, you clean yourself up… /hands over soap and bucket of water…*


  2. Hugo, you’ve done VERY nicely on Amazon! 🙂

    Note this screen clip (if it comes through here for me):

    Ahhh welll… WordPress and I just don’t get along on clip pasting.

    In any event, Azon lists you at a rank of 47,973!

    OK, it’s not the “Top Ten” but ANYTHING under 50,000 is actually quite nice! Azon ranks about 15 million books. So if you’re at 150,000 you’re in the top 1%. At 47,973 you’re in the top 1/3 of 1%! 🙂 I’m going to try an alternate route for getting it up here because nice rankings like that change pretty quickly, but still, hey, VERY nicely done! (Brains and TNacht both often float around the 1,000,000 ranking … meaning they do better than 90% or so of the books out there, but that doesn’t actually translate into much action. :>

    WTG HS!


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    1. Wow! Stone’ll be really chuffed with that once his erection finally subsides and he can think of something other than a 13-year old Jodie Foster getting creampied. 😉

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