A Little Bit of Franky Spanky

There was a train crash this morning in O Porriño, Spain this morning…

*Clicky, no! Porriño isn’t Spanglish for ‘it’s pissing down’… besides, it sounds much more Italian… But that’s not the point. It’s uncalled for, Clicky, people died…*

*Theseus’ Paradox?*




*Well, Red Frank did thank everyone for who’d triggered an idea in him and he’s into Franglish perhaps you were already in that frame of mind, Blue Frank‘s been musing on language…*


*Smokey Bear?*


*That’s a bike with stabilizers, not a trike… Hang on, is that woman smoking near her child? Fuck! The Shining could be banned… /nibbles  nail… They won’t be happy until they’ve turned us all into not-sees…* 


*Ah… Apollo rose… Rose, the colour of O Porriño’s famous granite…*

*Whoa! Way to derail a train of thought, Clicky… Or did you? /breathes in deeply… I’m gonna have to go and have a think about this. Give Dear Reader a Song… /wanders off muttering…*

21 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Franky Spanky

  1. I guess I just enjoy the majesty of life. Death is “a part” of that as much as anything else in life. Dont’ ask me what God/The gods/ The Universe is up to…as I don’t know. (Not like there’s any fucking context clues or any fucking thing) 😉

    My younger sister was in love with Gene Kelly. She loved/loves to dance… as do I. But not like her. Girls/Women get away with dancing much easier than dudes do. But I’m half-a-fag so I get away with it. Weird for a straight guy eh?

    I continue my ramblings over at whatchacallit forums. And I guess that I have been omitted from that radio show that I was asked to be on. A comment was made last week that “Apollyon is too uninformed to make educated comments.” Fucking ROFL!!! “Too Uninformed” to make “Educated Comments.” It’s a conspiracy I’m tellin’ ya! TELL ME that there are not large wheels afoot helping us out. 😉

    I guess when “The Big of Bigs” shows up and is like “What the FUCK are you fucks doin’ down there?!?!?” …eventually…we’ll take notice at some point. That said…”The Big of Bigs” has an eye on all and all for all for all time. So…I guess that means…we are in good hands. Just like always. Always…and forever.

    Just still can’t understand…
    “Um…dude/dudette….um,…..why me?”

    But that’s OK. It’s more a humorous “why me” than anything. Cause to be honest…I don’t care. Meaning…I care very much. There’s something in The Bible about a man gaining the whole world…yet losing his soul. Me personally? I’d rather not gain the whole world and STILL lose my soul. But that’s just me. I love this place. I love the place that this place lives in. If that makes sense. (And I bet it does. Afterall…I bet my soul for “this place.”) That may sound like hubris. And I guess it sorta is. But you guys are worth it. ❤

    Ya'll have yourselves a good weekend over there!

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    1. Which bit of you is half-a-fag? The butt?

      “Apollyon is too uninformed to make educated comments.”

      Have you been challenging the group think, Cade? 😉


      1. I am all that is the butt. Butt, I’m only half-a-fag. (No…not a partially smoked cigarette, tho I prolly smell as bad as a half-smoked cigarette, if not worse)

        I was always sickly and small, so I was never allowed to “hang out with the guys” or “hang out with the men-folk” cause I was too sissy and girly and “couldn’t hang with the big boys”…or so they told me anyway. Their solution? Leave him with the women. Smart thinkin eh? That’ll “man him right up” …and so it did. Heh. I know a box of tampons or pads like I know…um…beer…or something manly-ish. I sew, I cook, I wash, I clean, I dance, I write bad poetry, I…I…I hate all that shit. But I do it, cause it has nice rewards. So yeah…I like it. Butt…don’t tell anyone…K?

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        1. Don’t forget to mention ‘carry a tune’ and ‘pilot an aeroplane’ 😉

          *No, I don’t think he’s covered kites yet, Clicky…*

          *No, I checked, he hasn’t but I did… Weird, I didn’t realise I’d been working on the bottom 3rd floor all those years… and I had a great view to watch the planes take off from Southend Airport… I don’t recall seeing any kites, though…*

          Cade, got anything on kites planned? I notice you’ve just posted about the Ho Ho Ho on Sync Miss For Him.


          1. I never know what the hell I’m gonna do/write/write about until I write it.

            I try to write when and if I feel like writing…it’s just that I so happen to have been writing a bunch lately. Got a lot on my mind. Well…sorta I guess. OH! And I have written a bit about kites sorta. I let the Slo-Mo guys kinda do the talking for me on that one. The one vid of theirs where they are filming the Red Kites I think it was, and they had those goddamn big tags stuck on their wings. {shudder} Yeesssh! Still a cool vid, but I hate that for the birds.

            Meh…kite season around here is Spring. The other day was the first day of Fall I think. Just…trying to get to Halloween, then skip right through Thanksgiving/Christmas this year. No reason to celebrate those holidays in the “traditional” manner currently. I’ll still think about them tho.


  2. Roob

    I was slightly worried when I saw the link on Merovee – Frankys Pan Key – and I wondered where the negatives went.

    And don’t know enough Spanish to confirm but wouldn’t be surprised if there was a Sync version of Spanglish as well as Franglish.

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    1. ‘The descendants proposed a $1 billion foundation and announced that they had raised $115,000 in seed money, an amount equivalent to the 1838 sales price for the 272 people Georgetown sold to pay off a debt. That amount is equivalent to about $3 million in today’s dollars.’


  3. About the Franky Spanky.

    Your nudge to investigate Stellar led me to Stella in New York, as it does. Always leads back to the same place, it seems 🙂 Or maybe it’s just me.

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  4. Wendy (the red woman)

    Jack (the da da or data)
    jack (v.) Look up jack at Dictionary.com
    1860, jack up “hoist, raise, lift with a jack,” American English, from jack (n.) in the appliance sense. Figurative sense “increase (prices, etc.)” is 1904, American English. Related: Jacked; jacking. Jack off (v.) “masturbate” is attested from 1916, probably from jack (n.) in the old slang sense of “(erect) penis.”

    Danny (Daniel, the DNA structure)

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    1. >>>>>137

      Oh my lawdy lawd! There’s “that number” again. Roob, I failed you the first time. You up for a rematch?
      1337!!! Let’s do this! 1337 haX0rz checkers match!!!

      I lose!


      I hate checkers. I suck at checkers. Too much “crazy wrapped in a veiled non-crazy looking package!”

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      1. The only thing I’ve hacked is a cough and I’m certainly not 31337157, Cade, but I am thorough in my checking

        *Well, that’s why Leggy accepted my offer to help on the Anthology and not yours… you edit mine ffs and look how crap that can be… /squint*


        1. >>>>>Well, that’s why Leggy accepted my offer to help on the Anthology and not yours…

          I have no idea what that means. But I am a man of little faith…therefore, I trust implicitly.

          I did make a 9/11 post today.
          :-()-: | :-)(-:

          Tell Clicky, thanks for the Red Kites link. I was too lazy to look it up. That’s how I roll. Or, don’t roll, as it were.

          I’m hurtin a little today. That said, I would say “blessings upon you guys” but I’m not a priest. Therefore, the best I could offer is to try and find a certified/ordained priest and see what it would cost to get that done. Do they do charity work? Cause I’m broke. Maybe I’ll just skip it and think “it’s the thought that counts.” 😉

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