A Little Bit of Franky Spanky

There was a train crash this morning in O Porriño, Spain this morning…

*Clicky, no! Porriño isn’t Spanglish for ‘it’s pissing down’… besides, it sounds much more Italian… But that’s not the point. It’s uncalled for, Clicky, people died…*

*Theseus’ Paradox?*




*Well, Red Frank did thank everyone for who’d triggered an idea in him and he’s into Franglish perhaps you were already in that frame of mind, Blue Frank‘s been musing on language…*


*Smokey Bear?*


*That’s a bike with stabilizers, not a trike… Hang on, is that woman smoking near her child? Fuck! The Shining could be banned… /nibbles  nail… They won’t be happy until they’ve turned us all into not-sees…* 


*Ah… Apollo rose… Rose, the colour of O Porriño’s famous granite…*

*Whoa! Way to derail a train of thought, Clicky… Or did you? /breathes in deeply… I’m gonna have to go and have a think about this. Give Dear Reader a Song… /wanders off muttering…*