The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.2


As we saw in Part 4.1, the Redrum bathroom scene in The Shining Forwards/\Backwards, one of the corresponding scenes is that of Wendy talking to the doctor in the Boulder apartment. The other is…

doner kebab

*Err, no …/rolls eyes*

Danny saw it on TV

*Funnily enough, Clicky, the Old English word for ‘cannibal‘ was ‘selfæta’… sounds like ‘self eater’… /waits… reminds me of another Stephen King story…*


murder (n.) c. 1300, murdre, from Old English morðor (plural morþras) “secret killing of a person, unlawful killing,” also “mortal sin, crime; punishment, torment, misery,” from Proto-Germanic *murthra- (source also of Goth maurþr, and, from a variant form of the same root, Old Saxon morth, Old Frisian morth, Old Norse morð, Middle Dutch moort, Dutch moord, German Mord “murder”), from PIE *mrtro-, from root *mer- “to die” (see mortal (adj.)). The spelling with -d- probably reflects influence of Anglo-French murdre, from Old French mordre, from Medieval Latin murdrum, from the Germanic root.
Viking custom, typical of Germanic, distinguished morð (Old Norse) “secret slaughter,” from vig (Old Norse) “slaying.” The former involved concealment, or slaying a man by night or when asleep, and was a heinous crime. The latter was not a disgrace, if the killer acknowledged his deed, but he was subject to vengeance or demand for compensation.

Mordre wol out that se we day by day. [Chaucer, “Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” c. 1386]

Weakened sense of “very unpleasant situation” is from 1878.


shambles (n.) early 15c., “meat or fish market,” from schamil “table, stall for vending” (c. 1300), from Old English scamol, scomul “stool, footstool” (also figurative); “bench, table for vending,” an early Proto-Germanic borrowing (Old Saxon skamel “stool,” Middle Dutch schamel, Old High German scamel, Germanschemel, Danish skammel “footstool”) from Latin scamillus “low stool, a little bench,” ultimately a diminutive of scamnum “stool, bench,” from PIE root*skabh- “to prop up, support.” In English, sense evolved from “place where meat is sold” to “slaughterhouse” (1540s), then figuratively “place of butchery” (1590s), and generally “confusion, mess” (1901, usually in plural).

We start with Jack chopping at wood, whilst calling to Wendy that ‘he’s home’…

Redrum Bathroom 1

Danny escapes the bathroom by sliding and lands on Jack’s shoulder… Embodying his parents, Danny looks on…

Jack approaches the Redrum Bathroom…

Redrum Bathroom 6

He stands outside the bathroom and listens at the door before knocking…

Redrum Bathroom 7

The bathroom window is too small, Wendy can’t get out. She calls to Danny…

*Ap-parently, Clicky, human flesh tastes a bit like pork…*

Jack demands entry…

Redrum Bathroom 12

Inside the Redrum bathroom, Wendy plucks the knife from the sync and waits by the door…

Redrum Bathroom 13

As Jack hams and chops…

Would he, wooden he..? Wendy screams…

Redrum Bathroom 18


So, Dear Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to The Shining Forwards/\Backwards’ bathrooms…

donna loo

*Alright, Clicky, enough of that… Have a Song*

13 thoughts on “The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.2

  1. “Dear Reader, I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to The Shining Forwards/\Backwards”

    Not forgetting ……over, under, sideways, down, too.

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  2. Wow! I’d forgotten all about that Donner Party bit. I haven’t watched The Shining for years… Maybe I’ll convince the family to put it up on the big screen during Thanksgiving!

    Roobee, your blog has got to be one of the most MESMERIZING on the entire Internet!


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    1. Aw, thank you MJM! ❤

      Actually I know about the word 'mesmerize' – I saw it on telly (Thoughtful Man loves this show). It was coined after a physician

      *Yes, yes, I saw the ‘animal magnetism’, Clicky… /rolls eyes*

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      1. >>>>>>Roobee, your blog has got to be one of the most MESMERIZING on the entire Internet!

        Roob…a man who has READ THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET has spoken…and deemed your blog one of the most mesmerizing on the ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Ma’am…I bow to you. You have attracted the attentions of someone who has read….THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET, AND DEEMED YOU……AWESOMENESS!!! Among the much and many of most…as something…unique.

        This is…in and of itself…AWESOMENESS. YOU…are awesomeness. Your man has caught quite the catch. He must be quite the catch himself. You guys??? FUCKING ROCK!!! Rock fucking rocks.

        lol…sorry…but I can’t help but think of the Internet Meme…Chuck Norris.
        “Curck Norris has counted to infinity….TWICE!

        I cannot decide which is more awesome. The fact that someone who has read the entire Internet comments on your blog…or the comment that this person makes with respect to your blog with respect to the entirety of the motherfucking Internet. 😉

        Much ❤ ❤ <3.

        (I'm currently watching the movie "Amadeus" with a certain someone. Life = FUCKING ROCKS!!!)

        Ever wonder what kind of music some of the great classical composers would write these days were they to be able to write music with the modern tools that we have to write music? I certainly do and certainly have wondered. My job…as I see it…is to serve their legacy as best I can, by never EVER forgetting who we were. It is…who we are.

        “We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding that who we are is who we were.”
        ― John Quincy Adams

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        1. Cade, are you eating burgers? 😉

          *Hey! I was teasing Cade, Clicky. Don’t start on me with the ‘ketchup’. I’m waiting for his videos… but yeah, I do need to… Oh you meant ‘saucy’. As you were*

          Cade, don’t get me started on Mozart. I visited his house. Brilliant weekend. Sex and eating…

          *Yes, we climbed every mountain that weekend… now shush, I’m talking with Cade*

          As I was saying… no, what I was going to say, because you do not want to get me started on Mozart, is that MJM was probably being nice, although he has written an encyclopedia and he likes cycling…

          *That’s in the UK, Clicky, they drive on the opposite side of the road to us over there*

          *Yes, he probably posted that… I am trying to get over there*

          Thank you for the music, Cade… *No, don’t do Abba!*

          Have a Song, courtesy of Tenerife 1985 ❤

          *Meals on wheels, Amadeus, meals on wheels… /taps feet*


          1. I guess that I just like seeing people smile.

            It’s amazing what you don’t find when you aren’t looking for anything. You stumble across all sorts of interesting shit. I’m well aquainted with “the horror show.” I’m well aquainted with ” the happy show.”

            What I can’t do? Well, that’s a matter of some debate at times.
            What I can do? Now THERE’S a challenge.
            Kinda like Mozart playing Salieri.
            Except it’s more like Mozart and Salieri playing a duet as friends.
            That would be something eh?

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            1. Yeah, but it would be a terrible movie 😉

              How about if Mozart and Salieri tag teamed?

              I don’t know much about Skrillex – who might be on his team?


              1. Does Skrillex sound like a brand of cleaning product? I imagine a bathroom that had been Skrillexed would be really clean, like no germs left at all.


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