The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.1

Enormous chair

Hmm… Dear Reader, I’ve been stumped as to how to start Part 4…

*Er, thanks for that critique, Clicky. As always your assistance has been… /pause… helpful …/squit… I mean /squint…*


I first read Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ in about 1986. I loved it, reading it several times. So when I finally got round to watching Stanley Kubrick’s film version in January 1991 (I remember because Thoughtful Man was away on his stag night), I was really disappointed.

In fact, it put me off Stanley Kubrick films altogether. They just didn’t interest me at all. That was until I stumbled across a blog that turned me on to them. Of course, it had to be about ‘The Shining’. Intrigued by what the blogger thought he’d observed, I had to watch the movie again. And again… and again, and again…


Redrum Bathroom

movie diagram showing bathroom scenes

The fourth bathroom to appear in the film is the ‘Redrum’ one. Danny names the door…

Danny names Bathroom

And then Jack ‘kills‘ it…

This scene is well into the second half of the film (the descent), so appears early on in the Forwards/\Backwards version. In fact, it coincides with the doctor…


Overlook Bathroom 1

and ‘mummy‘ discussing Danny…

Overlook Bathroom 2

and the dislocated shoulder injury that kept him out of school…

Overlook Bathroom 3

Meanwhile, Dick is driving toward the hotel, his car windscreen blades furiously wipe away the snow, as Wendy glosses over what happened between Jack and Danny that night…

But we get to see just how bad Jack’s mood could be…

Overlook Bathroom 4

Overlook Bathroom 5

Overlook Bathroom 6

The doctor listens impassively before Wendy gives her a silver lining to the incident…

Overlook Bathroom 7

Overlook Bathroom 8


*Well, Clicky, there’s just one more post in The Shining Bathroom Series to go… and you know what that one’s about, doncha?*



Dear Reader, have a Song 😉









13 thoughts on “The Shining: Bathrooms Part 4.1

    1. Oh JP, that’s utterly fantastic!

      *See Clicky… That’s why we have a comments section… Lol Creme… now why the fuck didn’t you go and get that one?*


      Liked by 1 person

  1. 4 point 1. LoL.

    You are are cagey lady you are.

    Did you read that I introduced someone to Guy Ritchie yesterday? Yep…I did. Snatch.

    Unfortunately, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and RocknRolla are not available currently. Otherwise, I would have “shown them to the person in question, in order.” This “person in question” also has not seen Revolver (nor have I) nor have they seen the Sherlock Holmes movies…both of which were pure fucking genius. What is Guy Ritchie up to these days? Still banging Madonna ? 😛 j/k

    I love Matthew Vaughan as well and I really wish that “Layer Cake” and “KIck-Ass” were available as well…but alas…they are not. I will show them to “the person in question” one of these days. ❤

    Good stuff is…good.

    That said, I honestly have never watched the movie "The Shining" nor do I think I will ever watch it. Tho I might some day. Who knows. I'm just…not into horror of any kind really. Ironic eh? Horror of any kind.
    Q: Is Horror "kind" on any level other than "it's own kind."
    A: I think I know this answer…is the answer "child-birth?"

    That would mean that Bela Lugosi fucking nailed it when he said…
    "The blood is horror."
    Then went on to say that it reminds women of "The Horror Of Childbirth."

    Of course…I'm prolly paraphrasing since I took this from the movie "Ed Wood"…which is one of the greatest movies EVER. Probably one of the greatest "human movies" ever…ironically.

    A "Monster Movie" being representative of "the human condition."

    Nest thing you know…Charlie Theron will be in some random assed movie called…"Monster."

    It is NOT necessary that we be the monster. Not all of us anyway.

    There are many a kind of "monster." Some of them? Kind…even.

    Kindof anyway. 😉

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    1. AC, I’ve been tied up writing and re-writing this post. And then re-writing it again. I’ll delve into your ramblings in a while… However, I had a quick skim by and…

      Thoughtful Man brought this to my attention a couple of days ago

      To be honest, I’m not into horror movies either…

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